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Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Highlights of the News

Congresswoman Katrina Pierson? Gateway Pundit thinks she'll run in a special election in Texas.

ITEM 1: The New York Post reported, "Sen. Mitt Romney was knocked unconscious when he fell in Boston over the weekend, leaving him with a lot of stitches and a black eye.

" 'I took a fall. Knocked me unconscious. But I’m doing better,' Romney told reporters on Capitol Hill Monday night.

"The Utah Republican said he was visiting his grandchildren when he got injured."

Take care of the country? They cannot even take care of themselves.

ITEM 2: Axios reported, "Petaluma, California, has voted to outlaw new gas stations, the first of what climate activists hope will be numerous cities and counties to do so.

"Expect more such ordinances, particularly in liberal towns. Grassroots groups are popping up with the mission of spreading this type of ban and forcing pollution cleanups at existing gas stations."

This protects existing gas stations. But of course, they are not gas stations but rather stores that sell gasoline. That's the hook. The markup on gasoline is negligible, but people will pay $5 for a nickel's worth of coffee drowned in sugar and cream.

ITEM 3: NPR reported, "Amazon warehouse workers in Alabama voting to unionize won the backing of an important executive. Without naming the massive e-commerce company specifically, President Biden said in a video posted late Sunday that he supports the organizing drive in Bessemer, Alabama."

He did not name Amazon because he cannot remember his own damned name.

President Trump would have stayed out of the dispute. But Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, will continue to do Biden's bidding. 

ITEM 4: Jim Treacher reported, "Third Woman Accuses Andrew Cuomo of Harassment."

Drip, drip, drip.

Here he is with his accuser.

Biden ain't the only grabby old man in politics.

Killing 10,000 grannies will not end Cuomo's career. Trying to find a Lewinsky to call his own may.

Cuomo has hired Harvey Weinstein's lawyer to handle the granny killing. Maybe Bill Cosby's lawyers can handle the harassment complaints.

The Sun reported, "Gov. Andrew Cuomo asks woman reporter to ‘eat the whole sausage’ in creepy 2016 video that resurfaced after sex-pest claims."

Such a smooth talker. 

ITEM 5: 24/7 Sports reported, "Additional emails sent to University of Texas President Jay Hartzell in which donors threatened to pull donations if the school did not keep and embrace the playing of the 'Eyes of Texas' have come to light, according to the Texas Tribune. In a new report that was published on Monday, The Tribune estimated that well more than half of nearly 300 people who emailed Hartzell about The Eyes demanded that the university continued to play and support the university's longtime alma mater, which came under scrutiny in 2020 after racist undertones in the tune were brought to light."

Brought to light?

Some liberal calling something racist does not make it racist.

Ending a beloved tradition comes with a penalty. I say make it really hurt. Donate to Texas A&M.

ITEM 6: The Epoch Times reported, "Four people were arrested in Texas last month on 150 counts of voter fraud dating back to the 2018 Medina County Primary Election, according to reports.

"The Texas attorney general’s Election Fraud Unit on Feb. 11 arrested Medina County Justice of the Peace Tomas Ramirez, and earlier detained Leonor Rivas Garza, Eva Ann Martinez and Mary Balderrama on election fraud allegations, News4SA reported.

"According to a release from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office, the case involved allegations of vote harvesting at assisted living centers in Medina County in the 2018 Medina County Primary Election."

The courts will not protect the integrity of elections. Arrests more than 2 years after the election are useless.

Republicans must learn to ballot harvest if they are to survive.

ITEM 7: The San Francisco Chronicle reported, "California serial killer spared execution, killed in prison."

Sounds like justice. But the serial killer was 81 and had been in prison 30 years.

He killed a half-dozen young women, and still he wasn't executed. For shame. I submit that life in prison is cruel and unusual, while execution is quick and appropriate.

ITEM 8: The Hill reported, "Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky on Monday warned states against lifting coronavirus restrictions, pointing to the threat of variants and the stalling of recent declines in new cases."

I forget. Is this the one in drag who pretends he is a woman and wants to castrate boys?

Or is Walensky just some run-of-the-mill crazy person power tripping?

ITEM 9: KSTP reported, "Minneapolis city officials convened during a Zoom call Monday morning to go over public safety preparations for the Derek Chauvin trial, which is set to begin next week.

"During the meeting, it was announced that the city will be dropping its plan to pay social media influencers for sharing city-approved messages during the trial. The city originally planned on paying six social media influencers, all coming from various minority communities, $2,000 each during Chauvin's and the remaining three former Minneapolis police officers' trials that will take place later in the year."

The influencers are propagandists whom the city wanted to use to influence the jury, making an acquittal impossible for the officers.

ITEM 10: The Chicago Tribune reported, "Golden Globes TV ratings down in early numbers."

The story said, "Last night’s three-hour awards broadcast drew a mere 5.4 million viewers and a 1.2 rating among adults 19-49 according to non-time zone adjusted numbers from Nielsen. Though these early numbers are incomplete, and don’t include viewing in the Pacific time zone, they paint a bleak picture for NBC, which in 2018 signed a new deal to pay roughly $60 million per year to televise the awards show. Last year, preliminary numbers were significantly higher, with the telecast average 14.8 million viewers and a 3.8 demo rating. Those numbers adjusted up to 18.3 million viewers and a 4.7 demo rating in final live-plus-same day data from Nielsen."


ITEM 11: MSN reported, "California Governor Gavin Newsom posted a video to his TikTok account with celebrity George Lopez on Saturday. The pair were shown inside a restaurant in an area of California that currently doesn't allow indoor dining.

"In the video, Newsom and Lopez talk about where to find information about coronavirus vaccine eligibility in California.

"At the beginning of the clip, Lopez is shown wearing a face mask while sitting at a table inside the restaurant."

Once again, the guv ignored his own rules because he knows they are bogus.

I wonder how much taxpayers paid Lopez to appear in the video. 

ITEM 12: Fox reported, "Nikki Haley praises Trump’s ‘strong’ CPAC speech after rebuking him weeks earlier."

She opposed him in the primaries, but he appointed her UN ambassador anyway. Ingratitude is not a conservative principle. Maybe Democrats can welcome her. They could always use another Cindy McCain.

ITEM 13: The Daily Mail reported that Liz Warren will formally propose a wealth tax, which would be the annual confiscation of 2% of a person's assets.

You get a job, pay income tax, and save money. Pocahontas will come along and then tax your savings. Sure, they will start with people whose asets are $50 million or more but over time that will drop. We saw this with the income tax, which was only supposed to tax millionaires.

She said her new confiscation will pay for infrastructure.

A better way to pay for infrastructure would be to cut the federal government in half. It keeps expanding while factories keep closing.

ITEM 14: Just the News reported, "Significant legislative attempts are underway in multiple U.S. states, including key battleground states, to roll back major changes in voting rules and regulations to various pre-2020 status quo antes. The efforts come after an historically chaotic election process that has left millions of Americans doubtful of election fairness, security, transparency and accountability. 

"Changes to election rules — some of them enacted prior to 2020 and others put in place in response to the COVID-19 pandemic last year — have included expansive mail-in voting, expanded early voting, relaxation of verification rules, and extensions to ballot receipt deadlines. 

"Those rules likely contributed to a record 158,000,000-plus votes cast in the 2020 election. But the relaxation of various voting requirements has also led to significant distrust in the election system: Nearly 40% of voters believe that U.S. elections are beset by fraud, while a similar number claim that such concerns haven't been properly vetted by public authorities."

End mail-in voting.

Until then, learn to ballot harvest, Republicans.

ITEM 15Reuters reported, "To go electric, America needs more mines. Can it build them?"

Arbitrarily dumping internal combustion engines for electric motors carries a price.

The story said, "To please conservationists, Biden has vowed to set aside at least 30% of U.S. federal land and coastal areas for conservation, triple current levels.

"But that aim could conflict with his promises to hasten the electrification of vehicles and to reduce the country’s dependence on China for rare earths, lithium and other minerals needed for EV batteries. The administration has called the reliance on China a national security threat."

Poca has a power plant that runs on coal across the river. 

And the problem goes beyond building power plants. Those electric cars require copper and other materials that must be mined.

If this nation survives to the 22nd century, people will look back at the superstitions about carbon dioxide and the like and call this the Silly Century because that is what it is.

ITEM 16: The New York Times fired Donald G. McNeil Jr. for discussing the N-word with a group of rich, spoiled teenagers he babysat on a trip to Peru. He started at the Times as a copy boy in 1976.

Rather than move on and enjoy a nice pension, McNeil wrote a 2,932-word explanation, the first of a 4-part series.

He lost me at: "I’m publishing my thoughts here on Medium because I know journalists. We make America what it is — without a free press, democracy dies. But we’re still jackals. We can befriend you for years, and then bite off your arm just as you’re offering us a treat. We can’t help it. It’s the nature of the job."

We all know why he got fired. He's 67, and the Times wanted to dump salary. If it was not this nonsense, they would have fired him for something else.

Newspapers are no country for old white men. Diversity means no heterosexual white male need bother to apply. Who would want to work at such a place anyway?

McNeil should let it go. His enemies will always believe they brought down a racist, while the rest of us really don't care.

ITEM 17: Defense News reported, "The Pentagon announced Monday a $125 million military aid package for Ukraine, the first of its kind under the Biden administration."

Burisma must have given Hunter a promotion.


  1. Ginny, Vito, and Equanimeous did the job well and got the message through, loud and bloody and clear. Mitt will vote for reparations.

  2. Item 8. Their 15 months of power are almost over.

  3. Don? check this video out that Insty had up this morning. Crude but hilarious. And truthful. Unvarnished truth.

    1. Hilarious rant. Career ending, but awesome.

  4. #12. Nikki is like litter, she goes where ever the wind blows. My her future be that of a discarded piece of trash.

    1. She’s flopping around like a fish on the deck of a boat.

  5. ITEM 1: I read the article waiting for Romney to explain why he fell. Not good.

    1. Pierre Delecto’s attempt at a joke was a disgrace.

    2. He was on the losing end of a fight with Harry Reid's brother.

  6. Regarding 'going electric', does the USA really think that putting all its eggs into one basket is smart? Isn't Red China weaseling into the USA electric grid? What happens when the lights go out? What happens when China can make that happen? Were no lessons learned during the northeast blackout in 2003. Life will come to a complete halt, certainly won't be able to charge your EV. 'Going electric' is insane.

    1. I’m all for people buying electric cars. The more electric cars there are on the road, the less demand for gasoline. The less demand, the lower the price. So I’ll be paying less to fuel my non-electric car, just as increased demand for electricity will push up the price to fuel their electrics.

      Gasoline cars are not going away. There are still Volkswagen Beetles on the road from the ‘60s and Datsuns from before the company changed the name to Nissan in the ‘80s.

    2. I think most of us know such anti-productive foolishness will mean disaster for the USA. That's why Leftists/Globalist/Socialist Demonrats insist on it; they hope by weakening us they can strengthen China, moving us closer to a World government.

  7. #15. To make those vehicles light and efficient you need plastics and carbon fiber. One of the waste products of the chemical process to make those is gasoline. The easiest way to dispose of gasoline is to process it through an internal combustion engine.

  8. 3 - imagine if Bezos will have a wake up moment. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

    Nah. Just woke up. But I’m not woke.

    5 - correct. To a woke liberal, everything has racist undertones and overtones.

    13 - and I always thought a persons net worth was personal. I don’t recall having to declare that on any gubment form.

    15 - more like the stupid century.

    16 - McNeill is correct. Mainstream journalists are making America what it is. A communist country.

  9. ITEM 2: "Axios reported, "Petaluma, California, has voted to outlaw new gas stations, the first of what climate activists hope will be numerous cities and counties to do so." I'd suggest a Rent_A-Horse operation.
    Item 4: More proof that the media is/are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dem Party. It could be the other way round, but regardless, it's OBVIOUS that they are in CAHOOTS.
    Item 9: It used to be "Minnesota NICE" Now, it's "Minnesota NASTY". A bummer for Mr. Lileks.

    Item 16: It's all "inside newsroom politics."

  10. ITEMS 6 & 14 - Not only harvest ballots, but hack voting machines and register deceased voters. Sometimes you have to fight dirt with dirt.

    ITEM 8 - Walensky is merely a power-tripping bureaucrat.

    ITEM 10 - Unfortunately, the Golden Globes extravaganza coincided with the real greatest show on earth, President Trump's speech at the CPAC.

    ITEM 15 - At some point, there will be a rebellion against the envirofascists, who like Gov. Newsom, are hypocrites of the worst degree.

  11. 2 - If by some miracle, reasonable "electric cars" became viable... where will we get the necessary added generation capacity to power them? Mao and co. thought that socialism could overcome the second law of thermodynamics; that did not work out well.

    4 - Someone said yesterday that gov grabby is divorced - so I guess he's not Catholic then? Regardless, this is more evidence that the D party is a grooming gang for powerful men.

    6 - Republicans *did* learn to ballot harvest in 2020. In 2018, the donks sprung ballot harvesting in CA and stole several red-district Congressional seats; in 2020, the GOP did its own ballot harvesting and got them back. The problem in 2020 wasn't ballot harvesting but outright rigging and fraud.

    13 - This shouldn't be a surprise; 10+ years back during the obozo days, it was readily shown that the grand plans would require a 100% tax rate for all incomes over $100k to even get the numbers to be close (after which there would BE no income over $100k), and that the only way for the kooks to make their plans work would be via "wealth taxes." Those are constitutionally dubious (since taking of assets requires proper compensation), plus wealth will move offshore with a few mouse clicks. (And we already have a wealth tax - the estate tax.) Someone tell clueless fauxcahontas that the bulls get some and the bears get some, but the pigs get nothing.

    17 - Actually, this looks like a continuation of a successful PDJT policy change. Back when Russia attacked Ukraine in 2014, obozo would only send blankets and first aid kits; PDJT approved actually-needed military equipment (like anti-tank missiles) - so sniffy and co. are *not* going back to the obozo policy but sticking with the PDJT policy. (And as I've said before, Burisma is an enemy of the Ukrainian government, not a friend. It was awful that sniffy in 2018 destroyed the anti-Burisma anti-corruption drive that the Ukrainian government was running to save hunter's payola; the new Ukrainian president is having another go at it and we should wish him luck.)

    1. "...since taking of assets require proper compensation"

      What about shutting down private businesses because of a flu virus? Doesn't that require proper compensation too?

    2. That's an interesting question.

      The shutting down of private business is more amorphous, and almost seems like it could be subject to more of a tort claim.

      The wealth tax is an outright, quantifiable confiscation whose value can readily be ascertained - so to confiscate wealth, the Constitution mandates compensation... equal to the value of what is being confiscated. (Believe or not, courts have looked very dimly on asset confiscations on these grounds.)

      Back in the late 1990s, I actually had an argument with a sitting U.S. Congresscritter at a "town hall meeting." He opined that Bill Gates didn't "need" his $98 billion net worth, so he should be forced to fork over $97 billion of it - being generously left (by gracious government) with $1B. Since his net worth was basically in MSFT stock, I asked how it made sense to take $97B in stock and then compensate him with $97B in cash as the Constitution mandates. He quickly changed the subject - obviously wasn't expecting someone with function brain cells to be in the audience.

  12. Item 1 - Based on what Romney has said and the votes he’s cast, it appears he’s been unconscious for years...

  13. Item 16 - McNeil lived with the rabid dogs for over three decades and now he’s surprised at their poisonous bite??

  14. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    1: 3 black-eyed Senators?

    I'd say that's more than a coinkydink.

    4: Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac, they say. Must be the only way some of those guys can get a good-looking broad.

    6: Republicans must learn to ballot harvest if they are to survive.

    Why? Sounds more like they need ballots emailed in from Peking.

    Or Jerusalem.

    8: The two are not mutually exclusive.

    13: That's Fauxcahontas.

    14: Nearly 40% of voters believe that U.S. elections are beset by fraud

    You must be joking. Try nearly 140%.

    Like in turnout.

  15. Looks like Romney took a punch and not a fall.

  16. 5. Gig 'em!

    9. They must have realized how expensive change-of-venue can be.

  17. #5 A janitor at Texas A&M made a startling discovery. Way back in one of the old buildings, he found a human skeleton. After DNA analysis, they identified the remains as those of the 1932 hide-and-seek champion.

  18. Item 4: ‘eat the whole sausage’. Why do I have AC/DC and ZZ Top ringing in my ears?

    Item 5: I'm an Aggie Class of '84. Keep your money an buy some of the $5 coffee. Money better spent.

  19. Item 6 - Unfortunately and rarely, Don, the Justice of the Peace indicted is a Republican.

  20. Those Colonel Cathcarts seem to be long on black eyes and short on feathers in their caps.

  21. 13.
    Let me tell you how it will be
    There's one for you, nineteen for me
    'Cause I'm the taxman
    Yeah, I'm the taxman

    Should five percent appear too small
    Be thankful I don't take it all
    'Cause I'm the taxman
    Yeah, I'm the taxman

    If you drive a car, car, I'll tax the street
    If you try to sit, sit, I'll tax your seat
    If you get too cold, cold, I'll tax the heat
    If you take a walk, walk, I'll tax your feet

    'Cause I'm the taxman
    Yeah, I'm the taxman

    Don't ask me what I want it for
    If you don't want to pay some more
    'Cause I'm the taxman
    Yeah, I'm the taxman

    Now my advice for those who die
    Declare the pennies on your eyes
    Cause I'm the taxman
    Yeah, I'm the taxman

    And you're working for no one but me.

  22. 3. Slowly working on weaning from Amazon. Look up products on Amazon site. Then go VFR direct to the manufacturer.

    This is particularly sweet since it's the reversal of people walking into stores, finding what they want and then ordering online which greatly hurt brick and mortar retailers.

    9. Minneapolis is a Dead City Walking. Nothing will save it now.



    12. [In best James Earl Jones voice] "The desperation is strong in this one."

    One Simpsons episode had Homer quit and then try to re-apply for his old job. The HR department had two doors. One for 'Applicants' and dog door for 'Supplicants'. I believe Halley needs to work on her crawl.

    15. If aliens actually do come to Earth, and assuming they have any individuality (vs. spacefaring ants bent on eating us) we'll find that shortly after developing beyond subsistence farming, they went through a so called "Progressive" phase where everyone went insane thinking that a world of plenty was natural rather than the rarest thing ever.

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