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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Time is on Trump's side

It is always nice to work the Rolling Stones into a post about Donald Trump. He's a fan. Their catalog of songs has something to fit every occasion.

Time Is On My Side is actually a cover of a Jerry Ragovoy song. He later wrote tunes for Big Brother and the Holding Company, which was Janis Joplin's band back in the day.

It is a simple song in which the singer tells his girl to go ahead and run around, but "You'll come running back (I said so many times before). You'll come running back to me-ee-ee."

And time is on The Donald's side in this impeachment thing, as well as the election thing. 

Democrats once again were Wile E. Coyote as they pounced on the storming of the Capitol, elevating it to an insurrection. Worse than 9/11 some said.

They talked themselves into a frenzy and used this as the excuse for their long-sought Second Impeachment.

Liz Cheney and a few other Fake Conservatives unmasked themselves as Democrats.

But nearly 3 weeks later, this Seinfeld Impeachment looks silly because it is ridiculous. Democrats talked themselves into impeaching him over an insurrection, or as Senor Schumer said, an erection. I now know more about his sex life than I care to.

They got so caught up in calling this trespassing an insurrection that they brought in 20,000 National Guardsmen to protect the city from imaginary hordes of Trump supporters. The scenes of Washington under an armed lockdown was haunting, eerie, and creepy as it gave Americans a glimpse of the future Chairman Xiden and company desire.

As if that did not make them look bad enough, Democrats then kicked 5,000 National Guardsmen out off the Capitol and made them sleep in a parking garage with two toilets and no heat.

On Monday, Official Washington woke to the grim reality that the American people see them as heartless buffoons who are flogging a dead horse. We are rolling their eyes over this mean-spirited and petty act of vengeance.

Mitch McConnell gave Schumer the bad news. He cannot deliver the 17 Republican votes needed to convict President Trump.

Chief Justice John Roberts won't show up to preside over the trial, despite the constitutional requirement to do so. Both Ann Althouse and Glenn Reynolds believe he does not want to give legitimacy to this impeachment. They are law professors. They should know these things.

However, I believe the chief justice should show up, declare the impeachment null and void, and go home. That would let everyone off the hook.

But fortunately he's a coward. The show will go on, and President Trump will triumph again.

The impeachment has the stench of defeat on it, but it also has the stench of stupidity. Normal people who pay little attention to politics look upon it as Democrats learning nothing from the last impeachment, and instead doubling down on failure.

Glenn Reynolds wrote, "Drag it out as long as possible, waste their momentum and make them look dumb on TV. Then crush it." 

Their momentum left when Peyton Manning fumbled the ball into the end zone for a safety on the first play of the game.

Oh wait. That was Super Bowl 48.

This is worse for Democrats. Denver lost by only five touchdowns.

This impeachment was meant to give a legitimacy to Chairman Xiden's presidency that his sham election could not. January 6, when a few supporters stormed the Capitol, was a day to live in infamy and all that.

Instead, Democrats look like fools by impeaching a man who is no longer in office. The longer it plays, the dumber they look. And while this takes the spotlight off Basement Biden, it also raises the expectations. Instead of working on the nation's problems, Democrats waste our time by fooling around with this nonsense.

The B side of Time Is On My Side by the Rolling Stones is a seldom-heard song called Congratulations.
Well done, my friend
You've done it again
You've gone and broken another heart
Yeah, you've torn it apart
The hearts the Democrats break this time are their own.