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Saturday, February 13, 2021

WaPo is a riot. Literally

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post posted a column encouraging a riot if Donald Trump is acquitted in the impeachment malarkey. The headline said it all, "If Republican senators acquit Trump, they will own the violence that follows."

The headline is not political rhetoric. It is an invitation for Democrats to riot because the media will blame Republicans.

The column ended, "The Washington Post’s Karoun Demirjian, in the Senate chamber during the opening of the COVID-restricted trial, reported that several of Trump’s fiercest defenders in the Senate didn’t watch the video Raskin played of the Jan. 6 insurrection. Sens. Rand Paul of Kentucky, Rick Scott and Marco Rubio of Florida, and Tom Cotton of Arkansas were suddenly immersed in paperwork. (Forty-four of 50 Republicans voted to declare the trial unconstitutional, and 11 even voted against the bipartisan trial rules.)

"They could avert their gaze, but could they shut their ears to the bloodcurdling shouts and chants of the mob as they rampaged through the seat of American democracy?
Take the Capitol!
F—- the blue!
Traitor Pence!
"And can they really exonerate Trump, who, after fomenting a siege that injured 140 officers and ultimately claimed seven lives, sided with the attackers?

" 'These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long,' he tweeted after the attack. 'Go home with love & peace. Remember this day forever!'

"Oh, yes. We will remember."


When Democrat rioters chant obscenities and yell 'Pigs in a Blanket, Fry 'Em Like Bacon,' it does not curdle the blood of the media.

That is because the media is not just in the Democrat Party. The media is in the by-any-means-necessary wing of the Democrat Party. And by any means necessary is a cry for violence.

And that is exactly what the Washington Post headline means. This is not a emotional reaction in the heat of the moment. Milbank wrote the column 5 weeks after mostly peaceful protesters stormed the Capitol.

He blames Republicans for that violence, and now uses that as an excuse for a violent retaliation by Democrats if they do not get their way.

His is not a threat, but a promise. Newspapers in this country have a history of demanding violence, often getting it.

The Boston Gazette is credited for starting the Revolution.

The Chicago Tribune championed the Civil War.

Hearst newspapers encouraged the Spanish-American War.

Guys like Milbank are chairborne rangers. Their motto is Et tu ne pugna eum.

Translation: You and him should fight.

In a just world, the Secret Service would pay Jeff Bezos a little visit, and explain to him the penalties for inciting violence. There are lines even a free press ought not cross.

UPDATE: The Senate acquitted Donald Trump.

Citizen Free Press reported, "7 Republicans voted to convict — Romney, Collins, Murkowski, Cassidy, Burr, Sasse, and Toomey."

Any violence now is on the Washington Post.


  1. This is also classic abusive behavior: "See what you made me do?"

    1. It may be a good thing Portland and Seattle have ice tonight.

  2. That wasn’t an Impeachment Trial. That was the gallows Haman built for Queen Esther’s family.

    McConnell just called for Actual President Trump to die in prison so he and Biden can finish selling out what’s left of America to the Chinese.

    We really have to ask if McConnell traded the presidency and the Senate to install Nikki Haley in 2024.

    With the Democrats poised to institutionalize Mail-In Fraud and ban ID, flood the country with illegals and register them, and above all, with no one challenging the CheatWare Machines, why wouldn’t he?

    Evidently, they’re not going to stop until there’s a war. Maybe they can’t stop themselves. Maybe when they started down this treasonous path, they committed themselves to totalitarian rule or utter ruin.

    If they lay a hand on that man, all bets are off.

    God Bless the President of the United States. The Actual President--not President Xi or his pet gerbil.


    1. And what's truly embarrassing is that Dana Milbank is a landssman as well. My grandmother would say he's a shonde for the goyim.

  3. Corrupt RINOs no longer have a base, and Nikki Haley sold her soul to the Never Trumpers.

    1. They'll use Cruz to split the MAGA vote if Trump doesn't run so as to sneak Haley in.

    2. Maybe they can sneak Nikki in as a candidate. I doubt it, but for sake of argument, let's say it can be done.
      No way she wins the general. There are many Deplorables. We won't vote for her. So, it's all BS even before they start.

    3. Absolutely correct. Hailey could not win in the general election. We will allow Democrats to to rule until a balls-to-the-walll pro-Trump America First is the nominee.

  4. Seven corrupt traitors. Primary them out of office as soon as they're up. Down with this RINO trash.

    1. I'm starting to lose net worth, thinking of all the Repub primaries I'll want to donate to. At first, it was just the opponents of Mitt and Liz Cheney. But now there are some House RINOs and a few Senators to eject! Eject! Eject!

  5. They would have condoned the rioting is PDJT had not been robbed of victory and was declared the winner of the election.

    The democrats - the party of rioting. The Washington post and nytimes - Pravda west.

  6. Maybe we should dox Dana Milbank and have some MAGA justice at his personal expense

  7. Seven lives were claimed by #OccupyCaptitolBldg?

    ONE person was killed - that poor unarmed woman who was shot dead by a cop without justification. Of the other six, two cops committed suicide and the other four died from strokes, heart attacks or other medical issues, including the cop who was allegedly hit with a fire extinguisher but wasn't.

    As for the two suicides, the timing is curious. Were they Epsteined? Were they involved in allowing rioters to enter the Capitol Bldg?

  8. My advice to Nikki - learn to code.

  9. Gosh come to my street. I so want to list the address. It will be a kill zone. More guns and ammo than you cam imagine and everyone didn’t see nothing.

  10. They can't let go of Trump. He is their Bogeyman

  11. Much too cold for the paid flacks to come out.

  12. Burr voted to impeach President Trump too?

    The same Burr, who with Warner chaired the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that found nothing wrong with the 'Russia-gate' investigation?

    The same Burr who almost certainly traded stocks using non-public intelligence information that he garnered about the Wuhan coronavirus before markets tanked early in 2020, much like former Georgia senators Loeffler and Perdue?

    It's a good thing Burr isn't planning on running again in NC in 2022. He is not popular at all in NC, and is certain to lose to ANY other candidate!

    Of course, this assumes a relatively clean and honest election.

  13. Give a listen to President Trumps lawyer, Michael Van der Veen ABSOLUTELY destroy a liar on CBS trying to say it was okay for the Democrats to falsify information they put up for the impeachment. He DESTROYS her and the media.

  14. Here's the best response to Mitch's meltdown: 1/ The reality is that when Boehner and McConnell joined the Democrats in 2010, to thwart the impact of the tea party, they broke trust with the base.
    2/ Then in 2014, after the base rallied to two consecutive establishment Presidential candidates that threw the elections to Obama, we still turned out to hand Ryan the House and Mitch the Senate and they again betrayed us by immediately capitulating to DACA.
    3/ In 2016 the base no longer viewed the Republican establishment as representing their interests. Every admonition to reject Trump was ignored because we no longer trusted our political leaders.
    4/ And how did they handle this rebuke from the base? They immediately sided with the Democrats false Russia collusion narrative and then used a brain dead McCain to accomplish their ultimate betrayal on repeal and replace.
    5/What was the rallying cry of the base as they backed Trump in 2016? BUILD THE WALL! But Republicans who controlled the House and the Senate rejected every attempt to fund the wall.
    6/ It was only after Democrats controlled the House in 2018 that Trump single handedly executed the maneuver to fund and build the wall.
    7/ Then in 2020 the Republican Party sat back and watched as every rule was changed to facilitate an election like no other in our history. Who was screaming about it? McConnell? McDaniel? McCarthy? No. It was Trump as the media complex attacked him and the party did nothing.
    8/ So why would they think we would back them? They are abusers telling their victims it won’t happen again. Except we have moved out and are no longer answering their calls. They’re angry. Bitter. Resentful. Seemingly prepared to kill us off if they can’t have us.
    9/ But we are liberated. Empowered. And we have an advocate encouraging us.
    Which only makes them more angry.
    Alas nothing they do will work.
    We have had enough.
    10/ I’m not so deluded to think anything I say matters to @LeaderMcConnell. I’ll just say I called this reality, it’s implications and Trump’s likely victory early in 2015.
    Mitch, the more you lash out at Trump, the more we are driven into his arms.
    You can’t win this one.
    11/ We will emerge stronger. More resolute. Because we have realized how self destructive we were. We allowed the abuse for far too long.
    So now we rebuild.
    And as Trump says encouragingly, the best is yet to come. /end

    1. Levy has a lot of good tweets about the upcoming showdown.

    2. I have absolutely no proof here, but I am convinced John McCain threw the 2008 election when he realized in early October that it was over for him.

      So he effectively quit campaigning, and I think cut a deal with the Dems in which they wouldn't go hard on him in his 2010 senate re-election campaign.

      Sure enough, the Dems ran a non-entity named Rodney Glassman that year and McCain coasted to a 59% win.

      But we'll never know for sure.

  15. "The headline is not political rhetoric. It is an invitation for Democrats to riot because the media will blame Republicans." As I keep saying, I don't know if the media is/are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dem Party, of if it's the other way round, but it's OBVIOUS that they are in CAHOOTS!

  16. It is profoundly sad, but this war will not end without considerable violence. Violence is IMPLIED in the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, when tyrants, thieves and perverts take over the government.

  17. The left better get used to the fact that the overwhelming majority of the American people including half of the entire democrat party who jumped ship long ago after democrats turned into the anti American, anti God and pro communist party are 110% totally behind and loyal to Trump and the American peoples total loyalty to him gets stronger and stronger by the day .

    There is NOTHING the left or rhinos can do about it .

    The below are on the official Wikileaks list as regularly colluding with the DNC:



    In a quiet but stunning correction, the New York Times backed away from its original report that Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick was killed by a Trump supporter wielding a fire extinguisher during the January 6 melee at the Capitol building. Shortly after American Greatness published my column Friday that showed how the Times gradually was backpedaling on its January 8 bombshell, the paper posted this caveat:

    UPDATE: New information has emerged regarding the death of the Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick that questions the initial cause of his death provided by officials close to the Capitol Police.

  19. Wasn't expecting sky but not surprised about it

  20. It's Dopey Dana. It's the same jerk whose comments get published in our local paper ad nauseum. Just wanted to let everyone know how worthless he is as the local paper years ago banned me under one pseudonym for bashing that idiot, Dopey Dana.

  21. WP says, "If Republican senators acquit Trump, they will own the violence that follows." [...encouraged and condoned by the WP]