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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Neera Tanden and the problem with a figurehead president

Washington is engaged in a game of insider baseball over a looming rejection by the Senate of Neera Tanden as director of the Office of Management and Budget.

The mini-soap opera is amusing and illuminating.

Officially, Tanden stands accused of mean tweeting. In Washington, your son can collect bribes from foreign governments and spend the loot on hookers and cocaine, and no one believes that disqualifies you as president.

Ah, but mean tweets are an impeachable offense.

But the Tanden story gives a sneak peek at the Coalition of Kooks now running the show.

Politico called the pending rejection "The Neera-gate conspiracy" because we all know the Senate is supposed to rubber-stamp all of a Democrat president's nominees for public office.

The White House stands by Tanden 1000%.

Reuters reported, "The White House said it was not prepared to withdraw President Joe Biden’s pick for budget director, Neera Tanden, whose nomination stalled on Capitol Hill on Wednesday after controversy over tweets that upset lawmakers."

And the sex and race cards have been played.

Anita Kunar reported, "President Joe Biden’s aides are urging Asian American groups to mount a last-minute campaign to try to rescue his budget chief nominee, Neera Tanden, as her prospects for Senate confirmation dwindle.

"Those groups are calling and sending letters to Senate offices and advocating for Tanden on social media to try to combat what they are calling 'structural racism' and 'institutional racism.' "

Yes the racism is so structured and institutional that we have an Asian-American vice president.


Maybe this crap-ioca pudding will work. 

But the damage is done.

Politico reported, "conspiracy theories about the Biden administration’s first major political stumble began flying around Washington." 

Hmm. I thought conspiracy theories were banned as  fake news by the Internet Oligarchs. But then again, the Russian collusion conspiracy hoax won Pulitzers, so maybe I am wrong.

Politico said, "This wasn’t a loss, one Democrat on the Hill insisted. It was part of the three-dimensional chess game being played by Biden’s inner sanctum, with chief of staff Ron Klain leading the way."

Ron Klain? I thought Biden was president.

Politico also said, "Another hypothesis floating around Democratic circles: It was Clinton-world who pushed Tanden, the former head of the Center for American Progress who is close to John Podesta. She was an offering to the Clintons, who were grasping for power and wanted someone more loyal to them than Biden.

"The Biden White House played along, knowing that she’d never win enough votes, given how she rattled both the left and the right. That’s why she was nominated when Democrats hadn’t even won the Senate."

So this fellow Klain is playing three-dimensional chess by nominating a Hillaryan who was doomed to fail.

To its credit Politico rejected that horse manure. The failure to get a budget director approved on the first go-round has exposed the Myth of Joe Biden, rising after 44 years of public office from a dullard and a sleazeball to this Mount Rushmore-level role model of the presidency.

This is a charade. Democrats fervently believe they can prop up this demented and creepy old man for 2 years and 1 day (to allow Harris to get two more terms after she takes over) like they propped up Bernie in the movie Weekend At Bernie's.

But reality called. Flesh rots. Rigor mortis sets in. Bruises show. 

We had 4 years of a president actually in charge of his own administration who made his own decisions. He took responsibility for his decisions and was held accountable.

This presidency by committee looks doomed. No one knows who these people are, who makes the decisions, and who to hold responsible. This is a bureaucrat's dream. They do as they please. But this also empowers internal division. You have competing interests within the Democrat Party with old scores to settle and sharp knives to plunge.

Say what you may about Republican Party in-fighting, but the battle hinges on only one question: Are you with Donald Trump or not? 

Biden is an afterthought for Democrats. The Ron Klains matter. They battle it out. They give you Neera Tanden, whose qualifications boil down to her sex and race. The Kennedy administration bragged that they were the best and the brightest. Here is a chilling thought, what if the Biden staffers are the best and the brightest Washington has to offer?


  1. One of the reasons for the collapse of the Soviet Union was their reliance on party loyalty above everything else, including merit and competence.
    The Democrats today value loyalty above merit. Will it result in their demise? I hope so. But, I fear that it will not. Stupid leadership can survive with enough brutality - Saddam Hussein, Maduro, etc.
    I find it amusing to read some commentators discussing the Ds razor thin margin in the house and senate. A majority of one member is enough if no one has the guts to go against the official party line.

    1. Saddam only had to point at somebody and they were escorted into the hall where they were shot, so we're a ways yet from that.

      BTW Gateway has been gutsy enough to name Ashli Bennett's shooter.

    2. The prime reason that the donks don't care about a thin-or-weak majority is because they indeed don't care - as long as they can jam things through. Recall back in 2009, after NOT MENTIONING IT SO MUCH AS ONCE DURING THE CAMPAIGN, they decided that they had a chance to ram through nationalized health care - and did so despite the damage (so bad that MASSACHUSETTS then elected a Republican to fill the seat opened by the demise of some fat old murderer and serial abuser of women).

      They actually believe their own marxist b.s. about their own "inevitably" and how their ideas (even once they came up with just last week) are the inevitable endpoint of human social evolution (based on marx mangling Darwin).

      They also operate on the Brezhnev doctrine - that any gain they make is sacrosanct for all eternity. Nothing can be undone. So when they get the chance, the do ugly stuff - even when they know (as they did in 09/10) that it will burn their majorities... since they have moved the ball down the field, and can wait out the next stint out of power... and then do the next ugly thing that never gets undone.

      What we need is someone(s) who will really take a wrecking ball to their edifice - not just "stop the spread" of their ideas, but roll them back decisively.

      You don't get a turnaround without breaking a lot of glass. The time to break a lot of glass is long overdue.

    3. Good stuff, Gander. Seriously good.

    4. Never, never, ever make the mistake of assuming that they think like us and/o are motivated by the same things that motivate us. All of that is totally different for them - and the sooner everyone understands that (and comes to grips with it), the easier it will be to defeat them.

      "Those who know their enemies as well as they know themselves will never suffer defeat." -- Sun Tzu.

      Let's get on with it...

  2. I'm slightly we want the best and brightest to be Biden staffers? They might be much more efficient than the less than best and brightest currently on tap. My hope is that these (mostly) clowns are not very good at getting stuff done that will hurt the American people.

    1. Could drop this in a couple places, but here I'll second schlongy's take below that people who think of themselves (and call themselves) "the best and the brightest never are." The prime example of that from the JFK days (of self-application of that phrase) was Robert McNamara - a self-anointed "whiz kid" who was in fact as dumb as a rock.

      Having an overinflated opinion of yourself is NOT a qualification.

    2. If I ever got close to McNamara's grave, I would spit on it in remembrance of 50,000+ dead in RVN.

  3. I despise the phrase "the best and the brightest". Those that claim they are are not. Those that anoint others as such are fools.

    Xiden's staff is as incompetent as he is. 45+ years as a court jester will be reflected in those around him.

    Xiden is not capable of playing Candyland or Chutes and Ladders, let alone 3D chess. He is only capable of thinking two moves behind.

    1. 2 moves? You're giving Xiden way too much credit.

    2. The best and the brightest were what the New Frontiersmen called themselves because they were all so young and bright and Fake News loved them.

      And you're right about them not being anywhere near that, as the Cuban Missile Crisis proved.

    3. And later the Vietnam war. They tried to "win" without pissing off the enemy, but there was that transfer of tax payers money to the big corporations.

  4. Trying to sell the idea the Ozarks still matter is about the level of comedy you'd expect from the Over-The-Hill Hippies Gang.

    This is like Cuomo, trying to throw a couple of sacrificial goats to the mob.

    The White House stands by Tanden 1000%.

    When that starts to decline by powers of 2, you know she's toast.

    This presidency by committee looks doomed.

    Look ast the impact it's already having om Middle america and it's a lot more than doomed.

    1. "The White House stands by Tanden 1000%."

      Did you see what Don did there?

      George McGovern was "1000%" behind Thomas Eagleton - for a few days...

  5. I can’t remember who it was or where I saw it, but there was a quote a year or two back from a young woman, fairly successful, who’d decided to quit the whole Swamp Scene. When asked why, she said (paraphrasing) “ I felt like I was being constantly APPRAISED, in every work and even social setting. People were ice enough, but they were always evaluating me in terms of what I could do to advance THEIR careers.” Yep. That’s DC. Leads the world in Fake Friends. No wonder why HST (Truman, not Thompson) said if you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.

  6. Replies
    1. 2 letters actually, but I get your point.

    2. Methinks that he was noting sniffy's math skills.

      You know, the clown who c. 2009 said "It comes down to a three-letter word - J - O - B - S."

  7. I'll just add that once again this shows that all the claptrap about "diversity" (sic) and such is just a vehicle whereby "elite" whites (too many of whom are "elite" due to heredity rather than any sort of ability or diligence - where would hunter be if sniffy were just, say, a suburban insurance agent?) can illicitly impair competition from non-elite whites (i.e., the "deplorables").

    They hamstring potential competition - and get lots of brownie points at the same time!

    You do have to wonder if there's an interesting line of attack on this cr*p - that it violates the antitrust laws and related; that's things like collusion, restraint of trade, anti-competitive practices, etc. That's a line of attack worth using at least rhetorically.

  8. "This presidency by committee looks doomed." Yep.

    "A committee is the only known form of life with a hundred bellies and no brain." - Robert A. Heinlein (noted sci-fi writer).

    1. Or, as they say, a camel is a horse designed by a committee.

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