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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Blame Democrats for the stomping of Asians

On Tuesday, the New York Post broke the story that rocked Gotham. A big brute knocked down and stomped an Asian woman near Times Square in broad daylight. A security guard watched, and did nothing. His manager got up and shut the door.

The Post story said, "A racist attacker brutally beat an Asian woman who was walking to her church in Midtown on Monday morning — as a security guard in a nearby building watched and did nothing to help, according to police and footage of the incident.

"The unidentified suspect spewed anti-Asian statements as he punched and kicked the 65-year-old woman on West 43rd Street near Ninth Avenue at about 11:40 a.m., according to cops.

" '“F–k you, you don’t belong here,' the brute yelled at the woman, according to sources."

The story also said, "Several men from a nearby residential building witnessed the crime, the footage shows, but did not try to help the woman.

"One of the men, who was undoing packages, watched the entire incident unfold, the footage shows. Two other witnesses — who appear to be building security — walked over to the door as the attack ended, but did not chase after the suspect."

The Post always talks to cops. It got the story.

The Times always talks to bureaucrats. It got nothing.

In its catch-up story, the Times reported, "Brutal Attack on Filipino Woman Sparks Outrage: ‘Everybody Is on Edge’

"Security guards failed to intervene while a man kicked and stomped on a 65-year-old woman near Times Square, yelling, 'You don’t belong here.' "

The Post ran the assailant's picture. He is black. 

The Times did not run the photo, and did not mention the perp's race. It had 6 reporters on the story. No one took responsibility to include that pertinent fact. If we are going to stop attacks on Asians then we must be honest about who is attacking them and why.

It is not because Donald Trump called covid 19 the Wuhan Flu.

Chris M. Kwok, a board member of the Asian American Bar Association of New York, told the Times, "This feels like an emergency happening in real time over weeks. People are in a state of panic. Everybody is on edge."

The story said, "As the video [of the attack] went viral online, the attack provoked a torrent of condemnations from public officials and seemed to underscore the difficulty the government faces in curbing unprovoked assaults against Asian-Americans."

The difficulty stems from everyone mincing around the problem. We just had a summer of rioting followed by calls to defund the police. Democrats have reversed the broken glass theory of crime control by shattering window after window after window. Democrats have legalized shoplifting, pooping on the streets, and drug use. Bail reform has installed a revolving door in the jailhouses of city upon city.

The message is clear: Loot! Rob! Rape! Stomp!

I see all these public service announcements about ending hate. That is lame. You know what stops racist violence? Getting people to end the Knockout Game. And it is a game played mainly by black people.

No one of any color should be beating little old ladies at any time.

There is some good news. 

The Post reported, "The building staff that witnessed, but did nothing to help an Asian woman who was the victim of a hate-fueled, broad-daylight beatdown in Midtown have been suspended, the management company announced.

"The suspect punched and kicked the 65-year-old victim in front of an apartment building at 360 West 43 Street around 11:40 a.m. Monday, yelling 'F–k you, you don’t belong here,' according to cops and police sources. 

"Video footage of the assault provided by police shows the suspect kicking the victim to the ground — then stomping her on the head several times as she was down on the sidewalk.

"The clip shows several men from the building standing near the door — feet from where the attack unfolded — without lifting a finger to help.

"The Brodsky Organization, which manages the building, said in a statement posted to Instagram that it 'condemns all forms of discrimination, racism, xenophobia and violence against the Asian-American community.' "

Sure, sure, sure. No one supports racism. Got it.

We just don't attack racism in a manner that is successful.

We know what works. Rudy Giuliani proved it. His administration reversed what seemed to be New York's inevitable slide into the sewer. His administration and Bloomberg's saw New York return bigger and brighter than ever before.

And then New Yorkers went bonkers again and elected a Democrat mayor.

And now little old ladies cannot attend Mass without getting stomped by some bully who knows no one will stop him.


  1. Honestly, I have never really noticed Asians. They're not trouble making types generally so they don't stand out. I kinda thought that was the point. You know, the whole assimilation thing.

    1. I do remember that racist Asian female comedian who had a "comedy" television series for about a month though.

  2. Just my zwei pfennig, but it seems to me like the racial relations thing with blacks really accelerated after Bill Cosby got cancelled by the Woke Left.

  3. The liberals own this. Defund the police. Eliminate bail. Early release from prison. Finally, the Balkanization of America.

  4. This whole situation will be very interesting to see unfold.

    Every Asian I know has detected an increase in criminal activity. They also all have personal stories of attacks or at the minimum aggressive panhandling by semi-criminals looking to scam money.

    And they have noticed something else too. If the criminal happens to be of a particular race, no one helps them.

    The press no doubt carrying water for a very worried Democratic elite are in full damage control mode. NO ONE reports the race of very heinous crimes. But Asians on the street know who the predators are. They get attacked every day.

    Criminal predator behavior is predictable in that they attack the weakest least likely to fight back. Obviously NOW society led by the press have given a great deference to a certain race on motives and goals. No longer will any bystander or cop even think about confronting a person of a particular race that has no legitimate business being in midtown on that day and time.

    Back when Rudy was the Sheriff that person would be confronted and had a "stop and frisk". Amazing numbers of criminals were discovered armed during these stops. They were sent to jail BEFORE they could victimize their prey.

    Crime went down. Now we have allowed the sheepdogs to be leashed and constrained. We are going to lose a lot of sheep during this crisis.

    I wonder what will happen when Asians realize who is really assaulting them?

    1. Those Rooftop Korean shop owners in LA during the King riots sure knew how to fight back.

    2. The Asians don't dare speak the truth. Not only is it overwhelmingly Black assailants, but the 3 guys who calmly watched it happen were ALL Black.

  5. The Post followed up this morning by identifying the attacker. He was free on parole after murdering his mother 19 years ago. I get it that parole is a crap shoot, nut it sure embarrasses officialdom when things go wrong.

  6. One of the great disgraces of contemporary American society is urban-black bigotry and hatred - and were that it stopped at only something as obnoxious as Al Sharpton (is he still around?) once dismissing the great philosophers of classical Greek antiquity as "them h*m*s" (you can look that up).

    Much of it also devolves into felonious violence. The bigotry, hatred, and violence directed against Jews (particularly in NYC) is well-known (though rarely condemned). And now the bigotry, hatred, and felonious violence is expanding to be directed at Asians. And the probable cause appears to be the same one - hatred of a group that over-achieves by being talented, persistent, and hard-working. (And notice that this hatred targets the same groups as those also targeted with admissions-quotas at Ivy League schools.)

    I've never understood what benefits flow from that sort of insular culture of insouciance. Personally, I went to a rather rough quasi-rural high school - it was 100% white, but one of the towns we were regionalized with was a decayed mill town - and many (if not most) of the youngsters from there were, for lack of a better term, classic "white trash." Unless they could be bigtime jocks, their mode of operation was to lounge in class trying to look cool, assiduously avoiding either studying or doing homework, and drifting down to the park by the river after school to smoke weed.

    I don't know what happened to them, but it can't be an entree to much of a life. From the few newspaper clippings my Mom sent me after I had graduated (first in my class) and moved on, many of them quickly ended up either dead or in jail.

    1. The Great Society - brought to you by LBJ
      Paterson NJ built multiple hi rise apartment buildings along Passaic River on Presidential Blvd (no less) in the 60's and the Shop Rite on West Broadway first put up fences and then security gates and then closed due to 'shrinkage' (theft by employees or customers ).

    2. The Reverend Al still has a talk show sundays on MSNBC. He is un-fireable.


  7. Back

    RPL @RPL
    Don Surber
    Blame Democrats for the stomping of Asians

    On Tuesday, the New York broke the story that rocked Gotham. A big brute knocked down and stomped an Asian woman near Times Square in broad daylight. A security guard watched, and did nothing. His manager got up and shut the door.

    Blame Democrats for the stomping of Asians




    '“F–k you, you don’t belong here,' the brute yelled at the woman, according to sources."

    I don't know what else he said to her, but about a month ago an EDP of color stalked and menaced a friend of mine in the same part of town. She managed to avoid physical harm.


    He said the same thing to her, word for word.

    She's a lovely Caucasian woman in her 30's.

  8. Maybe this perp just doesn't like women and race has little to do with it. He was out on parole for killing his own mother after all.

  9. A security guard watched, and did nothing.

    Many companies have policies that prohibit their employees from getting involved or carrying any kind of weapon. Few security guards have the training and experience to deal with violent criminals. Very often security guards are working alone and have no way to call back-up other than calling 9-1-1.

    Security guards and other private citizens who get involved in a violent incident as bystanders trying to intervene can expect no reward and significant possible risks:

    Getting hurt

    Getting targeted by other criminals (Antifa thugs will swarm and attack anyone who goes to the aid of their victims or who records the event)

    Getting fired

    Getting arrested

    Getting sued

    Getting cancelled.

    1. I've seen numerous stories about cashiers in mini-markets and similar businesses who took their personal firearms with them to work (legally) and used their guns to stop robberies only to get fired for violating company policies.

    2. Did the security guards call 911? Did anyone call 911? No one did when Kitty Genovese was murdered, and her murderer left for awhile and came back to finish the job.

  10. I'd raise the memory of Kitty Genovese, but I'm sure, in William Wilhelm's Gotham, those guys may have been liable for arrest for interfering with a black man's righteous anger. /sarc

    PS Anybody ever hear anything about the Left paying, in this case, blacks, to go out and do stuff like this to stir up a particular voting bloc?

  11. Were all the building employees black as well?
    I ask because maybe they didn’t want to stop a brother.

  12. I lived in Northern Virginia in the late 80s and early 90s. Worked for a consulting firm located just east of Capitol Hill and then on Capitol Hill itself. Lots of race issues back then between African Americans and Asian-American (mostly Korean) small business owners, particularly convenience store owners, in DC. This isn't new, but maybe the level of hatred and the acceptance of violence is, along with the refusal by many to recognize who is actually perpetuating the majority of the violence.

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  14. If that would have occurred i front of me down here in Charlotte one of “Obama’s sons” would have bled
    Out from multiple .45 holes.

  15. This is why I carry a gun wherever I go. You never know who the next lunatic might be.

  16. Don, you know a lot, but you don’t know much about NYC apparently.

    Electing Bloomberg, the Nanny Mayor who was concerned with controlling what New Yorkers are (no salt) and drank (no Big Gulps) was not a continuation of Rudy, Bloomberg (more appropriately called Bloomturd) but NYC on the glide path toward electing Mayor DeCommie - the Sandinista Mayor - as not a big deal.

    Just like nominating and electing Liberal Republican George W. Bush eased the way to electing the most anti-American President in History, who has largely succeeded in fundamentally transforming America.

    If you have not gotten this reality yet; not sure when it is going to sink in Big D.

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  18. Add this bit of farce to the "Critical Race Theory": black people can;t be racist because they HAVE NO POWER.

    Yeah - that phrase. The one that implies all black people are saints because they are "powerless".

    What greater power can there be than to threaten and take the life of another human being?

    A particular strain of violence seems to run through many in this demographic. Oops. Am I allowed to say that? What we see unfolding in front of our eyes kinda harks back to all the warnings of yesteryear and one of the reasons for segregation in the old days: keep away because "they" tend to be violent. Kinda funny in a way how many are living up to the old racial stereotype, isn't it.

    Why it was only months ago they were attacking and beating the crap outta the religious Jews. Well everyone knows how violent and threatening those Jews can be. One smack with a yarmulke and you're done for.