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Monday, February 15, 2021

Highlights of the News


So, what will they impeach President Donald John Trump for next? Gloating? The Kalorama Communists (as a reader called the people running D.C.) will come up with some excuse.

ITEM 1: Impeachment allowed Democrats to turn their Fake Victory in November into a very real loss. They have a 10-seat majority in the House and a zero-seat majority in the Senate which is unlikely to hold after next year's midterm.

Glenn Reynolds observed, "The Democrats have converted impeachment from a measure of 'high crimes and misdemeanors' to simply an indicator that the House of Representatives is controlled by the opposition party. Once again, people claiming to stand up in favor of institutions and traditions against Donald Trump have actually wrecked those institutions and traditions out of pique. This has done lasting damage to the Republic, and they don’t care. They never care.

"As I told my twentysomething Con Law students, they have now lived through 75% of America’s presidential impeachments. Of course, if they were one year old, they would still have lived through 50%.

"That’s not normal, and the source of the abnormality isn’t Trump."

I blame the media for never challenging this abnormality. Had the Wall Street Journal and others acted responsibly and called out the crimeless Ukraine impeachment, this would never have happened again. But Democrats paid no penalty for ignoring the Constitution, so they ignored it again.

Professor Reynolds teaches constitutional law. Democrats want to make that a dead-end line of work by making the subject as dead as Latin.

His students must Make the Constitution Relevant Again, or else learn to code. 

ITEM 2The Associated Press reported, "The Democrats who prosecuted Donald Trump's impeachment trial faced puzzlement and criticism from senators on Saturday as they surprised most everyone — Trump’s lawyers and Senate Democrats included — with an attempt to call witnesses, only to abandon it as lawmakers balked at the possibility of an extended trial."

There was no puzzlement.

At the last moment, Democrats changed the rules to put up witnesses. Team Trump said fine, here is our list of 100 witnesses. Democrats knew that would only drag out this farce and embarrass them further. They folded.

A straight news lead was in order:
Democrat prosecutors backed down on calling witnesses to the impeachment trial after Donald Trump's lawyers said they would call 100 witnesses in response.
This is not difficult. I know if I can do it, AP can do it. Writing straight leads and leaving the analysis to bloggers would greatly improve journalism.

ITEM 3: Mitch McConnell told Republicans to vote their consciences. 43 did and acquitted Donald Trump of this unconstitutional farce. 

7 kissed up to the media (Burr, Cassidy, Collins, Murkowski, Romney, Sasse, and Toomey).

The executive committee of the Louisiana Republican Party immediately and unanimously censured Bill Cassidy. Sadly, he just began his second 6-year term, so we are stuck with the nitwit.

Likewise, the North Carolina Republican Party condemned Richard Burr. He is retiring at the end of his term, as is Pat Toomey.

Not one Democrat was brave enough to stand up to the mob and defend the Constitution.

ITEM 4The Stars and Stripes reported, "No U.S. troops have died in combat in Afghanistan for a year as of Monday, but the Taliban have threatened to target them again if Washington opts to keep international forces in the country after a May withdrawal deadline.

"Army Sgts. 1st Class Javier Gutierrez and Antonio Rodriguez were the last Americans to die in battle in Afghanistan on Feb. 8, 2020. Two other service members — Army Staff Sgt. Ian McLaughlin and Army Pfc. Miguel Villalon — were killed in combat there in January last year.

"Weeks after their deaths, the U.S. and Taliban signed a deal under which Washington pledged to fully withdraw U.S.-led international forces from the country by May 1 of this year provided the Taliban held up its end of the agreement, including stopping attacks on foreign troops, and barring terrorist groups such as al-Qaida from using Afghanistan as a springboard to attack the U.S. or its allies."

Bring them home.


ITEM 5: Just the News reported, "The growing effort to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom has reportedly secured enough signatures to trigger a special election, potentially setting up the first gubernatorial recall in that state in nearly two decades.

"Organizers have obtained 1.5 million signatures, more than enough to mandate a special election, Fox News reported on Saturday. The number was allegedly hit earlier this week. 

"The secretary of state will have to process the signatures first to ensure they are valid. 

"Newsom has faced extended criticism for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic—particularly his shutdown orders, which have at times been among the strictest in the nation—as well as a disastrous PR blunder last year when he was spotted mask-less and at a crowded dinner table in an indoor restaurant. 

"The last California recall election took place in 2003; in that instance, Arnold Schwarzenegger successfully won the election after voters recalled Democratic Gov. Gray Davis."

Is it too late for Donald Trump to move to California to qualify?

ITEM 6: United Press International reported, "Four representatives were named on Friday to serve on a commission to identify Confederate names and symbols in the Defense Department.

"Retired Navy Adm. Michele Howard, retired Marine Corps Gen. Bob Neller, American Enterprise Institute foreign and defense policy director Dr. Kori Schake and U.S. Military Academy emeritus professor of history and retired Brig. Gen. Ty Seidule were named to the commission by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

"The commission has been mandated by Congress to explore potential name changes to Defense Department property bearing the names of luminary figures of the Confederate States of America."

While they are at it, how about changing the name of Fort Dix to something less risque?

Fort Cox.

(My apologies in advance to the relatives of John Adams Dix, a brave hero of the War of 1812 and a Union general in the Civil War 50 years later. Men were tougher then. Really tough. You don't tame a wilderness with comfort animals and a safe space.)

ITEM 7People magazine reported, "Two Republican lawmakers in Tennessee proposed legislation this week that, if passed and if it survived court challenges, would allow fathers to file a petition to prevent women with whom they conceived a fetus from having an abortion.

"The proposed law, SB 0494 in the state Senate and HB 1079 in the state House of Representatives, would let a man 'petition a court with jurisdiction over domestic relations matters to request an injunction to prohibit a woman who is pregnant with the person's unborn child from obtaining an abortion.' "

If abortion is a choice and a right then it applies to both parties.

Right now a woman who does not want to be a mother, she can abort the baby, but if a man does not want to be a father, too bad. He is on the hook for child support until the kid turns 18.

That renders abortion not a right, but a female privilege.

ITEM 8ABC reported, "A judge on Friday decided against dropping criminal charges lodged against a mentally ill Danish man accused of starting a large Colorado wildfire that burned 149 homes in 2018.

"The decision came after a prosecutor said Jesper Joergensen would not be deported if released from jail because of Biden administration changes to immigration policy.

"Fearing that Joergensen could pose a danger if freed, Judge Gregory Lyman instead ordered him sent to the state mental health hospital for evaluation and whether a doctor there might recommend Joergensen be forcibly medicated to treat his delusional disorder.

"Lyman acknowledged he was not sure if he had the authority to send Joergensen to the Colorado Mental Health Institute in Pueblo, which has struggled for years to keep up with demand for the evaluations of people accused of crimes."

The reason the facility cannot keep up with demand is that those in power in Colorado want it that way.

Public safety is the least concern of politicians.

ITEM 9: The Associated Press reported, "Minneapolis is planning to spend $6.4 million to hire dozens of police officers, at a time when some City Council members and activist groups have been advocating to replace the police department following George Floyd’s death.

"The City Council voted unanimously Friday to approve the additional funding that police requested. The department says it only has 638 officers available to work—roughly 200 fewer than usual. An unprecedented number of officers quit or went on extended medical leave after Floyd’s death and the unrest that followed, which included the burning of a police precinct.

"With new recruit classes, the city anticipates it will have 674 officers available at the end of the year, with another 28 in the hiring process, the Star Tribune reported."

Only a fool would rush into Minneapolis after the city defunded the police by $8 million in December.

AP did not seem to mention the defunding in its story.

ITEM 10: Deputy Press Secretary TJ Ducklo told a reporter, "I will destroy you!"

That which does not destroy you destroys itself.

ITEM 11: The New York Post reported, "Antifa protesters reportedly shoveled snow into a tall heap to block a garage driveway at the Seattle East Precinct on Saturday night.

"The snow 'prevented patrol vehicles from responding to calls,' Katie Daviscourt, a local reporter and videographer for The Post Millennial, tweeted early Sunday, along with video of a blocked cop car.

"In Portland on Friday night, a group of protesters took a break from smashing windows to pelt police officers with snowballs in a decidedly one-sided snowball fight, authorities said.

"About 30 to 50 people gathered in downtown Portland around 8 p.m. Friday and marched to Central Precinct, where they began yelling and throwing objects at the officers, according to the Portland Police Bureau.

"As officers approached their patrol cars, the protesters hit them with a barrage of snowballs."

The mayhem continues as the media continues to call an actual insurrection a "mostly peaceful protest."

ITEM 12Sports Illustrated reported, "Bluefield College, an NAIA school in Virginia, forfeited its men's basketball game on Thursday after suspending several players for kneeling during the national anthem before games in January and February.

"In a statement, school president David Olive said he told the basketball players to stop kneeling before games. When the players refused, Olive chose to suspend the players who kneeled, leading to Thursday's game against Reinhardt being forfeited."

I thank President Olive.

Soon to be ex-president, of course. 

ITEM 13: Zero Hedge reported, "In a troubling sign that economic inequality continues to widen in the pandemic recession and recovery, the luxury-jet market is taking off as millions of working-poor Americans face food and housing insecurities. 

"The Federal Reserve's wealth effect of boosting stocks and housing prices, along with shifting travel trends due to the pandemic, has not just produced a K-shaped recovery for the rich but also allowed them to splurge on used private jets. 

"Credit Suisse Group AG, BNP Paribas SA, and other bankers told Bloomberg that used private jet demand in the second half of 2020 increased. Momentum in the market is expected to roll into 2021 as vaccination efforts drive corporate demand."

So much for elitist concerns about carbon dioxide.

ITEM 14: Spiked reported, "KPMG’s UK chairman, Bill Michael, has lost his job for daring to question unconscious-bias training.

"In a Zoom meeting on Monday, Michael said ‘unconscious bias is complete crap’. He complained that ‘after every single unconscious-bias training [session] that’s ever been done, nothing’s ever improved’.

"He also accused staff of using Covid as an excuse to play ‘the role of the victim’, adding that they work in a ‘very lucky sector’. He said they should ‘take control’ of their lives rather than ‘sit there and moan’ about the pandemic."

The truth will set you free -- and to the unemployment line.

ITEM 15: Julie Kelly reported, "In a quiet but stunning correction, the New York Times backed away from its original report that Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick was killed by a Trump supporter wielding a fire extinguisher during the January 6 melee at the Capitol building. Shortly after American Greatness published my column Friday that showed how the Times gradually was backpedaling on its January 8 bombshell, the paper posted this caveat."

The caveat said, "UPDATE: New information has emerged regarding the death of the Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick that questions the initial cause of his death provided by officials close to the Capitol Police."

The Times lie served its purpose in rationalizing an unconstitutional impeachment. The Times lies big, then quietly retracts small.

You can never believe them. They lie to make the dummies who believe them feel good.

I am sad Officer Sicknick died on duty. I am also sad that the Capitol Police shot and killed Ashli E. Babbitt. She was unarmed.

ITEM 16: Sky News reported, "World’s ‘solar and wind capital’ freezing due to snow ‘blanketing millions’ of solar panels."

The story said, "Germany is held up as the world’s solar and wind capital by 'renewables luvvies' but Germans are freezing through winter due to 'millions of solar panels blanketed in snow' and turbines sitting idle, according to Rowan Dean."

Well no problem. They can just dig up some of their coal and... oh wait. They closed their last coal mine 2 years ago.

ITEM 17: The Daily Wire reported, "The National Guard members who have been patrolling the sensitive areas on Capitol Hill since the riot last month might have to remain through most of 2021.

"The National Security Council asked the Department of Defense to reach out to Capitol Police regarding how best to plan for National Guard presence after mid-March, according to an internal email obtained by local Fox 5.

"The agencies are scheduled to meet to discuss the issues next Wednesday."

I do not wish to alarm anyone but we are still in Iraq 17 years after the invasion. We are still in Afghanistan 19 years after the invasion. We are still in Korea 67 years after the truce was reached. And we are still in Germany, Italy, and Japan 75 years after World War II ended.

ITEM 18: The Post Millennial reported, "FBI investigating Lincoln Project founder who allegedly solicited 14-year-old boy."

Weasel Zippers has George Conway's attempt to save Lincoln Project from itself. 

Why are so many of these self-described principled politicos sexual predators and perverts?

I am all for extending the death penalty to child rapists.

ITEM 19: A Florida Man may be elected president in 2024.

Just not the one you are thinking of. ​Opposing illegal immigration gets the Hispanic vote now.

ITEM 20: The Philadelphia Inquirer wrote, "Trump’s Philly lawyers won the impeachment trial. But they’re facing a backlash at home." 

That is an unhealthy way of describing 100 death threats and vandalism. Just a little backlash.

ITEM 21: Sara A. Carter reported, "Lincoln Project donors include Romney’s Bain Capital and China-linked companies."

I should be surprised that these companies supported a Democrat front PAC co-founded by an alleged male groomer of boys, but I am not.

Those who most claim the high moral ground often are the least worthy of such an honor.


  1. Fort Vulva, Big D...

    Who is a shameless-enough whore that they would sign up for this useless commission? I still hold firm with the grunts, swabbies, and airmen, but “the brass” is really starting to worry me.

    1. Our grunts, swabbies and airmen are getting schlonged. With much modesty, I suggest Ft. Schlong.

    2. grunts?? I was never called a grunt those are Marine basic trainees I was never called a boot either. In the US Army they have more respect for their American Fighting men. In my battalion enlisted ate first officers last including the CO who was the last in line.

    3. How about Fort Schwanzstucker?

      ("Young Frankenstein" and the great Teri Garr...)

    4. Fort Dix is no longer a military installation. It is now a federal prison. I know this because a corrupt New York politician was sent there to serve his sentence. Therefore, a name change is a matter for the Justice Department.

    5. I was going to write, "Fort People Who Bleed" but that would actually be too accurate.

    6. If an officer isn't pooping in a cat hole like the troops he is a spos.

    7. First off Z, the idea of Ft Vulva stinks. And Master of Lard, I find the name Ft Schlong hard to swallow!

  2. Item #16. Global warming, we hardly knew ye.

  3. Item 21: Marc Elias of democrat briber/fixer/Clinton/DNC Russia Collusion mythology creator Perkins Coie (and alleger of election fraud due to voting machine manipulation on behalf of losing Democrat candidate in MI) donated over $1 million to Lincoln Project.

  4. Bring them home.


    But who will guard and preserve the poppy fields? Since we've been there that country now produces 90% of the heroin in the world.

    I know! They'll be moving to Iran after that war begins.

  5. 4 - Xiden’s handlers will sadly increase the number n

    9 - only fools will apply and Minneapolis will end up hiring unqualified policemen. the result will be predictable.

    12 & 14 - nice to see people of influence not back down. Sad to see Mr. Michael got canned.

    17 - our congress critters can hide in Washington, but eventually, they have to return home to face the people when election time occurs.

  6. cross posted at

  7. Item 1:
    "His students must Make the Constitution Relevant Again, or else learn to code. "
    Maybe both, as the Dems Have learned to code the voting machines 'properly'(for Venezuela style elections).

  8. Holding my breath for a commission to be appointed to get to the bottom of what really happened on Jan 6 and what planning led up to it.

  9. Maybe the gop will win a huge landslide in 2022 but it will be without my vote. They just allowed the democrats to steal the prez election. I am done with these uniparty weather vanes.

    1. The Republicans may never win another election if they continue to ignore the fraud and crimes of the past election.

  10. The 14th Amendment, Clause 3, allowed those who violated their oath to the US to be unable to hold any office. It was directed at Confederates, but if abortion and gay marriage is somehow recognized in the Constitution, eliminating Trump's office holding rights can be denied.

  11. A Trump smile is a grrrrrREAT way to start the day!
    Thanks, Don!

    Item 1: Mr. Surber said, "I blame the media for never challenging this abnormality. Had the Wall Street Journal and others acted responsibly and called out the crimeless Ukraine impeachment, this would never have happened again. But Democrats paid no penalty for ignoring the Constitution, so they ignored it again." As I KEEP SAYING, I don't know if the media is/are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dem Party, or if it's the other way round, but it's OBVIOUS that they are in CAHOOTS!

    Item 5 put a BIIIIIIIIIG smile on my face!


    Item 9: "Minnesota nice" has turned into "Minneapolis STUPID".

    Item 10: Ducklo did not duck low enough. I am sooooooooo not bummed for him.

    Item 11: I can't understand why the Portland Police don't just quit. Portland clearly doesn't want them.

    Item `15: As I keep saying, I despise, detest, and TOTALLY distrust the NYT (and the WaPoo, too!) (Refer back to my Item 1 comment.)

    Item 16: It SNOWS in GERMANY???? Who woulda THUNK it?

    Item 18: One more reason to never contribute money to the GOP...

    Itgem 19: THAT brought a BIIIIIIIIIIG smile to my face. It's beginning to hurt... SLAP!! Thanks, I needed that.

  12. 5: "The secretary of state will have to process the signatures first to ensure they are valid."
    What a novel concept. Maybe we should try this with mail-in ballots,

    Who killed Ashli Babbitt?

  13. Item #5: Ric Grenell is rumored to be interested in running in the recall election, and his Twitter feed seems to support that theory. That's about as Trump as California can handle, I think.

  14. Item 20 - Lawyers are facing the intolerance and hate of the Democratic Party. This is nothing new. Democrats specialize in intolerance and hate, it’s just more obvious after the Trump years.

  15. California recall -

    "The secretary of state will have to process the signatures first to ensure they are valid."

    They don't require and validation to vote in California. Typical hypocritical dems.

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  17. Pelugosi and her band of lunatics have simply turned impeachment into another meaningless thing, much like a charge of racism. As Smith's Law notes, cries of racism mean one has lost the argument. Same with impeachment. Trump's Law?

    1. Godwin's Law, a corollary to the old Chinese proverb.

      Do you just make things up?

      And Jeffery will be cheering with Impeachment 3.

  18. Item 5: Validating signatures? How quaint!


  19. Item 13: Keep that corporate jet demand high. It's job security for me.

    Of course Bidet* will torpedo this soon enough when jet fuel hits $10 a gallon and everyone parks their jets like 2009.

    1. Jeffery makes $15/hr trolling. He's never worked.

      And the Demos want us dependent on Mideast oil. More wars that way.

  20. #3 The Trump DOJ looked the other way when addressing Barr's shady stock market deals when he got early Covid info and his voting to impeach is the thanks he gives?

  21. Item 4 as it always has been Chitcago is more dangerous than current war zones. Bring them home

  22. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    1: After '20, I think waiting for '22 is a forlorn hope.

    We either take matters into our own hands or we are done.

    3: Not one Democrat was brave enough to stand up to the mob and defend the Constitution.

    As has been the case for 109 years.

    6: Fort (Henry) Benning, Fort (Braxton) Bragg, Fort (John Bell) Hood, Fort (A P) Hill, Fort (John B) Gordon, Fort (Robert E.) Lee, Fort (George) Pickett become Fort Buttpeg, Fort Tubman, Fort (Jessuh) Jackson Fort (Dorothea) Dix, ad nauseam.

    10: Wah wah.

    The lying dogfaced pony soldier said anybody who did what he did would be fired. He resigned after the doofus from Dover gave him a slap on the wrist.

    14: In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

    15: I am also sad that the Capitol Police shot and killed Ashli E. Babbitt

    Let us also remember Benjamin Phillips, Kevin Greeson, and Roseanne Boyland.

    They were murdered, too.

    What did they see?

    17: State governors can shut it down any time they want. Somebody needs to stand up to the Red Queen of Festung Pelosi.

    19: Jeffery the Troll hardest hit.

    Hispanics love Trump.

    Wah wah.

  23. ITEM 2: Seems to imply that the Associated Press was/is a journalistic enterprise.

    I know nothing about the AP’s ancient history, but it has not been a journalistic enterprise in decades.

    Propaganda outlet sure. Journalism? Go look somewhere else.

    The author (Don) seems to imply the Wall Street Journal is something other than the mouthpiece of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce aka “Global Capitalism.”

    It’s not. The WSJ Editorial Board stopped acting “responsibly” when the American People rose up democratically against Global Capitalism and elected President Donald J. Trump.

  24. 3. Stands up for? There isn't a Democrat that believes in it anymore.

    4. The fact that US forces moved into Syria the day after Xiden took office proves that the Pentagon was actively planning the move while Trump was still CinC. Don't trust the Pentagon. The Swamp is deep there.

    13. You keep using that word, "Elite". I don't think it means what you think it means.

    And for the record, the Snobs are VERY concerned about YOUR carbon dioxide.

    17. "Two weeks to flatten the curve!"
    "Two weeks to guard the inauguration!"
    Sense the pattern? No government gravy train EVER goes away.

    21. "Virtue signaling" is what you do when you have no virtue.

  25. “Burr, Cassidy, Collins, Murkowski, Romney, Sasse, and Toomey” needs a handy-dandy abbreviation.

    The ImpSeven?

  26. Item 5: If allowed to use the Michigan vote counting method, there should be sufficient signatures to cause a recall election to be held.

  27. Item #20 Philadelphia Inquirer is a biased second-rate rag and a pay site.