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Saturday, January 02, 2021

What happened to fun, America?

Bess Kalb, a comedy writer and author of “Nobody Will Tell You This But Me,” proclaimed on Twitter that she got into comedy because she was angry.

Her tweets were as serious as waiting for a judge to hand down the sentence.

She said, "In 2007 I was a college sophomore returning to campus from winter break and I picked up a Vanity Fair in Penn Station and read Christopher Hitchens' article 'Why Women Aren't Funny'" Here's how it began. This is a real article printed in a real magazine by a (formerly) real man."

(She posted the graphic I used above.)

Language warning because I am quoting a liberal.

She then said, "During the train ride from New York to Rhode Island, I became radicalized. I was a Poli Sci major who wanted to be a political speechwriter. By the time we got to Providence, I decided to drop out of college the following semester to intern for The Colbert Report. I did.

"Because I am an anxious Jew who is the daughter of two anxious Jews, I went back to college in the Spring of 2008 and finished my poli sci degree. But the entire arc of my career has been marching to the steady drumbeat of F*** That Guy. Fast forward to 2012.

"I got hired to write for Jimmy Kimmel Live. I was one of three women on a staff of over a dozen writers. At the time I was hired, there were more female supreme court justices than on every other major late night writers room combined (Letterman, Leno, Conan, Daily, Fallon)."

She went on and on about her career.

Her tweets proved Hitchens right because her tweets were all anger, no humor. 

And Kimmel and Colbert just are not funny because they are too busy being politically correct. Their monologs are often diatribes. In the 1970s, we had one late night host. He was funny. Now we have 7 hosts. They aren't as funny because they make angry affirmative action hires.

But that is the plan, comrade, to replace humor with politics.

America is headed for Stalinism as the fascists remove fun from our lives. Consider Amendment 13 in Florida, in which 69% of the voters decided to ban greyhound racing beginning in 2021.

Chris Perkins of the Sun Sentinel attended the final races at the Palm Beach Kennel Club on New Year's Eve. 88 years of greyhound racing ended.

It was a beautiful report about people on the periphery of the entertainment industry losing their livelihood. The Florida vote was virtue signaling at its best because voters sacrificed someone else's fun to make themselves feel virtuous. They killed a sport that brought joy to a few thousand people.

His report began, "Ewart Johnson, an 80-year-old West Palm Beach resident, was a bit melancholy Thursday afternoon as he scrutinized his racing form at the Palm Beach Kennel Club.

"It was the last day greyhound racing was legal in Florida, something that should represent a financial upturn for Johnson.

"'I lose my money every day,' he said with a smile.

"Still, Johnson, who has been going to the Palm Beach Kennel Club since 1987, couldn’t shake his sense of loss.

"Although the mood was generally festive at the Kennel Club with live music, giveaways and plenty of racing, Johnson considered Thursday a sad day.

"And so did the 3,000 or so people who went to the venue on New Year’s Eve. Regulars said it was the largest crowd in years. It figures it came on the final day the greyhounds were running."


Officially, the government killed the greyhound races for the sake of the dogs.

But the reality is people were having fun. And in the 21st century, fun is seen as a threat to the government. And so they close the bars, the comedy clubs, and the restaurants in the name of stopping a virus that relentlessly spread no matter what we did.


  1. Find the CS Lewis quote about the tyranny of the well-intentioned, always trying to cure us of something that's not a malady at all.
    They are enjoying a real heyday for now.

    1. “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

    2. CS Lewis had religious fanatics in mind when he penned that. The apostle Paul wrote of such people

      Co 10:29b For why should my liberty be determined by someone else's conscience?

      He was speaking of the Jewish food laws; or what is eaten or drunk. Today the drug laws are the modern day equivalent of those food laws.

      Because it gives the State the right to decide what you cannot ingest because it violates the conscience of weaker people. So its outlawed.

      Now after generations of letting the State decide what you cannot ingest, they now believe they have the right to tell you what you must ingest: vaccines.

      All laws outside of scripture are against liberty. And inscribed on the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia is a quote from Leviticus:

      Proclaim liberty thoughout all the land to all the inhabitants thereof.

  2. There's a push on in my area of Florida to ban fireworks because it makes some people's dogs nervous.

    It all boils down to: "I don't like/approve what you're doing, and no one should ever be allowed to do it."

    Northern transplants seem to be especially aggrieved.

    1. Well put
      I don't like what you are doing
      We need to start asking them, So?

    2. The problem with fireworks is the IQ of people who use them. This week, some enthusiast sent sparks raining down on parked cars in my neighborhood. I moved mine but others likely out of town had their paint jobs modified,

    3. Same thing when people legally open carry, the anti-gun people call 911.

    4. We need to start asking them, So?

      Says the chief of this Publican blog. Publicans were the moral busybodies in Israel when Jesus was born.

    5. Karenism: the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.

      H.L. Mencken approved.

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  3. Sorry, but I totally disagree with the comments about banning dog racing in Florida. It is cruel to the animals.
    Now if they want to legalize dwarf tossing, fine with me. The dwarf has a choice. The dog doesn’t.

    1. Why is chasing a mechanical rabbit cruel?

    2. Dogs LOVE to run! And greyhounds especially.

  4. To be a good Lefty, you have to be a good hater. It's why they accuse us of it so often.

    Envy is another attribute you need to be a good Lefty. They hate anybody who has something they don't. They need an excuse for being the losers they are.

    So pee on a Lefty. You'll enjoy it.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Good lefties also use commas when they're not necessary. Well done, Professor.


  5. The Florida vote was virtue signaling at its best because voters sacrificed someone else's fun to make themselves feel virtuous.

    The same goes for the drug war you pack of hypocrites! Its hilarious to watch you whine about dogs and call them virtue signaling.

    You fundamentalist lunatics are the penultimate virtue signaling clowns. You hate it when people have fun cause it just isn't your kind of fun.

    A fundamentalist is like the old Puritans who outlawed dancing in public because they didn't think it was the right kind of fun.

    What hypocrisy bleeds out of this blog! And you don't even look into the mirror and ask yourself anything. The book of James talks a lot about self examination.

    Something a fundamentalist never does. Ever. It just wouldn't be any fun.

    1. Will you be in DC on 1/6? If so, what will you be wearing? Lemme know.

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  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Americans have been so brainwashed into being offended by everything that some of us with common sense find ourselves hesitant to joke around. Since we're now a multi-cultural and ethnic salad you can't say ANYTHING that won't offend some #Woke moron.

    Add to it the fact that we've run out of GENUINE reasons to be offended--and thus have to invent increasingly ridiculous ones to maintain our faux rage--it's little wonder we seem to be having less fun.

    Trump can't even crack an obviously tongue-in-cheek quip about Russia helping find Hitlery's lost email or running for a third term without the press going ape.

    Humor requires intelligence to tell and to "get". There you see part of our national problem in this regard.

  9. In 1920 the religious fundamentalists decided drinking alcohol was no longer fun. Not for them mind you. For anyone! So they joined with progressives and outlawed drinking alcohol. It wasn't fun anymore.

    Prohibition began. But strange thing happened. Nobody obeyed the law hardly. Speak easies sprang up in every town across the land. They were scofflaws! So the fun continued but they were now crooks. Respect for the rule of law declined significantly.

    Predictably black markets immediately began to take root. Moonshine was distilled in private. Dangerous drinks were concocted. People went blind from drinking bootleg alcohol. Others died from poisoned drinks concocted for sure profits.

    And then the Mafia was born out of the black market growth. Capone and his gangs ruled the streets at night. Violence was everywhere until it got so bad some of them came to their senses.

    So by 1933 they decided it was all a mistake and Prohibition was ended. But fundamentalists were still on the prowl looking for people having the wrong kind of fun.

    And they decided smoking pot and opium was no longer fun at all. So another Prohibition began and continues to this day.

    And just like those speak easies had alcohol for anyone any high school or college kid can find drugs today if they want to. Drugs are everywhere and so is violence as gangs of blacks and bikers organized to take advantage of the black market the fundamentalists created. Is that kind of funny?

    Its gone on so long that cartels of gangs have organized and taken over the global drug trade. Just because some religious fanatics decided only they have the right to decide what is fun. Or rather the government can ultimately decide for them.

    Anyone who thinks its "my body my choice" will go to prison and be branded for life. Its not funny.

    So today this fundamentalist blog is whining about the disappearing ability to have fun. All the while pretending not to know it was their support for outlawing a certain kind of fun which has brought us to this point today. It all leads back to 1920.

    Because if some folks don't think its fun then they vote for people who make sure it prohibit it. But the fun continues anyway. It just inspires criminals to take over large portions of every city in the land.

    So anytime you visit a city before you go you make sure to find out what parts of town to avoid. Because that's where all the illegal fun is and you don't want to get killed.

    All this thanks to the fundamentalists who today are crying in their non alcoholic beer over the end of dog racing. Now that is FUNNY.

  10. I beg to differ on the article's lamenting the loss of greyhound racing. I rescued mine straight off the Pensacola track from an owner (ala Homer Simpson). He brought her out first [anyone checking will find a news story back then in '00, of a an Alabama farm just over the border with 3,000 dead unwanted, abused greyhounds, shot for $10 ten dollars a head;, results of the racing community ..She had a dead eye stare, and was covered in ticks and fleas. I took her, smiling and refrained from punching his face for her emaciated (beyond greyhound slim) frame and maltreatment [the animals survive on individual protein packets of food]; live in concrete block doghouses on thin welcome mat sized pads on concrete, no kidding rows of 'em like a dog version of Auschwitz. She even had both inside ears tattooeed (one for her litter, mo. and yr.), and the other her i.d.). She was unfortunately a former "A" racer, who was retired after five years, beyond the avg. three year max. most racers run. She drove north sleeping in the back of my rental for the thousand mile trek home, and spent her retirement nine retirement years, a beloved retired athlete layabout. She went in '08 at just under fourteen yrs. old, and I'm a dog widower going on my thirteenth year. ZB

    1. --- apologies for the typos. zb

    2. In other words, dog racing offends your conscience. So to paraphrase the apostle Paul:

      Why should my liberty be determined by your conscience?

      Didn't God put Man in charge of all creation in Genesis? Is eating fish a sin? Is eating meat a sin? Is drinking alcohol a sin? Is smoking a green plant or poppy flower a sin?

      Are factory farms a sin? Once your conscience is offended, there is no end to the coming tyranny to assuage your conscience.

    3. ...only things on Earth without conscience: sociopaths (and their subset serial killers). zb

  11. Roseanne said it best: Comedy comes from love.

  12. The little I’ve seen of the late night comic geniuses (and it’s not watching their shoes) has not been impressive. I don’t think I’ve cracked a grin. Angry people like Kalb explain why the Fallon’s and Colbert’s aren’t funny.

    I can watch reruns of Carson and laugh myself silly.

  13. Dems are just so seriously serious, that they can't abide humor. It just makes them so ANGRY. I am SO glad I've never been a Dem.

  14. Sorry, Don. I live in Florida and I voted for the amendment to ban wagering on live dog racing (including greyhounds). Why? It is just, plain not good for the dogs. They get used up and then …. I will spare you the stories; they are but a Google away.

    There are many good people doing greyhound rescue, so things were not as bad as they once were, and we can pretend all is well. But it is still not good for the dogs. And the dogs are not free to choose.

    The human side? When I saw Amendment 13 on the sample ballot. I looked into the subject. Dog racing reached its peak in the ‘70s & 80s. It has been in decline ever since, with steadily shrinking attendance and tracks closing etc. Anyone involved could see where it was heading if they looked.

    Oh, and as for virtue-signaling, I am not a lefty; “signaling” never entered my mind. No one knows how I voted (except, now, for your readers) so: no signal went out. It is just, plain not good for the dogs.

    As for “dog racing offends your conscience” – that’s absurd. I was never involved in any way, so my conscience never entered the picture. And, trust me; my conscience is on a hair trigger. It is just, plain not good for the dogs, and surely we are creative enough to develop entertainment that less harming to those at our mercy.

    1. Comedians - Lenny Bruce died when I was 15. When I finally heard a tape of one of his shows, I didn't hear anything funny and was bored. He was the Kimmel and Colbert of his day.

      I'm no animal rights whacko. I was the president of an AKC club, trialed for 38 years in Obedience and trial in Herding and Barn Hunt. I know people in greyhound rescue. The dogs are raced young, then discarded, often with injuries. They're not socialized and are hard to make pets. They also are trained to run, so can't just let them out the back door. I would like to see racing continue because that's what the dogs are bred to do. But there should be protections for the dogs.

  15. Dog races used to be the best cheap time in Denver.

  16. Imagine being 20 and some nobody college kid and on a whim saying f it Ill just go intern for a national television show. Then at 23 go write for a betwork show. Woe is me!!! These privileged types are always whining about privilege in others. Parasites

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