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Saturday, March 20, 2021

Highlights of the News

Paging Chevy Chase ​Biden tried to walk and chew gum at the same time. He failed miserably. The Dr. Jill needs to keep him away from the bubblegum jar.

ITEM 1: Zero Hedge reported, the White House blamed the wind.

Last summer, CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta said President Trump's slow walk down a steep ramp was proof of dementia.

Gupta has never met or examined Donald Trump.

And Gupta seems silent about Biden falling up.

Falling up. That's the story of his political career.

And there is this nugget. How soon they forget -- especially when they have dementia.

ITEM 2: Michael Snyder reported, "The big drug cartels absolutely love fentanyl for a couple of reasons.

"First of all, it is extremely inexpensive to make, and it is very easy to move it long distances.

"Secondly, it is exceedingly addictive, and so customers constantly come back for more.

"But the only problem is that many of those customers don’t last too long. Tens of thousands of Americans are dropping dead from fentanyl overdoses, and this has become a major national crisis."

Meanwhile, jury selection hit Day 9 in Derek Chauvin's trial for the murder of George Floyd, who died of a fentanyl overdose.

ITEM 3: The New York Post reported, "A federal judge on Thursday agreed with Ghislaine Maxwell’s request to keep certain details in the criminal case against her secret — finding that information would be too 'sensational and impure' to reveal to the public.

"US District Judge Alison J. Nathan issued a ruling on redactions that Maxwell had asked for regarding transcripts the government filed under seal last month."

After watching the Grammys, nothing is too sensational and impure to reveal to the public.

Obama judge. She's covering up for some Democrat. Likely the name rhymes with Blinton.

ITEM 4: CNN gleefully reported, "Democratic Rep. Jimmy Gomez of California formally introduced a resolution Friday to expel Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from Congress, suggesting that she 'advocated violence against our peers, the Speaker and our government.' "

Expulsion is the ultimate voter suppression because it invalidates a congressional election.

Remember, that which Democrats accuse us of is what they actually do or want to do.

The only violence against a congressman this century was by a Democrat operative who tried to assassinate Steve Scalise 4 years ago as part of the Democrat resistance.

ITEM 5: National Review reported, "The D.C. superior court granted National Review’s motion to dismiss climate scientist Michael Mann’s long-running defamation suit.

"More than eight years ago, Mann launched the suit against NR, writing privately that he saw it as an opportunity to ruin this 'filthy organization.'

"The lawsuit stemmed from a blog post on The Corner by Mark Steyn back in 2012 criticizing Mann’s work. The climate scientist threatened a lawsuit unless NR removed the offending post and apologized, which it refused to do. Mann then sued NR, Steyn, and the Competitive Enterprise Institute (Steyn quoted a CEI article in his post)."

Mainstream media privilege.

The part of the lawsuit against Steyn and CEI continues.

ITEM 6: Politico reported, "A federal appeals court judge issued an extraordinary opinion Friday attacking partisan bias in the news media, lamenting the treatment of conservatives in American society and calling for the Supreme Court to overturn a landmark legal precedent that protects news outlets from lawsuits over reports about public figures.

"D.C. Circuit Senior Judge Laurence Silberman’s diatribe, contained in his dissent in a libel case, amounted to a withering, frontal assault on the 1964 Supreme Court decision that set the framework for modern defamation law — New York Times v. Sullivan.

"Silberman said the decision, requiring public figures to show actual malice to recover against a news organization for libel, was a policy-driven result that the justices simply invented out of whole cloth.

" 'The holding has no relation to the text, history, or structure of the Constitution, and it baldly constitutionalized an area of law refined over centuries of common law adjudication,' the Ronald Reagan appointee wrote.

"Silberman echoed and approvingly cited an opinion Justice Clarence Thomas issued two years ago, questioning the rationale of New York Times v. Sullivan and calling for the high court to revisit the decision. 'Justice Thomas has already persuasively demonstrated that New York Times was a policy-driven decision masquerading as constitutional law,' the judge wrote."

I agree.

No penalty for lies leads to more lies, and those lies cost the nation dearly.

ITEM 7Stacey Lennox reported, "Biden to Mexico: Can We Get a Little Help at the Border? We Might Have Some Extra Vaccines."

President Trump gave them a choice between cooperation and a tariff. That is how you do things.

And the first thing Chairman Xiden did upon seizing office was to tell Mexico to quit cooperating. 

ITEM 8: Politico reported, "Another woman has come forward to accuse New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment, this time a current aide.

"Alyssa McGrath, who told the New York Times in a story published Friday afternoon that Cuomo sexually harassed her, is the first current staffer to publicly accuse Cuomo of sexual misconduct.

"McGrath is the fifth current or former staffer to accuse Cuomo of sexual misconduct. Another current Cuomo aide has accused him of groping her, according to the Times Union, but has remained anonymous."

Cuomo has become a soap opera.

As The Worm Turns.

ITEM 9: Breitbart reported, "The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is said to be investigating whether aides to embattled New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) gave false data regarding the number of deaths in the state’s nursing homes during the coronavirus pandemic."

The FBI will take the evidence and destroy it, just as it destroyed evidence of Hillary selling state secrets to Red China.

ITEM 10: The Associated Press reported, "Students can safely sit just 3 feet apart in the classroom as long as they wear masks but should be kept the usual 6 feet away from one another at sporting events, assemblies, lunch or chorus practice, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday in relaxing its COVID-19 guidelines."

Covid 19 science is about as reliable as climate change science.

And for the same reason.

It is all about increasing the power of the state.

ITEM 11: The Telegraph reported, "Uighur Court and Tiananmen Square have been considered by a council as new names for roads around the relocated Chinese Embassy in east London.

"Tower Hamlets Council has approved a motion which will support renaming buildings and roads in the surrounding area.

"The list of new names, which has been the subject of various motions since September, also include Hong Kong Road, Tibet Hill and Hong Kong Square.

"After it bought the former Royal Mint building in the borough in 2018, China plans to turn the land into its largest embassy in Europe."

Winnie the Pooh Avenue was already taken.

ITEM 12: International Business Times reported, "The first talks between President Joe Biden’s administration and China were 'tough and direct,' a senior US official said Friday, amid rising tensions between the rival world powers."

Tough talk, no action.

It is all kabuki theater.

ITEM 13: Big League Politics reported, "Two black teens reportedly broke into a mentally ill white man’s home in Rochester, N.Y, doused him with gasoline, and immolated the man which resulting in severe burns that ended up killing him, law enforcement has stated.

"16-year-old Zayvion Perry and 14-year-old Adriel Riley Jr. are being charged with second-degree murder for allegedly setting 53-year-old Steven Amenhauser on fire. The two alleged perpetrators reportedly caused Amenhauser to suffer in agony for days in the hospital before he finally died. 70 percent of his body was charred with second-and-third degree burns.

"Rochester Police Department Captain Frank Umbrino commented on the circumstances that led up to the eventual attack."

BLM has consequences.

And this was one of them.

And it was intended.

ITEM 14CWB Chicago reported, "An Illinois state senator who sponsored recently signed legislation that will eliminate cash bail in the state by 2023 is outraged that a man who allegedly flashed a gun at him while driving only had to post $1,500 to get out of jail.

" 'By him being released on bail, he’s free to do this again,' Sen. Elgie Sims of Chicago told the State-Journal Register.

"Yet just last month Sims tweeted, 'money bond doesn’t guarantee public safety or someone’s appearance in court, it supports a system where freedom is based on the size of someone’s bank account. We’ve tried the failed tough on crime policies of the past.' "

Welcome to the future, Munchkin Brain.

ITEM 15: The Daily Mail reported, "Toy company Hasbro, Inc announced on Thursday that it is updating its popular board game Monopoly.

"For the first time in 85 years, all 16 of the famous Community Chest cards are being changed to appeal to a more modern audience.

"Prompts on the yellow cards including having to pay $50 for 'doctor's fees' and winning $10 for 'coming in second place in a beauty contest.'

"New cards will require players to pay for donating to an animal shelter, failing to recycle the trash or not choosing to shop local."

Oh, let's go full-blown 21st century.

How about a "Give Up Rents For 10 Rounds" card?

How about a "Pay BLM $1,000 Not To Burn Your Property Down" card?

How about a "Judge Orders You To Tear Down A Hotel" card?

ITEM 16Glenn Reynolds wrote, "Democrats need the 'anti-Asian hate crime' storyline because they’re starting to lose Asians over affirmative action."

The problem is most of the perps appear to be black.

FINALLY, Cleveland State lost in the first round of the NCAA tournament. I am devastated and inconsolable.


  1. Item 4 - that is why we have Wilkes-Barr. John Wilkes was an English member of Parliament, and the mayor of London before that, during the leadup to the US Revolutionary War. King/House of Commons - tried to kick him out of Parliament- for effectively precursor to US 1A - right of press to print 'Transcripts of Parliament debates', he went to prison in Tower of England to disagree. His issue was 'my voters elected me, not Parliament'. Was well known case here in the colonies, input into US Constitution/Bill of Rights, after Articles of Confederation failed - b/c Fed Govt had 'no power to tax' - those were states rights.... Things were clearer then of risks posed by Government to rights of EnglishMEN.

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  2. #4 Are you discounting the attack on Rand Paul by his next door neighbor?

  3. 4 - and Rand Paul’s neighbor who attacked him. And whoever beat up Dingy Harry Reid and recently, Pierre Delecto.

    6 - may this be the start of this now heading to the Supreme Court. But who can trust them anymore?

    8 - Cuomo and Texan quarterback DeShawn Watson are in a competition to see who can have the most accusers.

    10 - they jut keep making shit up. I was out all day yesterday. It was sad to see so many people masking up the second they got out of their cars, even though our governor has dropped all mask mandates two weeks ago.

    12 - the senior US official must not have heard China publicly trash the US. Embarrassingly so.

    13 - White lives matter. At their ages, they can change their set without parents permission or get abortions (if they were girls), but for this they will be tried as children.

    14 - idiot.

    15 - laughing at your suggested cards. Kind of sad too.

    FINALLY - a blowout. WVU still in it.

    1. Huggs got W Nummer Nine Hundie. BIG accomplishment. Next game against another 900 Club member, Jim Boe-Heim, and Woke Cuse. Mountaineers Are Always Three!

  4. #14. Are our Legislators really that stupid?

    1. Sadly we are finding that to be increasingly so. Maybe they always were and we just didn't notice.

  5. #1. Remembering Howard Cosell during the Ali-Frazier fight, “down goes Joe Frazier!”

    1. Comparing Frazier to Biden? Dude. You ARE a racist! /sarc

  6. Item 13. In a stunning show of journalistic cowardice Fox reported that whole story without mentioning the race of any of the people involved. What are the chances if that had been a couple of white boys?

    1. Somewhere between slim and none.

    2. That's not what you said when you were defending St Skittles and the Gentle Giant and especially Floyd back at Pirate's Cove.

    3. Edweenie, you're an idiot. I have zero idea what you're talking about, and sadly, neither do you.

  7. Item 2: “Tens of thousands of Americans are dropping dead from fentanyl overdoses, and this has become a major national crisis.” Suicide is not a “national crisis.” These people have a death wish. We should allow them to get what they wish for. Darwin was right in this respect — the fewer junkies we have in the gene pool, the better off we are.

    1. My niece dropped dead of an overdose—heroin laced with fentanyl. She didn’t know about the fentanyl, she had been clean for more than a year, and she fell prey to temptation. Heroin addiction does that to you. A few months later, the same thing happened to the son of good friends. These young people made hideous mistakes and paid for it with their lives. They did not commit suicide; their dealers murdered them to gain a reputation for having good, strong stuff.

      It’s easy to label addicts as worthless when you have no personal experience with them.

  8. Any town of oh 3-4000 plus in the American west has a fair population of Asians. We in my town have three Chinese restaurants. There is an extra influx of Asians from
    Portantifa and Skedattle.
    They are not stupid the Dems are.This attempt at making this a Trump issue will blow up like Acme dynamite.

    1. You're right. Every Asian masseuse I've ever met likes Trump and hates Bidet*. These people escaped the policies Bidet* wants to impose on us and they want no part of it.

    2. Sure all those people who came over to dig for gold are all masseuses.

      You're not even a good ROLCON.

      Conservatives use

      B - Biggest
      I - Idiot
      D - Dems
      E - Ever
      N - Nominated

    3. Poor Edweenie. He can't comprehend words on a page. He may be Bidet*'s shade account.

    4. Conservatives are independent thinkers, btw, Jeffrey. We don't take marching orders from cloistered, delusional, self-important bags of gas like you, E.D. Just sayin'.

    5. I like all the names Col. Schlicter calls him. Hilarious.

  9. Item 5: I stopped reading NR in 2015 when it/they went "Never Trump". The STUPID was STRONG in those ones.

    Item 6: AH! Another opportunity for me to say that I despise, detest, and TOTALLY distrust the NYT (the WaPoo, too!)

    Item 8: "As The Worm Turns." And what a worm he is!

    Item 11: YAY for Tower Hamlets Council! But will it be allowed to?

  10. Re the Finally note -

    At least the good guys (Oral Roberts) got a win.

    1. That place is still around?

      I remember flying over that building of his when doing touch and goes out of Riverside. What a scandalous situation.

    2. Tell me, are you always this incoherent when you don't have talking points in front of you?

    3. The only incoherent person on this blog is you, Jeffrey, you putz.

  11. 4 - And the domestic terrorist who shot and nearly killed Steve Scalise flat-out stated that he was inspired by the rantings of bernie sanders; thus, senator phoghorn (i - lunar orbit) should be expelled from office.

    5 - Mark Steyn's attorneys have also filed a motion for summary dismissal - and it's a great time to do that. I've been noticing (in intellectual property disputes) that there is an ongoing rash of summary dismissals; it seems to me that with the court systems basically shut down for a year and counting, judges are looking at their backlogs and looking for ways to clean it up - and summary dismissals are a good way to do that.

    8 - Speaking of legal stuff, I'm tired of the vague-and-ambiguous nature of "sexual harassment" - since it can mean almost anything; this can range from genuinely despicable behavior (such as requiring, um, "services" for promotion or even continued employment) down to some woman being a total jerk and going bonkers because someone smiled and said "Good morning!" in a somehow-"threatening" (sic) way.

    10 - "Covid 19 science is about as reliable as climate change science." This is actually not a coincidental similarity. I mentioned last week that I happened to be rummaging around in one state's covid website (due to an upcoming need for some "essential" travel) and was surprised at their map indicating that they are a plague ward... but no one I know there is sick or knows anyone who is sick. When I looked at the fine print (rather than the maps), it flat-out said that "case counts" are no longer based on actual.. you know, counts of cases; instead, the case-count is based on an "algorithm" developed by the Department of Financial Regulation (?!?!) that attempts to capture unreported cases and asymptomatic cases. Translation: Just like the climate models, they are using a computer to make up numbers. This isn't a "conspiracy theory" - it's right there on the state's "health" web site.

    12 - Meanwhile, these chuckleheads are picking fights with North Korea and Russia. (And note to some folks - Ukraine has no interest in the US picking a right with Russia; Ukraine would be the biggest loser if this happened.)

    16 - This is the big unraveling of the evil (literally) leftist plan - to replace elections with what *look* like elections, but are actually censuses. And don't expect all the transgender and drag cr*pola to help them with non-white demographics...

    FINALLY - "Cleveland State lost in the first round of the NCAA tournament." ???? What are they playing?

    1. Re 5. Steyn is trying to force a deposition on Mann, who will never sit for one, because it will force him to declare his evidence to the world.

      He doesn't have any, having made it up. He cannot afford that blemish. Mann was also covered up for by a few large universities who cannot afford the light of day to shown on the granting process.

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  13. Paging Jeffrey #17. Paging Jeffrey #17.

    ITEM 11: That's Trump-level trolling right there. Excellent.

    1. You're the only Jeffery there is.

      And, clearly, the rest of the group disagrees.

    2. Paging Jeffrey #17. Mental patient Edweenie has escaped his asylum.

  14. Did the wind break Biden or did Biden break wind??

    1. The two are not mutually exclusive.

    2. Breaking wind is also known as "passing edutcher" as the sound and smell are the same.

  15. #3 since when do the criminals get to negotiate what is happening? Oh yah, shes a democrat.
    #7 Bribing Mexico, hey, Ukraine got a billion in aid!!
    #9 Dont forget Hunters laptop

  16. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    Masthead: Just like Christ, he fell 3 times. Surprised the Fake News ignorami haven't tried to push that.

    3: My impression was the Os and the Ozarks didn't get along at all. Could be Zippy swings both ways.

    6: Silberman should have gotten RBG's seat.

    7: That sound you hear in the background is Winfield Scott spinning.

    10: I think the Demos are raising another generation of rebels.

    Against the Left.

    12: Have to disagree. It may have started that way, but the lying dogfaced pony soldier's oft-displayed inferiority complex and the incompetence of the SecDef (where's Winken and Nod?) seem to have succeeded in ticking off the Reds (clearly, they were not in on the gag) and Poot, among others.

    The doofus from Dover had better start watching his six. He isn't the only idiot in line for PUS.

    13: Stuff like this makes you wish there was a loophole in the 8th Amendment.

    16: All the old minorities are waking up that the Demos can't be trusted. Took 92 years, but Franklin Roosevelt is finally dead.

    1. "Donald John Trump is still our president."

      No, Special Ed, he's not.

  17. The Headline...The memes on Citizen Free Press are priceless!

  18. OSU and Purdue out in the first round, by double-digit seeds. Couldn't care less.

  19. #4. Don’t forget Giffords. Who was a democrat shot by another democrat and now her husband is using the gork to advocate gun control.

  20. Barf alert for anyone starting or in the middle of eating

    ITEM 3: We all know Bill Clinton is a disgusting sex whore who loves to victimize powerless woman.

    The judge is likely protecting the Hildabeast.

    Hillary and her close female “aide” Huma probably engaged in an orgy with Epstein’s underage female victims. They may even have photos of Hillary engaging in “unnatural” acts.

    Think about it.

    This Judge is may actually be performing a public service. Give her our thanks and a raise.

  21. Item 12: But Don, if Biden* boycotts the Olympics he is making a “strong” stand against Red China according to you. LOL

  22. Item 13: Steven Amenhauser’s name will not be “remembered” by America’s easily indoctrinated population.

    It will be memory-holed, just like Ashli Babbitt’s, who is remembered (when she is remembered at all) as a “warning” to all others who may be influenced by QAnon (or the demonic Republican Hitler du jour).

  23. Item 16: Democrats are clearly targeting the low IQ Asian vote. Not sure of the wisdom of that strategy, but it appears in the US of A, many people like being pandered to.

    What’s next? “Yellow Lives Matter”

    1. "[L]ow IQ Asian" (sic)....

      That's gonna be a tiny segment of the population in this country.

    2. No matter how good you are at something, there is always an Asian guy who is better.

    3. Haha. Well there are a few billion of em

    4. "That and six hundred million screaming Chinamen."

      "Last I heard there where a billion screaming Chinamen."

      "There were."

      *Flicks tin cup of booze on campfire*


      (Love that scene from RED DAWN. Powers Booth was great.)

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