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Thursday, January 07, 2021

How Mao won

With congressional confirmation of Biden as president-elect means we have 2 weeks left before the United States becomes Red China's westernmost province. This is what happens when a great nation turns its youth over to Maoist professors and the like.

Nixon rightly brought Red China into the Cold War as a cudgel to wield against the Soviet Union. At the time, Red China was a harmless overgrown North Korea that would serve as a second front against the Russians.

Fast forward 20 years or so, and Bush 41 is president, having served as the de facto first ambassador to Red China. Outraged over Tiananmen Square, he nevertheless granted most favored nation to Red China as the elitists in Washington pushed the narrative that Red China is dropping communism in favor of capitalism.

The only thing that changed is Peking is now called Beijing.

The biggest event in 2001 was not 9/11. It was 12/11, that date in December when Bush 43 allowed Red China to join the World Trade Organization.

Red China poured cheap goods on the world market. Socialists who hated Reagan with a passion chanted Free Trade, Free Trade, Free Trade because just like Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, if you say it loud enough you'll always sound precocious.

And it worked. Anyone who objected to making America last was a dirty, rotten skunk.

Jonah Goldberg wrote on January 29, 2018, "The Trump administration is now moving to put some teeth on its promise to punish 'unfair' trade from China and other countries.

"It recently imposed punitive tariffs on Chinese and South Korean manufacturers of washing machines and solar panels. The move is ill advised on its own, but you can be sure this is just the beginning of renewed debate over the benefits of free trade, with any number of once-passionate opponents of the government 'picking winners and losers' rushing to defend the sagacity of 'America first' economics."

But in granting Red China access to our market without demanding access to theirs, the politicians already picked a winner. 

You cannot be American and buy American if nothing is made in America anymore.

Never mind that every Republican president from Lincoln to Reagan imposed protective tariffs, post-Reagan tariffs became verboten as the elitists promoted the New World Order in which America went from being the arsenal of democracy to being the financier of Red China.

In hindsight, Donald Trump's only mistake was not running as a Republican in 2000 or 2008. As the deep state's resistance shows, 2016 was too late. The deck was stacked.

I am not blaming this all on Obama. Certainly 12 years of a President Bush and 8 of Bill Clinton enabled the transformation of the nation.

In 2020, America's cultural revolution took hold. Statues fell. Cities rioted. Provincial governors and mayors locked down citizens in their homes. The Maoists in and out of government purged from our history Washington and Jefferson. The Maoists rewrote the Civil War as a war between white people that black people used as a diversion to escape from slavery on Juneteenth.

The cancel culture is a large part of America's version of Mao's Cultural Revolution.

The official state news agencies (Obama ordered us to ignore Fake News) spent 4 years lying about President Trump, which softened the target for the steal of the election through mail-in ballots.

On January 20, the nation will install Chairman Xi's puppet as president. Washington will tighten its grip on the nation. The media will blame on President Trump any of the inevitable calamities that become visible while bestowing hosannas upon Uncle Joe, a kind and gentle ruler whose human foibles are harmless and amusing.

The Maoists will hunt and jail the Trumps, destroying their empire, and holding the Orange Man's head high aloft as a warning to others.

Nobody is a billionaire because nobody is rich enough to escape. Go along to get along. Fear is all the hombres in the swamp have, but fear seems to be all they need.

Pray, have hope, and prepare for the next election. There is always the slim hope of winning it back through the ballot box.


  1. Hey Don
    Your fellow West Virginians really need to pressure your Senator Manchin to switch parties for the good of the country. It’s hard to beleive he agrees with the b.s. the dems are pushing for right now

    1. It would be pointless. Mittens would then switch to communist.

    2. jm media darling is a "proud" democrate why would he switch? As for Romney his name is Willard and he hats that handle don't disgrace all the cats named Mittens .

    3. I’m not too impressed with West Virginians. They had their chance to dump Democrat Manchin and they declined to do so. Manchin is a “moderate” which is a crock.

    4. Well, Susan, I’m not too impressed with you, so I guess we’re even.

    5. Manchin won't switch. He's totally on board wit the left's agenda, and confirmed that by voting to convict Trump in the impeachment trial.

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    7. Manchin won't switch. When Schumer says "sit down", Manchin drops.
      Besides, why not ride the strong horse?

  2. The fraud in the presidential election was obvious, and well documented. Then we had the Georgia run-off. The fraud was identical, just as obvious, but totally ignored. Future elections will be useless. We need to do something about these past elections first.

    1. The only thing to do is similar to what the dems have done for the last 4 yrs. Except we may want to call our resistance the defiant or something similar. Since they called us Trumpers, joesa nostra fans should be called something like bidophiles
      fight fire with fire - not physical violence

    2. "fight fire with fire - not physical violence"

      Funny to see you comment about this. I was wondering earlier today if there might be some non-violent way out of this mess, and if there was some way to actually meet Don's goal of still doing it at the ballot box.

      The left has been gaming elections in different ways for a long time. Twenty years back, they snuck-stole four Senate seats by doing big-time GOTV efforts, like chasing people down and driving them to the polls. GOP had to match and did. Similar data driven stuff in 2008 - GOP botched it in 2012 but succeeded in 2016. Back in 2018, they stole a bunch of House seats in CA via "ballot harvesting" - GOP matched last year and got the seats back.

      So is the only non-violent way out to respond by having OUR hackers hack into the Dominion Machines and provide OUR desired vote totals to replace theirs? It would fit the history of the past 20 or so years...

    3. I didn't like either of my Georgia Senators, but I voted for them in an attempt to keep the barbarians outside the gate.

    4. As a non-violent way out of this mess, I would consider pushing for an Article 5 constitutional convention to repair the erosion of our governing document. (Mark Levin favors such action.) Amendments such as congressional and judiciary term limits, a balanced budget requirement, and requiring paper ballot voting accompanied by voter I.D. are some of the measures that can help restore our faith in government. I'm sure others here can think of additional reforms.

    5. NB, the problem with that is how to keep out amendments you don't want. Amendments such as banning "hate speech," for example.

    6. NB, it is a good idea to have a constitutional convention to repair some important things, but we can't do it in this present environment, because the Dems would find a way to instead gut the constitution. Down the line, when we are back in control and have weeded out the traitorous Republicans, it would be a wise move, though.

  3. Many years ago, I heard a logical argument that the Chinese would become America’s friends. I like the Russians, China has a strong family centered culture. The Russians don’t. This, Chinese-American relations would be good with some shared beliefs.

    Well that’s turned out to be a crock. The Chinese leadership is every bit as ruthless as the Russian leadership. Commies are commies.

    1. It’s always the gov’t leaders that are the real commie thugs - not the people

    2. Maybe the propaganda was just as much lies as now.

    3. As people in Taiwan are happy to tell you, the PRC is not "traditional" China. The RoC is, and they have a point. The Maoists smashed up everything from China's past that they could. The National Palace Museum in Taipei is absolutely stunning - and the communists would have smashed all of that had the Nationalists not gone through immense trouble to evacuate it all to Taiwan in 1949.

      (Okay, free link for the lazy: )

      I fear that the RoC will be one of the first casualties of Chairman Xi's new world order...

    4. You poor boyz are so Butt hurt over China because they are getting rich and it scares you to death. The fact is America cannot compete with China so you hate them and accuse them of everything in the fake news you claim to hate.

      Kinda like the Persians who have never done anything to Americans at all. But credulous Americans love to hate the people they are taught to hate. After all they gotta hate on somebody.

      Then they start talking about values and their faith all the while completely forgetting the command to love your enemies.

      Not for these guys. Musta been a misprint in that book!

  4. So, Obtuse Olsen and Professor Edwina edutcher are now Oh-For-Ninety on outcome predictions. Bidet* is in. So much for all that 6-D chess and wishful thinking that somehow the corrupt system would do the right thing. I would be laughing but I hate this outcome so I can't.

    You and your cuck brigade are a bunch of naive children. Let the rationalizations begin.

    This should be good.

    Meanwhile, thank you Donald Trump for being the greatest President of my lifetime. What was done to you--to us--was a crime. You won. We know it.

    Winning in 2024 will be a monumental task. A heavy lift. We must clean up these states that let this happen. That's not gonna be easy. Indeed, it may be impossible.

    1. Your absolutely right Big Jake. 1000%.

    2. Yawn. Nobody but susie cares what you post ROL CON jakee. We know your schtick. You are not a Trump supporter.

      You only guessed what would happen. Again, thanks to Trump we all now KNOW.

      And if your man, the brain dead, corrupt and compromised china doll becomes POTUS, tell us ROL CON jakee, how are the states going to clean up? What's the plan to not only clean up the legislatures, but the "courts are corrupt!"?
      The fraud was still there for the Georgia run off, like I predicted, you remember? Of course you don't.

      Trump won't concede. He told you via his tweets he wouldn't. If you were a real Trump supporter, you would know that. So, now that Trump has established that fact, tell us ROL CON jakee. Who's going to stop him from serving his second term?

    3. Trump won't concede. He told you via his tweets he wouldn't

      They're going to come down as hard on Trump as they can, thinking that will snuff out all this America First. Trump did not start the idea and it will pass on to others.

      Trump will be a martyr as much as Ashli Bobbitt and the others, Benjamin Phillips, Kevin Greeson,
      Roseanne Boylan. Notice how they have yet to put out a cause of death. Without a vid, it's easier to lie.

      Jeffery wants us to give up. He thinks us believing that somewhere someone with integrity would stand up for the law is stupid. You can, however, smell the flop sweat on him.

      What happens if 5 million, not one, show up tat the thingy the Demos will throw in 2 weeks and they all yell, "Thief!!!!", just as loud as they can.

      Winning with crooked judges is nothing to cheer. If institutions and the people in them can't be trusted, people will be very hard to rule. And you will have to rule us (I know you're wetting your pants at the prospect) because you won't be able to govern us. And there's a lot more of us.

    4. I’ll tease the first verse of my song...finished it a half hour ago:

      “Went to bed Tuesday night
      Everything was swell
      Woke up on Wednesday and screamed
      WHAT THE HELL?!?!
      A bunch of numbers just
      Mysteriously changed
      I don’t do conspiracies but
      I got a brain

      You f—ed me in the a—
      So I cut your head off”

      Need to begin working on some guitar fills next.

      As I see it, in about six months the LibCommies will be begging us to secede.

    5. Obtuse Olsen and Professor Edwina edutcher are now Oh-For-Ninety on outcome predictions.

      Yeah that was a good one Jake. I do find it funny. I'm not concerned at all about the Dems its all just rhetoric for the troops.

      Nothing much will change unless you make hundreds of thousands a year. And if you make millions a year there will be the usual loopholes for them.

      Their favorite loopholes being tax havens and private equity interests the ones Romney so adores. They get capital gains rates, the lowest of all, on all their profits.

      Its called "carried interest" in the law. Look it up. If Trump really was a reformer he would have tried to repeal it.

      Instead Trump left all his hard core folks in DC yesterday hanging with no agenda for the future. Real leaders don't do that. They lead in and out of power.

      He has more power with moral persuasion than he had in office as President. I guess he doesn't realize that.

  5. 2 weeks left before the United States becomes Red China's westernmost province.

    They call that click bait! Sensationalizing news for fun! Its what happens when your hopes and dreams get dashed, yet again, in national politics an institution that can only be reformed from the bottom up.

    You thought it could be done top down. You still do. Nope. Culture drives politics and education drives culture. Which is how the progressives have gained so much power the last century.

    1. Hey Anonymous, you talk big, but you blow hot air.

      “Education drives culture.” Okay, so what action do you recommend to change “Education.”

      At least Don is communicating and attempting to “educate” those who are willing to read and consider with an Open Mind what he is writing.

      It is fine to criticize what Don has written, but what is your suggestion?

      And in response to your “click bait” comment; that was just indicative of your arrogant ignorance.

      If the headline led even one additional person to read this article, it did its job.

      You seem to ignore that Don had a lengthy career in the news business. He knows what headlines are for, and how to write them.

      You Don’t.

    2. Jeffery, you've been waiting for this your whole life. Your hatred of white people can finally be assuaged when they make you a guard at Dachau-on-the-Brazos. Of course, we're a province of Red China. where do you think all the money to pay for the phony epidemic and the riots and the voting machines, but most of all for all the judges and Whigs that ignored the law and the evidence.

      They're going to have a show trial for Trump if they can arrange it in time. Maybe even if they can't.

      How Commie can you get?

    3. Melonhead, Jeffery in drag, I suspect, thinks Open Mind means ideas go in one year and out the other.

    4. You seem to ignore that Don had a lengthy career in the news business

      That isn't something to brag about!!!! Its his Achilles Heel he thinks he knows what's good for you. And he adores the power of the Presidency to give it to you good and hard.

      As for education that's real simple. Follow the Bible. Privatize all education. Public schools are the only established church in America where humanism is now the god of the country.

      Why should you let the State adopt your children? You're tithing the minds of your children to them. Why do we let the State force us to let them educate our children?

      Where in the Constitution does it give DC the power over education?

      The Catholic Church used to demand attendance in church or else. And they demanded the tithes too. Or else.

      Now the State has replaced that church since medieval times. Your forced to go and forced to pay. Until people see how evil the educational system is they will be misled.

      Its the public school system that has given the Progressives their power because they write the textbooks and run the entire system.

      So they control the flow of information especially history. With that power its easy to control people's opinions.

      Assuming you really want ideas about education listen to this short description of the hidden agenda of public education:

    5. Your forced to go and forced to pay.

      Even when you have no kids! Even when your kids aren't in school. Even when your kids are in private school like mine were, so I paid twice.

      That is an immoral and corrupt system.

    6. He knows what headlines are for, and how to write them

      Of course he does. They're marketing ploys. The worst one like this one is click bait. Buzzfeed is the ultimate click bait site in the world.

      Study their headlines and you'll get a marketing education.

    7. Your should be you’re. Dooshnozzle.

    8. And now that Ed mentions it...both Susan and Nony 2.2 both spelled it wrong. “You don’t pull the mask offa no Lone Ranger, and you don’t mess around with Ed...”

    9. you don’t mess around with Ed...”

      I know! He's a real badass! And a wannabe warrior too.

  6. Oh,and Nixon should have left China in caves with torches. A cudgel against Russia? Lol. The one thing you can for sure say China and Russia had in common was opposition to the USA. They may not like or trust each other but they'll work against us every chance they get. Eventually they'll fight, but they have to be rid of the US first.

    1. In '74, Red China was still in the throes and blood of the Cultural Revolution, Jeffery. They were nothing.

      In fact, they were nothing until the post-Tienanmen deal.

      As I keep telling you, history, like science, is not by consensus. You have to go by the facts.

    2. FWIW, the real watershed in the PRC occurred when Mao went tango-uniform and they disposed of the "gang of four" (headed by Mrs. Mao).

      Mao and co. did everything via pure ideology - one of the worst environmental disaster in history (and one largely unknown to this day) was the plan to turn China into one giant rubber plantation - because industrial society requires rubber as much as it requires steel and hydrocarbon fuel sources. Never mind that 0% of China is suitable for rubber - socialism would override that! Massive deforestation to plant rubber trees, mass failure, mass catastrophic erosion and flooding. (Preview of the "green new deal.")

      Deng replaced the ideologues with the technocrats (back when the term meant "people with specific relevant experience" rather than the meaning today that has basically come to comprise "ideological bureaucrat"). Deng's bet was that he could open up the economy without opening up the political system - basically, you can do as you please as long as you stay away from politics (gee, sound familiar?).

      Too many of our people figured that "eventually" economic liberalization would lead to political liberalization. That sure didn't work out for us...

  7. Don, excellent column.

    What is also necessary to include is a reference to how all the millions of “New Americans” who have flooded into America with the support of the Democrats, and the vast majority of Republicans (especially those representing the Globalist (US Branch) Chamber of Commerce), have “fundamentally transformed” America; and how this flood will turn into a tsunami under the incoming Regime in DC.

    As we have seen this year, the only “New Americans” who truly want to protect the US Constitution are those that immigrated from dictatorial Communist and Socialist nations who know first-hand (or from their parents) what it is like to be under the thump of a repressive government.

  8. As I keep saying, I don't know if the media is/are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dem Party, or if it's the other way round, but it's OBVIOUS that they're in CAHOOTS.

  9. It's quite hilarious watching ROL CON jakee talk to his sock puppet trolls and vise versa. I bet he really enjoys playing the stupid anonymous troll the most.

  10. Tyranny, despotism, dictatorship and oligarchy are the norm as they are static and require revolution to overthrow, republics are dynamic subject to manipulation and eventually self-destruct

  11. You cannot be American and buy American if nothing is made in America anymore.

    Therein lies his worldview! He wants the power of the feds, badges and guns, to demand what kind of commerce Americans MUST engage in. Its soft core tyranny there isn't a shred of conservatism in such a worldview.

    Surber doesn't believe in liberty at all. Or the right to pursue your own happiness. He believes in fear. He loves to quote the fascist FDR about that.

    He thinks DC should have the power to control all economic activities. Then he moans about corruption and lockdowns the ultimate display of control over commerce. He's schizophrenic.

    He displays in full glory the effects of a public education.

    1. Lots of things are made in America, jerk. That was the big economic revolution Trump brought us.

      Without him and the Demos in control, it all goes away. And the natives get restless.

      I said a few days ago I thought it was getting to the point somebody was going to get shot.

      Well, now the wraps are off. The diversity cops Willie created are going to shoot on sight because nothing will happen to them.

      Then the war really starts.

    2. Ohhhh....ooooohh. Heap big talk for heap big clown! As Jake points out so often you really are clueless. But keep pounding your chest and acting so tough all ya want since it makes you feel good.

      Jakes call you Edwina. I guess I'll call ya Badass Eddie! Real tough guy but all hat and no cattle as anyone talking about a war is.

    3. Then the war really starts. Says Eddie! Presumably he wants to be a General. Or maybe just Captain! Who knows. But he's gonna save the Union from desolation!

      Now he's probably out right now looking for where the grapes of wrath are stored. They will come in handy for people like him.

      He really thinks without his savior all our manufacturing goes away. All away! He never talks about facts. Just wild opinions is it.

      And the FACT is the trade deficit is at record levels despite Trump look it up yourself. Its why Surber isn't writing about it since its embarrassing. Manufacturing barely rose under Trump. But facts don't matter to fanatics. Just wild off the wall opinions.

  12. PS FLOey, Anon, Melonhead, and BJ (his favorite pastime) are all the same person.

    He thinks he's cute with his cartoon characters, sock puppets, and ROLCON players. He thinks no one can tell it's him.

    Too bad they all have the same "style". Wait till something goes bad for the Left. Wait till he starts getting nasty with Don. Then you see what a creep he really is.

  13. I have to disagree, Don. We're China's Easternmost province. In which direction do the container ships bringing trinkets from Shanghai to Walmart sail?

  14. There are four boxes to be used in the defense of liberty:

    Please use in that order.

    Guess where we are now.


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