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Thursday, February 18, 2021

The post-Limbaugh era will be awesome

President Reagan created Rush Limbaugh. To be sure, Limbaugh did have talent on loan from God, but he did not have a national audience. By repealing the Fairness Doctrine, which silenced conservatives, Reagan made Limbaugh's success possible.

And Limbaugh availed himself of that opportunity. His show created a network of radio stations, mainly in the ghetto of AM radio. He made money and saved many a radio station.

Before Reagan's action, the conservative side nationally was limited to William F. Buckley's Firing Line and Paul Harvey's daily radio commentary.

Limbaugh's commercial success gave the opportunity to other conservative radio hosts to be aired nationally because station owners saw that conservative radio made money. Mark Steyn, Sean Hannity, and other radio hosts will carry on the work Limbaugh began.

Liberal radio hosts failed in large part because the rest of the media made them redundant. There also is a problem with what I politely will call the fluidity of liberal principles.

Limbaugh also took on the media. Boy howdy. His attacks were relentless and encouraging. His listeners cheered his attacks on the media because someone finally articulated their inner thoughts.

We credit (and rightly so) President Emeritus Donald John Trump for inspiring politicians to punch back twice as hard (as Professor Glenn Reynolds puts it). The Donald never starts a feud. He finishes them.

Limbaugh whetted (not wetted) the appetite for such leadership. 

However, this is not a review of the past. This is a look to the future. Yes, Limbaugh succumbed to lung cancer (don't smoke; not even cigars are safe). And our president emeritus is spending this very dark winter (as Chairman Xiden dubbed it) at the presidential winter White House (as Marjorie Merriweather Post, the original owner of Mar-a-Lago dubbed it).

The future is clear and so bright that we gotta wear shades.

Rush Limbaugh showed us we are not alone. He showed us that we are not a dying breed. He showed us that we can succeed.

President Emeritus Trump showed us that our ideas are the future. We know we can Make America Great Again because we just did. 

And I know we are winning because the Washington Establishment and Corporate America consider our presence too dangerous to be on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

Yes, it may get worse before it gets better. Banks are deciding who may do commerce. The social credit score applies to Americans now. Corporate America is controlled by mobs that are never satisfied.

But it will get better. We will make it better.

And there is a delightful symmetry to all this. We credit Reagan (and Thatcher, Walesa, and Pope John Paul II) for bringing down communism in Russia. By ending the Fairness Doctrine, Reagan also helped bring down communism in America.

But it is up to us to finish the job.


  1. "Liberal radio hosts failed in large part because the rest of the media made them redundant."

    D: Spot on. This is your talent. Relevant.

    Let's deploy the defeat them.

  2. Couldn't agree more. One Great Communicator enabling another. That's how Conservatism should work.

    Yes, it may get worse before it gets better

    The worse it gets, the more people will scream for Trump, I think.

    PS Forget the Emeritus.

    Donald John Trump is still our president.

  3. It’s been a morning prayer for some time but it had a little more urgency this morning: Lord, please reveal to me, in your time and in your will, what you would have me do to preserve the Republic.

    1. My morning prayer has been that we will see justice come to Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Strock, Page, Rosenstein, Weisman, Clintons, et al. After the failure of Barr's DOJ, I had abandoned the prayer, but just picked it up again this morning.

  4. Rush in Peace, my old friend...though I never met you, I did talk to you when I called in some years ago, and, let's face it, I listened to you more than anyone else in my life - to include my parents! 30+ years, 3 hours a day, 5 days a week = gotta be north of 15K hours (even with vacations, guests hosts, et al) I'm gonna miss ya...and I won't be alone!

  5. In 1992, I was making a final stab at college, eventually ending up with a B.A. I never used in a subject that seldom interested me, taught by instructors who didn’t care to be there. No friends either, but had a lifeline in real time, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. named Rush Limbaugh. His warning updates about Slick Willie (with accompanying theme music 🎶 “can you blow your saxophone, Billy Boy, Billy Boy,”) timber updates (theme music 🎶 “The Lumberjack Song” by Jackyl) and others made me realize I could never miss a show. So on class days, I popped in an extended length cassette, plugged the stereo into the timer, and recorded as much of the three hours as tape would allow. Oh could say I am a fan.

    R.I.P. Rush Hudson Limbaugh III. There will never be another. And thank you, merciful G-d for allowing us to enjoy him for as long as we could.

  6. I don't think Todd Herman is going to make it thru the show today without breaking into tears...I know I couldn't, sniff

  7. "Yes, it may get worse before it gets better." But Americans are modern history's greatest pragmatists. We will find a way to overcome social credit tyranny, and it won't be pleasant for our oppressors.

    With respect to cigars, Mark Twain, a chain smoker who lived to 75, quipped, "Quitting smoking is easy. I've done it a hundred times."

    1. W C Fields said the same thing about drinking.

  8. "I don't need equal time, I am equal time!"

    Remember how, that if we opened up, China was supposed to become like us with free markets and free people? Instead, we have become like them.

    Secret Police and Oligarchs. Censorship. Crooked Judges and Prosecutors persecuting political opponents. Social Credit Scores. Phony elections. Red Guards on campus. Rule-by-Decree. Dr. Franken-Fauci building his Super-Bugs in government laboratories. Show Trials. Public Recantations. A One-Party Press that covers up the crimes of the Ruling Class.

    The only difference is, in China, reporters are forced to lie. Ours do it for fun.

    That said, I share your optimism. We're going to beat the American and Chinese Communists, too. Or Uni-Party Globalists--whatever they call themselves today.

    Like Rush, President Trump also showed us we're not alone, by winning in a massive, historic Reagan-style landslide.

    I'll never forget how Rush stood up for Mary Schiavo's life, and all Life. He was heroic.

    "Win, lose or fraud President Trump, I just want to say thank you for the last four years. Thank you for allowing us to experience a President that wasn’t a lifelong politician, but a lifelong American. THANK YOU MR PRESIDENT… YOU DID YOUR BEST…”

    Not yet, he hasn't.

    "Now, we've had Republicans say that the era of Reagan is over...Let me be clear about this. The era of Reagan is never over because the era of liberty and security and capitalism is never over. Reaganism is simply Constitutional freedom. Freedom will never go out of style. Reagan and his era will never be over."

    Like the man said: "Live it. Learn it. Love it."

  9. I was introduced to Rush in 92 as the Bush vs. Clinton race was getting started. I was in my car a lot those days and listened as much as possible. We knew where the Rush Rooms were wherever we went so We could be among friends and not miss a word during lunch.

    Mark Steyn has the sense of humor and the nerve to carry on. Rush can’t be duplicated. Steyn seems to be the best to take his treasured time slot.

  10. We have lost a great American and Patriot. but more than that, we've lost someone who one could consider the conscience of our country. He believed in what made this country great and in turn pointed out the idiocy and worse of these people who not only spout hatred and more towards our country but in fact hate it and the fundementals it was founded on. And one point to all the haters out ther, especially to those who never bothered to even listen to him or his show.

    Rush always made the point of telling his listeners "don't just listen to me and take my word as gospel! Check out the facts, educate yourself as to the realities of the situation and not just on what I say"

    I heard him say that many times (believe it or nit, Glen Beck always did that also). So how bad can someone really be who opines then turns and tells all to study it their selves then make what is hopefully a learned decision.

    May he rest in peace and let me say Thank You Rush!

  11. One of the things I'll miss is how Rush could stay positive throughout his shows.
    This post has that same positive vibe, Don.
    Thank you.

  12. Sometime in the 90s my wife bought me a Rush Tie. I wore it and got many compliments. At my mother's funeral I wore it and my lefty aunt complimented it. The look of disgust on her face as she harrumphed away when I told her was very similar to leftists today who compliment my beautiful dog then find out his name is Trump. Ah yes the oh so tolerant left.

    1. I did, too! It was a real psychedelic thing. I would tell people it was my most conservative tie and then show them the back with his name.


  13. Bravo, Don! That was one of your finest.

  14. I started listening to Rush in the 90s. Loved him. Didn't stick with it for various reasons, but he was fantastic.

    Not a fan of Hannity at all. He's too much of a honk for my tastes.

    I love the Daily Wire crew, particularly Andrew Klavan and Matt Walsh. Dittos, reference intended, for Shapiro, Prager and Dave Rubin. All of them would tell you they were Rush's children.

    God bless you, Rush.

  15. One of the best el-Rushbo memes of the time:

    America held hostage - Day 460 of the Clinton Presidency.

  16. Tammy Bruce shares your optimism.

  17. Don't be surprised when the Dem's introduce legislation to bring back their version of the Fairness Doctrine clearly aimed at any political speech of which they disapprove.

    Who killed Ashli Babbitt?

    1. An anonymous negro member of the corrupt capitol police.

  18. I hope people will give Chris Plante a good listen to; well worth the time!