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Thursday, February 04, 2021

Dems represent 19 of the 20 richest congressional districts

Marcy Kaptur of Ohio is the longest serving Democrat congresswoman. She has begun her 20th term. And she feels her party has abandoned the poor and the working class in favor of hedge fund billionaires and Internet Oligarchs.

In an interview with The Hill, she pointed out that Democrats represent 19 of the 20 richest congressional districts in the country.

Her district is in the bottom 20, ranking 418th out of the 435 districts.

In her 38 years she has opposed free trade, leading the opposition to NAFTA and the normalization of trade with Red China.

When she first ran for Congress, she had national support because her party needed her to bring the Reagan Democrats back into fold.

On October 17, 1982, the New York Times reported, "DEMOCRATS IN OHIO WOO DISENCHANTED DEFECTORS."

Then they were defectors. Now they are deplorable.

The 1982 story began, "Marcy Kaptur, the Democratic candidate for Congress here, was trying to stir up some enthusiasm in the small crowd. 'Come to my rally next week,' she urged. 'We're serving kielbasi.'

" 'It's my father's own recipe,'' she added. The reference to the spicy Polish sausages beloved in these parts drew an appreciative cheer. And, in a way, it highlighted the basic appeal of Democratic candidates across the nation's industrial midsection as they try to reclaim Congressional seats captured by the Republicans two years ago.

"Their message is simple: Come home to the Democrats. Come back to your father's recipe, not just for sausage, but for politics."

A month later, Kaptur was a congresswoman-elect, having knocked off a one-term Republican named Ed Weber by 19 points. Two years later, she survived Reagan's 49-state sweep. Her district expanded east as the economy died and people moved away. Her district now stretches from Toledo to Cleveland.

The district may have changed but the woman representing it hasn't. She is still blue collar, as are her voters.

In 1982, the New York Times reported, "Toledo is a blue-collar town, auto workers and railroaders, stevedores and machinists. It is an ethnic town, Poles and Greeks, Hungarians and Italians. It is the sort of place where men and women proudly wear jackets with union names on the back; where the Italian grocery across the street from the Urbanski and Sons funeral home is decorated with photographs of Roman Catholic priests; where the news that a local woman bowled a perfect game rivals the World Series on the sports pages. 

"It is also the sort of place where the Democratic coalition that had dominated politics for a generation cracked in 1980. 'The Republicans didn't elect Ed Weber, the Democrats did,' said Frank Szollosi, an official of the United Transportation Union.

" 'They were dissatisfied with the Carter Administration,' said Jim Ondo, education director for the automobile workers union here, which is staging one of its most vigorous campaign efforts in years. 'They thought it was a do-nothing Administration, and inflation was rising at a rapid pace.' "

The Times story did not mention race or LGTQ or immigration. Now its stories emphasize that and overlook the actual concerns of Kaptur's voters, just as the Democrat Party does.

Which brings me to this week's story.

The Hill reported, "A Democratic colleague of Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) recently suggested a simple solution to the economic problems afflicting the industrial Midwest.

" 'Well, Congresswoman Kaptur, the answer is: Leave,' Kaptur says she was told by the Democratic member, whom she declined to name.

"Kaptur, whose district includes her hometown of Toledo, where she grew up the daughter of a union organizer, was appalled.

" 'They just can’t understand,' she told The Hill. 'They can’t understand a family that sticks together because that’s what they have. Their loved ones are what they have, their little town, their home, as humble as it is — that’s what they have. Respect it. It was so insensitive.'

"The story is part of a bigger narrative for Kaptur, the longest-serving woman in Congress.

"She fears that her party is increasingly dominated by members representing affluent districts — and that the social mores of rich coastal cities are sidelining kitchen-table economic concerns."

She understands her constituents.

She is the Salena Zito of Congress.

The Hill said, "To explain Trump’s appeal, she cites the example of a constituent who had been a steelworker in the greater Cleveland area, moved to Kansas having been laid off, and later moved back to Lorain, only to be left jobless a third time."

Kaptur told The Hill, "He was about 48 years old at that point. How do you think he feels? When Trump comes out there and gives these explosive, defiant speeches, that’s how people feel. Not everyone, but enough."

She is on the outs with leadership.

The Hill reported, "Despite having seniority on the House Appropriations Committee, Kaptur has been passed over for the gavel. She is known for speaking her mind, especially when she pushed for leadership elections to be postponed after Democrats got shellacked in the 2010 midterm elections. Kaptur maintained the party needed to assess what happened and why. Pelosi didn’t heed the request, and she remained in her position as top House Democrat. Eight years earlier, Kaptur mounted a long-shot challenge to Pelosi’s bid for minority leader."

Democrat leaders have no use for her.

Or her constituents.

No, she isn't going to flip parties.

But her voters will if Republicans continue the Trump Revolution. 


  1. ALL of the BEST college football teams are in Red States.

    Why in the hell IS that?

    1. We've been dumped on for a long time. We get pride from our college football teams. We love rubbing it in.

      College baseball too.

    2. They oughta just declare the SEC Champ Numero Uno every year and be done with it. BUT, the woke networks need that playoff cash, so Ohio State plays the role of the Washington Generals.

  2. When the rubber meets the road, she still votes party line.

    1. Exactly. Voted to impeach Trump--twice. Voted to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from her committee assignments. Don't believe ANY of the Dem "beer buddy" lies.

  3. That's all well and good but I remember an awful lot of Democrat House policies being passed by a 100% bloc of Dem reps...including ObamaCare. This whole article smacks of Dem Rep claiming to be for the little people when she is back home but ignoring them completely when she is in DC.

  4. The GOP is dead. They elected, by secret ballot, to keep liz cheny. The only difference in the parties are who writes the checks.

    No Incumbents, #nevergop.

  5. I've met Marcy a number of times. For a few years her district extended west far enough to include our town. NOBODY in Congress was better at "bringing home the bacon" than Marcy Kaptur. I don't agree with many of her positions, but I have to admire her expertise.

  6. You make it sound like bringing home the bacon is a good thing.

    1. It is, if it's your home they're bringing it to. If they're taking your hogs and bringing the bacon home to somebody else, not so good.

    2. Pork has been the game since the New Deal and it's been slowly strangling American liberty.

    3. General satifaction polling says was 50-60% 20 years ago but decline to 30% till 16 with start of trump. Went up to 50% till during democrats determined all gop are racists. No its 11% satisfaction
      Mean while - since 2000 each person has inceeased their share of debt by 20,000,000,000,000/ 300,000,000 = 66,000 per every person u see.
      Yea, she did a good job getting u to sit in inventory while the elite govt workers all get a 1,000,000 retirement anniuty.
      Sucks to be a plebian

  7. she is my congressperson ( i dare not say woman) she pure dem . former nun believes in abortion, illegal immigration doesn t understand business. sorry just another typical dem

  8. oh forget HATED DJT thought he was just an awful person......who built a wall stopped illegal immigration put money into the pockets of the common man, supported the Mexico and Hyde agreements and amendments made our allies pay their fair share of defense got us out of Paris and Iran bad deals and to me the biggest NO NEW WARS and our soldiers coming home in flag draped coffins...ya I m bitter

  9. I'm willing to bet a lot of money that Rep. Kaptur hasn't voted against her own party for years, if not decades. The fact that she doesn't hold a committee chair is probably because she can't raise money for the party in Toledo and Cleveland, as there isn't any to be had. So Nancy sidelined her.

  10. Before she votes her constituents interests, she votes Democrat.
    Before she supports trade policies that break nations who dump product, she votes Democrat.
    Before she comes out and claims to be against the CCP, she votes Democrat.

    She's a Democrat before everything else.

  11. The establishment Republican'ts have become Demonrats and the Demonrats have become Communists.

    1. And you love it.


      Too bad the future is the Deplorables.

    2. The Republican and Democrat labels have outlived their usefulness. What we really have now are Nationalist Patriots and Socialist Globalists, and that started to become obvious with the "New World Order" speech by President GHW Bush. Patriot citizens have to realize that and start voting accordingly, just in case voting can still be forced to matter.

  12. It is also the sort of place where the Democratic coalition that had dominated politics for a generation

    Make that 2. This began with Franklin Roosevelt and only ended when Reagan came along.

  13. and the normalization of trade with Red China.....

    Yeah we made them our slaves they now work for millions of Americans. Just the way it ought to be as they emerge from communism albeit slowly and painfully.

    One day the Chink government will fold just like the USSR did. They just give up. Cause if they don't they will get run over.

  14. Yeah we made them our slaves they now work for millions of Americans. Just the way it ought to be as they emerge from communism albeit slowly and painfully.

    No, Jeffery, they're still Shi's slaves, as Shi wants to make us.

    One day the Chink government will fold just like the USSR did. They just give up. Cause if they don't they will get run over.

    Your knowledge of history equals your knowledge of science.

    The Russkies really didn't give up; the people just got tired of long lines and perpetual war.

    A lesson for your massas in the current clown car.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Life is Great until you realize that almost all the medicine we need in made in the PRC (95%) and then we get a Panic over some disease that is not really much of a killer, but the hype makes it so. Brilliant!

  17. I think it was Jordan Peterson who said that "You can only stretch reality so far before it snaps back and takes you out."

  18. Thankfully, I live across the river from Toledo in Wood County so Marcy doesn't represent me. Toledo/Lucas County government is a wholly owned subsidiary of Democrats Inc. Still very much a union town. No serious Republican presence. Completely corrupt government, nepotism, the works. Perils of one party control.

  19. Chink is as racist as the N-word.Chicoms,yes,but you are generalizing all Chinese.
    There are good Christian people that are being ground in the dirt by Xi. Personally know a family.


    "The deal that the American elite chose to make with China has a precedent in the history of Athens and Sparta."
    "For my last column I spoke with The New York Times’ Thomas Friedman about an article he wrote more than a decade ago, during the first year of Barack Obama’s presidency. His important piece documents the exact moment when the American elite decided that democracy wasn’t working for them. Blaming the Republican Party for preventing them from running roughshod over the American public, they migrated to the Democratic Party in the hopes of strengthening the relationships that were making them rich."


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