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Monday, February 08, 2021

JFK would mock this impeachment

In his book Profiles in Courage, President Kennedy examined 8 members of Congress who at various times stood up to the mob and did the right thing.

Chapter 5 profiled Republican Senator Edmund G. Ross of Kansas, one of the Republican senators who voted to acquit President Andrew Johnson in his impeachment trial. 

The first impeachment of a president was a joke. Johnson was a terrible president at the end of his term. The law the House used was struck down by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional 3 years later. Presidents can, indeed, fire any or all political appointees.

The Senate's official page includes a tribute to the book and this chapter in particular.

Its summary reads, "Edmund Ross, a Kansas Republican, cast the deciding vote that ended the impeachment proceedings against President Andrew Johnson. The proceedings began because doctrinaire Radical Republicans, then in control of the Senate, passed a Tenure of Office Act to prevent a president from firing cabinet members without Senate consent. This was done to try to stop Johnson from firing Secretary of War Edwin Stanton. 

"Johnson believed Stanton was a tool of the Radicals who wanted to establish a military dictatorship in the South. Johnson felt the wiser course would be to reconstruct the Confederate states back into the Union as quickly as possible without unnecessary military intervention, as Lincoln had intended. When Johnson fired Stanton, the impeachment began. 

"The House voted for impeachment and the trial then moved to the Senate. As the trial went on it became clear that the Republicans had no intention of giving Johnson a fair trial; rather, their emphasis was on convincing enough Senators to find Johnson guilty. Ross was overheard saying that while he had no sympathy for Johnson, he would do his best to see that he was fairly tried. Because Ross had previously been such a partisan Republican, he became the principal target of abuse from the press, the public, and his fellow Republican legislators. 

"Nonetheless, Ross voted against convicting Johnson, reasoning that if a president could be forced out of office by insufficient evidence that was based on partisan disagreement, the presidency would then be under the control of whatever congressional faction held sway. Ross's action unleashed relentless criticism. Neither he nor any other Republican who voted to acquit Andrew Johnson was reelected to the Senate, and Ross and his family suffered ostracism and poverty upon their return to Kansas in 1871. Eventually, Ross was vindicated by the Supreme Court, which declared the Tenure of Office Act to be unconstitutional, and praised by the press and the public for having saved the country from dictatorship."


See there?

When Republicans impeach a Democrat president, well, that is to set up a dictatorship.

Democrats have twice impeached President Trump, including this unconstitutional post-presidency impeachment.

Where is the Democrat Edmund Ross?

Courage, instead, is defined as going along to get along.

NBC lavished accolades upon a Republican who voted to impeach.

The Comcast subsidiary said, "GOP Rep. Anthony Gonzalez risked his career to impeach Trump. He's not sorry.

"Under fire back home, the Ohio lawmaker may have lost his chance at a Senate seat and could face a House primary challenge next year."

Wow, he's a regular Joan of Arc.

So a hundred of the 100,000 or so people at President Trump's rally got into the Capitol? Apparently that is a capital offense because Capitol Police shot and killed one of the intruders. Instead of demanding justice, the press reverses the polarity and calls the mob violent, not the officers.

Bruce Antonio Laue at Taki's Magazine compared this unconstitutional impeachment to the trial of British King Charles I by Parliament in 1649. 

Laue wrote, "Charles Stuart was an elegant man in both dress and speech. He sensed that this was not a judicial exercise but rather a theatrical piece designed for public consumption; though he could not prevent it, he would play his part by his script. When called before the Court, the King entered under armed escort. Dressed all in black to mirror the style of his enemies, the Puritans, the only color evident was the embroidered star of the Order of the Garter on his cape and the blue ribbon and medal of the Order about his neck. He regarded his Judges with disdain as the charges against him were read. When he was finally asked how he wished to answer the charges, the King knew his moment had come. 'I would know by what power I am called hither, by what lawful authority?' he calmly replied."

There was no law.

There was no authority.

The king said, "For if power without law may make laws, may alter fundamental laws of the kingdom I do not know what subject he is in England that can be sure of his life or anything he calls his own."

372 years later, the statement stands.

The Parliament found him guilty and condemned him to death. Four days later, he walked to the scaffold under heavy guard. At 2 p.m. on January 30, 1649, he was executed, beheaded with one clean stroke, a rarity.

One does not have to support Divine Right, which King Charles claimed, to note the injustice. But as the king said on the scaffold, "I shall go from a corruptible to an incorruptible Crown, where no disturbance can be."

We cannot change that, but we can learn from that experience.

Laue wrote of the upcoming impeachment fiasco, "There is a greater, unspoken purpose for this trial.

"It is to send a message, the same message that Parliament sent out with the condemnation and execution of Charles, and that message is that there is a new power in the land, namely: 'If we can do this to the King, we can do this to you.' It sent then, and sends now, new instructions of obedience to the general populace: 'We are in control, you are not; abide in your status.' "

Cromwell signed the death warrant for King Charles. Cromwell died in 1658. 

On the 12th anniversary of the execution of King Charles, they exhumed Cromwell's body, tried him, and beheaded him.

That should give pause to Donald Trump's prosecutors, but they are too numbed by their vanity to recognize the trap they set for themselves.

If JFK were alive today, he would be 103. 

He also would be telling Democrats that their first act after winning the presidency should not be to engage in victor's justice, because the political pendulum swings back just like the blade that separated the king's head from the king's body on January 30, 1649.


  1. Republican'ts have become Demonrats and Demonrats have become Communists.

    In the end it's two sides of the same Uniparty coin now.

    Kiss your republic goodbye.

    1. Oh, and they've been bought off. All that funny money debt interest we send to China not only fully funds their military, but (along with all the outsourced cheap Chinese crap we buy) gives them plenty of cash to spread around for bribes. Arbitrage is a great thing for this racket.

      These politicians think Mussolini and his girlfriend hanging from a rope is not a fate they have to fear. Perhaps they're right. It sure helps explain why they don't think twice about selling us out.

    2. Except JFK didn't write PROFILES IN COURAGE... speechwriter Ted Sorenson did, just as he penned all of Kennedy's most famous quotes, including "..ask not..."

    3. Thanks, you answered the question I was going to ask, since my recollection was that it was later found out that someone ghostwrote it for him. My recollection is that even with that, it was also later found to be rife with plagiarism.

      Odd thing is that had he not been assassinated, there's a reasonable chance that JFK would have been impeached and actually removed from office - as some of his paramours were connected dangerously with organized crime.

      The cult of JFK seems to be unshakeable, particularly among those who were taken in by the image-making of the "young, vigorous, energetic, handsome President with the beautiful family"... and can't let go, even when it became known later that all of that was complete PR nonsense...

    4. Republican'ts?

      Did you come up with that one yourself or is it another lame attempt at humor from Troll Central?

      Kiss your republic goodbye.

      And you want us to give up. Nice little Freudian slip, Jeffery. Your instead of our.

      These politicians think Mussolini and his girlfriend hanging from a rope is not a fate they have to fear. Perhaps they're right. It sure helps explain why they don't think twice about selling us out.

      Funny also you come up with that one. Commies did that.

      You just can't wait to be a tower guard at Dachau-on-the-Brazos.

      GSBLTD, you beat me to it. and you're right. Jack Kennedy was a big phony. The Irish Mocha Messiah.

      The cult of JFK seems to be unshakeable

      Women voted for him because they wanted to go to bed with him.

      Kind of like Hitler.

    5. Though it might seem slight to be referring to 'Animal Farm' ..... I URGE you to go and read it again . It's REAL . And go on to '1984' .... Orwell was fantastically accurate !!!!

    6. Brings to mind Wilson's stroke; FDR in a wheelchair; JFK's Addison's disease; LBJ's hypocritical racism... His way of saying negro as close as one could get the N-word; Clinton's wh*remongering; Obama's self-hating anti-white racism; Joe Xi's senility...All afflictions, or immoral behaviors covered up by a Swamp Press media that carries on a century later, the same as always. ZB

  2. For over 40 years the people of the Eastern European countries were subjected to Communism, which stole their countries like a python devouring a small animal. Indoctrination in schools, revision of history, confiscation of private property, no due process, no free speech and no free press for more than 40 years. YET, in 1989 they threw off this oppression without firing a shot. It began is East Germany as people began to simply cross the border and the Army did nothing to stop them. It turned into a torrent and the remaining Communist parties of Eastern Europe collapsed in quick succession. The Russians followed suite 2 years later. Why?

    The moral authority for this oppression was demonstrated to be fraudulent and by 1989 no one could pretend any more. Human nature cannot be changed and the love of freedom is central to that Nature. This is the model and the hope for America in the '20s. Stay engaged, speak out, pray above all.

    1. Funny thing to remember is that back then, communism marketed itself as being a true one-world uni-culture that by definition rendered all prior separate cultures obsolete.

      In eastern Europe, that prodded the use of keeping the culture alive to keep the civilization alive until better days returned. The Catholic Church in Poland was a prominent example, as were the Estonian songfests. In southeastern Europe, there had already been centuries of practice with this sort of thing - to culturally survive the Ottoman centuries. In many places, this involved having Eastern Orthodox services at home, or sneaking into closed rural churches (particularly on holidays) to hold services.

      During this period, most of the flags and national anthems of the countries were altered. But if you look at the official histories in those countries today, they give the date-of-adoption of the flag and national anthem as being from the original date, not recently (c. 1990); there's a reason for that.

      As for shots... the "without a shot being fired" thing might apply to the Free World countries, but it sure wasn't the case in the bloc. I've never done a formal compilation, but I know that for example shots were certainly fired in Lithuania. And most notable of all, plenty of shots were fired in Romania - which is the one country that really did overthrow its communist government in a full-blown uprising. The last of those shots were used to dispose of the dreadful Nicolai Ceausescu and his rancid wife "Dr." Elena Ceausescu...

    2. I have a friend who is a Romanian ex-pat. He was when the Ceausescu's got it.He was in that crowd, just a teen as the were about to fire on the
      crowd,the Army stepped in and stopped it not willing to fire on its own citizens.The Ceausescu people were routed. The Ceausescu
      regime fell with their bodies

    3. I have a friend who is a Romanian ex-pat. He was when the Ceausescu's got it.He was in that crowd, just a teen as the were about to fire on the
      crowd,the Army stepped in and stopped it not willing to fire on its own citizens.The Ceausescu people were routed. The Ceausescu
      regime fell with their bodies

  3. This latest impeachment farce is likely to swiftly collapse. To make their case, the Democrats would have to call witnesses. But to do that, they open the door to President Trump's lawyers calling their own witnesses and they would be likely to turn the accusers into the accused. So the Democrat case will be a few days of wasted rhetoric.

    1. I worry about the way history will cover this farce. It will be given legitimacy by the cabal of leftist “historians” that infect the discipline.

    2. Jake is right about historians. Rockefeller took over that profession by 1930. The last one they finally got rid of was Charles Beard when he refused to go along with the FDR is a hero narrative.

      The book he wrote that got him cancelled was
      President Roosevelt and the Coming of War (1948)

      He showed what a tyrant and liar FDR was. Well, historians can't have dissent! And poof Beard vanished.

      Too bad the plagiarists Doris Kearns Goodwin and Stephen Ambrose can't be cancelled from history. The Bible calls them court prophets.

      They will say or write anything that supports the ruling class and cancels the genuine historical record.

    3. Speaking of historians there was another one who somehow escaped cancel culture on FDR. His book was

      Day Of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor Paperback – Illustrated, May 8, 2001

      Its highly rated on Amazon. He uses declassified federal documents that proved FDR knew the Japs were going to bomb Pearl.

      He knew when and where. We had broken the Jap naval code but FDR refused to tell the generals in charge of the West Coast and Hawaii. Now theres a traitor for you.

    4. In Day of Deceit, Robert Stinnett delivers the definitive final chapter on America's greatest secret and our worst military disaster.

      Drawing on twenty years of research and access to scores of previously classified documents, Stinnett proves that Pearl Harbor was not an accident, a mere failure of American intelligence, or a brilliant Japanese military coup. By showing that ample warning of the attack was on FDR's desk and, furthermore, that a plan to push Japan into war was initiated at the highest levels of the U.S. government, he ends up profoundly altering our understanding of one of the most significant events in American history.

    5. Jeffery (BJ and Anon), you're using stuff everybody knows like it's brandy-new. We're smarter than you. Love it when he tries to have his little sock puppets have a conversation.

      I worry about the way history will cover this farce. It will be given legitimacy by the cabal of leftist “historians” that infect the discipline.


      It's OK. We can impeach Zippy and Willie and Joe and the Ho when we get back in.

      It'll be fun.

    6. From what I've read, many of the newer ships, particularly the aircraft carriers, were conveniently, fortuitously at sea prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor.

    7. My concern is that once again those in a position to set things right will just turn away. That's what they all did when the election was stolen, so why would we expect them to act differently now? This great quote comes to mind: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

    8. Good men? Far too few in the House and the Senate I think.

  4. Wow someone is defending King Charles? Seriously? Charles was guilty of treason. The case was as clear cut as it gets. Charles refused to testify he knew he was guilty. He thought he could bluff them.

    The record shows Charles clearly conspired with the Scots and Irish to invade England. He did this in the midst of negotiations with Parliament. Cromwell was on the King's side until the treason was discovered.

    There are all kinds of books about the English civil war. But few movies.

    Youtube has for free the movie Cromwell. Its very good as it surprisingly sticks to the historical record. Richard Harris plays Cromwell.

    Cromwell acted lawfully until years after Charles was dead Cromwell shut down the Parliament with his army. He became the very enemy he had recently deposed.

    1. Sure. Tell it to the Irish.

      Jeffery, you're as subtle as a heart attack.


    3. Gotta love Monty Python lol.

  5. "[B]ecause the political pendulum swings back just like the blade that separated the king's head from the king's body on January 30, 1649."

    Except this time the Dems are banking on that pendulum never swinging back, and with the importation of millions of Third World types (and many more yet to come), they may be right.

    The only thing that will stop them once the GOP is gone is the intra-party battles among their component racial groups over the spoils of a dramatically shrunken economy due to establishment of the religion of Climate Change.

    1. The lying dogfaced pony soldier and his bought wife were booed at the Super Bowl last night.

      The pendulum has already swung.

      Be afraid, Jeffery. Be very, very afraid.

  6. When they were going to impeach Nixon, John Tower, Barry Goldwater, and Hugh Scott walked up Constitution Avenue and told him he had to resign for the good of the country.

    And Nixon did it. Just as he did when he knew the 1960 election was stolen, but we were in the middle of a war. No, "Ah did nawt have sex...". No neck brace when the girl was left to drown.

    And for years, Lefties called him "that bum".

    Better man than all of the Kennedys and all the subsequent Democrats put together.

  7. Rioters who got Trump impeached work for FBI. Leadership role in extremist group, worked as a section chief for the FBI after retiring from the Navy, also ran a consulting firm that did classified work for the U.S. government, lawyer said.

  8. An impeachment like this one is what happens in a banana republic.