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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

NYT pushes amnesty for Red China's spies

I no longer distinguish the New York Times news pages from its editorials because its news staff runs the show. Today the news staff pushed beyond amnesty for illegal aliens to amnesty for Red China's spies. 

Chairman Xiden is inclined to do so.

The Department of Justice announced on January 14, "A professor and researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology was charged and arrested today in connection with failing to disclose contracts, appointments and awards from various entities in the People’s Republic of China to the U.S. Department of Energy.

"Gang Chen, 56, was charged by criminal complaint with wire fraud, failing to file a foreign bank account report and making a false statement in a tax return."

Chen's spying was no small thing.

Buried in the New York Times report on his case was this paragraph: "Prosecutors said Dr. Chen, who is known for his work on nanoscale heat-conduction physics, had received $19 million in U.S. grants since 2013, while simultaneously receiving $29 million in foreign funding, including $19 million from a research university funded by the Chinese government."

Chen was born in Red China. He later acquired U.S. citizenship after completing his doctoral work at Berkeley in 1993.

That was about the time Chairman Deng began pushing for trade with the United States by pretending to embrace capitalism.

The DOJ said, "From at least 2017 to 2019 when Chen was serving in several advisory roles for the [Red China] and [Red Chinese] entities, Chen applied for and obtained a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) grant in order to fund a portion of his research at MIT. In doing so, it is alleged that Chen failed to disclose information about his ongoing affiliations with [Red China] as required by DOE."

Chen apparently does not dispute the allegation. Instead through his PR agents at the New York Times, his defense is oops, it was a clerical error.

And his colleagues are flocking around him because Orange Man Bad, Chairman Xiden Good.

The Times said, "In the 10 days since Dr. Chen’s arrest, his colleagues have publicly protested, arguing that prosecutors have overreached, blurring the line between disclosure violations and more serious crimes, like espionage or intellectual property theft.

"More than 160 members of the M.I.T. faculty have signed a letter arguing that the Chinese affiliations Dr. Chen is accused of hiding were routine academic activities, such as reviewing grant proposals, and not ones that clearly required disclosure."

Spying for Red China is routine at MIT.

You must understand that spying is not running around like James Bond. Rather, it is collecting information, often secrets. 

The Times continued, "The university itself has challenged one of the prosecution’s assertions, saying that $19 million in Chinese funding cited in the criminal complaint was not granted to Dr. Chen individually, but was part of a well-publicized collaboration that Dr. Chen helped to broker between M.I.T. and a Chinese research center.

"Dr. Chen has pleaded not guilty and was released on $1 million bond. M.I.T. is paying for his legal defense, something that has not occurred in similar cases, including that of a Harvard professor, Charles Lieber, who was charged last year with hiding his Chinese funding sources."

MIT is acting like Red China owns it.

Well, organizations that rely on tax-free donations serve their donors, don't they?

Chairman Xiden's administration says it will be tough on foreign spying. That is a lie.

The Times reported, "The Wall Street Journal last week reported that Justice Department officials are considering the introduction of an amnesty program that would allow academics in the United States to disclose past foreign funding without risking a criminal investigation. High-level officials have circulated a draft proposal along these lines, the newspaper reported."

So we are back to having presidents that do the bidding of foreign nations against the best interests of the United States.


  1. Not sure why there are no comments after two hours...

    But I'll just note as an aside that I gave myself a well-deserved day off today to go skiing.

    It was wonderful.

    Now back to regular comment programming... :-)

    1. People are worn out or hunkering down.

      Me? I'm still shaking off the shock of hearing the next stupid thing this clown Bidet* has signed/ordered/done.

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  2. The Big Guy himself is guilty of nondisclosure and should be impeached accordingly. Just ask Tony Bobulinaki.

    1. Bidet* has a phalanx of Praetors protecting him (yeah, I know, not tactically accurate, but work with me). As long as they can prop him up and roll him out to do the bidding of his puppeteers then they are gonna keep his butt right up there at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    2. What should happen and what will likely happen are two different things. Should Biden be charged, it wouldn't take much for a halfway competent lawyer to successfully argue that he is too mentally incompetent to stand trial.

  3. If this fraud stands then there is no use in voting.

    1. This fraud stands. Bidet* is PINO - President In Name Only.

  4. With joebama's history of being in china's back pocket, who would be surprised whatsoever at uncle joe jumping to china's beat? We all knew this was coming, and it will get MUCH worse down the road. Just wait until china dictates which loss of freedoms for uncle joe to impose on us.....No doubt whatsoever, and with the current voter fraud perfected, with courts, RINOS, state legislatures on the take, NO REPUB will ever be elected president again. We all know it.

    1. That's why I keep banging on about governors standing up - loudly - for our rights.

      The Bill of Rights is ****NOT**** supposed to be subject to elections - either genuine or fraudulent.

  5. This may be the last we hear of Chinese spying for a while. Xiden doesn’t want to expose it. The corrupt CIA and FBI don’t want to. The corrupt justice department doesn’t want to.

    With PDJT and crew out of the picture, the Xiden regime will cover the spying investigations with a pillow until they stop breathing. I stole the analogy just like the Chinese are stealing our intellectual property.

    1. I bet we have heard the last of rescuing children from sexual slavery rings, too. Democrats are okay with it.

  6. China declared a war yet nobody noticed. Well, except for the guy they ran out of the White House.

    To be sold out by our own countrymen. Yes, Jesus was fulfilling prophecy, but I can't imagine He felt any better about that than we do this.

    Shameful. Infuriating. They used to hang people like these.

  7. Point of order...
    is Xiden pronounced ZI? den or ZE den Asking for a friend

  8. Pretend capitalism? Hardly. Communism creates no wealth ask the Soviets. China uses State capitalism the latest hybrid of fascism and Keynesianism.

    The wealth created there the last forty years is immense. Its modeled after our own economy that FDR created when he destroyed laissez faire markets. But that kind of complete liberty, formerly enshrined in the Constitution, and entirely based on the Bible, scares neo-cons and liberals to death.

    Nowhere in the Bible does God call for the State, via crony capitalism, to regulate private enterprise. Nowhere.

    And Jesus Himself in Matthew 20 shows how our present labor laws are evil. Jesus discriminated among his laborers and then finished by saying the Roman court prophets the Jews:

    Mat 20:15 Don't I have the right to do as I wish with my own money? Or are you jealous because I am generous?' "

    So anyone endorsing regulatory bodies who write laws independent of Congress, ostensibly for your own good, is saying Jesus had it all wrong. He doesn't have the right to do what he pleases with his money until the State baptizes and blesses it.

    By calling China communist you are in effect saying yes communism does create wealth. That's an implicit endorsement of it to some people. The world sees the wealth created there its so obvious.

    But the fools who own businesses there will never get to leave with their profits intact. That will be the day I enjoy when watching Tim Cook get the shaft if he tries to move factories to Vietnam. He'll have to sell them for a huge discount to leave.

    Others call China's system crony capitalism the kind we have here. Not much difference. All crony capitalists will fail when they run out of other peoples' money like they did when Britain's empire collapsed. So said the great Margaret Thatcher.

    It was her, Reagan, and Pope John Paul II who bankrupted the USSR. They ran out of money trying to compete.

    And Thatcher had all the right kind of enemies. When a head of state has few enemies he isn't working for the people. Donald had all the right kind of enemies!

    Here is the poem Thatcher quoted to the Queen after being warned about enemies....

    YOU have no enemies, you say?

    Alas! my friend, the boast is poor;

    He who has mingled in the fray

    Of duty, that the brave endure,

    Must have made foes! If you have none,

    Small is the work that you have done.

    You’ve hit no traitor on the hip,

    You’ve dashed no cup from perjured lip,

    You’ve never turned the wrong to right,

    You’ve been a coward in the fight.

    Watch it superbly acted out in The Crown season 4 episode 4 I think it was. Gillian Anderson plays Thatcher and really does a fine job I was surprised.

    Thatcher had her own brand of RINOs for sure. They turned on her and got rid of her too.

    1. So if the Bible doesn't outlaw something, it should never be outlawed. To do so is to add to the Holy Writ. And that is forbidden for all of Western Civilization. Or it used to be until the Progressive disease arrived and spread like Covid.

    2. Or consider the consumers under Communism: they always are waiting in long lines. Once they get inside a store the shelves are barely stocked. The quality is poor its take it or leave it and go hungry.

      Not so in China. No lines. Shelves are full with as many choices of product variety as we have here. Its really no comparison at all.

    3. Then compare China and N Korea using satellite pics at night. You can count on your hands the number of lights you see under communism in NK.

      Not so with China you see lights all over the place. Case closed.

    4. Who gets in the stores? Who has lights? It's a one party state with slave labor and reeducation camps. The state is in full charge. This is not capitalism. Too bad we are going to be like them.

  9. We gave this guy $48 million to develop tech the ChiComs will use to bury us. Real smart. Bill Clinton was the best purchase the Reds ever made.

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