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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: The Hartford Courant reported, "Profane anti-Biden flag causing controversy in Connecticut, around the nation."

The flag says Fuck Biden.

The Hartford Courant blamed President Emeritus Donald John Trump.

I do not recall the media blaming Hillary for anti-Trump profanities and the riot on the day we inaugurated President Trump.

The story said, "Plymouth police Capt. Edward Benecchi said residents have complained, saying neighborhood kids and students passing on school buses should not have to see such profanity.

"But Benecchi said police consulted with the state’s attorney’s office in New Britain and found 'we are unable to intercede as it would violate (the residents’) First Amendment right to free speech.' "

I suppose I should condemn it, but watching liberals go Church Lady about the flag amuses me. Besides, I recall De Niro and others saying Fuck Trump live on national TV.

Free speech is not always pleasant.

ITEM 2: Huffington Post reported, "South Carolina’s new law banning most abortions was suspended by a federal judge Friday on its second day in effect.

"Judge Mary Geiger Lewis put a 14-day temporary restraining order on the law and will renew it until she can hold a more substantial hearing on March 9 to decide whether to keep it from being enforced until Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit against South Carolina is finished."

Obama judge. The ruling doesn't count.

ITEM 3: Kelsey Bolar reported, "Amongst the record-breaking number of executive actions taken by President Joe Biden was one related to a little-known, frightening Obama-era program called Operation Choke Point. The program, dubbed so under former Attorney General Eric Holder, uses the power of the federal government to target legal yet leftist-disfavored businesses. These include gun sellers, pawnshops, and short-term money lenders.

"The Trump administration did its best to end this blatantly unconstitutional program that sought to discriminate against legal industries. In 2017, the Justice Department declared the program 'formally over.' At the end of Trump’s term, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency established the Fair Access rule to solidify its culmination.

"But on Jan. 28, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency under President Biden announced it would pause the Trump-era rule intended to prevent another Operation Choke Point from happening again."

The next Republican president should target Planned Parenthood, its employees, its suppliers, and its donors.

Don't repeal Chairman Xiden's orders. Use them to retaliate instead.

ITEM 4: The Blaze reported, "Daily Beast editor accuses Tucker Carlson of adding 'googly eyes' to AOC photo — then admits he was wrong."

Substitute "AOC" for Barney Google in the Barney Google March.

Here comes A-O-C with the goo-goo-googly eyes.

ITEM 5: NBC complained, "NASA is reprising an old quest: a search for life on Mars.

"The hunt for red planet residents began close to four decades ago, when the agency sent two spacecraft — the Viking landers — to Mars. Their task was to prove that the planet, while red, is not dead.

"The landers initially sent back data that seemed consistent with bacteria-like organisms in the soil. But with further analysis, early optimism soured. Was there life on Mars? NASA concluded: Probably not.

"This wishy-washy answer was frustratingly ambiguous, especially for a $1 billion experiment."

We spend a trillion dollars a year on social welfare programs. That's 1,000 times a billion bucks.

If we reversed that spending, there would be far fewer poor people, and astronauts would be on their way to Alpha Centauri.

ITEM 6: Al Jazeera reported, "United States defense secretary Lloyd Austin called for a reduction in violence in Afghanistan and said more progress is needed in Afghan peace negotiations before Western forces withdraw from the war-torn country."


Just leave.

19 years of pointless war is enough.

ITEM 7: National Review reported, "Senator Joe Manchin (D., W. Va.) said Friday he will not support Neera Tanden’s nomination for director of the Office of Management and Budget, citing her 'overtly partisan statements.'

"The moderate Democrat’s opposition imperils Tanden’s confirmation with the Senate evenly divided between the parties."

He's as fake a moderate as National Review is fake conservative. Chairman Xiden should just buy a few million more EpiPens from Manchin's kid and get Tanden approved. Manchin is not for sale at any price, but he rents out pretty cheap.

ITEM 8: The Family Research Council reported, "Utah Parents Push Back Against the Transgender Agenda -- and Win."

The story said, "A group of Utah parents have prompted a review of an "equity book program" in their local school district after a teacher read a book favorable to transgenderism to a class of third-graders. The book, Call Me Max, written by transgender-identified author Kyle Lukoff, follows the story of a girl wanting to be seen as a boy."

We let Heather Has Two Mommies slide 30 years ago.

Big mistake.

ITEM 9: News Busters reported, "The Hill reported on Wednesday that the oldest Obama daughter, Malia accepted a writing position on the set of Donald Glover’s upcoming Amazon Prime series. The 22 year-old former first daughter has been trying to make it in Hollywood productions for the last several years. According to The New York Post, this project marks Obama’s first “professional entertainment gig after several A-list internships, including a stint on the set of HBO’s ‘Girls’ in 2015.

"The Hill also acknowledged that in 2017, Obama had begun a high-profile internship at Harvey Weinstein’s eponymous company before Weinstein left the company in disgrace amid numerous sexual assault and sexual abuse allegations."

In its lead paragraph, News Busters asked, "What’s next? The Obama dogs getting their own late night talk show?"

No, but maybe Chelsea will.

ITEM 10: Antonia Malchik wrote, "Private land ownership is a beautiful dream gone badly wrong. It’s time to reinstate the forgotten ideal of the commons."

Let's start with her home. I'm calling dibs on the couch.

ITEM 11: WSBT reported, "Billboard declares Michigan's Gov. Whitmer 'Indiana's Business Person of the Year.' "

Well, she certainly sent enough business to Indiana from Occupied Michigan to earn the honor.

Kellie Barker, a server at Red Arrow Restaurant in Fremont, told the TV station, "They're appreciative that we're open. And they also support the other businesses too, like the fishing places and just shopping."

Who's your daddy, Michigan? Hoosier Daddy.

ITEM 12: Buzz Feed reported, "As millions across Texas endured freezing temperatures without running water or electricity this week, immigrants detained by ICE said they have endured their own misery with not enough to drink, toilets full of human excrement that couldn’t be flushed, and days without being able to shower.

At the South Texas Family Residential Center in Dilley, Texas, Adrian, a Honduran man who was seeking asylum in the US, said there hasn’t been running water at the ICE detention facility since Monday."

Liberals worry more about illegal aliens than they do their fellow citizens. 

Here's a thought, send all the illegal aliens AND all the liberals back to Mexico.

ITEM 13: The Blaze reported, "The lights are back on for most all Texans after a disastrous week where millions saw extended power outages when the state’s power grid failed to keep up with brutal winter storms.

"But now a new crisis has hit for many residents: massive electric bills that some say they cannot possibly pay. The highest reported so far for one residential customer is at $17,000 — and that’s just for the month to date as of yesterday."

Texas sits on more oil and natural gas reserves than any state, plus it has coal. 

It takes a certain genius to convince someone to sit on all that and return to the 16th century when they relied on windmills.

ITEM 14: Reuters reported, "U.S. land borders with Canada and Mexico will remain closed to non-essential travel until at least March 21, the one-year anniversary of the restrictions to address COVID-19 transmission concerns, the U.S. government said Friday.

"The new 30-day extension is the first announced under President Joe Biden and comes as the White House has been holding meetings about potentially tightening requirements for crossing at U.S. land borders in North America, officials said."

This restriction does not apply to illegal aliens, who now have more rights than American citizens do.

ITEM 15: Zero Hedge reported, "Within the first few weeks of the Biden administration a handful of viral stories alleged there had been an immediate uptick in US convoys and logistical equipment headed into northeast Syria, which many took to reflect an escalation of the occupation under the new administration. However, given that most US action in Syria including troop movements and locations at any given moment are classified and done far away from ground-level media reporting, it's almost impossible to verify whether such large convoys in and out of the country are part of 'routine' resupply missions or if they represent a broader build-up of forces.

"On the heels of the recent speculation and slightly increased or renewed public interest in Syria, there are fresh reports out this week that the Pentagon is actually constructing a new US base in northeast Hasakah. Significantly, this allegation is also being featured in Syrian state media."

President Emeritus Donald Trump got us out of there. The press went wild with Fake News about genocide.

Chairman Xiden puts us back in there. The press went wild over Cruz's cruise to Cancun.

ITEM 16: Just the News reported, "Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced plans to honor the recently deceased radio talk-show giant Rush Limbaugh by lowering the state's flags to half-staff, once the burial date is announced."

Obama lowered the flag for Bob Byrd and attended his funeral. I trust the governor will be at Limbaugh's.

ITEM 17: The Associated Press reported, "The Biden administration on Thursday rescinded former president Donald Trump’s restoration of U.N. sanctions on Iran, an announcement that could help Washington move toward rejoining the 2015 nuclear agreement aimed at reining in the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program.

"Acting U.S. Ambassador Richard Mills sent a letter to the U.N. Security Council on behalf of President Joe Biden saying the United States 'hereby withdraws' three letters from the Trump administration culminating in its Sept. 19 announcement that the United States had re-imposed U.N. sanctions on Tehran."

A vote for a Democrat is a vote for Death To America Iran.

ITEM 18: American Lookout reported, "Donald Trump has been invited to speak at CPAC (the Conservative Political Action Conference) next week.

"He has spoken at the event several times over the years so it wouldn’t be surprising if he decided to do it again this year.

"The event is typically carried by TV news stations so it would be the first time a national audience has seen him in a while."

I hope he does speak.

Last year, CPAC disinvited Mitt over his vote to remove President Trump from office.

ITEM 19: WRCB reported, "Alaska woman using outhouse attacked by bear – from below."

The story said, "A woman in Southeast Alaska said she never imagined having an issue with bears while winter camping near Haines last weekend, until one bit her on her bottom.

"Shannon Stevens was camping with her brother and his girlfriend at a yurt near Chilkat Lake on Saturday, when she left to use the outhouse after dinner."

Bears. They get you coming and going.

ITEM 20: Fox reported, "A young Montana state House of Representatives lawmaker introduced a resolution calling for Antifa to be designated a terrorist organization.

"GOP Rep. Braxton Mitchell, R, said that over the last several years of his teenage life, into adulthood, he has watched Antifa — short for Anti-Fascist — expand and gain a stronger presence."

The story said, "The measure originally had 53 co-sponsors, though following his explanation that additional groups could not be added to it, 31 Republican lawmakers removed their names."

The Party of Cowards.

ITEM 21: Gab announced, "At 6:09 pm EST Gab became aware of several accounts that were posting bitcoin wallet spam and related content. At 6:25 pm out of an abundance of caution we brought the site offline in order to immediately assess the situation, solve the problem, and get Gab back online as soon as possible. Because of our quick action zero bitcoin was sent to any of the addresses posted and the affected accounts have been secured."


I am sorry they had to go through that but it is good that they were up to the task. 

FINALLY, Rocket 88. Maybellene. Hot Rod Lincoln. Rock 'n' Roll was built on cars.

What music do you get from teens playing video games instead of driving cars? 

No wonder today's music sucks. Even country music.

Mustang Sally is dead. Not only is Little GTO gone, but the entire Pontiac line as well. The last good car song was Little Red Corvette. It had everything you could want in a song. Speed, double entendre, and a good beat that you could dance to.


  1. Item 1: I bet none of those people have a problem seeing ACAB or F... the police spray painted on various surfaces in their cities/towns.

    1. The only thing about that F Biden flag that bothers me is that the article doesn't say where I can buy my very own flag

    2. Right down the road from me. I have the matching T-shirt. Caused quite a ruckus at the local diner during the fake inauguration. Some loser threatened to call the same police dept.

  2. 1 - from what I know, the language on a school bus is pretty vulgar. The flag is no big deal to today’s yutes.

    3 - the destruction of America under Xiden continues.

    4 - Mark Steyn took down The Daily Beast and AOC with his usual humor and brilliance.

    Cow Flatulence After Shave!!! Funny but I think I’ll pass.

    9 - woof woof

    12 - making it feel just like home to the illegals.

    17 - I await Israel’s response to Xiden’s disgraceful action.

  3. Disarm.Turnoff your furnace.Arm your enemies.
    Now what?

  4. Item 9 - Last sentence: Oh Snap, you went there! I know that Rush just passed, but dang.

    Item 10: The poorly educated person who wrote that has apparently never heard of "The Tragedy of the Commons".
    That article is just more utopian/communist drivel.

  5. Item 1: I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not bummmmmmed. Ohhhhhhh, poor, POOR BABIES!!

    Item 7: I could say that National review is dead to me, and has since 2015, but I prefer to call it a YUUUUUUUUUGE pile of rotten, stinking feces. (I could elaborate, but this is Don's place, and I don't mess with The DON.)

  6. Item #1: How do I get the flag? I would imagine its selling out like hotcakes. However, it spelled Xiden wrong.

  7. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    1: Only if you're a Lefty.

    3: Zippy's third term. It just won't last 4 years.

    8: Could be Willard Milton is just a product of SLC.

    9: Nice one. Woof.

    Although one of those girls is the spitting image of her father.

    In vitro?

    10: One of the first things man did as he became civilized is establish private property.

    14: Toldja. Then people will look at a year stolen from them and get very angry.

    18: Trump can draw more viewers streaming that the lying dogfaced pony soldier can in person.

    1. 10. Hobbes and Locke contend that part of government’s “raison d’etre” is to secure, preserve, protect one’s private property. Locke extends private property to man’s pre-political state in that we are born owning ourselves.

      Sadly today our government exists to snatch all our property and freedoms and tell us that we’ll be happy about it.

  8. "Texas sits on more oil and natural gas reserves than any state, plus it has coal.

    It takes a certain genius to convince someone to sit on all that and return to the 16th century when they relied on windmills."

    This is a half-truth. We don't rely on windmills. They are a political kickback scheme. What's killing us is immigration. Our state has been flooded with new residents from both inside and outside the USA (taking up from R+25 under Reagan to R+5 today). We have not beefed up our baseline power production from primary energy sources which means when natural gas lines freeze (brilliant move on deciding not to winterize them) the system can have problems.

    What Texas needs is a halt in population growth (not likely) and a return to the days of only twenty years ago when our baseline power grid could run everything without all these satellite natural gas plants.

    Windmills are a joke and always have been. They're a distraction from the real issue.

    1. Basically you're lying, Don.

      Windmills don't factor into the grid much at all even in the summer--and never in winter. Natural gas let us down and nuclear wasn't there because it can't be throttled up like a jet engine. This is what bunny huggers don't understand.

    2. And yet you bitch about how we need to get rid of CO2 at Pirate's Cove all the time.

      Of course, windmills, like solar and a lot of other Lefty propaganda is what they call soft energy; doesn't do much unless you want to power a traffic light somewhere out in the boonies.

      Natural gas let us down and nuclear wasn't there because it can't be throttled up like a jet engine.

      Now comes the pitch.

      Natural gas let us down? How?

      And nuclear was a big issue because Hiroshima racism.


    3. You don't live in TX any more than you ever lived in Nigeria or South Vietnam.

  9. Item #13: For less than $17,000 you could have a whole house generator installed. Of course, you will soon have to go on a long waiting list for the contractors to have time to install one.
    Call this CW's law: Generator sales follow renewable energy installation. The more renewable energy that is installed, the more generators will be sold in that area.
    If you want to watch a video on how to repair a generator, most of them are British. One of the biggest web sites for generator repair parts is - a British based company. The Brits learned the hard way (as the Germans, Californians, and now Texans) that renewable energy is not only more expensive, but far more unreliable.
    The Green New Deal will make us all more knowledgeable about personally owned generators.

    1. Nigeria is filled with these. When I lived there the power went out daily. The growl and soot of diesel generators are permanently etched on me. Not a good direction for us to go but a sad and looming necessity as we drift down toward third world status.

    2. Gee, you lived just about every day, dincha, Jeffery?

      You never lived anywhere but St Lou.

  10. "The last good car song was Little Red Corvette."

    Who needs car songs when you have Dos Gringos singing about F-16s?


    1. Oh, right, the guys you used to call baby killers, right?


      Shows how much you know.

      Last good car song was Shut Down.

  11. 1. What are the chances that the neighborhood kids don't say what the flag does? Zero?

    Free Speech means free to speak what your Masters order to you speak.

    2. The judge has no standing.

    As Andrew Jackson said, "Justice Marshall has made his decision. Now let him enforce it."

    3. Cryptocurrency. Decouple from Big Debt.

    5. Pre-Apollo program ten year old me sat in the backyard, looking at the moon and wondering when I would go there. The answer turned out to be, Never. Instead NASA went from the moon to the colossal white elephant in the Space Shuttle. NASA's greatest achievement since Apollo 17 was guarding its budget like any government bureaucracy.

    6. He wants to keep his kickbacks coming from the poppy fields.

    The purveyors of Eternal War are back in charge.

    Next: the services whining about lack of enlistment for their new woke services.

    8. Start 'em early.

    War Is Peace. Freedom Is Slavery. Love is Hate. That Man's a Woman. 2020 Was The Most Honest Election Ever.

    9. Oh. You mean the Clinton's dog?

    10. Yeah, Common Land was such a smashing success in Stalinist Russia.

    11. Don, you should add that the sign is in Indiana.

    12. Send them to Honduras. It's farther away.

    13. They didn't depend on windmills. They used them when they worked.

    Old: Put the government in charge of the Sahara Desert and in five years there will be a shortage of sand.

    New: Put the government in charge of Texas Energy and in five years there will be a shortage of power.

    14. The fundamental philosophy driving the Democratic Regime is, "What does the most damage."

    America Last until there's no America at all.

    15. Cruz should have said, "What do you think I can do? Fix their furnaces?"

    16. Missouri's Parsons should be, too.

    17. What course of action will do the most damage to the US? That's what they do.

    18. He should go to Marjorie Taylor Greene's counter event since CPAC uninvited her. CPAC is GOPe.

    Don't trust GOPe. GOPe is asshole.


    21. I was there. I did lose the witty comment I was in the midst of posting. [sigh] and it was my favoritest.

    Finally: Modern music sucks. I picked up an instrument at age 50 and started making my own.

  12. Item 10: I tried to read the article by Antonia Malchik.
    In fifth paragraph, she says " on hundreds – perhaps thousands – of years of care by the Blackfoot tribe whose land it should have remained". My understanding of the Blackfoot tribe is they were hunter/gathers like all the Plains Indian tribes. After they hunt and gathered out an area, they moved. They did nothing to care for the land.
    In the tenth paragraph, the Charter of the Forest appears to grant rights to do what you want on your forest land. That is not what she is trying to encourage.
    Her solution appears to be a commans "scientifically managed" by a bureaucracy. Considering the ineffectiveness of the BLM, not an attractive idea.

  13. #1. You can't condemn it, I can. The dang thing is way to small. Oh, and they need a much taller flag pole. The site to order one is
    #8. They complain that we said Heather Has Two Mommies would send us on a slippery slope, what they mean is it isn't slippery enough for their tastes.
    #12. Mexico is way too close. Send em to Antarctica.

  14. I thought the eye thing was Charlie Chapman.

  15. #2 ""South Carolina’s new law banning most abortions was suspended by a federal judge Friday on its second day in effect."

    Boy, all those Trump judges sure are helpful, aren't they. Except for the one in Houston, has a single one uttered a peep? Nope. Sin of omission. Conservatives continue to suffer through their decades-long winter of betrayal.

  16. I think the flag should say "Frack Biden". SciFi fans would get it and others would see it as a slap at Biden's ban on fracking.

    10. Ah yes, back when land was held in common by the king. Favored cronies would be given sections to run and control the common people who lived upon the common land. Of course, if the crony lost favor the land could be taken and a new boss given the land and common people.

  17. Forget about the Pennsylvania Dutch, the Texan Dutch have got their windmills and will soon be replacing all cowboy boots with clogs, sho nuff.

  18. That’s “Put a TIGER in your tank”, you dumb ol’ bear!

  19. #5 No, no life will be found on Mars. Only life in the universe is on Earth, as the Creator intended. Sagan was wrong.

  20. 13. How the heck do you run up a 17 thousand dollar electric bill?

    Finally. Gamers/music -- for the answer, see Gavin Dunne, aka Miracle of Sound.

  21. We can shove it in their faces and be polite at the same time.

  22. Don - Not disputing the insanity of relying on "green" energy, but take a look at DOE Order 202-21-1. As I understand it, Texas asked for relief from environmental emissions standards so we could operate our fossil fuel plants at a capacity that, while exceeding federal emissions standards, would have allowed us to most likely avoid the rolling blackouts that caused so much trouble. The order, as I read it, granted the waiver - provided we charge $1500/MWh for the plants that exceeded federal emission standards. I'm no expert, but I believe the average market price of energy in Texas is something less than $30/MWh, if not lower.

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