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Wednesday, January 06, 2021

In mocking Trump, Hinderaker made the president's case

John Hinderaker at Power Line declared, "Trump Has Gone Nuts," because President Donald John Trump has dared challenge the stuffing of the ballot box by mail in several states.

Hinderaker's argument is not that the election was fair and square. Rather, he argues that litigation would take too long. This was an odd take by a litigator with 41 years of experience.

He wrote, "At this point, it is blindingly obvious that Trump has no pathway to victory. To the extent that Democrats committed or enabled voter fraud, they have done so successfully. There never was a plausible way to challenge the certified results in any state in the 60+ days between the election and the inauguration. Whether fraud occurred, sufficient to reverse an apparent result in any state, is a complicated question of fact that would require months, if not years, to litigate fairly."

In mocking President Trump, Hinderaker made the president's case.

Knowing the 20th Amendment sets the inauguration on January 20, Democrats knew they could stuff the ballot boxes with impunity because of the prevailing attitude is that there is not enough time to give President Trump his day in court.

With no penalty, nothing stops Democrats from defrauding the republic again. Witness yesterday's Senate races in Georgia.

To be certain, President Trump tried to stop the fraud by suing to stop Democrats from breaking the law in Pennsylvania. The law clearly states that mail-in votes received after the polls close don't count.

The Democrat-controlled state Supreme Court arbitrarily gave Democrats another 9 days to forge votes.

Despite this fact, Hinderaker wrote, "Battles in support of election integrity needed to be fought in advance of the election, not afterward, when it is too late. But the Trump campaign, for some unfathomable reason, was seemingly unprepared for the foreseeable prevalence of voter fraud. Even when the election was over, Trump scrambled to put together a legal team."

Glenn Reynolds said in reply, "Actually he had two high-powered law firms, well-equipped for this sort of battle, who were intimidated into dropping their representation by a campaign of social-media threats."

Hinderaker may have noticed that Democrats running around in black have been rioting of late as the Party Of Obama resorts to outright terrorism.

He declared incoherent this tweet from our beloved president, "I hope the Democrats, and even more importantly, the weak and ineffective RINO section of the Republican Party, are looking at the thousands of people pouring into D.C. They won’t stand for a landslide election victory to be stolen."

I will be kind. In his anger at the president, Hinderaker's reading skills failed him. Blind rage, meet illiteracy rage.

Now you may argue that the president was not re-elected in a landslide, and you may argue that the election was not stolen, but you cannot rationally call the man incoherent or nuts for seeking justice.

Hinderaker wrote of the president's claims of vote fraud, "As has been alleged, but not proved." 

Well, isn't that why we have courts? You cannot fairly complain that the man has not proved his case if you refuse to hear the case. They say justice delayed is justice denied. This is best example of such a denial. 

We have courts and lawyers to decide touchy matters because the alternative is to have a nation run by angry mobs who take the streets.

Al Gore got to argue his case before the Supreme Court.

President Trump should too. 


  1. I think I've this before, but it's notable that The Left (TM) for decades has been complaining about the "gentility" of the American Revolution (with all of those soft-gloved ideas about restoring the 1688 rights guaranteed during-and-after "The Glorious Revolution"), and stating that they'd prefer something more akin to the French Revolution.

    It has never seemed to occur to these boneheads that they have set up French-Revolution conditions - but with THEM as the effete aristocrats.

    As T.S. Eliot said, "May the judgment not be too harsh upon us"...

    1. I may be right. And that terrifies me...

    2. the parallels to Revolution just around the corner France and America are striking, The political class thinks now they can get to business as usual are in for a disappointment

    3. Yep, a bloody no holds barred guerrilla war in the suburbs of DC against the families of the swamp creatures is what is needed. Our government has long targeted families son war, it is time we respond in kind. Make Tim McVeigh look like a piker

    4. I disagree with targeting family members. And I would like to think that TM didn't know there were children in the building.
      If it's guerrilla war, even old men can become skilled enough to perform decently as a sniper.

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  2. This was our Munich moment: "You were given the choice between war and dishonour. You chose dishonour, and you will have war."

    1. HH, I know it's not a good time for philosophizing, but out of needed historical decency, someone should put in a kind word for Neville Chamberlain.

      At the time (1938), he and Daladier (France) were truly doing what their own people wanted - and both were welcomed home as heroes. (Daladier in particular was shocked by this - he expected to be welcomed with anger, but was welcomed home - as was Chamberlain - as a hero).

      Both countries were extremely desperate to avoid a repeat of WW1 (which traumatized both France and Britain in unimaginable ways). For all their faults, Chamberlain and Daladier were not trying to sell out their countries.

      After Chamberlain was replaced by Churchill, Churchill kept in in government since he was still a British patriot. And when Chamberlain died in 1941, Churchill was a pallbearer at his funeral - and wept over the loss.

    2. Yes, you will, Jeffery.

      This is only the opening round.

    3. Actually Snowgander, I totally agree with your take, but I was looking to be short
      & sweet, profound & pithy - guess I failed, sigh.

      What is unknowable is what the German military would have done had they been ordered to go to war over the Sudetenland because France & England stood firm. You read all sorts of accounts of the German military prepared to resist Hitler over the remilitarization of the Rhineland or the Anschluss with Austria, but each time he lucked out as others backed down. You could argue that Chamberlain bought a year's time with the agreement so as to allow for rearmament, but it also gave the Germans to do likewise...we'll never know. A stitch in know the thing

    4. Chamberlain came home and realized they were in deep shit and took steps to change the direction of things. He need things needed drastic and immediate change, which he supported.

    5. HH - No offense intended (or taken), and I should have said that it *is* a very useful quote for right now.

      The irony is that Neville Chamberlain actually *was* an honorable man - while the people to whom that quote is now directed are most definitely **NOT HONORABLE.**

    6. The british preparations for war were done under Chamberlains watch. Churchill did his part. The extra year helped Britain (and sunk France). js

    7. Snowgander, no offense may be a Snowgander, but I am no Snowflake, so to speak.

      That being said, this period of history was fascinating (as are so many others, but I digress) - I always loved Winston's quote that history would be kind to him, because he intended to write it! What a guy! I also remember his pulling back the RAF from France to save it for the coming Battle of Britain, despite the pleas from the French who felt the Brits should throw everything into the fray at that about having to make life-or-death decisions under pressure, glad it wasn't up to me

  3. I like Powerline, in part, but they mostly GOPe and Paul is a flat out NeverTrumper.

    1. both are stone cold racists! And both need to be booted from the GOP.

  4. I think the country is going to see some real resistance this time. Not the beta male-jazz hands shit we've been subjected to so far. The downfall of the left will be thier imagining themselves the people.

    1. Until these lefties wind up like Mussolini and his mistress they'll keep pulling this crap. Enough is enough.

      And I'm tired of talk show hosts saying they hope nobody gets hurt. Grow a set you pansies!

    2. The Mussolini treatment has a lot going for it. Wouldn't take many. A few such as Mme. Piglos, UpChuck would probably do the trick.

  5. Current breaking news has "Trump supporters" storming the Capitol. False flag operation or start of the rebellion yet to be determined. The Left sewed the wind and now they will reap the whirlwind.

    1. Let's hope it is the start of the rebellion. Trump should pardon anyone who helps string up these idiot Dims and RINOs!

      Enough is enough.

    2. The people, those working classes, are the ones demanding access to the Capitol, the one their taxes, not yours because you never paid any, pay for.

      You can ROLCON all you want, but you wanted a war and now you've got it.

    3. Holding, I think it's the real thing. The idiot Capitol cops shot a woman, apparently very badly.

    4. A friend told me that THREE motorcycle gangs contacted him about going to DC today. He turned them down (no money).....

  6. The question is not election fraud as much as it is the violation of the US Constitution; some state constitutions and the rule of law on the election requirements set forth by state legislatures. The violation of the state legislatures' passed election laws is the constitutional issue period; one as obvious as can be possible.

  7. Hindraker is a RINO that does not understand his time on earth has passed.

  8. Fake News says Insurrection In Washington. Armed Standoff in the House.

    The people demand access to the building for which their taxes pay. Allow the people to have a voice?

    The peasants are revolting and it ain't gonna stop.

    The neat part is all panic about House members being issued gas masks.

    Armed standoff at the House door.

    Ya gotta love it, right?

    there is not enough time to give President Trump his day in court

    I dunno. Is there a statute of limitation on stealing a national election?

    Roberts & Co have boxed themselves in, however. Anything they say about Trump's (Mrs Powell's or Wood's) lawsuits will be enshrined like no prayer in school or abortion, but I'm betting this one comes back to bite them.

    PS Remember Trump wouldn't commit to giving up the Presidency?

    Hang on, kids. The next 2 weeks could be very bumpy.

    1. The statute of limitations on prosecuting fraud is three years because it takes that long to build a solid case. Whether this applies to presidential elections remains to be seen. It has been said that the courts tend to follow the election returns. In this case, the justices clearly didn't want to get involved. Their refusal may prove to be the worst Supreme Court blunder since Dred Scott.

    2. Try Marbury vs Madison.

      Roberts & Co may well have finished the job Earl Warren's crew started.

    3. Pelosi in a gas mask? How could you tell?


    John Hayward @Doc_0
    While everyone was watching Georgia, the new masters of the world were busy making billionaires disappear, blocking even the laughable year-late WHO investigation of the coronavirus, and arresting the entire pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong.
    And yes, they were emboldened on all of these fronts because their adversary in the White House is on his way out, replaced by Ten Percent For the Big Guy. They'll pause to ensure their power is secure and move on to the next items on their agenda soon.

    1. How many of the Capitol Hill billionaires, not to mention the PUS-Elect, fall under that aegis?

      Commies don't trust traitors, y'know. They figure you turn your coat on your own country, you'll turn it on ours.

  10. Something to think about.

    Certification has been halted due to the people objecting to having their votes stolen, so it ain't over yet.

    The fun part is the Pentagon refused Bowser's request for ARNG troops.

    Bowser. Wotta dog.

    She wanted to come off like Horatius at the bridge, but ended up looking like Niedermayer in Animal House (or was it Kevin Bacon?).

    PPS If the Trump supporter the idiots shot dies, now there's a martyr. Martyrs can be very powerful symbols.

    Just ask the Roman Empire.

  11. "Glenn Reynolds said in reply, "Actually he had two high-powered law firms, well-equipped for this sort of battle, who were intimidated into dropping their representation"

    And just today Mr Hinderaker wrote sorrowfully about a lady lawyer he esteems who was just fired from her law firm for the crime of being willing to represent Pres Trump.
    Kind of refutes his entire argument right there.

  12. A Cap Cop thought a woman with a flag posed "an imminent danger to life or grave bodily harm"?

    Deadly force instead of pepper spray?

  13. The unthinkable happened, the unthinkable happened, and then the unthinkable happened.
    First, the election was stolen.
    Then people in power certified the faulty election.
    Then the courts failed in their duties.
    And now, the unthinkable - the Capitol is under siege.
    Abdication has its price.
    I never would have thought it would come to this.
    Of course, I would never have thought there were so so many willing to lie and cheat to win, and would never have thought there would be so many to turn a blind eye to all of this.

    Today, I'm crushed like never before.

    God help us all.

  14. Billy wants Trump impeached tomorrow.

  15. "In its place is fascism, which is a fusion of corporate America and those running the federal government."

    This is nothing new!! Surber supported Congress regulating interstate commerce, and now he's acting shocked that the corporate powers are the ones doing the regulating.

    Anytime you support giving more power to DC then you shouldn't act so surprised when they abuse it and use it to line their filthy pockets.

    Fascism came in full force in 1932 nearly a century ago and some people are just now seeing it. Slow learners they are. They didn't think the New Deal was really a new deal!

    Regulating commerce has been the dream of Progressives from the beginning. Teddy Roosevelt was the first progressive president who created the FDA and inspired the green movement.

    Yet Surber admires him. As I said he's a slow learner who believed everything his public school taught him.

    Now we get to see the Dems do what Jimmy Carter did and get swept from power in 4 short years.

    1. Anon, those will be long, loooooooooooooong, years.

    2. Shut up, Jeffery.

      You and yours killed a woman today, and possibly fatally injured a man, because you had to steal this election at all costs. We know Uncle Joe told your kind that the end justifies the means. you're about to find that incurs a heavy price.

      You like to belch about Trumpist thugs and how Kyle Rittenhouse was a killer.

      Now you're the killer. I'm sure you think that woman, one of those trying to get into the Senate, deserved it, but now we get to shove it down your throat.

      You won't like the taste.

  16. Don, your right, and you’re being way too kind to John Hinderaker. John Hinderaker is a Minnesota Liberal Republican elitist.

    He’s not invested in the America-First Patriot movement and he could care less that the election was stolen.

    He, like the NeverTrumpers who he claims he is not aligned with, allegedly is concerned about “norms” that Trump and his supporters are breaking, while he demonstrates his utter uselessness in pushing back against the Left’s constant attack against America’s norms in the course of achieving their stated goal to “fundamentally transform” America.

    John Hinderaker may be a terrific lawyer and super intelligent, but he is also a gutless wonder.

  17. PL readership cratering just like FOX. Good riddance.

  18. Here's something to watch in the next day or two if there were any arrests.

    If they were MAGA people, their names and faces will be splashed all over the place and the proverbial book will be thrown at them.

    If they were antifa/blm people, we'll hear nothing about them... and then there will be a few quiet whispers circulated that they were quietly released the next day (tomorrow as of now).

    One funny thing about today. For decades, The Left (TM) has been hyperactive when it comes to hyperventilating about a "Reichstag fire" event (they were always making that accusation of such things to come imminently, back in c. 2003-4 for example).

    As with most things from The Left (TM), they are always thinking (at least in background) of what they accuse. If this was indeed antifa/blm today, they pretty close to literally tried to pull a Reichstag fire today...

    1. Paul Sperry @paulsperry_
      BREAKING: Former FBI agent on the ground at U.S. Capitol just texted me and confirmed that at least 1 "bus load" of Antifa thugs infiltrated peaceful Trump demonstrators as part of a false Trump flag ops
      2:02 PM · Jan 6, 2021·

  19. This is interesting.

    Clarice Feldman (Fakebook)
    Wanderfar 2 point 1 minutes ago +2 / -0
    Just got to good internet from the belly of the beast. Super hard to get any kind of signal among the million Patriots there. let me start with the tenor of the crowd.
    Smiling maskless faces.... every where. People with no fear. Everyone friendly, understanding what we understand and steely eyed Furious.
    Personally met hundreds of people. They have come from ALL over. The Taiwan contingent was out in force. Blacks for Trump was out in force. Christians simply everywhere.
    I could tell this was the last peaceful protest. If they continue their scam we are simply DONE with them. Done with weaponizing Covid and masks. Done with Dominion voting machines. Done with being pushed aside.
    These Patriots are serious, capable people.
    Pence was certifying by State and when they got to AZ he objected and sent the House and Senate into session for a 2 hour debate. In the House the Republicans were FINALLY!?!? presenting evidence and Entering it into the record. They narrative couldn't hold... so they did the whole shut down the Capital thing.
    Now I am personally confused about our side reporting Pence back stabbed Trump. He didn't! He objected and the evidence was being presented. Any clarification on this would be appreciated.

  20. The four year attempted coup is reaching a climax. I want to know what really happened today. I suspect Antifa due to the timing - during the Arizona challenge - the first challenge of the day.

  21. Glad to see everyone is not caving and crying into their beer. Look at the bright side, Don has quit telling us every other day that "Hillary won the popular vote", so there's that!! We win, they lose, no one said it would be easy.