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Friday, February 26, 2021

Highlights of the News

Good morning. Spot the item that most pertains to CNN's helium-voiced host, Brian Stelter.

ITEM 1The New York Post reported, "Over 30 House Democrats are asking President Biden to consider renouncing his authority to launch nuclear weapons."

No. That is not allowed.

Article II, Section 2, of the Constitution begins, "The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States; he may require the Opinion, in writing, of the principal Officer in each of the executive Departments, upon any Subject relating to the Duties of their respective Offices, and he shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment."

We do not need a Committee of Public Safety to decide whom we nuke and by how much. President Truman did not need anyone's approval to bomb Nagasaki and Hiroshima and end World War II.

The Founding Fathers were a lot smarter than 30 House Democrats -- 220 House Democrats -- 435 House Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.

We elect one president. Not 435.

The way you limit a president's power is to reduce the size and power of the federal government.

Anything less is just a power grab. 

ITEM 2: CNN reported, "Acting US Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman warned Thursday that militia groups involved in the January 6 insurrection want to 'blow up the Capitol' and 'kill as many members as possible' when President Joe Biden addresses Congress.

"Pressed by House lawmakers to provide a timeline for removing the razorwire fencing and other enhanced security measures installed after the US Capitol attack, Pittman said law enforcement remains concerned about threats by known militia groups 'with a direct nexus to the State of the Union' address."

Sure they are.

Expect 4 years of this hysteria.

ITEM 3: The New York Times reported, "The Times is looking for stories of teen parents juggling caring for their own children during the pandemic while also dealing with the unique challenges of remote schooling.

"The pandemic is placing enormous burdens on many parents, including lack of child care, loss of community and strains on their own mental health. If you are a parent who is also a teenager, attending school remotely, conducting your social life online and perhaps also trying to prepare for college, we would like to hear your story.

"If you’re willing to be interviewed and photographed about your experience, tell us below: How are you navigating this terrain? What does your day-to-day routine look like? Have aspects of your life been put on hold? Has there been a toll on your mental health or has this experience been a positive one? If your story is chosen, a reporter will be in touch."

The people at the Times don't get out much, do they?

ITEM 4: Watch a New York Times reporter get owned. I like how she believes there is some super-duper magic reporters do to get a story that readers don't understand. 

ITEM 5: Deutsche Welle reported, "Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca will deliver to the EU less than half the amount of COVID-19 vaccine doses that it pledged for the first quarter of 2021, company boss Pascal Soriot admitted to European lawmakers on Thursday.

"The drugmaker has long said it will not be able to fulfill its target, but the confirmation remains a blow to the EU’s vaccine rollout.

"The bloc has fallen far behind the United States, Britain and Israel in vaccinating its public, blaming supply chain issues. About 8% of the adult population of the EU have been vaccinated, according to European Commission Chief Ursula von der Leyen."

14% of adults in the USA have been vaccinated.

It helped to have a businessman as president.

ITEM 6: ET reported, "Dr. Fred Pescatore, a close friend of Lady Gaga's dog walker and trainer, Ryan Fischer -- who was shot and hospitalized on Wednesday evening when two of her dogs, Gustavo and Koji, were kidnapped -- is completely devastated at the horrific crime. ET spoke with Pescatore on Thursday -- whose dog Fischer also walked for seven years in New York -- and he gave some insight into Fischer and Fischer's relationship to the 34-year-old singer's beloved French bulldogs."

Dognappers shot Fischer 4 times in an attempt to get Lady Gaga's 3 dogs. Fischer was able to protect one of them.

The doctor said, "He would literally lay down his life for any one of our dogs."

The story is heartbreaking, and yet uplifting. Who would do such a thing to such a nice man? Of course Lady Gaga is devastated.

ITEM 7: The Blaze reported, "Karen Hinton once worked as a press secretary for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, and according to the onetime aide, they were less-than-great experiences.

"In fact, Hinton claims that the Democrat politicos are guilty of practicing what she calls penis politics.

"And by Hinton’s calculations, no one has ever been better at it than Cuomo — though de Blasio did his best to create an office atmosphere where men exerted power over women."

This follows Lindsey Boylan's claim that Cuomo sexually harassed her when she worked in his administration. 

Meanwhile, the wheels have come off both the state and the city. It is time for voters in New York to give Penis Politics a circumcision.

ITEM 8: The Daily Mail reported, "An elite Massachusetts liberal arts college has quietly conceded that there was no truth to allegations of racism made by one of their students that 'ruined the lives' of numerous campus workers.

"Oumou Kanoute was in the canteen at Smith College on July 31, 2018 when she claimed she was profiled for 'eating while black' after a security guard asked her what she was doing.  

"Kanoute, a psychology undergraduate student, posted video of the incident on social media and claimed that she was the victim of racism. 

"However, an independent law firm investigating the incident found that same year that there was no evidence of wrongdoing and cleared all those involved. The case has come to light again after an employee resigned from the school on Friday, citing a 'racially hostile environment.' "

Another hoax.

The story mentioned her by name 25 times but did not say if Smith College expelled her or punished her in any way.

Jussie Smollett. Crystal Magnum. Tawana Brawley. I cannot recall when a black racist was punished for false accusations. Until that happens, expect more.

ITEM 9: Reuters reported, "C. Arnold McClure chairs the Republican Party in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania -- deep in Trump country -- and wants to punish fellow conservatives who have turned against the former president.

"McClure is among those pushing the state party to censure Pennsylvania’s Republican senator, Pat Toomey, for voting this month to convict Donald Trump, at his second impeachment trial, of inciting the U.S. Capitol riots. McClure will apply the same standard to any Republican candidate in upcoming elections who seeks support in his rural county: Those who have defended Trump will pass 'our first litmus test,' he said. He has a simple question for any who have not: 'What the hell?' "

He is absolutely right.

Not one Democrat denounced the riots this summer that caused billion of dollars in damage.

Toomey is just another fake.

ITEM 10Just the News reported, "Former U.S. Olympic gymnastic coach John Geddert died by suicide Thursday after being charged in Michigan on 24 felony counts in connection with criminal misconduct, including sexual assault and human trafficking.

"Prosecutors said as many as 50 female gymnasts could be victims of the alleged crimes, according to the Washington Post."

It is a sad end to a once brilliant career.

But it is not as sad as what happened to those girls.

ITEM 11: Guess what cookie I am not buying.

When the name of your product is an insult to black people, maybe you should avoid politics altogether.

ITEM 12: The New York Post reported, "Facebook has apologized to Rita Rich-Mulcahy, the 81-year-old knitter who was nearly banned from the site for promoting 'white pigs.'

"It all started when Rich-Mulcahy, of Adelaide, Australia, began knitting stuffed animals to pass the time and distract the grieving widow from the death of her husband in 2020. She also set up a Facebook page through which to share her swine-inspired crafts.

"Recently, the self-proclaimed porcophile was flagged for hate speech by the social-media company — for writing the caption 'white pigs' under images of her knitted piglets.

"The guiltless woman called it a frightening experience for someone without so much as 'an overdue library book,' she claimed."

It is a sad world that is run by penny ante people who pick on little old ladies.

ITEM 13: Andrea Widburg reported, "It was public knowledge that Hunter Biden was a crack cocaine addict which had resulted in his being booted from the Navy, that he’d had an affair with his sister-in-law after his brother died from cancer, that he impregnated a stripper, and that he refused to pay for his children and, instead, married another woman. The media rather successfully dressed all this up in the story of a troubled young man trying to make good."

He's 50.

Not 15, but 50.

It gets worse.

She wrote, "A Taiwanese outlet made public videos showing Hunter, a man with a foot fetish, smoking crack and cavorting with multiple women. Additionally, tweets on the computer indicated that the women in Hunter’s life worried about him and underage girls. In this regard, Hunter must take after his father who has been shown in endless video footage fondling and nuzzling little girls. It doesn’t matter to me if that public behavior is the only and worst thing Joe Biden does to little girls. It’s sufficient to make him a creep and a pervert."

Not to be outdone, the Daily Mail revealed more sordid details. It said, "EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden was living with his brother Beau's widow Hallie while sending raunchy texts and FaceTiming in the shower with her married SISTER as they declared their love and she called him her ‘prince.’ "

He grew up rich, connected and spoiled. 

Contrast and compare with Trump's children.

ITEM 15: Hasbro denies that Mr. Potato Head will become gender neutral

The Associated Press says it will.

Biology says potatoes have no gender.

This is a silly century.


  1. Item 8:
    Check out the same story at
    Not really a hoax.
    The student did feel she had been racially profiled.
    Police were called as she ate lunch.
    A janitor employed by the college placed the call.
    He been asked to do so if he saw unauthorized persons in the building.
    The place where she was eating lunch was the public lobby area of a dorm.
    The dorm was closed and unoccupied for the summer.

    Important facts to understanding a misunderstanding.

    1. It was closed because it was hosting a grade-school camp, and employees were asked to report any suspicious outsiders, which is a prudent idea when overseeing children. Why would you leave out that fact?

    2. If facts are included, the racial victim story falls apart. Spectre's just being a good newspeak groupthinker for Big Brother.

    3. She was where she wasn't supposed to be. The janitor was doing what he was asked to do. If he left her there, he might have lost his job. But now because of her false accusations he is labeled as a RACIST. This is not right.

    4. I read the article at Legal Insurrection, and YOU must have missed this paragraph which actually calls it a RACIAL HOAX!! "But as we indicated in our first post about Shaw, an exhaustive outside investigation cleared the staff members. It was a racism hoax, a false narrative that fed into an national narrative and altered the policies of Smith College."

    5. Search “Captain Silly Bones” for a real doozy from the People’s Republic of Montgomery County MD, dateline G-Burg. WMAL just said police will NOT be charging him because he broke no state law. Soooo...if I was still working down there I could Air The Bone during Zoom calls with my directs? I mean, why didn’t I know how repressed I was, right?

      “Silly” seems too light a word, Big D. How about Bat Shite Insane” instead?

    6. She doxxed two employees who were not even present and accused them of racism. Both have since lost their jobs. She was utterly dishonest about the incident and continues to be so today. "Important facts to understanding a misunderstanding" indeed.

    7. Actually she was taking a nap on a sofa when she was found. Their is a homeless issue in Northampton plus an all women’s campus extra paranoia. The staff did their job she cried racist to save face.

    8. Actually she was taking a nap on a sofa when she was found. Their is a homeless issue in Northampton plus an all women’s campus extra paranoia. The staff did their job she cried racist to save face.

    9. Actually she was taking a nap on a sofa when she was found. Their is a homeless issue in Northampton plus an all women’s campus extra paranoia. The staff did their job she cried racist to save face.

  2. Thus endeth the first full business month of the Joe Mama Rolling Blunder Revue. The 10 year has decoupled from the Fed rate, bombing has restarted in Syria, and Joe Manchin (!?) is the most powerful person in the Senate...

    They’re selling independence
    Actors in the White House
    Acid indigestion
    Mortgage on my life
    Mortgage on my life

    Down the road I go

    1. As the economy moves towards a depression, I am already in one.

    2. SL, nothing to be see depressed about, GOD is still on his sapphire throne. This is merely a test. Passing is easy, keep your faith in Jesus. Remember that brothers and sisters in Christ languish under far worse and sing his name with joy.

    3. I keep asking God what He has planned for me. I’m hoping for the “To Arms!” answer but it hasn’t come yet.

  3. 2 - they are going to push the militia and white supremest crap forever.

    10 - he took the cowards way out but spared the women from having to relive the horrors by testifying.

    1. Schlong - I'm tired of white people apologizing for a history of imagining, creating and building societies that honored individual freedom, thought and creativity and lifted more of the world's population out of poverty and darkness than any skin tone group before it in the history of humankind.

      It's not bragging if you've achieved it.

      Time to go John Galt.

    2. I wonder if Western Civ. will be taught at any high schools or universities ever again... ZB

  4. 1. This is the start of invoking the 25th amendment. Everyone knows he's senile. He's always been stupid but, stupid and senile are a deadly combination.

    1. So you prefer Commie-la Harris as President?

    2. I would rather have Kamala forced to take responsibility for her actions than trust unnamed, unseen and unscrutinized handlers hiding behind Biden's skirts.

    3. NB: I suspect you are being WAY optimistic if you think Kamaltow will have a say in her administration. She was picked for her vacuousness just as much as Bidet was.

  5. Item 3: How many 13/14/15/16/17/18/19-year-old parents will they find? Not that I will know, for I will not read anything the NYT publishes, for I despise, detest, and totally DISTRUST everything in the NYT (the WqaPoo, too!).

    Item 6: Did he have a sign on him, saying "I'm Lady GaGa's dog walker"? How would that guy know?

    Item 7: "Meanwhile, the wheels have come off both the state and the city. It is time for voters in New York to give Penis Politics a circumcision." I'd suggest "radical surgery..."

  6. cross posted at

  7. Don,

    Please bring your readers attention to

  8. Why wasn't Gaga walking her own dogs? Why have animals as pets and ignore them? They weren't stolen, they were liberated.

    1. AND GoogooGAGA offered $500,000 for her dogs, NO QUESTIONS ASKED...I guess she really doesn't care that somebody got shot 4 times trying to protect her dogs??? Screw him...just bring her the dogs.


  9. Embarrassed that the answer to your intro is item #15, a fellow alumnus of my high school in Towson, MD

  10. apreciate the morning wake up call

  11. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    1: President Truman did not need anyone's approval to bomb Nagasaki and Hiroshima and end World War II.

    Maybe, but he had to be dragged into it by George Marshall.

    And do you really want the doofus from Dover to have his finger on the nucular trigger? Of course, it's a great incentive to reinstate Trump.

    2: "Wolf!".

    3: Sounds like they're looking for a way out of the lockdown.

    5: All those advanced nations, as someone once said.

    7: You mean release the kraken?

    10: It used to be called white slavery.

    12: Activism is a way for useless people to feel important, even if the consequences of their activism are counterproductive for those they claim to be helping and damaging to the fabric of society as a whole.

    Thomas Sowell

  12. Replies
    1. #12 Fascistbook put me in jail for seven days for this hate speech: The Equity Act codifies that real females are second class behind fake females.