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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Impeachment was a diversion from 52 actions

While Democrats and their RINO servants beclowned themselves with the impeachment, the deep staters made out like the bandits they are. They wrote and Chairman Xiden took 52 executive actions that change the nature of the nation without much scrutiny.

Rare are the Republican court challenges to these actions regardless of the harm they do to the nation.

Market Watch to its credit listed and linked them.

Let us review.

1. Re-engages with World Health Organization.

WHO covered up Red China's invention and distribution of covid 19. Regardless of whether its introduction outside the lab was intentional, this is biomedical warfare aimed at killing the world's economy. The deep state aided and abetted it.

2. Rejoins the Paris climate treaty.

Never presented to the Senate as the Constitution requires, this accord calls for reducing American manufacturing while allowing Red China to grow. The claim that this will reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide is false as the USA has reduced its CO2 production while Red China's growth has outstripped that reduction. The unratified treaty is producing the opposite of its stated goal.

3. Revokes permission for the Keystone XL pipeline and pause ANWR oil exploration.

The former will harm the environment by forcing the transport of Bakken oil by more expensive and less safe rail. That benefits Warren Buffett, whose railroad holds a monopoly on that transport.

The latter will help return the USA to dependence on foreign oil.

4. Asks agencies to extend eviction/foreclosure moratoriums.

This is a taking from landlords of billions of dollars, adversely affecting maintenance of rented homes and an inability to pay local taxes.

5. Asks the Department of Education to extend its pause on student loan payments.

I don't like it but I cannot argue against it. The non-collateral loans never should have been made.

6. Launches an initiative to advance racial equity, end 1776 Commission.

Equity means a financial share of a company. BLM and similar organizations have a huge investment in racial discord. 

By abolishing the 1776 Commission, the deep state officially sides with King George III. The Bicentennial Commission closed 44 years ago. I doubt the government will celebrate the 250th anniversary in 5 years.

7. Revokes order that aims to exclude illegal aliens from census.

Cafeteria Catholics, who pick and choose which doctrine to follow, move over. Cafeteria Government is here picking and choosing the laws it wants to enforce. And on whom it will enforce them.

8. Fortifies DACA.

This is an unconstitutional program that violates immigration law.

9. Requires masks/distancing on all federal property and by federal workers.


10. Reverses the travel ban targeting primarily Muslim countries.

Those are Market Watch's words. The nations cited are all war-torn or war-like. The deep state allows foreigners in with fake visas.

11. Stops construction of border wall.

Illegal. A 2006 law requires construction of the wall. Congress and the second President Bush never intended for the actual construction of the wall. This law was passed to get the public off their backs. 

12. Combats discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity.

Appeasing the LGBTQ voting bloc. I oppose discrimination of any kind. How about protecting conservatives for once?

13. Requires ethics pledge for executive-branch personnel.

Hahaha. As if this will be enforced by the father of Hunter Biden.

14. Changes regulatory review.

Liberals are well-versed in the 90-day reviews and the like. This helps them.

15. Ends "harsh and extreme immigration enforcement."

The cages were built by Obama.

16. Extends protection from deportation for Liberians in U.S.

Liberia was an American settlement so I suppose we have some obligation to their refugees. But if they are here illegally, throw them out.

17. Revokes certain executive orders concerning federal regulation.

Fine. His choice. Certainly a presidential order is subject to expiration when his term ends. Unless the president is Obama and the issue is DACA. Well, at least according to Chief Justice Juan Roberto.

18. Freezes any new or pending regulations.

I hope the freeze is permanent because rules these days are applied capriciously.

19 through 30 deal with covid 19. 

Impeachment did not impede discussion of covid 19, however ill-informed the public may be. Establishing a covid 19 equity commission was odd. Does that mean we will combat the disease's age discrimination by killing young people.

31. Restores collective bargaining power for federal workers.

Manna for the deep state. They will further protect themselves from management.

32. Repeals ban on transgender people serving openly in U.S. military.

Why not? The purpose of the military has gone from defending the nation to engaging in never-ending wars and keeping the war supply factories busy. I will always honor the military service of veterans regardless of their situation. I just wish the focus were on limiting our engagements to protecting our borders.

33. Tightens Buy American rules in government procurement.

But Democrats told me America First was racist, xenophobic, and unAmerican.

34. Reinstates coronavirus travel restrictions on Brazil, most of Europe.

But Democrats told me travel bans were racist, xenophobic, and unAmerican. Also see No. 10 (above).

35. Ends the Justice Department’s use of private prisons.

This only works if you build more prisons. Otherwise, it will become a get-out-of-jail card.

36. Directs HUD to address discriminatory housing practices.

Um, if after 55 years of HUD there is still discrimination, then HUD is not the answer.

37. Combats racism against Asian-Americans, Pacific Islanders.

Everyone in America opposes racism. Well, at least any racism by white people.

38. Directs agencies to engage in consultations with tribal governments.

This is another benign-sounding action to do something we have always done.

39. Pauses new oil and gas leasing on U.S. lands/waters, elevate climate change as national-security, foreign-policy priority.

Make America Dependent on Foreign Oil Again.

40. Re-establisesh President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.


41. Directs agencies to make decisions on best available science, evidence.

No more asking how much the decision will cost.

42. Reopesn Obamacare marketplaces, lower recent barriers to joining Medicaid.

Republicans had their chance to kill Obamacare. They did not. What exactly, though, has Obamacare accomplished? We could have forced insurance companies to cover birth control without a trillion-dollar gift to insurance companies.

43. Lift scertain restrictions on abortion funding.

The law says we don't fund abortion.

44. Keeps aluminum tariffs on U.A.E., scrapping Trump administration’s exemption.

We lifted the restrictions as part of the Abraham Accord to get the emirate to recognize Israel's right to exist. This is strictly anti-Semitic retaliation by the deep state.

45. Begins ending “Remain in Mexico” program, “restore” U.S. asylum system.

Mexico was cool with it, but the Open Borders Chamber of Commerce was not. The deep state is tight with the chamber. And vice versa.

46. Starts roll back of “public charge rule” (which imposes a wealth test on would-be immigrants), review other recent barriers to legal immigration.

The law says we do not accept welfare cases. We no longer are a nation of laws.

47. Creates a task force to reunite migrant families separated at the border.

They are not migrants. They are illegal aliens. That is what the law says.

48. Retroactively reimburses states fully for FEMA-eligible costs tied to COVID.

Sounds good, but do those costs include the damage by Democrat rioters this summer? The world may never know.

49. Rebuilds U.S. refugee resettlement program.

The next generation of Ihlan Omars awaits us. When there are enough of them in Congress, I suspect they will repeal anti-incest laws.

50. Expands protection of LGBTQ people around the world.

Who knew Chairman Xiden was president of the world? You can promote expanding those protections, as President Trump did, but you cannot rewrite the laws of other nations.

51. Prevent sMyanmar military from accessing property.

Yes, because the Myanmar military guards the streets of its capital from those protesting the election results. Just who does Myanmar think it is? America?

52. Re-establishes the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships to help address the needs of low-income people.



The deal was, Chairman Xiden gets to be president and the deep state runs the government.

The next diversion will be gun control. 

Expect 4 more years of distraction.


  1. A lot of them were noticed by the blogosphere. Cocaine Mitch and the Whigs, however, would rather die than do anything to disrupt all this unity.

    Cafeteria Government is here picking and choosing the laws it wants to enforce. And on whom it will enforce them.

    Hell, we've had that since at least Boss Tweed.

    1. Ed, today (02/17/21) is the day that Biden will long rue afterwards. The KABOOM potential is enormous. We shall see. Let's hope for the best, which for Biden, conversely, shall be the worst.

    2. When are people going to learn, most republicans are democrats in disguise? Their job is to appear to give voters an alternative to democrat policies when in fact there is no alternatives to the "agenda".

  2. MAL. Make America Last. All except maybe number 33. The fine print may reveal it to is of MAL intent.

    1. Actually, "Make America Last" isn't a bad slogan - with the PROPER definition of "last"...

  3. Thanks Big D. An accounting of the insanity thus far will be extremely helpful going forward. Some of them are annoyingly trivial, like WV gnats. Some are potential Civil War instigators, like the ones dealing with energy. But only one is a direct affront to God: Abortion. God will deal with them in His way, and in His time, but I can tell you this for sure - it will not be pretty.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Do ANY of these actions advance the safety and/or prosperity of average Americans? Like a constrictor snake with its prey, the world is closing in, encircling America, slowly suffocating the good citizens, with the help of the bad citizens. You better find a way to chop the snake's head off before it swallows you whole. You had the means with Trump. Now who? Now what?

    1. As Prof. Reynolds said several times over the past few years, "They think that Donald Trump is OUR last chance. They're wrong. He's THEIR last chance."

      What comes at them next will be our equivalent of an avenging angel...

    2. Well, Ronald, I think what the Gander means is that not a lot of people are gonna dig rationed electricity to advance the pipe dreams of AOC. Will you?

    3. I worry about that Zee. The bad citizens. The dumb citizens. The indoctrinated citizens. The blind citizens. Progressive marxists doing all the 'winning'. China, Big Tech, Soros & Company, the United Nations fronts, corporate Davos and The Club of Rome, all of them, frog marching America's 'leadership' and therefore, the hapless citizenry who think their vote counts for squat any more. Your country is in deep doo-doo, which means my country of Canada is in far deeper doo-doo than yours. Who is to be 'the avenging angel'?

    4. I can’t speak for other states but feel pretty sure that DubVee will decide when enough is enough. And that’s pretty soon...

      BTW, wife is binging Heartland right now. Good show. Caving a bit on diversity but mostly a good strong values production. There’s hope for you hosers yet, eh? 😁

    5. Also, to answer your question...I’m with Ed. Mr. T will be back in office by the end of the year. POTUS of Free America.

    6. It worries me too Ron. I still have two dumbass liberal sisters that have no clue what is going on outside of the MSM. Also, I have ED complaining that I shouldn't have had uncommitted sex in the 70's. I have to admit, the uncommitted sex went well into the 80's. Don't tell ducher...

    7. Had a feeling that was you, Jeffery. Subtlety was never you strong suit.

      Of course, the sex went on. To people like you, human beings are things to be used. Tell me do you still have AIDS, just like the Deep State Dwarf said we'd all have?

      Or did it lie dormant while you infected people?

    8. I don't know what you fellers are going on about ... someone with the initials ED (hey, that means something in the pharma world) slapping another whose name gutter-translates to Dick Hurts about uncommitted sex in the '70's? Sounds like an amusing argument ... I'm all ears.

    9. Well Ron, it goes back to Don's column yesterday. You have to check the comments! Enjoy!!!

    10. Meanwhile back at the story line...

      "Who is to be 'the avenging angel'?"

      No one knows - but remember, Donald Trump wasn't on anyone's mind until he appeared on the scene.

      The avenging angel is out there. We just don't know who he is yet...

  6. Diversion is a leftist specialty.

    Just think back to all the narrative shifts under President Trump by the media every single time there was good news.

    Trump himself is pretty good at sowing confusion (Maneuver Warfare, John Boyd) but the Dims have willing allies in the media to help them do it.

    1. ROLCON.

      I don't really think they're that clever. This is not like last year. Most of those EOs were trumpeted by Fake News.

      And Jeffery just tries to slip in a little jab at Trump. Like the rest of the Left, he's nowhere near as smart as he thinks he is.

  7. I am not finding "ending national emergency" established on Sept. 12, 2018.

  8. Two notes: First, it takes weeks for the DOJ to review and approve presidential EO's.....which means they were formally reviewing these for Biden* while Trump was still in office. Second, this list is only through 14 Feb, less than one month in office.

  9. With millions of new gun owners and people more informed of how ineffective gun control laws are I think that any gun bill will be one of the straws on the camels back.

    We're not going to ignore it if they push this thru. 2A is a right and not technically subject to regulation as stringently as it has been. '

    Roberts may try to ignore any cases coming up but eventually he'll have to. That's when the rubber will meet the road. It will make Jan 6 look like a sunday school picnic.