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Friday, February 26, 2021

Rush Limbaugh's message

Fiction writer Sarah Hoyt's tribute to Rush Limbaugh presented a brief and plausible problem that Rush Limbaugh may have faced in 1987.

He had talent on loan from God. He said it many, many times. The phrase was a boastful humility. On the one hand, God gave him this talent. On the other hand, it was a loan, which meant The Lord still owned that talent and He expected it to be used properly. The loan agreement meant Limbaugh submitted to The Lord.

That does not mean that every word he uttered came from God. Far from it. His voice was all God gave him.

She wrote, "Well, Limbaugh took the talent on a loan from God, and ran with it. Ran with it as fast and as hard as he could, even if what he was handed to work with were opinions that at the time NO ONE VOICED IN PUBLIC much less over the airwaves, and an outmoded means of mass communication, because AM had been a joke for decades."

What if Limbaugh told God no?

What if he said, I am moving into PR. What if he said, I don't want to talk to 12 little old ladies in tennis shoes listening on a scratchy old radio band that is dying. What if he said, broadcasting sucks. My future is in newspapers.

The idea that Limbaugh would turn God down is not meant to disrespect him or Him. It is just a reminder that man has free choice and we usually make the worst decisions possible. We are rather vain and foolish creatures. I am at the age (67) when I look back at all the opportunities I have had that I blew. I coulda been a contenduh. We all could. The only decisions I got right were marriage and blogging. That's enough, though.

Limbaugh likely was not The Lord's first choice, but who knows? Maybe he was. The point is, the offer was made and the loan accepted. Limbaugh put in the hard work and effort to hone that talent. It truly is a world that is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

So what exactly were the terms and conditions of this loan from God?

I am going to put it in terms that every Cleveland Indians fan understands.

Garfield 1-2323. Garfield 1-2323.

That was the jingle from the Home Corp. that Clevelanders heard over and over again on every radio broadcast of the Indians. Often that phone number was the highlight of the game. That was the sole purpose of the ad. The company wanted everyone in town to know their phone number. It worked. That phone number became so famous that the company changed its name to Garfield 1-2323

That is how AM radio works.

If it works for a home improvement company, why would this not work for The Lord?

If you view the Rush Limbaugh broadcasts as a baseball game, and at 3 hours daily they were about as long as a game takes, you quickly realize that his sponsor who loaned him his talent had his own Garfield 1-2323.

And that message was "Talent On Loan From God."

It was a reminder that our lives are precious, that we have a purpose, and that we have a debt to settle some day. The game itself was as important to The Lord as the outcome of any baseball game was to the home improvement company. Oh sure, He wanted Limbaugh to win. The company roots for the Indians. But the main thing was He wanted the message to get out: your talent is on loan from God.

He called Limbaugh home after 3 score and 10, the biblical life expectancy, which underscored that message.


  1. and...
    More humor and less hatred (see William F. Buckley)
    as opposed to the left's
    more hatred and less humor (see Saturday Night Live).

  2. Posts like this are why you’re already Gunnin For That #1 Spot, Big D. TERRIFIC stuff. Props to Sarah too.

  3. I never met him or spoke to him but I grieve for him like a lost brother. There isn't another public figure whose passing has affected me like that. RIP Rush Limbaugh.

    1. Same here. Hard to explain but it's powerful.

  4. It's gotten really dusty in here or my allergies are acting up quite badly today... "On Loan From God!!!" Yeah, he was a really good teaser. [BTW Mr Surber, you've probably done more than two things right in your life (just sayin').]

  5. "He called Limbaugh home after 3 score and 10, the biblical life expectancy, which underscored that message"


  6. I'm relieved that I'm not the only one who looks back and realizes the numerous times I shot myself in the foot. And I used to think I was smart.

    1. Didn't we all, at least until we got really slapped by reality!

  7. Rush not only took his opportunity, he took something of a risk; being blacklisted like so many before him who spoke, or represented, the truth.

    He blew the lid off the Liberal lies and told people they weren't paranoid, that their suspicions were correct. It was a plot and the Lefties were every bit as duplicitous as they thought.

    Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who act faithfully are his delight

    Welcome home, Rush.

  8. God often chooses unlikely tools to work His will.

    Rush is one example. Trump is another.

    When Job questioned God's will, God replied, "Where were you when I made the world?"

  9. Rush was also right about what's going on with the Biden presidency. Susan Rice is running the show with Ron Klain and Joe blew off Congressional Democrats who wanted to meet and discuss the Syria strike. Problem is if any Congresscritter or Senator actually talks to Slow Joe they'll know in a nanosecond he's brain dead, legally.

  10. Houston had Art Grindle and 'I want to sell you a car'....before, during & after the wrestling matches on Friday nights...

    Don't know if Paul Bosch's talent was on loan from G-d, but Rush's talent was, and while he didn't thump the bible, he pointed out gods Liberals worship - Nature, 'the Climate', cute furry animals, Abortion of human babies - esp black and latino - both in the US and using US taxpayer money to kill'em all over the world.

    Miss him, but will see him soon...

    1. Channel 40 out of Sac'to had Cal Worthington ads ("If you want a brand new car go see Cal") every 10 minutes during 24/7 programming consisting of TV reruns and old movies. Cal was usually riding some strange animal.

      Then Channel 40 became a FOX affiliate and we got stuck with Channel 26 out of Visalia as our FOX station. Don't know what happened to old Cal, but he must be dead by now.

  11. Rush loved Thanksgiving (witness the subject of his first Rush Revere book) and I think he was happy to make it to that holiday; ditto for Christmas (his favorite time of the year) and he made it there; then I believe he wanted to make it to his 70th birthday, ditto there; then one more Super Bowl (probably to see a supporter of President Trump QB the winner IMHO); and then, finally, he hoped to see his friend triumph against a second impeachment...ditto there, so it was finally time to go out on a high note, so to speak. Miss ya, Rush...hope to see ya again someday, Lord willing

  12. I really like the way you put it. I have always believed he wasn't kidding around when he said that. I just wish he hadn't had to return the loan so soon. But God knew it was time, and the rest of us grieve with the loss of one we loved. We loved his words, his ideas, his playfulness, his overall radio persona. And he will be missed.

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