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Monday, January 25, 2021

The Children's Table

If as a conservative you feel like a second-class citizen in your own country, congratulations.

You get it.

The Internet Oligarchs have sentenced us to the children's table while they dine like swine in the main ballroom.

All my friends got kicked off Twitter. I am still there at @donsurber (which is my handle for Parler and Gab). 

But it is awfully lonely. They all went to Gab but nobody is gabbing it seems. Its CEO boasts of adding 30 million users in a short time, and indeed it has. Missing though are the non-political discussions that made Twitter fun.

We are exiled because of our political beliefs even though that is a small part of who we are. While others are living their normal lives and discussing movies and sports and cars, we are isolated. We are not allowed to converse. We are locked out. We are othered. Reddit even called it a quarantine when it banished its The Donald subreddit.

Oh, there was another site set up for us, a separate but equal spot, but it was not the same.

This is a mild inconvenience, of course. And as Glenn Reynolds and others have pointed out, social media is toxic and people are better off without it.

However, these banishments are only a taste of what to expect next as we are othered in areas that matter, such as commerce. Donald John Trump is their guinea pig. Once they threw him off Twitter, anyone could be bounced.

Banks are now denying him service.

The Hill reported, "A Florida bank announced Thursday that it has closed down former President Trump’s account, joining a growing list of entities that have cut ties with the former president following the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

"In his financial disclosures, Trump had stated he had two money-market accounts with Banks United, The Washington Post reports. The accounts held somewhere between $5.1 million and $25.2 million."

The deadly riot consisted of Capitol Police shooting and killing an unarmed woman who trespassed (along with others).

But that is the excuse used to refuse service to a man because of his beliefs. This is a bizarre situation in which the state orders you to bake a cake despite your beliefs but will allow the bank to not let you cash the customer's check because of your beliefs.

As we go to a cashless society, the Internet Oligarchs stand ready to make millions of conservatives non-persons in their own land. How will we do business? 

The courts have extended the civil rights acts to cover transgendered and illegal aliens, but not conservatives.

And so employers fired people who attended the Trump rally at the National Mall.

I don't know the answer unless the Supreme Court justices get off their fat asses and begin to stand up to the Washington Establishment. Refusing to consider the election lawsuits was a sign to the mob that justices can be bullied.

We are isolated because we cannot be bullied, which makes us dangerous. Yes, Helen, my knitter, they consider you an existential threat. 

She's 73. And she is an existential threat because she thinks for herself.

Democrats want to unify, not unite. They demand conformity. We cannot conform because we love our freedom more than life itself. We are refuseniks in a land that is increasingly communist. 

The children's table is an ironic place for us considering we are the adults who stand up for America. We have to stick together because we have no choice.


  1. This is a great business opportunity for a right-friendly PayPal, news network, cable company, internet hosting service. There's a mint to be made.

    1. Jarvanka kept Trump from leaving Twitter. The moment they began flagging his Tweets he should have bailed. He had initiative in addition to leverage.

    2. As far as those banks in Florida that are closing President Trump's private accounts go, Governor DeSantis merely needs to pick up the phone and ask the bank presidents whether they are ready for state audits and the revocation of their business charters in Florida for discrimination.
      That would end it immediately.

    3. Jeffery hates Ivanka because Trump kept up the fire regardless of what the Lefties did and, in doing so, showed the world what petty little Hitlers, Goebbelses, and would-be Himmlers and Heydrichs they really are..

    4. Conservatives are always a little slow in understanding the rules the left play under. This is the Cold War for the future of the USA.

      These are First and Fourteenth Amendment issues and there should be lawsuits filed under both protections. But first Conservatives must realize they should NEVER believe their own propaganda.

      While the Bank and Twitter et al. are ‘private businesses’ they operate under Charters (the bank) and with Patent protections (Twitter et al.) which place them under close government scrutiny. When Michelle Obama directed Twitter and Facebook to deplatform President Trump she did not require a court order, as they knew who was in charge. The banks understands this as well. There is no down side to their action and they may even have a little ‘slack’ the next time a compliance issue is a little murky!

      The Conservative Propaganda is that ‘these are Private Companies’ and they have the right to make their own decisions. But in Socialism, they are still ‘Private Companies’ but they exist only because they do the bidding of the government. That is where we are now!

      As Don Surber so aptly pointed out just a few days ago, AT&T allows CNN to be a leftist mouthpiece BECAUSE AT&T fears the left wing! It is time to put a little Conservative fear in their hearts.

      The Banks have a Charter. That Charter almost certainly has a clause related to the duty to serve the public. If 51% plus voted for President Trump, refusing to grant him service violates that Public Charter.

      While one remedy in the likely lawsuit should be financial, the other remedy should be for the offending Bank to lose their Charter! Go for the jugular, or enjoy your stay in the reeducation camp! If they can do that to a former President, the peasants have little recourse.

      Regarding the First Amendment; Twitter, Facebook, Google and Apple all operate under Federal Regulations that allow them patent protection for their software, processes and technology.

      The left perfected the tactic we now call Law fare. File a lawsuit with a friendly conservative judge demanding the removal of patent protection for all those programs and processes used by those firms to restrict our rights under the First Amendment. Otherwise the Government is complicit in denying us our First Amendment Rights! This is exactly the way the lawsuit should be framed.

      Give them one week to comply or the Patent Office is directed to release those patents and make all those programs and processes part of the public domain.

      Let’s see how the market reacts to that lawsuit.

    5. Our blogger has already forgotten a story he posted first today. About the super bowl ads.

      Corporations are already getting cold feet over cancel culture. And the ones that don't, like Twitter, are facing shareholder lawsuits against them.

      Buckle up and get your popcorn as the Left overplays its hand as usual. Within 2 years Harris will replace creepy Joey but it will not do any good at all.

      Then watch Harris pick Stacy Abrams for her 2024 VP. A perfect choice for overplaying your hand.

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  2. Don, as one of your biggest fans who rarely disagrees, I have to say this is one of your silliest pieces. Seriously. Stop focusing on what 'they' are saying and focus on what you say. I'm not at anyone's child's table and neither are you. Stop the whining's very unbecoming.

    1. Obviously you don’t live in West Virginia. It’s below freezing in the EP with an ice storm slated this afternoon, and may already be raining in Poca. It’s just a stone fookin bummer of a day. I freely grant Big D his weltschmerz. Happens to me too, and a LOT more these days...

    2. I agree Z, it's just as bad here in Florida. 80° and sunny. Can't stand it...I think I'll go mow my yard, that always lifts my spirits.

    3. Right on, brother...keep on the sunny side of life...

  3. I think everyone is waiting for Parler to come back online before they commit to Gab. But, as you say, everything on all the second generation platforms (Gab, Parler, MeWe, Minds etc.) is about politics, and I think the danger is that we turn into a bunch of pissed-off, angry people like the liberals were for the last four years.

    1. Parler is terrible. The interface is not well-executed.

      I think people are waiting on Trump. They'll go where he does.

    2. ROLCON

      Translation: Jeffery, like the rest of the Lefties, is afraid of any place where Conservatives can meet and talk.

      And plot the overthrow of the Usurpers.

      That's why we have the lockdown.

    3. I got on gab to see what all the fuss was about. I have not forensic much out of it. It seems confusing. I am not a technical fool. Parler wasn’t Twitter, but it was easier to follow threads of discussions I was Interested in. Twitter seas a good way to get unfiltered news and opinions, especially from PDJT. I miss it.

  4. "The children's table" is an apt metaphor for where the Blue Pill Republicans in Congress have been relegated by the Left. They still have their Congressional perks but they only get whatever the Left deigns to toss to them., and once they are no longer of use to the Left they will be tossed out with the trash. McConnell, McCarthy, Cheney and the others don't seem to understand that. The Blue Pill has done it's job.

    Justice for Ashli Babbitt!

  5. Parler has a bad interface, but just before it was shut down, I think it reached critical mass where many interesting people from Twitter moved over. For the longest time, I'd check into Parler a couple times a week, but in January, I was checking in several times a day. I hope it returns.

  6. The Supreme Court. Q-Anon.

    What's the difference?

    Neither will save you.

    1. What's the difference?
      A: Q-Anon is against pedos.

    2. "What's the difference?
      A: Q-Anon is against pedos."

      Ding, ding, ding. You won the internet today!

  7. "Missing though are the non-political discussions that made Twitter fun."

    You are just following the wrong people, because there are lots of nice pages and posts on GAB. Look at Andrew Torba's timeline to see some great groups & gentle posters that he shares from. :-)

  8. Wars are won by the party willing to go to the next technology.

    Atom bombs on Japan?

    The Florida bank is gambling that our side will not go to the doxing strategy of the left.

    So...what is the name of that bank manager in Florida? Where does he live? Don, you haven't said. But if we said?

    1. Nice to see someone who gets it. We REALLY need to stop being the good guys. At this point its us or them. We are at war., the shooting just hast started yet.

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  10. she is an existential threat because she thinks for herself.

    And you can discredit an idea, but you can't kill it.

    That's why thinking people are always dangerous. Ask the Krauts. Ask the Russkies. Ask the red Chinese.

  11. Assuming you aren't forced to attended under threat of violence, the best way to deal with being consigned to the "children's table" is to just not show up. Go do something else. Don't associate, find your own "family".

  12. Gab is good and getting better, but what we've lost are the connections. If Gab had the foresight to archive everyone's Twitter connections and auto-rebuild them when you sign up, then that would really be the cat's meow.

  13. I agree with the earlier comments that the governor needs to intervene and protect equal protection - as in general, the governors are the ones who are going to have to stand up to the "federal" (sic) government's b.s.

    This also sounds like a revival of the o era "operation chokepoint" that was an effort run out of doj to get the credit card outfits to cut off doing business with "illegitimate" entities - they were getting very creative about what constituted an "illegimate entities" (like the NRA?!).

  14. I feel like an illegal alien in my own country. Second-class citizenship would be an improvement.

  15. "Missing though are the non-political discussions that made Twitter fun."
    Yes, an excellent point. It's early days for Gab, Parler, MeWe, Rumble, BitChute and other alternates to the lib versions of social media.
    Rumble (replacement for YouTube) has few recipes, and almost no DIY vids (like how to change the aerator on your faucet or replace the battery on your car fob).
    We'll have to awkwardly straddle different apps, helping the good ones when possible and holding our noses when we have to use the bad guys.
    We'll have to add content ourselves.
    C'mon folks.
    Consider the alternative

  16. Steve Turley reports that Trump has $70 million campaign cash leftover to primary any RINO who votes to convict him.

    Go for it Mittens!! Then you can switch to demo-rat your favorite party.

  17. Democrat Fascism is just regular fascism with a Chinese twist.


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