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Friday, January 08, 2021

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president. Just a reminder that while he was sworn in, Democrats actually rioted in Washington DC damaging stores and ruining Larry King's rented limo. The media promoted this as a Resistance.

ITEM 1: The National Post reported, "The Economist Refers To Chinese Businessman Disappearance As 'Regulation' And 'Boosting Competition.' "

Purported billionaire Jack Ma criticized Red China this fall and no one has seen him since. The Epoch Times said the official word is Ma went into "voluntary supervision."

Ma is not a billionaire because to be rich you have to be independent, and he cannot leave Red China and live elsewhere. This means he has all the independence of a Uighur slave. 

His lot in life was to pose as a billionaire to foster the belief that Red China has converted from communism to capitalism.

ITEM 2: The Federalist reported, "Facebook and Instagram are banning President Donald Trump from their platforms beginning Thursday.

"'We believe the risks of allowing the President to continue to use our service during this period are simply too great. Therefore, we are extending the block we have placed on his Facebook and Instagram accounts indefinitely and for at least the next two weeks until the peaceful transition of power is complete,' Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote."

If they can do this to Our President, no one is safe.

We are all Jack Ma now.

ITEM 3: Town Hall reported, "The recall effort against California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom reached another major milestone. California State Assemblymen Kevin Kiley (R) announced the campaign has collected its one millionth signature to recall the governor. "

They need 1,495,709 signatures to trigger a special election. 

The deadline is March 10.

ITEM 4: Just the News reported, "Following the breach of the U.S. Capitol that occurred on Wednesday, Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said on Thursday that a fence was being constructed.

" 'At 9:00 a.m. this morning we began erecting a seven-foot non-scalable fence' from Constitution Avenue to Independence Avenue and from First Street to somewhere near a pond in front of the Capitol. The fence will remain up the next 30 days at a minimum."

I thought Democrats said we should be building bridges, not walls.

I thought the media told us walls were racist.

I thought the federal courts told us you have a right to protest at the Capitol.

I know God gave you that right.

ITEM 5: The Hill reported, "The disturbing breach of security at the U.S. Capitol is raising serious questions about the safety of lawmakers and staff who work there, and drawing criticism toward the security services who are meant to keep them safe.

"Images of a mob scaling walls, breaking down fences, and storming the seat of the country’s Democracy have led to criticism that the Capitol Police should have been better prepared for the possible assault."

Not mentioned in the story was Ashli Babbitt. Capitol Police shot and killed her, although she was unarmed.

That should raise serious questions, but the people in Washington are, by and large, unserious. 

Which is why the nation is in serious trouble.

ITEM 6Summit News reported, "The police officer who shot Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt dead has been suspended and the incident is currently under investigation.

"Babbitt was shot in the neck at almost point blank range during yesterday’s chaos in DC during the storming of the Capitol building.

"Footage of the shocking incident clearly shows that non-lethal measures could have been used against Babbitt, who served her country during a 14 year stint in the Air Force.

"The officer who shot Babbitt, who was wearing a suit and positioned inside the Senate chamber when he opened fire, has now been suspended pending an investigation."

The officer has the right to a presumption of innocence.

But we also must investigate this killing.

ITEM 7: The Political Insider reported, "Two House members nearly came to blows and had to be separated by a Capitol staffer after several lawmakers had preached about coming together as Americans.

"The wild scene took place as lawmakers debated certifying the electoral votes from Pennsylvania." 

The story also said, "Remarkably, this near-fight took place late into the night where lawmakers spent countless minutes preaching to the American people about unity and coming together."

Well, who would expect any different?

Our elected officials sound the alarm about climate change, and then fly across the globe.

Our elected officials preach lockdown, and then take their family to a French restaurant. 

Now this.

ITEM 8: Will Wilkinson of the New York Times tweeted, "Violently overrunning police to storm the seat of government during a joint session of Congress in a bid to overturn the result of a presidential election is categorically different from smashing the window of a Jamba Juice during a BLM protest. So f*cking stop it, right now."

Ross Douthat of the New York Times tweeted back, "Like I said earlier, it's hard for people caught up in it to acknowledge that political breakdown is an iterative, escalatory process, which is how the worst riots in decades get described as a broken window at a Jamba Juice."

Do we call them jillboots when a woman wears them?

ITEM 9: On June 25, the Washington Free Beacon reported, "House Democrats unanimously blocked a resolution condemning acts of violence and rioting—including the 'deliberate targeting of law enforcement officers'—in the wake of George Floyd's death.

"The resolution, which was introduced by Rep. Greg Steube (R., Fla.) late Thursday morning, condemned Floyd's killing at the hands of police, calling it 'inconsistent with the values and conduct expected of law enforcement officers.' The resolution also supported peaceful protesters, but it noted that protests have been "exploited by violent extremists' carrying out 'acts of violence, looting, destruction of business and personal property, and additional loss of life.'

"Rep. Jim Jordan (R., Ohio) spoke in favor of the resolution, arguing that while Floyd's death was 'wrong as wrong could be,' there is a 'big difference between peaceful protest and rioting.' Jordan also spoke against defunding the police, calling it 'one of the craziest public policy proposals I have ever seen.'

The story also said, "No House Democrats voted in favor of Steube's resolution. Rep. Justin Amash (I., Mich.) voted with Republicans to support the measure."

Republicans should have returned the favor on Wednesday and refused to condemn anyone because no Democrat has yet to condemn the riots they incited.

ITEM 10: The Federalist reported, "Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s communications director asked Twitter to bar users from sharing one of the New York congresswoman’s previous tweets in support of protests that make people 'uncomfortable,' saying it was being used as 'misinfo.'

" '@AOC’s Comms Director here. Right-wing accounts are taking the last tweet from this old thread on the ‘defund’ mvmnt & twisting it to imply AOC supports violence like what’s happening at the Capitol. We asked @Twitter to stop the misinfo, but as we wait, you can help with a RT,' she wrote on Twitter."

How dare we quote her in full and in context!

ITEM 11: Just the News reported, "19 Democratic lawmakers signed on to a letter on Wednesday urging Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in order to remove President Trump from office."

4 years later, there are still Freaks of Nature who refuse to accept the results of the 2016 election.

ITEM 12: United Press International reported, "Elon Musk became the world's richest person Thursday with a net worth of more than $185 billion.

"Tesla stock increased by 7.94% on Thursday pushing Musk's net worth above Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who had been the world's richest person since 2017 with a current net worth of about $184 billion.

"Acting as CEO and product architect of Tesla, and founder and CEO of SpaceX, Musk began 2020 with a net worth of about $27 billion, placing him barely among the 50 richest people in the world."

I vote for him to be the person most likely to be Jack Ma-ed under Xiden (as a reader calls him), right behind the Family Trump.

ITEM 13: CNBC reported, "Boeing agreed to pay more than $2.5 billion to settle a criminal probe with the U.S. Justice Department, which accused the company of concealing information about its 737 Max airplane that was involved in two crashes that claimed 346 lives, federal prosecutors announced Thursday.

"The deferred prosecution agreement closes the DOJ’s roughly two-year probe and drops all charges after three years if there aren’t additional violations."

You kill 346 people and nobody goes to jail. That works out to just under $7.3 million a person.

Send a CEO to prison for a couple of years and you can just about guarantee no CEO in any company will risk anything like this ever again.

ITEM 14: CNBC reported, "The American Hospital Association pressed Health Secretary Alex Azar on Thursday to provide more federal support and coordination for Covid-19 vaccine distribution, saying the slow rollout has raised questions about how fast they can inoculate the public.

They are passing the buck, because the story also said, "More than 17.2 million doses of vaccine had been distributed as of Wednesday, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but just over 5.3 million doses have actually been administered. That’s far short of previously stated goals by federal officials of vaccinating 20 million people in December."

I don't expect instantaneous vaccinations, but if you have administered only one-third of the dosages received, you have no reason to complain about supply problems.

ITEM 15You Gov reported, "Most voters say the events at the US Capitol are a threat to democracy."

45% of Republicans supported the DC rally. 43% did not.

Screw everyone else. I am serious. We should not care what the monkeys in the media and other Democrats think.

ITEM 16USA Today reported on July 28, "Poll: Nearly two-thirds of Americans support protests against racial injustice." 

Let us compare.

Cities where BLM protesters torched and looted stores: Albuquerque, Baltimore, Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, Portland, and Seattle.

Cities Trump supporters damaged: NONE.

The real threat to our constitutional republic is a press that calls a rally an insurrection, and riots "mostly peaceful protests."

ITEM 17Michael Thau wrote, "Et Tu, Bluto."

Great line.

In this case Bluto is Bill Barr.

All the pearl clutching is aimed at virtue signaling. Democrats hope to incite an impeachment and removal for inciting a riot. That way, President Trump cannot run again.

Inspector Bluteau couldn't find voter fraud in a fraud house much the same way he couldn't find a whore in a whorehouse, but he is conflating a group from the public going inside a public building with a riot. He just wants to top Kellyanne Conway's $2 million advance for her tell-all book.

May their literature be as enlightening as Chico Escuela's tell-all book, Bad Stuff 'Bout the Mets.


  1. Big D, I changed my voter registration info for Berkeley County, WV yesterday. Previously, it was “Republican.” I changed that to “Other” and wrote in “MAGA.” Fook the UniParty. Oh, and Fook CPAC. I drove past the National Harbor as I circled the Beltway on Wednesday, my own little one man protest, and briefly reflected on the times I had there and what I’ve learned. No more, Matt Schlapp. No mas.

  2. I will never vote republican again. Our Republican leaders have proven they are cowards. They have shown me they are nothing more than the same lying thieves thier Democrat buddies are. Quitting, running with thier tails between thier legs to the bigots masters on the left, kissing thier bloodied boots, begging for forgiveness. Our institutions are fully controlled by the fascist left. Thier brownshirt thugs roam the streets with impunity, terrifying American citizens. Leftist thugs stormed the capital during the Kavanaugh hearings, ransacking, destroying, burning, raging and are praised as heros by these fascists. The bigots on the hill assassinate an unarmed American veteran protesting the theft of a presidential election while her name and her cause are pissed on by the leftist controlled media. No More. I'm done. There is no political solution left for honest Americans.

    1. Thier? Come on, man. Posts have less power when posters can’t freaking spell...

    2. Well thier sanctimonious Z I'm sue you never made a typo

    3. A Priest a Rabbit and a lawyer walk into a bar. The bartender looks at the rabbit curiously and the rabbit says hey, dont look at me, I'm only here because of spellcheck.

    4. People whining about spelling errors love to whine about anything and everything

    5. I’m done with the cowards also. They’re a bunch of chicken $hits. But I’m being redundant.

  3. Item 2: Where are Facebook’s servers located? I mean the physical server farms. Where are they on earth, not in “cyberspace”? Maybe it’s time for some zoning changes there, or a rerouting of the Internet backbone, or a small EMP in an adjacent building.

    Item 6: I’m sure there will be an investigation, and the officer may lose his job, but that’s all. No nationwide riots, looting, and firebombing. No murals on the side of buildings. No “WLM” signs. If only she were only a black junkie...

    1. 2 - I would assume that their servers will be spread out in multiple locations for availability and reliability purposes. No matter, if their actions aren’t a wake-up call to many about their outsized power and bias, than nothing is.

  4. 15. Steal an election, not a threat to democracy. Burn cities, destroy businesses, not a threat to democracy. Protest at the capital, the People's House, a threat to democracy. biden, not my president. scotus, not my supreme court.

  5. Item 6 the Lon Horiuchi defense will be employed. The only thing missing the babe in arms

  6. Replies
    1. A solid conservative explained to me very earnestly that Lavoy Finicum was at fault.
      I. Don't. Care.
      I'll say his name, too.

  7. 1 - he’s an acting billionaire no Ma.

    8 - Jillboots for a lady. Jackboots for Big Mike.

    10 - I expect Twitter to comply and also ban anyone trying to retweet it.

    17 - his book will be titled “Gubment been very very good to me”.

    Speaking of snakes, Still waiting on the Durham report. Still waiting on the DNI’s December 18 report on election security. Still waiting. Waiting.

    18 - he will surely stand up to Biden and represent the people. Suuuuure.

  8. #18. How close is he to Nasty Pelosi to need that?

  9. [ ] I will support PDJT ALWAYS. I supported the rally. I participated in the Jerico sound-off at noon on the 6th. We have 74M strong supporters NOT BEING HEARD. I propose that 74M PATRIOTIC AMERICANS drop their use and support of 5 companies to prove our power and support of all things American. We need to stop using ....facebook, twitter, youtube, walmart and amazon....... all on the same day and for the duration of time to effect permanent and lasting change. Would this be any harder than losing our Liberty, Honor and Republic...... not even. We certainly lived without them and we can do it again! It takes a movement of this magnitude to quietly and effectively alter their bottom line..... the only LINE of their concern. It's either that or a very similar solution, or our only line of concern may be a "bread line". (It's also a movement that our youth can be taught to champion - they need to be included to help support their future.)

    1. It isn't just 74 million. A huge number of Trump votes were switched to Biden. I would believe the number to be closer to 80 million.
      I just cancelled my Facebook account. Will look at items on Amazon to get the manufacturer's name and go to that site to buy from now on.

  10. Item 8: "Ross Douthat of the New York Times tweeted back, "Like I said earlier, it's hard for people caught up in it to acknowledge that political breakdown is an iterative, escalatory process, which is how the worst riots in decades get described as a broken window at a Jamba Juice."
    NYT tomorrow: (On page 93) Ross Douthat fired.
    "By the way, Michelle Obama is demanding the banning of President Trump and his supporters from social media." She's authoritarian? Of course she is! We can see it in/on her face!

    1. When you are able to gnaw the face off of a white shark, you can use any pronoun you want. Now quit being a dick, or"she" might chew on yours.

    2. Justice Roberts could have prevented all this election chaos. He could have stayed all last minute election law changes, the engine for fraud, and put them on the schedule to handle them carefully after the election, but chose not to. He's come to be more and more a company man for the elite. Our Conservative Supreme Court Justices have been a particularly big disappointment in recent years. Kennedy, then Gorsuch affirmed gay marriage and sexual identity laws, Scalia gutted religious liberty in the Smith decision, and Roberts gave us Obamacare based on tax law that no one argued in court along with his cowardice in the elections. The Liberal Justices have no problem in setting new precedents and dismissing the old. They have no problem with decisions that protect their political power or advantage it. We saw this in every State court with Liberal majorities of justices. Once they upend the Constitution, Conservatives seem paralyzed because of precedent. The decision not to rule in the PA case was particularly odious. The Supreme Court allowed the State Court to literally change the dates for receiving votes. Even numbers and dates are not specific enough for them to rule on. I stand by my previous post. The Republicans are the stupid party, the Democrats the evil party.

  11. I see a lot of talk about a third political party under a MAGA policy. That is the wrong approach to getting the change you want. Here is another approach. Think about it. 80million MAGA people join the Democrat Party, get involved at the grassroots, make your presence felt, leverage your policies, and in the process ensure all the far-left wingnuts face a primary. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em is the old saw. Once you join 'em, you can change 'em. I refuse to believe that all current Democrats support the lunatic fringe direction their party is taking them.

    1. Further, Donald Trump himself could lead this R exodus, by re-joining the party he left behind. Bwaa haaa.

    2. It WOULD be easier to primary Ds vs. R(ino)s...interesting strategy!

  12. I actually loved seeing the Congress people chased out. Not one stood their ground.

  13. #7) It was my representative who was on the GOP side of the incident. According to reports I have seen the Dems were again calling the GOP liars. I know Andy Harris and have seen Democrats verbally attack him up close and personal at small townhall meetings. He is cool, calm and collected every time I have talked to him after such incidents when I was present. Once I have apologized for some of our local citizens being disruptive and uncivil but he said don't since as he said that at a previous meeting it was worse. When he was first running, I suggested he have townhalls, but he did not want to because he had seen Dems bus people to GOP candidates townhalls to disrupt them.
    I have to admit that I was between Andy and the Dems at one townhall and thought they was going to attack him. I stood up to block them and noticed there were two sheriff deputies behind them and felt they would be controlled. So as I wrote him yesterday, I understand his reaction to the Democrat lies, although out of character since I have been there myself.

  14. #7 - "Our elected officials..."

    Let's weaponize language. I call them "Our ALLEGEDLY elected officials" since at this point we don't know how many of them really were elected fraudulently in recent years.

  15. I was thinking this morning about what next... but note again that right now 12 days is an eternity.

    The Boss (TM) should just keep having rallies around the country. He clearly enjoys it, and everyone clearly enjoys it (each side draws energy from the other). Keep speaking about the corruption, and keep the pressure on. The weak, corrupt clowns won't know what to make of this.

    It's also a critical way to keep us together and not let us get atomized; atomizing the populace is a very effective stalinist technique to make you feel alone and helpless (which is why the "ruling class" likes lockdowns so much).

    One reason that the effete, aristocratic class is so freaked out by DJT is because his energy and common-touch show them up for the fake garbage that they are. Keep doing it.

    1. Totally agree with this. The rallies are a great means of communication.

      It is also crucial to get a new Trump central email going, so he can communicate with all 80 million of us who want to keep hearing from him. It should be on a new platform (not gmail) so it can't be interfered with. There must be some smaller currently existing email platform that would LOVE the opportunity to have 80 million new customers. And then load up the staffing with the very BEST patriotic tech people who can destroy all tech attempts to interfere with this platform. It's the most important thing to keep us from being atomized.

    2. It is also crucial to get a new Trump central email going, so he can communicate with all 80 million of us

      That is what I thought he would do Wednesday. He had the hard core right there with him! Instead he left them hanging and they quickly scattered like sheep without a shepherd.

  16. And, just like that the constant "bombardments" of texts from the Trump Team asking for donations to Stop the Steal have stopped, sigh
    I always thought the post-election process would be like either Wake Island or Midway...and now sudden radio silence tells me the outcome

    Mr President, if you are listening, I beg you to set up your own PAC separate from the GOP or any other "conservative" group so whenever I receive any future fundraising letters from such entities, I can write the following: "thank you for reminding me to make a donation to Make American Great Again...accordingly I have made a contribution in your name to Donald Trump's PAC, please go there to make your case for funds...

    1. Strange. I too have had in mind the hope for a "Midway moment," when everything changed for the positive in five remarkable minutes...

      However, it isn't always like that. "1776" has been mentioned a lot lately, but that effort was successful largely on persistence - from *1775* to 1781. If ever there was "War is a serious of disasters culminating in victory," it was the Revolutionary War. Washington and Hamilton corresponded regularly about how they were using the techniques that Quintus Fabius Maximus used in the 3rd century B.C. to ultimately defeat Hannibal.

      The late Thomas Fleming's final book (which he managed to complete at age 90!), "The Strategy of Victory" is excellent on this count. Until I read it, I never really appreciated how badly the Revolutionary War went right up until the surprising end in 1781. Recommended, particularly right now.

    2. Midway didn't change things until it's completion...

    3. Hey Snowgander, you and I really need to a "get a room" :o) But along the lines you cite, I never understood why history wasn't more interesting to Americans...why indulge in some Harlequin romance or Harry Potter nonsense, when actual events are much more interesting. Plus, some stuff an author might write as fiction might be deemed too unlikely to happen, so would be dismissed as "unbelievable" or fantasy not worthy of consideration or contemplation. OTOH, the 5 Midway minutes you reference actually did occur and changed the course of the war in the Pacific, but who in their right mind would write something like that as fiction?

      Geez, the dumbing down of American education is perhaps the saddest aspect of what history I have actually witnessed (and I turn 70 next week, sigh) OTOH, my 29 year old son is a history buff on his own and frequently brings up historical events for discussion that amaze even me...and I know everything! So perhaps there is some hope for the future, but Donald Trump needs to become our "George Soros" in a sense to level the playing field, but again what do I know?

      (will check out Fleming's book since strategy has always interested me since I spent a year at Fort Bragg in the early 60s while my old man was involved in military planning for the Cuban "situation"...BTW, we lived next door to Hamilton Howze, a name which meant nothing to me at the time, but I digress. In any event, let's hang in there and weather the storm, so to speak

    4. Midway is an interesting moment in history.

      What fascinates me is that, while Trump refuses to concede (Wouldn't think he would) and refuses to attend the Inaug, the Ho has yet to resign her Senate seat.

      That makes me think there's another card out there he has to play.

    5. ed...feel the same way, especially since "Date of Rank" (in military parlance) plays such an important role in the Senate pecking order. Seems like "the Ho" would have resigned her seat the week of the election in order for CA Gov to appoint her replacement well ahead of the 9 new Senators who were sworn in later...curious and curiouser

    6. I never understood why history wasn't more interesting to Americans...why indulge in some Harlequin romance or Harry Potter nonsense

      I agree. That's why the Left has gained so much power for its their side who teach history in school.

    7. Absolutely, Hotlanta Hippie, Trump needs a new standalone PAC. We will all POUR money into it.

      In the meantime, read the fine print on any financial solicitation. Back in the fall I noticed that solicitations from RNC and Trump supposedly said money was split between the 2 organizations, but I was furious to see (once when I had to click a box to "confirm allocation" or something), that they had $74.25 of my $75 contribution going to the RNC and only $0.75 going to Trump's campaign. That was only 1% going to Trump. I cancelled the donation.

      Also we should all load on the phone calls and letters to the RNC announcing they will not get another dime.

      I do not support starting another party. We need to complete the purging of the RNC. The RNC legal and organizational structure is very valuable and any new party would waste years trying to get administratively set up. And we already actually have MANY SUPERB Republicans in office Cruz, Hawley, Rand Paul, Jim Jordan,
      etc. I love Owen Burgess and Byron Donalds as new members in Congress. We will do far better if we continue purging the RINO's and build on the good we have already achieved in cleansing the RNC.

      Lastly, we shouldn't be totally dismissing folks like Pence and Mike Lee, etc, just because they don't do 100% of what we want. 90% is a good performance. This week, I believe Pence did what he honestly felt was right. And it was only because numerous others before him dropped the ball-- state legislators, state and federal judges, etc. that it even came down to Pence having to be a Hail-Mary to unilaterally overturn all that. Pence is overall a valuable ally of freedom.

      This past Sunday afternoon I had C-Span on in the background for a few hours as Pence swore in each Senator for the new Congress. Pence has, I believe, a profound spiritual depth. I was impressed by the tangible spiritual grace coming off him as he cordially greeted and swore in each person, Dem and Rep alike. Pence has so much to give. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

  17. #2- re Big Tech: since all the Big Tech platforms are now censoring content from non-leftists, it's time to get set up with other providers.,,,,, and there are many more.

    For email that can't be tampered with or censored, I use; highly recommended, and Google doesn't know what you post using it.

    Staying on Fakebook and Twatter just lets the enemy know what you're doing, and you'll be censored and/or suspended anyway, as the pogrom gets going in earnest.

    #3- Since voting in CA is fraudulent, does that allow me in Texas to sign a recall form? Just asking.

    #5/6- As others have pointed out, the security at the Capitol was purposefully scant; the antifa faction were allowed to come in; the whole thing was a staged False Flag. That USAF Veteran who was murdered, Ashli Babbitt, was martyred by a fool in uniform. He should spend the rest of his days in prison (to my reckoning, that's far worse a punishment than hanging.)

    #7- It's ludicrous to say that we should have "unity" and "come together" when the US Congress has certified a fraudulent election. This farce is shameful!

    #8- It's OK to wear jackboots with a Boob Belt, when the boob is Big Mike. He's a real fashion-setter.

    #9- It's OK that the Demorats blocked the resolution to condemn rioting. After all, we haven't yet begun to riot. When we do commence, no resolution from that body of BS artists will prevent us from achieving our objectives.

    #11- In my mind, the jury's still out on Mike Pence. Is he standing with the traitors, or merely allowing them to commit acts of treason so that they can be charged with that crime?

    #12- Elon Musk, he's my brother! Hey, brother, can you spare me a dime?

    #14- My sister's a nurse; she got the vaccine under orders. I'm glad that aside from some soreness, she's OK; I'm very glad that she isn't one of the many who have died or suffered severe side effects. I'm 74 with COPD; my doctor said nothing about having the CCP Virus vaccine, but did advise me to get the high-strength flu vaccine. Isn't that interesting!

    #18- Am I missing something? He/She/It is just an ordinary Democrap, dressed like a normal Democrap. Oh, I know: he's not waving the Hammer & Sickle Flag! That IS different, isn't it!

  18. 2, 4, 5, 6, 11: They must be scared to death. The Deplorables rising up like the French at the Bastille.

    9: Their 30 pieces of silver came in the mail a long time ago.

  19. "You kill 346 people and nobody goes to jail. That works out to just under $7.3 million a person."

    Uh, no. I am type-rated on the 737 (along with half a dozen other jets) and, while I have my problems with Boeing, what killed those people was the crew. Every single transport category jet has the same procedure for a pitch trim runaway, regardless the cause -- disable the system. Period. You don't turn it back on. Ever.

    Pilots in Africa are notorious for being poorly trained and under-experienced. I witnessed it firsthand over there for almost three years when I was a training Captain.

    Boeing has its problems, but not even the best manufacturer (today I contend it is EMBRAER) can save a plane from a pilot that wilfully disregards official emergency procedure guidance.

    You accelerate beyond the redline with a nosedown trim setting (because you didn't reduce power) and there will be only one result: a lawn dart.

    1. I'll second this - with more below.

      One thing I haven't been able to get a clear answer on is if you can really turn that "correction" system off for good. I have heard that if you turn it off, after 20 or 30 second it will turn itself back on; there's some way to override this and get it to stay off, but it's actually a lengthy procedure.

      In much of the world, commercial pilots really don't know how to actually "fly" an aircraft - put them in a Cessna 172 and they'd be lost. They get trained on how to fly all the automation but not the aircraft. So when the automation goes off the rails, they don't know what to do.

      In the US, if you walk up to a major airline and say that you want to fly for them, they will give you a list of flight schools and/or college aviation programs. In much of the rest of the world, they take you to their simulator.

      I do some things on the side with a university-level aviation program, and these youngsters actually learn to fly from scratch. Flying with people who aren't old enough to buy a drink but are exceptional pilots already is pretty interesting. (Also keeps me sharp, flying with them and working to THEIR standards.)

  20. In this case Bluto is Bill Barr

    I never trusted Barr for a second. For it was his father who first hired a guy to teach at very elite private high school in Manhattan. The guy didn't have a degree so people wonder how that happened.

    The guy Barr hired was Jeffrey Epstein at the Dalton School in Manhattan. He was then put in charge of the girls' PE classes.

  21. After attending the rally my only question is, call West Virginia secede from Virginia again? Maybe also get some of that border wall?

  22. 5. So we're supposed to worry about the safety of lawmakers and staff who work on capitol hill when they didn't care about the safety and security of business owners and employees most of last year and now into this one?

    15. "Most voters say the events at the US Capitol are a threat to democracy."
    Well, that's true. As long as Congress is in session (or even showing up) the Republic is threatened.

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