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Monday, January 25, 2021

Highlights of the News

Only 11 months until Christmas. Maybe if you order them now, the presents will arrive by Christmas this time.

ITEM 1: KASW reported, "Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, former Senator Jeff Flake, and Cindy McCain have all been censured by the Republican party during the party's annual GOP meeting on Saturday."

They supported the Democrat in the 2020 election.

Ducey's spokesdouche said, "These resolutions are of no consequence whatsoever, and the people behind them have lost whatever little moral authority they may have once had."

Don't wait for the primary. Recall.

Put the fear of the electorate in Ducey, and watch the rest fall in line.

ITEM 2: The New York Times wrote, "Pennsylvania Lawmaker Played Key Role in Trump's Plot to Oust Acting Attorney General."

The attorney general, acting or otherwise, serves at the will and pleasure of the president.

We have people who do not know this basic constitutional principle reporting the news.

ITEM 3: The Hill reported, "Student loan forgiveness would be windfall for dentists, doctors and lawyers."

The story said, "With President Joe Biden in the White House, progressives are pushing for universal student loan forgiveness. New data from the Department of Education provides an excellent snapshot of how badly targeted student loan forgiveness would be. This new data gives us the most detailed view into the roughly $86 billion in student loans taken out by students who graduated and started repaying their loans in 2016-17 and 2017-18.

"The data make clear that student loan forgiveness provides massive windfalls to the well-off. The field with the most loan forgiveness per borrower is dentistry, where the average borrower would offload $250,000 of debt onto taxpayers. Borrowers in the field of medicine would have an average of $174,000 forgiven. And borrowers in law would have an average of $119,000 forgiven.

"Progressives often portray themselves as fighting against attempts by the rich and powerful to hijack public policy to enrich themselves at taxpayers’ expense. So why, in the name of fighting for the oppressed, are they trying to send well-compensated dentists, doctors, and lawyers six-figure checks? While there are certainly dentists, medical doctors, and lawyers who are struggling with debt, many others are lavishly compensated and can afford to repay their loans."

Of course, six-figure checks are not as common as people think, and the hours put in start at 60 per week.

This post-election story greases the skids for Chairman Xiden to renege on a promise to Bernie Bros.

But society is better served by $174,000 loans for medical school to doctors than $20,000 loans for college to BAs because most jobs BAs take really don't need someone with a college degree. Meanwhile, America does not have enough doctors to go around and must import them from Asia and elsewhere.

ITEM 4: ABC reported, "The FBI and local authorities are investigating an explosion and vandalism at a church in Southern California known for its controversial pastor and his anti-LGBT views.

"The First Works Baptist Church in El Monte, California, just east of downtown Los Angeles, was shaken by a blast in the early morning hours Saturday, according to the FBI. When responding to the scene just after 1 a.m. local time there was smoke coming out of the windows and the outside of the church was covered with graffiti, the Los Angeles County Fire Department said."


The story also said, "The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups, labeled First Works Baptist Church a hate group in 2019 for its anti-LGBT stance."

A defamation and RICO lawsuit against the SPLC may be in order. I await the completion of the investigation.

ITEM 5: Breitbart reported, "Southern California welcomed rain this weekend — including a storm that brought a dusting of snow to Malibu, near Los Angeles — as the state hoped to emerge from a new drought."

The state relies on melting snow packs to provide water in the summer.


Snow on Malibu Canyon Road.

It never rains in Southern California, but it snows. Man, it snows.

ITEM 6: Forbes reported, "Yesterday, The United Nations released its Emissions Gap Report 2020, an annual assessment of contributions to greenhouse gas and carbon emissions. The report has some notable information amid an array of complicated projections that may or may not come true. It claims, for instance, that “despite a brief dip in carbon dioxide emissions caused by the covid 19 pandemic, the world is still heading for a temperature rise.”

"But for the United States, the real value in this report is as an advisory that it need not join the Paris Climate Accord. This report is evidence that, instead, the U.S. should just keep doing what it is doing to cut its own emissions. The U.S. is the most successful major country at mitigating its own pollution, and the U.N. shows this."

The reduction is not due solely to the pandemic panic. The USA's production of carbon dioxide fell under President Trump, the best president for the environment since Richard Nixon.

ITEM 7The Daily Mail reported, "Generations of children have been charmed by the magical tale of the boy who never grew up, but Peter Pan is now on a list of banned movies.

"Bosses at Disney have blocked anyone under the age of seven from watching the 1953 animated classic on its streaming service over concerns that it portrays racial stereotypes, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

"Three other long-standing family favorites – The Aristocats, Swiss Family Robinson and Dumbo – have also been removed from children’s accounts for breaching ‘content advisories’ that were recently put in place."

The pedophiliac dark side of Peter Pan does not bother them. In the 21st century, preying on children is OK. Someone calling herself a redskin is not.

ITEM 8: PJ Media reported, "It's Happening Already: Joe Biden Calls a Lid Four Days Into Presidency."

The Mail-It-In presidency, just like his election theft.

ITEM 9: Reuters reported, "U.S. manufacturing activity surged to its highest level in nearly 14 years in early January, but bottlenecks in the supply chain caused by the covid 19 pandemic are driving up prices and signaling a rise in inflation in the months ahead.

"Other data on Friday showed an unexpected increase in sales of previously owned homes in December. Manufacturing and the housing market are helping to anchor the economy, which is being battered by a wave of coronavirus infections. But the pandemic is causing labor shortages at construction sites and factories, which could erode some of the strength in the manufacturing and housing sectors.

"Data firm IHS Markit said its flash U.S. manufacturing PMI accelerated to a reading of 59.1 in the first half of this month, the highest since May 2007, from 57.1 in December.

"Economists had forecast the index would slip to 56.5 in early January. A reading above 50 indicates growth in manufacturing, which accounts for 11.9% of the U.S. economy. Manufacturing is being supported by businesses rebuilding inventories and a shift in demand towards goods from services because of the pandemic."

President Trump left the Pretender a great economy.

We will see how Chairman Xiden screws it up.

ITEM 10: The Western Journal reported, "Remember when tech titan Amazon supported the Democrats’ push for mail-in voting for the 2020 election? After all, the pandemic was raging and voters shouldn’t be forced to risk their lives in order to cast their vote.

"Well, that was then and this is now. It appears the e-commerce juggernaut’s enthusiasm for the practice has cooled now that unionization is on the ballot.

"In a stunning reversal, the Washington Post’s Jay Greene reports that Amazon is appealing the National Labor Relation Board’s ruling to 'allow roughly 6,000 workers to take seven weeks, starting Feb. 8, to cast their ballots by mail to be represented by the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union.' The RWDSU filed their petition in November 'with the NLRB to hold the Amazon unionization vote.' "

Forget learning to code.

Republicans need to learn to ballot harvest.

ITEM 11: Women's Wear Daily reported, "The New York Times is pushing back against a narrative coalescing around the recent firing of an editor.

"Lauren Wolfe, a freelance editor for The Times’ Live page and a journalist who has written elsewhere about violence against women and girls, was reportedly terminated by the paper after she tweeted late last week 'I have chills,' accompanied by a photo of President Joe Biden’s plane landing at Joint Base Andrews. Reporter and popular Twitter personality Yashar Ali late Friday broke the news on the platform, connecting Wolfe’s firing to the tweets and the negative reaction to them by supporters of Donald Trump and right-wing ideologies."

I bit on this nonsense in Saturday's highlights (since updated) and I apologize.

The spin by Yashar Ali makes no sense. Who are these conservatives who would care about some feminist fashion writer tweets?

If it looks too good to be true, it is.

ITEM 12: Terry Schilling reported, "The Lincoln Project Sets a New Standard for Shameless Grift."

He wrote, "They have, after all, raised more than $87 million in their short existence, much of which has gone to their board members or their board members’ firms. The firms of Ron Steslow and Reed Galen (the project’s treasurer) alone appear to have received more than half of the money The Lincoln Project has ever raised. The NeverTrump schtick seems also to have saved co-founder Rick Wilson from dire financial straits. And their anemic political careers have been salvaged too, pulled from the wreckage of failed campaigns past (John McCain, Jon Huntsman, John Kasich, Evan McMullin)."

Of course they grift.

They are the liberal wing of the Republican Party. Liberals are only in it for the money.

ITEM 13: The Wall Street Journal reported, "President Biden is making an early bet that after years of stalemate the moment for comprehensive immigration reform has arrived. But lawmakers in both parties caution that Mr. Biden’s effort is likely to face some of the same headwinds the plans of the last three presidents did.

"On his first day in office, Mr. Biden proposed a broad immigration bill that would create an eight-year path to citizenship for the 11 million immigrants living in the country without a permanent legal status. It would have an expedited pathway for farmworkers and the young immigrants known as Dreamers, along with changes to the legal immigration, refugee and asylum systems.

"It proposes adding more technology to monitor people and drugs at the border—though no new barriers—along with $4 billion in aid to Central American countries to help stem the extreme poverty and gang violence that has prompted so many migrants to leave.

"Unlike previous compromise bills, Mr. Biden’s proposal lacks the countermeasures of increased security or deterrence at the border that Republicans have asked for in exchange for legalization.

"Some Democrats say they can rally around an immigration-reform package that makes no concessions. But the approach is likely to quickly run into opposition from Senate Republicans, at least 10 of whom would need to support a measure for it to clear the Senate’s 60-vote hurdle for most legislation."

He will get his 10.

He has boatloads of greenbacks to spread around.

ITEM 14: Via Breitbart, Bernie Sanders said, "We cannot reach out to Republicans indefinitely. If they choose not to come on board to help the American people now, we have the majority. We should use that majority."

Their outreach program consisted of impeaching a Republican president twice, calling Republicans Nazis, and threatening to expel 2 Republican senators.

ITEM 15: Natural News asked, "Why is Bill Gates buying up farmland across America?"

He's either going to nuke the San Andreas Fault and make Las Vegas a coastal city, or he's going to marry Eva Gabor and move to Hooterville.

But there are tax write-offs in them thar hills, too.

She said hold my beer.

Couric tried out for the opening to succeed the late Alex Trebek as host.

Then she went on the Bill Maher show and dumped on Jeopardy's main audience of old conservatives.

Via Page Six, she said, "The question is how are we going to really almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump."

The only deprogramming will be when they air the shows she hosts on Jeopardy because we won't watch de program.

ITEM 17: The New York Times alleged, "Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who served as a White House press secretary under former President Donald J. Trump, will formally announce her candidacy for governor of Arkansas on Monday in a video set to go online in the morning, a person briefed on her plans said.

"Ms. Sanders will be running for a seat her father, Mike Huckabee, once held, and she is seen as the preferred candidate of Mr. Trump."

This is good news.

If true.

It's the Times, after all.

ITEM 18: The New York Post reported, "Americans definitely aren’t united on this question.​

"Just one in five Americans have a great deal of confidence in President Biden’s ability to make good on his goal to unify the country, according to a new poll released Sunday.

"While 22% said Biden will unify the country, 24% remained highly skeptical, saying that they have no confidence at all that he will be able to do so, the ABC News/Ipsos poll found."

But we are united on the question. Most of us believe Chairman Xiden cannot unite the country.

ITEM 19: Just the News reported, "Incoming Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has suggested taxing Americans for the number of miles they drive, a policy he endorsed as a Democratic presidential candidate.

"The Biden Administration is actively searching for ways to fund its ambitious $1 trillion infrastructure plan. 

"Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Ind., acknowledged "privacy concerns" related to implementing a vehicle miles traveled system but said it should be considered as a potential replacement for the gas tax. "

It is not about a tax.

Washington no longer needs taxes because it just prints up however much money it wants to spend.

This system is about monitoring where people drive and when.

ITEM 20: CNS News reported that Pelosi said, "On this anniversary, we renew our commitment to build on the legacy of Roe v. Wade so that we can protect a woman’s right to choose and defend women’s hard-won freedoms, now and always."

Build on abortion?

The only way you build on abortion is by adding eugenics.

Trump supporters are the first on their list.

ITEM 21Rich Schapiro reported, "His name is Gary Hendler. He is my uncle.

"Uncle Gary, 67, who pleaded guilty to drug conspiracy charges in 1984 but served no prison time, never expected to receive a pardon from Trump.

"For good reason: He never actually requested one from the 45th president.

"He did, however, send a nearly 90-page pardon application to the Obama Justice Department in 2016. But it seemed to have been all for naught."

Hendler is a radio talk host but of more importance, a former addict who has helped others recover over the last 30 years.

Oh, and Hendler voted for Chairman Xiden.

ITEM 22: Breitbart reported, "A growing number of big-name advertisers, including Coke and Hyundai, are skipping the Super Bowl this year for fear of not striking the right tone amid America’s contentious political landscape.

"Several companies have decided not to buy Super Bowl time, some for the first time in over a decade.

"The reason? According to the New York Post, the talk from insiders is that members of multiple boardrooms are finally coming to realize that they’re going to infuriate half the country no matter what they do.

"In recent years, advertisers were thrilled to push the Black Lives Matter and Antifa ideologies or to push transgenderism and the #MeToo movement. But this year, not so much."
Offending half the country is OK, except in this case, they offended the half that actually buys their products.

FINALLY, I ask readers to report all errors to

Occasionally a liberal informs me that my opinion is in error. Well, that is clever, isn't it?

One reader confounded me with this email, "Washington Post made an error allowing you to post misinformation."

I wrote back, "OK, that went straight over my head. If you are going to insult me, dumb it down so I can understand it."

I want to thank readers for their help in pointing out my errors. Even this guy.


  1. "A defamation and RICO lawsuit against the SPLC may be in order. I await the completion of the investigation."

    This would be one of those 'don't hold your breath' deals. They have blanket immunity, not only from civil action but also any form of criticism.

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      This is what do,...........

  2. “The upright see and rejoice,
    But all the wicked shut their mouths.”

    - Psalm 107:42

    Crash and burn
    All the stars explode tonight
    How'd you get so desperate?
    How'd you stay alive?
    Help me, please
    Burn the sorrow from your eyes
    Oh, come on be alive again
    Don't lay down and die!
    Hey, hey
    You know what to do
    Oh, baby, drive away from Malibu

    Yeah, ol Courtney, not my favorite human being but she could bust some truth now and then...

  3. 2 - the NYT doesn’t care how government works. All they know is Orange Man still bad.

    6 - wow. A UN report that doesn’t disparage the US. Well I guess hell, or at least Malibu, has frozen over.

    9 - Xiden’s staff are already talking about the economic mess they inherited. They will blame PDJT for the damage they are creating.

    16 - I record and watch every Jeopardy episode. I will jot when the perky one hosts.

    22 - Apple is running a disgusting ultra-liberal commercial. I use their products exclusively. Too bad the alternative is Google powered phones and Microsoft powered inferior computers.

    1. Don't complain when you are part of the problem. :)

  4. #15 Buy up farm land, keep it fallow, create food shortages, force people to buy your fake meat (

    #19 A gas tax is just a tax on rural folks who are mostly conservative Republicans and must drive further to accomplish the same tasks as city people who are mostly liberal Democrats. Just another wealth transfer to a preferred voting bloc.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Spot on O2. Some of my neighbors drive over 100 miles a day commuting to work. Of course they can go 60 miles in less than an hour. City folk can go 6 miles in an hour.

    3. Out here in the high lonesome of NE Oregon it's considered a "day trip" if the travel time is less than five hours one way. Oregon's tried to implement this for years. It's a tax on rural deplorables.

  5. Katie Couric was caught airing footage from a focus group on gun control that was "edited" to make those in favor of the 2nd Amendment look bad. Add the lack of journalistic integrity to her de-programming comment. I wrote to the producers of Jeopardy that I will not watch if she is the host/hostess.

    1. Iowahawk strikes again, Kath!

      1. Identify a respected institution.
      2. kill it.
      3. gut it.
      4. wear its carcass as a skin suit, while demanding respect.

    2. That classic from Dave ("Iowahawk") has aged well and applies more and more widely every day.

      Note that it now applies to the entire "federal" (sic) government...

    3. I read on Twitter that Couric is no longer under consideration to be the host of Jeopardy....because of that comment.

    4. Yep I read that too. -Too many older Trump supporting viewers..

    5. Couric took pride in displaying her colon to the world. Was that display new or old news to Matt Louer?

  6. Face it. Our country is being run by lunatics (politicians), being judged by lunatics (judges), and evaluated by lunatics (the press). This can't (and isn't) going to end well. At some point, the sane people are going to have to step in.

  7. Hmmm, why would Bill Gates buy farmland across the US?
    So we the people can't. People who would consider moving out of the cities will find less land available or they'll end up renting from big brother gates.

    1. first -Tax shelter nothing beats framing and ranching for a tax shelter-because of loss, depreciation, etc. All it takes a Drought, Hurricane, Fire etc. and you've got problems. Most of California is now corporate farms. Read victor davis Hansen on this..

  8. #6. The reason for the drop is that 2020 didn't have a bunch of donks out blabbering endlessly

  9. Item 19: We already tax most people for the miles they drive. It’s called a gas tax. The more miles you drive, the more gas you use, and the more gas tax you pay. The problem is the liberal push for electric cars. There’s no gas tax on electricity. Instead of pushing for a universal “mileage tax,” Pete Buttisgay should propose a mileage tax on non-gasoline cars, including those that run on electricity, propane, and natural gas. Let the greenies pay their fair share.

    1. Bicyclists should also pay a tax. We gas-tax payers have to pay for the bike lanes, at least the bicyclers should pay something for the bike lanes, also.

  10. Does Joe Biden have the capability of 'uniting' the country? That's a joke, right Joe? If not, here is where he needs to start: PROVE to the majority of the people who believe he was fraudulently elected that he was instead legitimately elected. If he does not do this, it means he will not do this. It means he chooses to not do this. And that means he's called a lid on his presidency. It is pathetic to watch this scandal unfold.

  11. Item 8 - Biden is PINO - President in Name Only. He does what he’s told.

    1. when Kamala takes over down the road, would she be a PINO Noir, perchance? I had a nice glass of that last would be a shame if I had to boycott the varietal because...y'know

    2. “When Kamalasutra takes over down the road....”

      I think this is the elephant in the room. Everybody thinks it/knows it that Ziden* is gonna go. 2 months, 6 months, a year maybe.....whatever. Heels up is gonna get the job. The question is - Who will the new VP be? No one talks about that.

      My conspiracy theory is that the new VP will be chosen by “the party” and will have Obama as a last name. Then heels up will suddenly need to resign (to spend more time with the family).

  12. Item 18 - Joe Biden can’t unite one end of his belt with the other end. I’m skeptical about his ability to unite 300 million people. Just sayin’.......

  13. Item 16 - Is Wolf surprised he’s the dumbest guy on Jeopardy?? He’s been the dumbest guy on CNN for years and that’s a much harder thing to achieve....

    1. He clutches that same bunch of papers in his hand to increase his journalistic creds.
      Same bunch for 5 years now.

  14. A defamation and RICO lawsuit against the SPLC may be in order. I await the completion of the investigation.

    There are no lawsuits under communism after all you said the Chinese have taken over right? So why are acting like they haven't? Can't make up your mind?

    Meanwhile keep reading this site and clicking those ads!

    1. Gee Ronnie you didn't point out one single fact I had wrong. Not one.

      Hurry back!! click click click

  15. Don't wait for the primary. Recall.

    There are no recalls under Chinese domination! See previous post lol

  16. America does not have enough doctors to go around

    Plus we don't have enough hospitals either. Its economic fascism. Legislators create cartels with monopoly power to limit the supply of health care to keep the cost sky high. Nothing new here.

    But as you said legislators have a role in health care and regulating commerce.

  17. the best president for the environment since Richard Nixon.

    Wow another tricky Dick fanatic! Dick created the EPA the agency which routinely destroys private property rights of citizens. And without a jury trial either they're worse than the IRS.

    Surber is as green as any liberal its the essence of neo conservatism.

  18. she hosts on Jeopardy because we won't watch de program.

    But under communism it will be the only channel!!! You will have no choice. That's what communism is. So why talk like you have a choice?

    Are the Chinese in charge now? Must be you keep calling Biden the Chairman. So which is it?

  19. will formally announce her candidacy for governor of Arkansas

    But under communism she wouldn't be allowed on the ballot. So why is this good news???

    Cause you really don't think the Chinese have taken over after all. Its all just click bait.

  20. Most of us believe Chairman Xiden cannot unite the country.

    Why do you want to unite with liberalism and progressivism????

    Is that what the Bible teaches?

    Or is it Preserve the Union?

  21. Washington no longer needs taxes because it just prints up however much money it wants to spend.

    Isn't that great? No more taxes to pay!!!!

    Isn't this communism grand?

  22. Trump supporters are the first on their list.

    What list? Where is it? Shouldn't you tell us where it is so we can see if our name is on it?

    I want to thank readers for their help in pointing out my errors.

    Your welcome Chairman!

  23. Item 2: The attorney general, acting or otherwise, serves at the will and pleasure of the president.
    We have people who do not know this basic constitutional principle reporting the news.

    It's the NYT; it lieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees like a dog, as does the WaPoo.

    Item 11: Makes no sense to me, but the NYT is not a source I would ever trust.

    Item 17: I trust NOTHING from the NYT. It/they Lieeeeee.

    Item 22: I lost interest in football yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs ago, so the last Super Bowl I watched was "way back when..."

    FINALLY: "One reader confounded me with this email, "Washington Post made an error allowing you to post misinformation." Well, come on, Don; the WaPoo lies all the time! And makes errors all the time...just to keep in practice!

  24. cross posted at

  25. Only 11 months until Christmas. Maybe if you order them now, the presents will arrive by Christmas this time.

    Correction: If you mail them now, yadda yadda yadda.

    Christmas that were postmarked mid-Dec. were arriving mid-Jan.

  26. Joe Biden's hot mic moment: I don't know what I'm signing. How long will it take before the most casual of observers realizes that Biden is not fit mentally or physically to be POTUS. The only question in my mind is will the powers that are really running this clown act wait until he goes past W.H. Harrison's one month in office record or remove him before that time period (or alternatively will his health hold out that long - they have to be loading that carcass with all sorts of drugs to have him appear to be functional).
    Bill Gates is simply following Mark Twain's advice to buy land because they quit making it a long time ago.

    1. That's when you'll get a wh death match between "dr." (sic) jill and kammy.

      jill is our elena ceausescu, right down to the fake ph.d. She's not gonna let them push sniffy aside without a big fight - she didn't stay on that train for all those years just to have a few weeks in de facto power.

      This can't go on for too long. Something will break in an unprecedented way. Watch for that this spring/summer...

    2. The LEFT always always overplays its hand. John Roberts just refused to preside over the Senate trial yet they will try it anyway.

      I hope they convict him. That will strengthen the base of the Right when they see this. Trump can then appeal to the supremes and win.

      Give it about a year to play out. Just in time to primary a bunch of traitors.

    3. The first I saw to overplay his hand was LBJ. He was so hated by his own by 1968 he stepped down and refused to run again.

      Carter did likewise in bungling the Iranian rescue op. Then he lost in a landslide.

      Then came Hill and Bill like Humpty Dumpty. And Omama was last who was so inept he watched over 8 years the greatest swing Right in the state governments since 1920.

    4. No Communism is not here that theme is stupid. Now the country gets to watch a totally inept party squander all thats left of its political capital.

      By 2024 they will be ridiculed like LBJ

  27. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    1: Don't wait for the primary.

    Might as well HR-1 legalizes vote fraud.

    One presumes the lying dogfaced pony soldier got a worse shellacking than we may ever know.

    Pelosi Galore must be scared out of her (I use the term loosely) mind.

    7: I take it Davy Crockett (fought Indians and Mexicans) and Zorro (who fights tyranny) are also gone.

    8: One presumes Chlamydia's successor is warming up in the bullpen.

    10: The Demos still have Dominion Voting.

    13: It would have an expedited pathway for farmworkers and the young immigrants known as Dreamers

    Also known as slaves.

    19: And who they talk to. If they're conspiring against the regime, the FIB must know.

    PS Notice all the lames that couldn't draw flies during the primary are now running the country?

    20: The same legacy that built Auschwitz and the gulag.

    22: You mean some of the Lefties finally figured out Conservatives drive cars and like a soda?

    Mirabile dictu.

  28. If they want amnesty then trade it for something. Like reducing annual legal immigration levels to 25,000 a year and ending chain migration.

    Yeah, I know. I'm dreaming in Technicolor.

  29. Fear of the electorate? When I stop laughing I'll finish this comment.

  30. ITEM 3 - The best way to reform higher education is to get the feds out of the student loan business and instead make the institutions of higher learning responsible for guaranteeing the loans. That will force reforms of staffing and content pretty darn quick.

    ITEM 8 - Unfortunately, you can't see the shock on my face over this news.

    ITEM 10 - Not only must Republicans learn how to harvest ballots, they must also learn how to resurrect deceased voters and hack into Dominion and Smartmatic.

  31. #2 We have people who cannot form a line at the drive up.

  32. "...the head of the Republican National Committee, has been loyal."

    Then look at the RNC 2020 platform! Its identical with 2016. That's unprecedented. No the RNC sandbagged Trump the day they posted that platform with nothing new at all. Nothing.

    Don't listen to what they say, watch what they do.


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