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Friday, February 12, 2021

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: The Daily Mail reported, "Embattled QAnon congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene 'openly cheated' on her husband of 25 years with a polyamorous tantric sex guru and then moved on to another affair with the manager at her gym."

Conservative women know they have arrived when the hedonistic press accuses them of adultery. The press demands that they wear the letter A on their clothing.

A decade ago, the press trotted out false rumors about Nikki Haley.

After Donald Trump's successful presidency, I really don't care if a politician has an affair -- as long as they don't screw the country.

ITEM 2: The Washington Post reported, "We're facing a massive spike in violent crime. Democrats can't take it lightly. "

Why not?

Nine decades of Democrat mayors in Chicago have ignored violent crime. Democrat mayors across the land do. In Baltimore, a mayor encouraged riots and mayhem.

As long as Democrats misrepresent black criminals as victims of racism, the crime will continue. And I have a suspicion that high crime lines Democrat pockets.

Until people in big cities wise up and vote Democrats out, they will continue to live a life of being locked up while criminals freely roam their streets.

ITEM 3: Forbes reported, "Senators are tuning out as former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial grinds into its third day, with many falling asleep and more than a dozen Republicans exiting the chamber at various intervals."

The story also said, "On both sides of the aisle, a general malaise was setting in, with many senators reportedly appearing to struggle to stay awake, including Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Tom Carper (D-Del.), Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) and Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.)."

Sanders, Carper, and Toomey all voted to hold this charade.

Well, finally a Democrat Congress has accomplished something. It cured insomnia.

ITEM 4:  DISCRN reported, "Washington National Cathedral blasted for inviting a preacher who affirms the Bible’s teaching on sexuality."

He is an evangelist named Max Lucado.

The Daily Wire reported that a petition is circulating to cancel having a Christian speak in the cathedral. It reads, "Lucado’s teachings and preaching inflicts active harm on LGBTQ people.

"To cite one example, in 2004 he wrote of his fears that homosexuality would lead to ‘legalized incest’ and likened same-sex marriage to incest and bestiality.

"Fear-mongering and dehumanizing messages from powerful speakers like Lucado have been used to justify rollbacks of LGBTQ rights and to exclude LGBTQ people from civil protections and sacred rites."

Sacred rites?

The craziness continues.

ITEM 5: Red State reported, "Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is making the rounds of shows getting the evidence out there in regards to the impeachment to counter a lot of the spin which Democrats have been engaging in.

"We reported yesterday on how he told President Donald Trump that the case was essentially over because he didn’t see Republicans convicting based on where they were at on the constitutionality and based on the facts of the case.

"Graham appeared on Fox with Sean Hannity last night and again took apart the Democrats’ case, refuting it with the evidence that Democrats didn’t bother to look for before blindly voting to impeach President Donald Trump on snap impeachment."

WARNING: The Surgeon General has determined that any statement by Lindsey Graham can cause whiplash when he states the opposite thing the next day.

ITEM 6: The Daily Caller reported, "Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi would not allow Republican New York Rep. Claudia Tenney to have her son present in the gallery for her swearing-in Thursday, Tenney told the Daily Caller.

"Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer sent out a tweet Thursday morning with the news that Pelosi denied Tenney’s request to let her son, a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, watch her get sworn in from above the floor in the gallery. The Daily Caller contacted Tenney about the news, to which she confirmed it was true."

The congresswoman said Pelosi's office rebuffed requests to include the son.

Tenney said "I guess he’s considered a risk."

Decent and patriotic people are a risk to this regime.

ITEM 7: Emerald Robinson tweeted, "The good news: the Trump Years were an extinction-level event for the old 'conservative' pundit class: Kristol, Hayes, Boot, Brooks, Will, Gerson, Goldberg, Frum, Noonan, Lowry, Ponnuru, French, Erickson, Stoddard, Rubin, Meachum, Stephens. 

"RIP to all of them."

I would add to the list but why bother? It was a point well made.

ITEM 8: The Tampa Bay Times reported, "White House looks at domestic travel restrictions as virus variant surges in Florida."

Flashback to March 28, 2020, when CNBC reported, "New York Gov. Cuomo says Trump has no authority to impose quarantine: ‘It would be illegal’ "

A Muslim Floridian should call this a Muslim ban, and find a Hawaiian judge to overturn it.

ITEM 9: CBS reported, "Criminal charges have been dropped against two police officers seen on video last spring shoving a 75-year-old protester to the ground in Buffalo, New York, prosecutors said Thursday.

"A grand jury declined to indict Buffalo Officers Robert McCabe and Aaron Torgalski on felony assault charges, Erie County District Attorney John Flynn said, ending a matter that drew national attention at the height of protests over the police killing of George Floyd."

Floyd was not killed. He died in police custody.

Police are put in awkward situations. My suggestion is just do what they tell you to do. They have guns.

ITEM 10: Deutsche Welle reported, "The head of the Tokyo Olympics 2020, Yoshiro Mori, is expected to resign on Friday over sexist comments he had made earlier this month, implying women talk too much.

"Mori, a former prime minister, had initially apologized but refused to step down. This drew a lot of criticism from sponsors, pundits, and an online petition that drew more than 150,000 signatures."

How bizarre is it that people who preach tolerance never accept an apology and move on.

ITEM 11: The Daily Beast reported, "Jordan Klepper Takes on MAGA Impeachment Protesters."

Wow, what a brave little coward.

Everyone in the media mocks MAGA.

Lets see him take on BLM or Antifa.

ITEM 12: S&P Global Platts reported, "The Midcontinent led the surge in US gas prices in Feb. 11 trading as a sharp rise in heating demand met with regional production freeze-offs, significantly tightening balances across the much of the Central US.

"At One Oak Gas Transmission, Southern Star and Enable Gas, spot prices reached record highs around $85, $45 and $30/MMBtu, respectively. At other hubs, including ANR Oklahoma, Panhandle and NGPL Midcontinent, prices hit their highest in seven years, topping $16, $14 and $12/MMBtu, respectively."

The gas man's taken all my dough,
And left me in my heated home.
All I want's a sunny afternoon.

ITEM 13: The New York Post reported, "John Micklethwait, the top editor of Bloomberg News, blasted the rank and file for spotty performance over the past year as he unveiled cuts of approximately 90 people in the editorial and research departments.

"The cuts amount to just under 3% of the employees that currently number about 3,100."

Micklethwait wrote, "We all know that we also ‘lost’ stories because we moved too slowly.

"Teams waited for somebody to back-read a piece or ignored the requests from the News Desk to get a blast out quickly. Managers spent too much time setting up conference calls when they should just have been writing. Or teams suddenly delivered enterprise pieces that nobody wanted.

“Covid has highlighted these strengths and weaknesses. But in truth they have been evident for some time."


What a throwback.

Newsroom chiefs are usually cheerleaders nowadays who never seem to call anyone out for errors in stories and the like.

I am willing to bet that most staffers wanted to hear this.

ITEM 14: The New York Post reported, "Read the column the New York Times didn’t want you to read."

Bret Stephens wrote a column the publisher didn't like because it was about the Times firing a longtime reporter after staff complaints.

Very insider.

But also relevant.

The column ended, "We are living in a period of competing moral certitudes, of people who are awfully sure they’re right and fully prepared to be awful about it. Hence the culture of cancellations, firings, public humiliations and increasingly unforgiving judgments. The role of good journalism should be to lead us out of this dark defile. Last week, we went deeper into it."

We have lived in this world for a very long time as we move from protecting individual rights to appeasing groups of victims. 

What woke Stephens is it happened to someone he liked.

ITEM 15: The Associated Press reported, "Valparaiso University announced Thursday that it is dropping the team name Crusaders, the school mascot and all logos associated with the term that it says has been embraced by hate groups. The decision comes after a decades-long debate that had intensified recently because groups such as the Ku Klux Klan began using the symbols and words."

These are the same people who tell us calling a team the Indians humiliates Native Americans.

I think the left just wants to change everything for change's sake.


  1. 1. If she was a democrat it would be a "private matter."

  2. Replies
    1. Ace has many things to recommend itself, but that tradition is NOT one of them.

  3. God bless you for that quote from Ray Davies, Big D. Cynical, sardonic, hopeful Ray. A true Poet Laureate for these present times.

    1. How about this from Ray Davies 50 years ago

      I was born in a welfare state
      Ruled by bureaucracy
      Controlled by civil servants
      And people dressed in grey
      Got no privacy, got no liberty
      'cause the twentieth century people
      Took it all away from me.

  4. Item 12: I’m not sure the middle paragraph — reporting the current gas prices per million BTU — added anything to the story, since people don’t keep track of such statistics. A graph showing the recent spike in prices would have been more helpful.

  5. What scares the hell out of me is the response to crime reported in Item #2. If the Biden admin resumes the Obama policy of moving black families out to the suburbs, crime will follow. What would be the normal response of voting for someone other than a leftist to reverse this insanity should give pause to anyone expecting a backlash. What if you don't expect a backlash because you have the votes (in the machine) to overcome any voter backlash to your insane policies. This also applies to implementing the Green New Deal, banning fracking, Transgender "rights", destroying girls sports, etc.
    They are certainly acting as if they don't fear a backlash.

  6. "I think the left just wants to change everything for change's sake."

    They do. Being the only thing they can count on being able to do they insist on it. They cannot be assured of improving, building, repairing or beautifying anything, so they insist on changing it.

    Me, I'll take the Chesterton's Gate approach, if someone can show me why a thing is the way it is and how changing it will be better, I'll listen. Otherwise ... leave us alone.

  7. ITEM 2: The Washington Post reported, "We're facing a massive spike in violent crime. Democrats can't take it lightly. " Ahhhh, the WaPoo WaPoops again. Given Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and elsewhere, the WaPoo lies to us again. Dems don't JUST take it lightly, they ENCOURAGE it.

    ITEM 7: Emerald Robinson tweeted, "The good news: the Trump Years were an extinction-level event for the old 'conservative' pundit class:" And they did it to themselves, starting with the National Review bail-out without parachutes. The STUPID was STRONG in these ones...

    Item 14: It gives me the opportunity and pleasure to once again say that I DESPISE, DETEST, and totally DISTRUST the NYT (the WaPoo, too!)

  8. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    1: Source is the Daily Mail.

    6: Same reason the DC ARNG isn't allowed loaded weapons.

    8: The lying dogfaced pony soldier wants to cancel FL.

    10: He's Japanese.

    12: I still have April in the pool.

    15: No, if nothing means anything, the Lefties think they can make it mean whatever they want.

    1. "Donald John Trump is still our president."

      On what planet, you dope?

      Face reality. Trump is a private citizen. Until you get that through your thick head you'll be incapable of grasping the grave situation that is bearing down on you.

    2. Ed, the Insult Amateur has spoken.

  9. #6. Why? What is the point of being so petty?
    The woman is ill.

  10. Re: #4, Max Lucado already preached there on 2/7. But of course it's not over...

  11. ITEM 2: For decades, the LeftLibs who run America's big cities have had an implicit deal with the criminal class: You can rob, rape and murder to your heart's content in your own neighborhood, just keep it out of downtown and the middle class areas. In the last year, that "deal" has fallen apart, as criminals now roam unmolested across the urban landscape. A big reason more folks than ever are now packing heat, and, if they can't do that (as in NY and CA), they are moving to where they can (TX and FL).

  12. "Sacred rights"?

    Is that where they eat the babies?

  13. 5 - as I was reading the item, I was thinking “which one of Graham’s two faces was speaking”. You nailed it.

  14. The protester that got “shoved” was a professional protester that deliberately created the set up for the officers...

    1. Yep, and he made a move toward the officers. For all they knew he was trying to seize a weapon from them.

      He got what he deserved.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. "Embattled QAnon congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene 'openly cheated' on her husband of 25 years..."

    Even if this is true the couple reconciled. Forgiveness and reconciliation are the hallmarks of being a good Christian. I salute them for having the love and humility to save their marriage in light of this circumstance, assuming it is true.

    They should be celebrated not condemned.

  17. "Valparaiso University announced Thursday that is dropping the team name Crusaders, the school mascot and all logos associated with the term that it says has been embraced by hate groups."

    Well, I guess the Navy and Marine Corps will have to retroactively change the name of the Vought F8U "Crusader" to the "Snowflake" or something.


  18. "I think the left just wants to change everything for change's sake."

    So called "Progressives" destroy everything they touch...and consider that a feature, not a bug.

  19. ITEM 14:

    [Start] The New York Post reported, "Read the column the New York Times didn’t want you to read." Bret Stephens wrote a column..." spiked by the Times management, allegedly by Arthur Gregg Sulzberger, who is currently America's Number One example of Insidious Corporate Degeneracy Achieved/Accelerated By Nepotism.

    I get the Post at home, but since November 3, 2020, I've refused to read anything in it but the sports, after they stabbed Trump in the back.

    Today was the fist time I've looked at anything in the front of the Post, the Stephens column.

    Serves me right. I almost made it to the end of the second paragraph before it put me to sleep.

    At least the Bari Weiss (quit the NYT in 2020, after famously stating that the Times is edited by Twitter") article was fast-paced and interesting, although she's definitely no prize and where she goes from here I do not care as long as our paths do not intersect.

    Stephens is just a stodgy, boring old loser. A man who cannot "make words sing." Whether or not he will EVER have anything interesting to say will have to be discovered by anyone else but me, and I recommend that it not be you.

  20. Eh. It's her husband's problem.
    Now, if she takes money to pay for her stud's living expenses, or other action that affects her CONGRESSIONAL life, I'll start getting concerned.
    The bigger problem is all of those who have equally seedy lives, but hide them, leaving them vulnerable to blackmail.