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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Politico puff piece backfired bigly

The White House press has gone from rabid dog back to lapdog as President Donald John Trump departs. The puff pieces actually make for good entertainment because of the absurdity of trying to deify Joe Biden.

Politico sent Natasha Korecki to write about the writing of Chairman Xiden's big speech today, a speech that Senator Chris Coons hailed as the "most important inaugural speech since Lincoln."

Never mind that the speech had yet to be written.

Never mind that FDR had to pull a nation together amid a deep depression.

Never mind that the same press hailed Obama's first inaugural speech as the greatest ever.

Never mind that Lincoln's first inauguration speech led to a civil war, and his second led to his assassination.

Fact check: This is the most important presidential inauguration in 4 years.

The story began, "Joe Biden paces as he dictates long portions of his speeches to aides, spinning out thoughts that quickly pile into six, seven or eight paragraphs of copy, only to later be scrapped."

So Xiden dictates a lengthy speech only to have his staff ditch it later when they write the actual speech.

It is like they are working for Grandpa Abe Simpson.

The story then said, "On the 2020 campaign trail, he’d keep groups of supporters waiting inside while he’d hole up in a black car with aides, refining lines of his prepared remarks.

"Revisions go up to crunch time; it isn’t uncommon for a staffer to be scurrying to the teleprompter with a flash drive just before an event is to begin."

They are programming him.

This is not unusual in DC where geriatric office holders serve as a front for a staff of party activists. Does anyone really believe RBG wrote an opinion in her last decade on the court?

The next paragraph proved this.

Koracki wrote, "For higher-profile remarks, he’d obsessively rehearse portions until he committed them to memory. And at times through the various iterations of outlining remarks, Biden could grow downright ornery."

He has to memorize his quips. This explains his "one-horse pony" admonishment of a Fox reporter who asked about Hunter.


Koracki said Biden snapped at an aide, "I would never say this. Where did you get this from?"

A serious plagiarist wants to know from whence his words.

Now for the punchline: "The aide explained that Biden had just said it in a public speech a couple of weeks earlier."

That Xiden does not recall his own words shows they are not his.

Koracki called speechwriting for Xiden sausage making.

She also wrote, "While the process behind developing Biden’s speeches can be grueling (one longtime adviser jokingly suggested creating a support group for Biden speech writers), there is a method to it. Biden has maintained a core team of loyal advisers around him who have grown to learn how to parse when the president-elect is just riffing and when he really wants his thoughts committed to paper."

Translation: They are trying to make coherent the ramblings of the dumbest man in Washington.

I do not envy the task of the corporate press. They must make the dumbest and most corrupt president look like a Lincoln.

He's not even a Ford.


  1. Replies
    1. AMC Pacer from 70s -- Corn Pop!

    2. You apparently never drove one. It may have looked like a Toastmaster Junior on wheels, but mine was one of the best road cars I ever had.

    3. Ford Pinto and it broke down every chance it got.

  2. So, Sleepy Joe is going to sign some 17 Executive Orders today, canceling a bunch of Trump policies. I can just hear the interview questions now.

    "Mr. President, what color crayon did you use?!"


  3. Thank you Don for your peculiar tastes in entertainment. There is not much I can say that hasn't been said, but my time in front of a computer is shrinking rapidly. I rely on your blog and a very few others that I trust to let me know what I really need to know.
    As we've said since 2008 about the Obimessiah, he's a post-turtle, a puppet who only does or says what his puppet masters tell him to.
    I may see what Rush has to say this morning, but otherwise, it's media blackout, and returning to a focus on real life here and in our glorious outdoors.
    Here's to many more "top down" days for you Mr. Surber.

    1. Good advice, Greg. People need to decompress.

      Beautiful day today on a short trip to the post office and for donuts. The Lord painted the sky in monochromes reminiscent of black and white TV.

      Now to watch videos of the Grandbaby. 3 months old. Starting to teeth. I am glad I am not part of that noise. Told my son a little whiskey along the gums will help.

      And some on the baby's gums works too.

    2. I agree nice day here a bit cloudy, snow by tomorrow and I have a new rig in the Driveway-$X$ with snow tires. Count your blessings, folks and realize that the party in power uses ACME products as a supplier.

    3. Just posted this on a golf group text:

      I wonder if I can make it 4 years without talk radio, online news or tv? But that's the plan.
      I wonder if there's enough music out there.

      This site and Gateway Pundit will be about it for quite some time. All social media deleted (except LinkedIn)

    4. Look at the bright side - I've noticed that as I visit fewer and fewer sites, my morning "look-around" takes up a lot less time.

      Used lunch hour to plow the fresh six inches of "partly cloudy" off the (long) driveway. If I don't get ambushed, I'll try to get out later, before it gets dark, strap on the skis, and go out for a ski... hopefully repeating what happened late in the day a couple days ago, when I crested the last hill before the slide home and saw the setting sun drop below the clouds just before it set... the clouds turned purple, the orange of the sun was shining on the snow... so I just stopped and watched the sun set... after which there was a rarity, a post-sunset pillar of orange (ice crystals in the air).

      Anyway... for an audio background idea, during the closed-window months, I use and stream the Chamber Music stream into the office. Nice background music, plus no "host" to babble about anything. Use an old tablet - tablet to the WiFi network, and then Bluetooth from the tablet to a very nice Bluetooth speaker. Very soothing.

      And thanks, Don, for putting up with me...

    5. Good Plan TO. The hard part is to not go down the rabbit hole and follow the links. That is my downfall.

    6. Great stories, all, above.

      I ordered two hardcover copies of the Spy Magazine book, the component parts of which will be sliced up, and reproduced at anywhere from 125% to 200%, so that the book can actually be read

      Most of the book's type-sizes are absurdly microscopic. What is the point of wit in print when it's almost invisible?

      Time now to do such things is abundant-plus. I did this in 2020 with the NY Observer book (these are clip books) and it came out OK. I should be able to do better the second time around.

      Although I wouldn't give you a plugged nickel for the man today, John Podhoretz's memoir about his stint as a George Bush (The First, Senile) speech writer, Hell Of A Ride, is humorous and fun to read.

      In fact, much of the above portrait of Brain-Dead Biden can also be said about Bush The Foist.

  4. I am convinced that nobody is fooled, not even the programmed bot voters. BTW it was Coons's daughter who tried to pull away from Grand Paw at a ceremony while Coons was smiling.

    1. You got it, dude.

      Makes you wonder what the minimum reqs for a Democrat are.

      I do love how Demos are as defensive as their New PUS about him.

    2. Breathing would be the minimum. Speaking coherently is at least mid-way.

  5. Don't you love it? Biden, Harris and the rest of the communists now taking control, are going to place their left on the Bible, raise their right hand and recite the oath of office to support and defend our Constitution. This will be their first official lie and the most outrageous spectacle of the century.

    1. Someone should keep an account of the unConstitutional laws and regulations, and the spoken words of Biden Harris.

  6. Sabo went there.

  7. Turn on, tune in, drop out

    1. I have a lot of books to read.

  8. Is it me or is the lead Secret Service agent of Asian decent.

  9. as he dictates long portions of his speeches to aides, spinning out thoughts???????????????????

    Shirley, you jest.

    He barely thinks. Mostly about how some 10 year old's hair smells.

    1. Exactly. He rambles on incoherently and the people who write his speeches listen and pretend to take notes, later getting the actual speech from his handlers.

  10. Never mind that FDR had to pull a nation together amid a deep depression

    FDR did no such thing you just love the clown that's all. FDR split the nation like never before at the time. He tried to pack the Supreme Court among other outrageous unlawful acts.

    Someone who thinks a President's job is to unify a nation is no conservative at all. FDR destroyed the Constitution it really was a new deal.

    And Lincoln's speech didn't start any civil war either. His invasion started it. Duh. Anyone who claims just because we have a different president we're no longer a constitutional republic is just plain ignorant.

    You know the kind of ignorance that claims Lincoln freed the slaves when he never did free a single one of them.

    He closed down hundreds of newspaper publishers. He used the troops to sequester the Maryland legislature to stop them from joining the South. But you don't read those facts in a public school book of course.

    So when you have such rampant historical ignorance its no small wonder the nation is going bankrupt. Because neo-cons and liberals all support medicare and the pentagon's budget and the empire and all its 900 plus bases around the world.

    When those programs run out of money then you'll really be crying in your beer and liquor.

  11. Don, you are good with history. Is biden the first senile president we've had or just the first one senile before taking the oath?

  12. Maybe a Nash Metropolitan. More like a kid's push sidewalk-scooter.

  13. Biden is PINO - President in Name Only.....

  14. I'm sure it SEEMED like a long speech that he might have mumbled! Let's see him in action - LIVE ACTION in a REAL meeting! If we're not invaded by China or CANADA in his first month we'll be lucky! I'm sure we'll be invaded by South Americans!

  15. They are trying to keep everyones' senile old uncle from making another gaffe along the lines of the one about the greatest voter fraud operation ever.

    That one must have had his staff crapping their undies until they realized that everyone just laughed at senile old Joe.

    Personally, I've stopped laughing and started crying.

  16. FDR didn't have a nation stumbling over tripwires and at each other's throats based upon political ideology, btw.

    You know that the people who were turned canibal and rabid by the Media/Ruling elitist nexus will NEVER notice what ass and bootlickers these people are to the DNC with ultimate Power. They'll never compare the rabidity to Trump with the smarmyass licking for Biden.

  17. Fox should have learned a lesson from Meghan Kelly. Burn Trump and you're done!

  18. It is good when the leader of your opponents is a Moron tottering into senility. And his chief allies Pelosi and Schumer are little if any better.

  19. It is good when the leader of your opponents is a Moron tottering into senility. And his chief allies Pelosi and Schumer are little if any better.

  20. It is certainly the most illicit inauguration...

  21. Biden's the man who will have go toe to tow against Kim, Xi Jinping and Putin ? America is in deep trouble!