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Thursday, February 25, 2021

NBC's latest lie about Trump

CPAC's convention began today in Orlando rather than Washington, which remains locked down by Chairman Xiden's Praetorian Guard. NBC pointed out that President Emeritus Donald Trump skipped the 2016 CPAC but will keynote this one.

NBC falsely reported, "Trump was once a CPAC pariah. Now he's the confab's king."

That is a lie. He was never a pariah. In fact, CPAC organizers were disappointed when he did not speak at the 2016 CPAC.

Politico reported on March 4, 2016, "Donald Trump has pulled out of the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday, opting to campaign in Kansas and Florida instead."

The campaign said, "He will also be speaking at the Kansas Caucus and then departing for Orlando, Florida and a crowd of approximately 20,000 people or more. Because of this, he will not be able to speak at CPAC as he has done for many consecutive years."

American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp was disappointed by the news.

Schlapp said, "I think this is a whiff, I think it’s a mistake, it’s a missed opportunity. The people in this hall, this packed hall behind me are going to be very disappointed."

But NBC is to the truth what rain is to a desert. Occasionally it rains and occasionally NBC tells the truth.

The NBC story, said, "Look at the lineup of speakers at this year’s CPAC: Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., (who spoke at that Trump rally on Jan. 6), Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., Rep. Ronny Jackson, R-Texas (who was Trump’s presidential doctor), former Ambassador Rick Grenell and Gov. Kristi Noem, R-S.D.

"Compare that with the CPAC lineup from 2013 — the last time the gathering took place after a GOP presidential loss: While you had Cruz and Trump, there also was Pat Toomey (who voted guilty in Trump’s impeachment trial), Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, Bobby Jindal, Eric Cantor and Jeb Bush.

"Eight years ago, all of those Republicans were considered prominent conservatives." 

Yes they were.

We were wrong.

Jeb! turned out to be an open borders Republican. Paul Ryan bugged out of the House, knowing this would mean Nancy Pelosi was speaker. Romney is to Ryan's left. Jindal may still be conservative but he is on a sabbatical from his political career. 

And notice how NBC glossed over the fact that Donald Trump, who never held a public office or hosted a conservative broadcast, was among those invited to the CPAC. His conservatism was never questioned. 

I suggest NBC's staff look up pariah in a real dictionary, not an online one subject to politically correct revision without warning.

Our president emeritus clarified who is a conservative and who is faking it.

By the way, Dr. Ronny Jackson was the White House physician under Obama and during the Trump administration. Well, at least NBC got a half-truth in there.

And NBC gave online readers a warning that the article was Fake News because Chuck Todd's name was included in the byline.


  1. which remains locked down by Chairman Xiden's Praetorian Guard

    Don't call them that. Those guys would rather be home than mounting guard over the Red Queen's Festung Pelosi.

    1. So when is some reporter going to ask Pelosi if she knew about the Jan 6th planning for a riot, when and why she didn't ask for help. A former FBI agent has testified about the ANTIFA involvement.

  2. Don't rely on the msm to identify conservatives. They very often lie.

    1. True dat, brother. See below. After that ant writing post.

  3. OK, I was at National Harbor in 2016. Here is my firsthand report: Mr. T was scheduled to speak on Saturday. Mid-day Friday, a rumor began circulating that a large portion of the audience was going to get up and leave when he began speaking. My observations were that this talk was coming from the Cruz and Rubio people. (Jeb!, BTW, had next to zero followers and did not appear to be a factor.) Understandably for me, the optics of a mass walkout would not have been good - although in hindsight, it would have identified a bunch of The UniParty before he won. By late Friday afternoon, it became known he would not be coming. Bummer. My friend Captainette Kirk had purchased a one day ticket just to see Trump, and when I heard the news I went to the reception desk to effectuate a refund (it was $145). It was refused on the grounds that Trump had changed his plans, which in my view was bullshite. Again, in hindsight, I might have been able to see how many forces (even within the CPAC crowd!) were aligned against him. But I made the fatal mistake: Believing that a “conservative’s” intentions were always good. Shame on me.

    If you’re interested, see

    1. Love your firsthand account. Thank you.

    2. Excellent. Very amusing that your friend actually expected to be able to get his money refunded.

  4. The relevant "parties" we now have are the Nationalist Patriots and the Globalist Socialist Uniparty. Folks who admit to being Democrats are reliably Globalists but not everyone claiming to be Republican is a Nationalist. Just watch what they do and you'll know who is who.

  5. We were wrong.

    Speak for yourself! Ron Paul was the last chance for this nation to avoid bankruptcy. The RNC and the media blackballed him all thru the campaign to the convention.

    But Paul is too freedom minded for conservatives. He said to bring the troops home in 2008-2012. Trump stole that from him good for Trump.

    He also tried to audit the Federal Reserve. If you want to know where true power lies just see who is never criticized or scrutinized by either party.

    The FED is fascism as its twelve branches are privately owned. They are not federal agencies at all. When will conservatives wake up?

    And Paul drew 8 thousand at UC Berkeley for a campaign speech. He was the only chance to unify the nation. Paul takes the best points of liberals and conservatives and drops all the baggage.

    Instead of unity it will be fragmentation and functional secession throughout this decade as the public now sees DC as illegitimate.

    Its an enormous crisis of authority.

    1. Trump was always for bringing the troops home.

  6. When he could have worked with Trump and changed the direction of the entire country he refused to do so, aligning himself with Pelosi and the Democrats. When it became clear to him, and to 40 odd others in his caucus that Trump voters would be a hard sell for reelection they quit rather than face primary challenges from their party. None of them, particularly Traitor Ryan, will be missed. And, as has been said many times about the Greatest President Ever, the best thing about his presidency was that he revealed who was a patriot and conservative and who was not.

  7. Jindal did some great things in Louisiana to reform healthcare, before he became governor. He may be one of those who can do excellent things but is not a true leader.

  8. while I appreciate CPAC providing a forum for President Trump's first major speech since the theft of office was executed, it bugs me to no end to see that he is referred to as "Former President Trump" on the CPAC webpage - UNACCEPTABLE!

    I hope whomever will introduce Donald Trump on Sunday is prepared for the moment...IMHO, the only proper introduction is as follows: "Ladies and gentlemen, the 45th President of the United States, Donald John Trump!" None of that "former" crepe if you please!

    1. I bow to the Don...both of you!

      In any event, on Sunday afternoon, the wife and I will be cracking open the fine bottle of Trump wine we bought months ago to celebrate his election victory and enjoy a real old fashioned CPAC stemwinder...a veritable Donnybrook if you will!

  9. "The NBC story, said, "Look at the lineup of speakers at this year’s CPAC"

    Damn that's an All-star lineup of true Conservatives. If NBC was smart, they'd be begging for the broadcast rights.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

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