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Saturday, March 13, 2021

Highlights of the News

Oliver Hazard Perry in the Battle of Lake Erie, 1813: "We have met the enemy and they are ours."

American military today: "We have met the enemy but we are attacking our own."

ITEM 1: On Friday, a Democrat finally spoke out against the cancel culture.

To save his own neck.

Via PJ Media, Cuomo the Lesser said, "Politicians who don’t know a single fact but yet form a conclusion and an opinion are in my opinion reckless and dangerous.

"The people of New York should not have confidence in a politician who takes an opinion without knowing the facts and substance. People know the difference between playing politics, bowing to cancel culture, and the truth. Let the review proceed, I’m not going to resign, I was not elected by the politicians, I was elected by the people."

11 months ago, he was the Hero of Never Trump.

But with the president gone, Cuomo is disposable. I wave goodbye to him. His sin was not in killing 15,000 grannies but in being a cad around young women.

A reader emailed, "Based on recent past scandal history, the NY luv gov just needs to hide behind black face... then he won’t have to resign."

ITEM 2: The Daily Caller won the headline of the day with "U.S. military launches coordinated strikes against American TV host."

The story cited a headline at the Official Taxpayer-Paid DOD web site, "Press Secretary Smites Fox Host That Dissed Diversity in U.S. Military."


Unless Tucker Carlson (the host in question) made a factual error, the Pentagon press secretary should shut his trap. 

But our military is politicized and part of this anti-American cabal of Washington politicians, the media, the deep state, and corporate America that are hellbent on destroying everything that made America great.

We the people are allowed to call out the American military -- indeed, the entire government -- without fear of being attacked.

The spokesman in question, retired Admiral John Kirby, is a former CNN commentator, which raises questions of ethics.

The new Marine Hymn: "From the Halls of Tucker Carlson, to the shores of New Jersey. We will fight the P.C. battles, for the L, G, B, and T."

ITEM 3: I had this yesterday but it bears repeating. The Pentagon simulated a war with Red China. We got our ass kicked.

Air Force Lt. Gen. S. Clinton Hinote said, "After the 2018 war game, I distinctly remember one of our gurus of wargaming standing in front of the Air Force secretary and chief of staff, and telling them that we should never play this war game scenario [of a Chinese attack on Taiwan] again, because we know what is going to happen.

"The definitive answer if the U.S. military doesn’t change course is that we’re going to lose fast. In that case, an American president would likely be presented with almost a fait accompli.

"At that point the trend in our war games was not just that we were losing, but we were losing faster."

I don't care about Taiwan. Taiwanese companies use slave labor in Red China. They made their bed.

The purpose of the military is to defend the country. If it can't, then why bother having one?

ITEM 4: CREW announced, "ICE cannot destroy records of sexual abuse and assault, death reviews, detainee segregation files and other records it planned to dispose of, a federal judge ordered today in a case brought by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, American Historical Association and the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations."


CREW has said not a word about Obama using the FBI as a KGB to lie and spy on Donald Trump.

ITEM 5: DW reported, "Afghanistan's Education Ministry is barring schoolgirls older than 12 from singing at public events, media reported on Wednesday. 

"The reports come amid growing fears that the Taliban could be regaining power in Afghanistan as the group negotiates a peace deal with the United States."

DW is a German news site.

How about worrying about German women who are gangraped by Muslim migrants and leave fighting this ban on the Spice Girls to the Afghanistan press?

The German press is just as pro-war as the American one.

ITEM 6The Guardian reported, Red "China breaching every article in genocide convention, says legal report on Uighurs."

Chairman Xi is the real Hitler. None dare call it that in the United States because his Uighur slaves provide cheap tennis shoes. It's the free market, according to National Review.

ITEM 7Monica Crowley told Fox Business News, "I think it’s painfully obvious for quite a while now that the Democratic-run states which continued to impose these draconian lockdowns and restrictions were not doing it out of some embrace of relevant science and data, but they were doing it because they were seeking to amass ever greater power and control over their citizens.

"Those states were, and continue to be, a drag on the national overall economic recovery. What you’re seeing now with Governors Cuomo and Newsom is even more evidence of that, because as they are under ever more fire for a variety of reasons, they’re opening their states because they believe or at least hope that will relieve some of the political pressure on themselves. I think it’s a totally transparent move that’s unlikely to save their political skins, but it will have the happy consequence of improving those states’ economic conditions and the overall national economic recovery."

Political pressure works.


ITEM 8: The Blaze reported, "High School basketball announcer caught using the N-word against female players who knelt during national anthem."

He won't be announcing any more games.

He issued a statement, which said, "I will state that I suffer Type 1 Diabetes and during the game my sugar was spiking. While not excusing my remarks it is not unusual when my sugar spikes that I become disoriented and often say things that are not appropriate as well as hurtful. I do not believe that I would have made such horrible statement absent my sugar spiking."

What a scientific breakthrough. No need for testing to see if your sugar level is spiking. Just wait till you say the N-word.

Who knew so many rappers were diabetic?

ITEM 9: Breitbart reported, "The Trafalgar Group released a poll Friday morning showing Herschel Walker, the former NFL running back from Georgia, leading Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) by 2.2 percent in a potential bid for a Georgia Senate seat, which Warnock recently flipped in a hotly contested runoff.

"The poll’s margin of error is 2.88 percent, which Walker is within, making the potential race a virtual tie."

All his life, people have told Walker to run.

We shall see.

ITEM 10: Bloomberg reported, "One of the Democrat Party’s top election lawyers was hit with sanctions by a federal court for violating ethics rules in a suit against Texas over straight-ticket voting, a rare rebuke for a seasoned attorney following months of tumultuous litigation over the November election.

"Marc Elias and other lawyers with Perkins Coie LLP were ordered Friday by the U.S. Court of Appeals in New Orleans to pay legal fees and double costs to Texas. The order was issued in a suit Elias filed in August on behalf of the Democrats’ Senate and congressional campaign committees."

Good for Texas for seeking reimbursement of legal fees for a frivolous case.

ITEM 11: The Denver Post reported, "Kavasutra Kava Bar with Denver, Lakewood locations bans any teacher who has 'opted not to return to in-person teaching.' "

Good for the Kavasutra. Instead of getting on the bar's case, the unions should back the ban because it will protect teachers from covid.

I wonder how many people will watch Biden's impeachment.

ITEM 13: Variety reported, "Cable News Ratings Begin to Suffer Trump Slump."

There are a lot of charts. CNN is hardest hit, followed by MSNBC, and finally Fox.

I don't care. I had my fill of the cable news war when on Election Night, Fox proved to be as despicable as the rest. The truth matters not to them. Why would my viewership matter to them?

ITEM 14: Yahoo reported, "Public opinion of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has fallen to a record low, with attitudes towards Prince Harry more negative than positive for the first time.

"A new YouGov poll, released on Friday, revealed that following the couple’s Oprah Winfrey interview, the couple has fallen very much out of favor with the British public.

"It showed that 45% of Britons have a positive opinion of Prince Harry, while 48% regard him negatively, giving a net score -3.

"This represents a drop of 15 points from March 2 and marks the first time attitudes have been more negative than positive towards the prince.

"Meghan’s scores have also fallen considerably. Only three in ten people said they had a positive opinion of her, while six in ten viewed her negatively. This gave her a net rating of -27, down from -14 a week ago."

She threw mud and wound up with dirty hands.

ITEM 15: Guido Fawkes reported, "Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford this morning refused to rule out instituting a curfew for all men in areas where there is a problem with sexual harassment. Guido hopes Wales has enough female police officers, paramedics and firemen for after dark…"

Drakefield should go first. Let him volunteer to be home before the streetlights come on. It is for the good of society, and all that rubbish.

ITEM 16: Disclose TV reported, "The Vatican admits it has nearly depleted its financial reserves and pleads for more donations from the faithful.

"The Vatican published its 2021 budget in its latest effort at greater transparency. It seeks to reassure donors that money is being well spent after mismanagement.

"However, the Vatican warned it has nearly depleted its reserves from donations. It is now urging the faithful to continue giving to cover its budget deficit.

"Francis’ economy minister, Reverend Juan Antonio Guerrero Alves, said the pandemic reduced donations as well as revenue from shuttered museums. He said this would contribute to a projected 30 percent reduction in revenue.

"The reduction will be 213 million euros in 2021, from 307 million euros in 2019."

Adquite evigiliam, vadete ad pauperatem. (Changed, thanks to a reader.)

Get woke, go broke.


  1. Item 16: who thought putting a communist in charge of a church was a good idea? Our parish priest assured me that there have been worse Popes and the next one will be better.

    1. One astonishment in life is how so many people pick up some pile of mental nonsense when they are young, and then are never able to grasp that it's total nonsense and needs to be discarded and replaced.

      There are still superannuated derelicts from the 1960s hippy-dippy era around who never got over their youthful nonsense and still are mentally cemented into it. And it's amazing how many mentally-weak clowns (like the Mocha Messiah (TM)) picked up all sorts of mental debris on campuses in the 1980s and have never been able to light up enough amperes to discard and replace it.

      This non-pope pope is clearly mired for life in the "liberation theology" claptrap of his youth and lacks the mental firepower to escape it.

    2. Our minds are nothing but ideologies, big and small. That is human consciousness. The simple marxist ideology is oh-so-sweet in declaration and in the minds of such as The Dim One in Rome...yet, in results, is more a slavery than was feudalism. Ah, the human comedy.

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  2. 8 - The disgraced announcer’s excuse reeks of lie-abetes.

    12 - I wonder how many of the 31 million watched more than 5 minutes of him trying to read the teleprompter. I didn’t turn it on. I can’t watch elder abuse and I don’t care to listen to lies.

    16 - the communist Pope can’t print money like his comrades can.

  3. I sent the following email to Craig Blair and Ken Reed last week:

    Hey guys - If HR 1 passes and gets signed, it is this constituent’s opinion that proceedings for the great state of West Virginia to secede from the country once known as the United States of America should immediately begin. Of course it will wind up before the Supremos at some point, but waiting until then will be too late. Please let me know how I can help with that.

    Mountaineers Are Always Free

    Just tryin to do my part, while it’s still legal...

    1. It's not going to happen, dude. There always seems to be a contingent of the citizenry that blows the opportunity at each vote. I suggest we watch Texas. I think if any state can pull it off, it's probably Texas. The WV Governor's offer to absorb some Virginia counties has substance but, as you can see, no one over there accepted his generous offer.

    2. No need. Just note that the law is clearly unconstitutional on its face and refuse to implement. Then to the extent necessary - tighten existing election rules to disallow easily fraudulent ballots being cast.

  4. Item 8. As a diabetic I note this: blood sugar spikes can cause odd behavior just like low blood sugar does. Still it sounds like a bald-faced lie to try to save face, though my earlier note means I can't be dogmatic about it.

  5. ITEM 2: Notice the image of ‘devil horns’ (1 red & 1 black) on Admiral John Kirby?

  6. #3 "I don't care about Taiwan. Taiwanese companies use slave labor in Red China. They made their bed."

    I disagree, Don. The Taiwanese people should not be blamed for what Taiwanese companies do, just as Americans shouldn't be blamed for what American companies do. Companies all over the world use cheap Chinese labor. Many claim to be unaware that it's slave labor. Unless a company has their own agents on the ground there, it can not control the labor source of the Chinese manufacturers.

    Regardless of how Taiwanese companies are managed, I do care about Taiwan and wish the people there well in their constant resistance against China, the Free World's number one enemy, after Washington DC.

    1. Don, I'll second this. Like some American companies, some Taiwanese companies are doing that - but we don't condemn an entire country and/or an entire population for what a few are doing.

      Keep in mind that without things like the Taiwanese-invented "silicon foundry" industry, many large American technology companies (such as Qualcomm) would not even exist. And much like German automakers, Taiwanese foundry companies are building facilities in the US. (It's sad that American companies in that space fell into the hands of morons who ran the companies into the ground, but it is what it is, and personally I don't like it when resource-destroying screw-ups start demanding subsidies by waving the flag.) Recall that PDJT got TSMC to build its next, most-super-advanced manufacturing facility in Arizona.

      Taiwan is a nightmare for China because it shows that "Chinese people" can actually be good citizens of a free country - which negates the nonsense that the CCP tries to ply domestically that due to "cultural differences" (as sniffy put it), Chinese people need an emperor and autocracy to maintain order.

  7. Item #14 Megan Markle really blew it. She could have been more popular and beloved than Grace Kelly in her prime - and the most popular royal in a post -Liz world if she had a non-racist brain in her head.

    Heroes make people feel better. Entitled, embittered, faux victims are easily ignored.

  8. Item 2: Don winds up, and he throws a ZINGER. "The new Marine Hymn: "From the Halls of Tucker Carlson, to the shores of New Jersey. We will fight the P.C. battles, for the L, G, B, and T." Man, that's gotta HURT!

    Item 12: Biden won't be impeached...merely shunted aside and sent to the old-folks home, by Kamala and the DEM party whips.

    Item 13: I gave up on TV news yearrrrrrrrrrrs ago. It's all lies and Democrat talking points, but I repeat myself.

    Item 14: Ahhhh, Meghan! The Creature From The La Brea Tar Pits!

    1. #12 they still have to contend with Edith Dr. J. She's not going home to feed Joe his Maypo...

  9. ITEM 1 - Contrary to the reader, quite a few black New York legislators have served time in prison over the last 15 years (well, in proportion to the total legislature makeup. Corruption in Albany is more than skin deep.)

    ITEM 2 - Just who is going to enlist in our military when it is clearly run by incompetents?

    ITEM 3 - Wargamers assume that the Chinese military is invincible, with top equipment because they would rather overestimate and be pleasantly surprised than underestimate and take the rap for unpreparedness.

    ITEM 12 - Biden's appearances become more and more cringeworthy. We need to smoke out his handlers and put them before the cameras, and let Biden chase squirrels in peace.

    ITEM 14 - When I was in my youth, I used to wonder who is the Duke of Windsor and why should we care about his whereabouts?

    ITEM 16 - Time to cue in Tom Lehrer's Vatican Rag. I can't think of any comment on Francis's papacy more appropriate.

    1. Tom Lherer. I had forgotten about him. Yes! The Vatican Rag. Excellent. (We're both showing our age.)

    2. I discovered Tom Lehrer about 1980 when I was 16 or so years old. Got several of his records at a garage sale. The man was a genius.

      He couldn't have a career like that today.

  10. Item 9 - Herschel Walker is a smart, articulate and likable man, the opposite of Warnock. Run, Hershel, run!! 👍👍👍💪💪💪

    1. I'd be proud to have Herschel Walker represent me in the Senate, unlike the wife-beater he'd replace.

  11. 3: Under Beijing Biden and Sec Austin the purpose of the U.S. military is to root out service members guilty of wrong think and to indoctrinate those who remain as good little servants of the establishment.

    Justice for Ashli Babbitt!

    1. "Justice for Ashli Babbitt!"

      Was that the only gun fired during the so-called riot? The shooters identity will never be revealed. They keep hoping it'll all go away. Good for you for keeping it alive!

    2. The shooter has been identified. Look for the answer over at TGP.

  12. Item 12 - Biden (aka Magoo) will not be impeached. Rather, Dems will use a medical reason to get rid of him. Possibilities include suffering a mild stroke or being diagnosed with heart issues. Magoo will express his disappointment that he can’t continue to serve and he will vanish. Poof!! Giggles Harris will take over and horrify all but the far left wing.

    1. “Giggles.” That works, John. Works well...

    2. I'll second the comments elsewhere in this thread (and my own previously) that if the puppetmasters think that they can just defenestrate sniffy with ease, they've got another thing coming.

      The 25th Amendment requires 2/3rds votes in both houses of Congress - and the votes aren't there, since there are enough GOP smarts to block such an effort and make sure that they are stuck with sniffy for as long as he has a pulse.

      And, indeed, "Dr." (sic) Jill isn't going to let that happen; she didn't put up with that weirdo for all these years just to be pushed aside (and sent back to Delaware to spoonfeed him oatmeal) after just a few weeks.

      And as "Giggles" probably has figured out by now, she's not the "chosen one" - but was "chosen" only because she's also an incompetent dud who would "need" to be pushed aside quickly.

      If there is chatter about doing the 25th, keep an eye on the rumor mill regarding who would be the new VP - that might start to give us hints about who the puppetmasters *really* want in the big chair (and I don't know who it is, but it's neither sniffy nor giggles).

  13. 15: Will men who self-identify as females be exempt from the curfew? Will trans-men?

    Justice for Ashli Babbitt!

    1. Poor Ashli will never receive justice. It's heartbreaking what happened to her.

  14. Meghan is jealous of Kate and was shocked to learn that marrying a prince didn't make her a princess. So it's off to Hollywood. Surely someone would want to hire a duchess? No? Time to play the race card. - GOC

  15. You may like enlisted and some officers. But the Pentagon is deep in the Swamp. Obama started the Stalinist political purges. Assume this year's purge is to rid the military of people who won't kill Americans. As in Venezuela, the military is and serves the State, as in the Party. Not the States, as in United. The Imperial Stormtroopers occupying the Imperial Capital should prove that. My sympathy for the Guard at Fort Pelosi goes down every day they stay on.

    1. Based on recent history, Cuomo could get off (get that image out of your head) by claiming he thought the women were minors.

    2. See 1st paragraph above.

    3. China won't invade Taiwan. That's not how they operate. They will take the Senkakus (Japanese) and the Philippine islands between Luzon and Taiwan. These island are uninhabited or barely inhabited and totally unfortified, like the Spratleys in the South China Sea. I envision a Chinese fishing boat having a 'problem' and the Chinese Coast Guard showing up to 'rescue' them and then not leaving. With those islands, Taiwan is surrounded by China.

    China wins by pushing, not by charging. Art of War 101. Trump pushed back. That's why China and its minions needed him gone. The Pentagon is going to spend $Trillion on a plane that after a quarter century they admit won't work. But the kickbacks and pay-offs and post retirement contractor jobs are GREAT. That they'll defend.

    4. CREW. They misspelled Democratic Party.

    5. Well. They're pro-war against brown people. Especially when it's encouraging US troops to do the killing. How many German troops in Afghanistan, again?

    6. Anybody who really knows Chinese history is unsurprised. Anybody who knows the history of Western 'intellectuals' is unsurprised by their indifference.

    Uighurs are the new Jews.

    7. French Revolutionaries applied 'political' pressure.

    8. "White Privilege". 'M I right?

    9. 2.8% is not beyond the margin of fraud.

    But who would believe a public poll? It was probably 28%.

    10. We have courts? Who knew?

    11. Teachers? You misspelled indoctrinators.

    12. I am so tired of hearing people talk about "Impeach Them!" Bidet will be removed by his Masters when his inconvenience exceeds his utility. If they wait until '23, Kamaltow can be White House 'resident for 10 years.

    13. I quit watching cable news 15 years ago when Fox spent half a year reporting daily about some gal who disappeared in Aruba like THAT was what the World revolved around. I figured out it was all soap opera performance art with no particular interest in informing.

    14. It is a perfect description of Hollywood conceit that someone who married into a royal family assumes that THEY would be the new Monarch.

    15. Punish the innocent. The guilty will ignore the ban and the female cops will learn to stay out of sight because even if they aren't targets, they'll be accused of racism if they interfere with the guilty.

    Old and busted: "Is the Pope Catholic?"

    New Hotness: "Is the Catholic Church Catholic?"

    The Catholic Church follows the other Christian churches into irrelevancy by trying to be "Progressive." So called "Progressivism" is the political embodiment of the Seven Deadly Sins. Why would people donate to a church that doesn't believe its own scripture?

    1. As always, Jeffery has to throw in a puerile celebration of his claimed atheism which shows the rest of us how smart he thinks he is.

    2. Nothing ever stops you from showing the rest of us how STUPID you are, with or without atheism, Edweenie.

      There are plenty of atheists out there who follow the Golden Rule better than faux Christians like yourself.

      Give it a rest, dipstick.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. 10 - Corrupt courts. The same ones Edweenie and Obtuse Olsen were INSISTING would give Trump justice on the stolen election. I told them they wouldn't and was attacked for it relentlessly.

      Looks like I was right--again.

    6. J... The Chinese navy would get blown out of the water by the Japanese navy and air force. China has no desire to mess with Japan.

    7. I wouldn't bet on it. They were pressing Japan as it was under Trump. Under Bidet* it will be 1000 times worse.

      As the Aggressor Colonel said in RED FLAG, "When he's got five aircraft to our all passed math."

    8. Black JEM - How did the Japanese respond to China's virtual annexation of the Spratleys? China doesn't attack outright because of the risk of losing face which is worse than losing militarily. They push and ignore 'strongly worded communiques condemning their action'. They will sneak onto the islands and ignore any opposition that isn't overtly military.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    1: Welcome to the party, pal.

    2: Actually, it's just the flag rank. That's why the Lefties think they'll open fire on the people without question.

    Anybody O-3 and under is still on our side.

    3: Pardon my skepticism, but what is a US general doing sharing classified into with (of all people) Yahoo News?

    7: Dr Crowley should have stayed with Trump.

    12: There is no data yet of how many people watched Biden’s 20-minute speech online.

    About 7100, according to Gateway. So you better not take those network numbers too seriously.

    16: People vote with their pocketbooks. Frank is a Commie, not a Catholic. The faithful want Benny back.

    1. "Donald John Trump is still our president."

      "There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home," is not a strategy for saving this Republic, Jeffrey. SMH.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. "[Cuomo's] His sin was not in killing 15,000 grannies but in being a cad around young women."


    Don't say that, Don, Edweenie will pop a gasket over semantics.

  19. Item 3: See my prior recommendation of

    "Retreat from Range -
    The Rise and Fall of Carrier Aviation" by Jerry Hendrix.

    (Free link.)

    It's all about the length of your lance, your cyclic rate, and your persistence. The Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force have all moved toward shorter and shorter ranged, tanker-dependent fighters. Over vast distances like those in the Pacific--or China itself--this is a very real problem.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Oh, and as to these wargame results, John Boyd foretold all of this decades ago. Nobody really listened (outside the General Al Gray-led Marine Corps at least).

    1. I met Gen. Gray when I was in High School. I love that guy. He was a very forward thinking Marine Commandant.

  21. This was released in order to save the pentagon's budget from the radical leftists. China cannot project significant power anywhere beyond 500 miles - if it got nasty, US subs could sink every significant Chinese capital ship in the first 30 minutes. It's propaganda.

    1. Don't rest on your laurels.

      And let's suppose you sank every naval vessel they had. Then what? You're gonna attack their interior with Joint Strike Failures off carriers or short-legged Raptors off some island?

      China may well not be able to hit a bull in the butt with a bass fiddle TODAY, but in another decade?

      Our boats will be inside their anti-ship hypersonics long before any of our Air Wing assets could threaten them. That's a problem.

  22. ITEM 3 - I think that Red Chinese missiles, rockets, ships, and aircraft are of the highest quality, just like the Chinese stuff at Walmart.

    1. Their Sukhoi and MiG clones are good enough to be a threat. Thankfully they're tactically illiterate for now.

  23. 16. They lost donations from our family when they started funding the caravans invading the US. Maybe they now consider that wasted.

  24. Isn't Commandant just the senior suckass? The best generals were never commandant.

    1. Al Gray was an amazing Commandant. He was a proponent of Maneuver Warfare and "Every Marine is a Rifleman". He gave us a speech way back in 1987 or 1988 where he talked about where the Corps was headed. He turned them, with the help of Col. Mike Wylie, into the most forward thinking branch of the military.

      He was a Marine who led from the front. We haven't seen his like since.

      The first Gulf War showed exactly what Gray was talking to us about only a couple of years earlier.

    2. Gray took his official portrait in utilities. Oohrah!

  25. Item 16- Maybe they should pick a pope who's Catholic.

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