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Monday, January 04, 2021

The case against a Republican Senate

Republican Senator Tim Scott went on Fox News to drum up votes for his party in Georgia on Tuesday. He said vote Republican for President Donald John Trump's sake.

He said, "This is every single thing we fought for the last four years.

"President Trump standing in the fire himself. That is what’s up for grabs this time. We could literally lose it all if we don’t show up on Tuesday.

"The only way we lose on Tuesday is if we don’t show up. President Trump has made it possible for this country to have the most inclusive economy in my lifetime. He has made it possible that we have the most conservative judiciary of all time. Frankly, we owe it to our past four years and the future that we win in 2021, starting on January 5, this Tuesday coming. It is more consequential than anything we’ve ever seen in our lifetime from a political perspective."

No, this is not the most consequential election in our lifetime.

The 2008 election was more consequential when Democrats used Barack Obama to win the White House. Republicans offered only token resistance with John McCain. Bill Kristol and others pushed for Sarah Palin to be on the ticket. Republicans mocked and humiliated her. 

Was it a coincidence that those who pushed hardest for her became Never Trumpers 8 years later? 

The 2016 election was more consequential as well. The Republican House speaker refused to campaign for Donald Trump. Many Republican senators (McCain and Jeff Flake led the crowd) openly opposed Donald Trump while others were passive-aggressive in their opposition.

After President Trump took office, Republicans allowed Democrats to slow-walk approval of President Trump's appointees. 

Republicans did not repeal Obamacare after promising to do so for almost a decade.

Republicans never funded the wall when they controlled Congress. And Ryan ditched the speakership in an effort to saddle President Trump with Speaker Pelosi. Oh how Ryan must have laughed when she impeached him. Later she tore up the State of the Union speech, again delighting Ryan and his fellow RINOs.

Based on their track record, Republicans will be little more than a speed bump on that Highway to Hell that Democrats are steering us toward.

A Republican Senate amplifies the power of Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, and other Never Trumpers. This will enable them to sell their swing votes to the highest bidder in the name of principle.

Why reward Romney for being a two-faced skunk?

Scott is correct when he says President Trump is standing in the fire.

Romney's name isn't there.

McConnell's name isn't.

And they dare ask for our votes while allowing Democrats to steal the presidential election uncontested!

The consequential election was November 3rd. Tuesday's is just to decide whether Pat Leahy or Chuck Grassley will be the president pro tempore.

Georgians can vote Democrat or Republican or not vote at all. I really don't care, do U?


  1. I respectfully disagree. I care. If we retain control of the Senate:
    1. There will be some reins put on Biden's cabinet and other nominees.
    2. Radical judicial nominees will be non-starters.
    3. When President Harris is installed in office and must select her vice-president, the constitution requires approval by a majority of the House and the Senate. If Republicans control the majority, it will force her to temper her choice.
    4. The Republicans will be able to initiate investigations and prevent Schumer from initiating investigations.
    5. The Demoncrats won't be able to ram legislation through (aka Obamacare).

    It's not about "rewarding" a RINO senator or denying any RINO Senator the perks of being in the majority. It is about having at least one realistic chance of preventing the Demoncrat party from doing the worst it could possibly do until we get to the mid-terms and finish off removing them as the majority party in the House.

    Andy S.

    1. Sorry to be blunt Andy, but bullshit. 1&2 - Republicans will roll over as always. RBG got something like 90% of Senate to confirm. What nominee did they deny Obama?

      And who cares who Harris nominates? She's as bad as it comes

    2. I'm of the opinion that the Republicans should get exactly what they've got coming to them.
      They don't understand their own party.
      So let's step aside, and let the Democrats give the R's the medicine.

    3. The Georgia run-off election will determine whether the Republicans or the Democrats will control the US Senate.

      Either way, we get screwed.

    4. R. McCray, as I keep saying, the GOP is the Go Along To Get Along Party. I don't trust them, nor should I, given what they've NOT done for and have done TO President Trump.

    5. I respectfully also agree with Unknown/Andy S.-- hold your nose and get out and vote for Perdue and Loeffler.

      This is that same topic of "the perfect becoming the enemy of the very good". (Ok, in this case it might be the perfect being the enemy of the mediocre at best".)

      But Trump was rallying tonight in Georgia, and he vigorously asked Georgians to vote for Perdue and Loeffler. Trump has not asked for much, but he's asking for this. He deserves Georgians votes.

      Both Perdue and Loeffler have committed to voting against the electoral fraud along with Cruz and Hawley. And if Trump DOES remain our President, do we want to make his life torture facing BOTH a Democratic House AND Senate?

    6. You guys all drink the kool-aid. We don't have a two party system. It's the globalists vs America firsters and the GOPe side with the globalists. When the GOPe had majorities in both Houses, they did absolutely nothing. They spent the last four years obstructing and sabotaging our President. Noting is more representative than the obscene veto-proof budget bills McConnell put on President Trump's desk. they had more dem votes than repubs. That's never happened before and illustrates the two establishments work together. President Trump has a sacred duty to defeat the globalists. The question becomes, can a President defeat a coup only using legal means?

    7. The Republicans are the stupid party, the Democrats the evil party.

  2. I'm in the let it burn camp. Let the run of the mill lefties and moderate democrats get a taste of what the elite have planned for the country. They won't like it.

    1. #MeToo, but zombie Democrats do not care if they are slaves to the corrupt elites.

    2. Sad but true.

      You surrender your b rain when you vote D.

  3. Agreed. The Whigs have betrayed us far too often.

    The sticking point is getting The Donald past 1/20 and still in the White House (the Demos are still scared to death he may refuse to leave; with the 20th Amendment, I think it's still one of his hole cards).

    There's also Federal bench appointments. Can you imagine the PUS-Elect (more likely, the Ho-Elect) picking a replacement for Breyer (granted, the 3 he's appointed let us down like Roberts (any more on the alleged pix of him on Sex Slave Island, btw?))?

    Again, Trump's let his enemies show their true colors, which I still think was part of the plan. His refusal to vacate the White House was late September, based on the phony ballots he knew were being printed and the Demos are sweating bullets.

  4. Why would a Republican go to the trouble of voting in an election controlled by Democrats? Haven't we learned?

    1. Do you realize the party that both the governor and the SOS of Georgia belong to?

      It ain't the dumbocrats.

    2. It's obvious that AZ and GA were targeted because of compromised leadership. In AZ it is at least the governor (GOP), and in GA it seems like it is the entire set of executive-office-holders (all GOP).

      Exactly *how* they are compromised we don't know - but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the obvious (that they are compromised).

      In addition, the left knew about this well before the election - whatever it is. Hence the targeting.

      Is there anyone besides PDJT who *isn't* compromised? The world wonders...

  5. If we are going to allow The Steal, then the GA election doesn't matter. Winning the GA Senate seats might slightly delay the Democrat planned destruction of our country, but so what! \Let the Dems do all their damage now while 74-million+ people are pissed off. Let's get it going

  6. I recommend Col. Kurt's column today in Townhall, in which he thumbs his nose at Biden's call for unity and offers a strategy for resistance in case the worst happens after Wednesday.


      Col. Kurt has been sounding rather defeatist lately. I don't know if he's really offered much of strategy of "Don't go along with this. We'll win eventually."

      We need something more specific - since that plan sounds a lot like the famous business plan of the underpants gnomes:

      1. Steal underpants.
      2. ?
      3. Profit!

    2. A war is won or lost when one side admits defeat and ceases fighting, or is obliterated and no longer exists to fight. See Japan on the decks of the USS Missouri in 1945.
      From Col. Kurts column:
      "Fight all the time. Use the Constitutional processes against them until such time as there are no more processes. And when that happens, adapt and overcome. Unity is defeat. Unity is surrender. And unity is off the table."
      This does not sound like a defeatist RINO to me. When all seems lost, become an insurgency and practice guerilla warfare.
      In the present case, I am convinced that the ascendant Left seems to be winning, but are in fact a very noisy minority. We of the majority are waiting and biding our time until PDJT plays his final cards. It's not over until he tells me it is.

    3. I wouldn't (and didn't) call Col. Kurt a RINO (he isn't). What I mean by "defeatist" is that he seems to have given up on the idea that PDJT *has* any cards left to play before 1/20 - and he has resigned himself to the idea of the sniffy regime being installed on 1/20.

      My concern is that things like "adapt and overcome" are vague and ambiguous. It's not a concrete plan of what to do next. So without specifics, it makes a nice breakfast but a poor supper.

    4. Kurt is like Tucker. I view both with a grain of salt.

  7. FWIW, I don't know what to make of any of this. We seem to have descended into a dystopian nightmare where you just don't know who is really on your side and who really isn't. PDJT I trust. But who else????

    1. I trust the 74 million.

    2. I’m with you Snow. I keep getting disappointed thinking more are on our side. Especially those that can get something done.

    3. This gives me hope. Here's the last graf:

      "What I wonder, given the eerie silence at Joe Biden’s end of things, is whether there is some negotiation underway for Mr. Biden to concede the election before events move forward into official inquiries. I wouldn’t be hugely surprised if that is the case. A US election has never concluded under such an enormous cloud, and with such a show of weakness by the putative winner. Joe Biden is but a ghost in the machine, and the machine is infernally corrupt, and now just about everybody knows it, including the figures fighting so hard to pretend that it isn’t so. Something like a war is underway both within the USA and from without. Mr. Trump is a war president and he’s not shirking his duty. War goes where it will and a genuine leader goes out to meet it where it comes."

    4. Another graf:

      "Senator Ted Cruz has come up with a pretty sound plan: a ten-day emergency audit of the balloting with an electoral commission consisting of five Senators, five House Members, and five Supreme Court Justices — to consider and resolve the disputed returns. The proposal is based on the 1877 procedure for resolving the contested Hayes-Tilden election. “Once completed, individual states would evaluate the Commission’s findings and could convene a special legislative session to certify a change in their vote, if needed,” the proposal stated. Naturally, the Democratic Party’s news media handmaidens denounced it as “embarrassing” — which raises the question: who exactly will be embarrassed if the plan goes ahead?"

  8. I’m in the let it burn camp as well.

    My wife and I changed parties from lifelong Republicans to Unaffiliated. I’ll never vote for the GOP again EXCEPT for clear MAGA’s like Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, Matt Gaetz and a handful of others.

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  10. I believe Senator Scott is incorrect about Republicans can win Georgia if only they show up. If the election is conducted like the previous one, it won't matter how many Republicans vote. I thought he was smarter than that.

    1. You’re right. It won’t matter if more Georgians vote for the Senate Republicans. More Georgians voted for Donald Trump, but what did that matter? “Those who cast the votes decide nothing; those who count the votes decide everything.” — Joseph Stalin

    2. Trump said last night at the rally in Georgia that there are 8,000 poll watchers for this Senate race today and heavy eyes on the process. So it likely will not be AS flagrantly stolen. So every single vote matters. Vote for Perdue and Loeffler. You can work on reforming the party next, but it's the Dems most eager wish, that you will be angry and sit this one out. VOTE!

  11. It's my opinion that GA will run this election somewhat fair (IE: no dominion shenanigans)... so they can use that as an argument against Trump's bid to have GA election results overturned.

  12. This is a tough one. Senate RINOs will merely slow the Democrat-led bulldozer, but eventually compromise away whatever power they had. So is it better to have 100% democrat control? Let them have 100% accountability? I would think so, except California. Things continue to deteriorate here and even so, democrats still have a lock on all state offices. They reward the public sector unions and those unions re-elect them. Big tech plays along. Either way the senate goes, things are going to have to get a lot worse before the tide might turn back. And the democrats will make sure they are not deposed via mere elections, so it's going to get ugly.

  13. I really don't care, do U?

    Reminds me of the petulant child. Just because the GOP let them steal the election doesn't mean patriots should roll over and kiss their behind.

    Purge the GOP from the traitors we have 2-4 years. If its not done by then I reckon that will be the time to head for the hills.

    Frankly I'd like to see the end of public schooling. That's where the liberals establish their command and control over peoples' opinions.

    Remove that and liberalism will die out inside one generation.

  14. Perhaps it's better never to have had anything at all, than to have had it all and ****ed it up.

  15. I'm in total agreement.

    GOPe are Traitors.

    Let the Uniparty have at it.

  16. S**t eating surrender monkeys. SESM for short.

    Have you become a pain in the a&& at your local Republican township meetings? Do you know your state representative's name?

    Make the states clean up their election process. This has to be done at the State level. Stop mail in ballots (legalized ballot box stuffing).

    Clean up the school boards. Did any of you SESM attend your local school board meetings to argue against the 1619 Project? Common Core? New (wrong) math? The Communist Manifesto? Didn't think so.

    Vote. My entire adult life I've known that voting involves winning beyond the margin of fraud. The Dems upped the margin this time. So get your friends involved. Or you're a SESM.

    The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance. 'We' (me and the mouse in my pocket according to Mark Twain) dropped our guards and allowed the Leftist March Through the Institutions. OK. STOP DOING THAT!

    But for God's sake stop whining about it and DO SOMETHING. Starting with taking over your local Republican Party. Make it happen.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. There is no longer such a thing as "the Margin of Fraud".

    We tried it by the numbers.

    Whatever. It. Takes.

  18. RINOs will bring us down. Once power is lost to these thuggish ideologues, we'll not be coming back anytime soon.

  19. Amen, Don, Amen.

    We need to vote every single Senator and Representative out of office. Even if it means voting a democrat in.

    Primary them all, in both parties. If an incumbent does run, vote against them regardless of who that means voting for. A freshie senator or rep has no ability to do anything and can be primaried again in 2 or 6 years.

    There are a couple of good ones like Cruz and Paul but even they will become swamp creatures if allowed to remain too long.

    Vote them all out. Both parties.

    And then keep voting them out.

    John Henry


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