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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Highlights of the News

Our constitutional Republic formally ends at noon Eastern, just shy of its 232nd anniversary on March 4.

ITEM 1: President Trump in his farewell address, "Four years ago, we launched a great national effort to rebuild our country, to renew its spirit, and to restore the allegiance of this government to its citizens. In short, we embarked on a mission to make America great again — for all Americans.

"As I conclude my term as the 45th President of the United States, I stand before you truly proud of what we have achieved together. We did what we came here to do — and so much more.

"This week, we inaugurate a new administration and pray for its success in keeping America safe and prosperous. We extend our best wishes, and we also want them to have luck — a very important word."

They said he would refuse to leave the White House.

They said he would stage a military coup.

They said he would not give Xiden the peaceful transition of power that Obama denied him.

Once again, they said a lot of nonsense that was as false as George Washington's teeth.

ITEM 2: People are banned from the National Mall as Democrats turn it into a warehouse of flags for the installation of Chairman Xiden as the head of state.

As Terrence K. Williams tweeted, we have 25,000 National Guardsmen protecting 100,000 flags.

As a reader tweeted, "Thousands of flags, inside a barbed wire pen. A metaphor for what’s coming?"

As a reader emailed, "How appropriate. They were made in China."

Democrats fear the people. That tells you all you need to know about the validity of the last election.

ITEM 3: The New York Times reported, "Twelve National Guard members have been removed from duties related to the inauguration of President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr., two of them for expressing antigovernmental sentiments, Defense Department officials said on Tuesday."

Just what they said the story did not say.

It did say, "Two officials described the texts as broad in nature — not directed specifically at Mr. Biden or Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, but rather at lawmakers as a whole. One of the service members removed, the officials said, made a point of expressing support for President Trump in addition to making menacing comments."

Military people should be prudent when it comes to politics.

And there is a bias in this investigation. The Times said, "The announcement of the removals came as the Pentagon was intensifying efforts to identify and combat white supremacy and other far-right extremism in its ranks."

Why not go after far-left and black nationalism as well?

Lest we forget, a Muslim militant shot and killed 13 people and wounded 20 more in a rampage at Fort Hood on November 5, 2009.

ITEM 4: The State Department announced, "For the past four years, this Administration has exposed the nature of the Chinese Communist Party and called it what it is: a Marxist-Leninist regime that exerts power over the long-suffering Chinese people through brainwashing and brute force. We have paid particular attention to the CCP’s treatment of the Uyghur people, a Muslim minority group that resides largely in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in Western China. While the CCP has always exhibited a profound hostility to all people of faith, we have watched with growing alarm the Party’s increasingly repressive treatment of the Uyghurs and other ethnic and religious minority groups.

"Our exhaustive documentation of the PRC’s actions in Xinjiang confirms that since at least March 2017, local authorities dramatically escalated their decades-long campaign of repression against Uyghur Muslims and members of other ethnic and religious minority groups, including ethnic Kazakhs and ethnic Kyrgyz. Their morally repugnant, wholesale policies, practices, and abuses are designed systematically to discriminate against and surveil ethnic Uyghurs as a unique demographic and ethnic group, restrict their freedom to travel, emigrate, and attend schools, and deny other basic human rights of assembly, speech, and worship. PRC authorities have conducted forced sterilizations and abortions on Uyghur women, coerced them to marry non-Uyghurs, and separated Uyghur children from their families."

So much for Hillary's false claim that Donald Trump is Islamophobic.

He is standing up to the genocide of Muslims in Red China.

I expect Chairman Xiden to rescind this assessment because Red China bought him off through his wastrel son.

ITEM 5: CNN reported, "Sen. Josh Hawley blocked quick consideration of President-elect Joe Biden’s Homeland Security nominee, Alejandro Mayorkas, on Tuesday, leaving the third-largest federal department without confirmed leadership as it faces national security concerns, a pandemic and an incoming president prepared to roll out ambitious immigration plans."

Boo hoo hoo.

4 years ago, Democrats slow-walked Donald Trump's Cabinet appointments.

Turnabout is fair play.

ITEM 6: The Hill reported, "House conservatives have received a commitment from 115 members to back their effort to oust House GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) from her leadership position in the wake of voting in favor of impeaching President Trump for inciting a riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6, a senior GOP aide told The Hill on Tuesday.

"House Freedom Caucus Chairman Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) and Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-Mont.) are leading the effort on circulating a petition to force a special conference meeting where proponents are looking for a debate and a vote be held on a resolution calling on Cheney to resign from her role at the leadership table."


Cheney's a fool.

ITEM 7: Gateway Pundit reported, "Chief Justice John Roberts says he does not want to preside over a second sham Senate impeachment hearing against President Donald Trump."

If true, I can see why.

Roberts is the McCain of the judiciary. After the Spygate scandal, he never reformed FISA courts because he is a closet fascist who believes the government knows best. The FBI lied to a federal judge 17 times. By refusing to punish that, Roberts approves of it.

When I say the constitutional Republic formally ends at noon, I am not exaggerating. Impeaching someone after his term ends is not only unconstitutional, it is Looney Tunes. They are all power mad.

ITEM 8: Allan Miller reported, "Sen. Tom Cotton announced Tuesday he will not support a waiver to allow President-elect Joe Biden’s nominee for defense secretary, Lloyd Austin, to serve in the position.

"Cotton made the announcement during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing to vet Austin for the position."

As a former general who retired less than a decade ago, Austin needs a waiver to become a defense secretary. We waived it for Mattis. Big mistake.

Do not fear for Austin, America. Austin is a well-paid lobbyist for Raytheon. And he gets a generous pension.

We keep talking about the revolving door of lobbyists and the White House. We never mention how generals and others walk out of the Pentagon into plush jobs for military contractors. It is the same corruption only with a uniform.

Ike warned us of this in his farewell address 60 years ago.

ITEM 9: Breitbart reported, "The Department of Justice (DOJ) has reportedly closed its investigation into Sen. Richard Burr’s (R-SC) sale of upwards of $1.72 million in stock ahead of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

"Burr, the senior senator from North Carolina, was informed on Tuesday by the DOJ that its investigation into his personal financial transactions would not result in insider trading charges, according to the New York Times."

Martha Stewart went to prison over a $45,673 insider trade.

The swamp takes care of its own.

ITEM 10: Michael Tracey reported, "Media Cheers DC Under Military Occupation."

He wrote, "Downtown Washington, DC is currently under what essentially amounts to military occupation. Streets are locked down, guarded by Army vehicles and blocked off by huge, garish checkpoints. Vehicular traffic is limited to motorists who can show papers demonstrating that, as one Guardsman told me, they are conducting 'legitimate business.' (Apparently this includes Uber drivers and food delivery workers.) According to official estimates, 25,000 military personnel are now deployed to the area — on top of countless federal, state, and local law enforcement agents. Troops roam around carrying rifles with no ammo loaded. If you can manage to navigate on foot to the perimeter of the National Mall, you encounter an enormous fencing apparatus, complete with barbed wire."

There is no threat.

This is a show of force for Chairman Xiden.

Pray for our country, for Donald Trump, and for one another.

Prayer is God's every day miracle.

ITEM 11: The Epoch Times reported, "My Pillow products won’t be carried in Kohl’s or Bed Bath & Beyond any longer, the company’s CEO says. CEO Mike Lindell said Monday that his company recently was notified of the discontinuance."

Corporate Communism cancels non-conformists.

Let that be a warning, comrade.

ITEM 12: Just the News reported, "A military Humvee, worth about $120,000, has still not been recovered after being stolen from the California National Guard on Friday.

"The four-door High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle – or Humvee – was taken from the National Guard Armory in a Bell, Calif., facility early Friday morning, according to FBI Los Angeles. 

"Stealing from a military facility is a violation of federal law and warrants a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

"The Army, Navy and Marine Corps reserves all share the National Guard Armory, in addition to it being the location of a recruiting station."

How does anyone steal a Humvee from the military?

California has become the Florida Man State.

ITEM 13: United Press International reported, "Tiffany Trump, President Donald Trump's youngest daughter, announced her engagement on Tuesday.

"Trump, 27, shared a photo to Instagram of herself and Michael Boulos, 23, at the White House, announcing the couple are engaged."

That's nice. As Dino sang, everybody loves somebody sometime.

ITEM 14: Via Citizen Free Press, a Washington Post story.

So the Inciting Insurrection story is as big a hoax as the Russian Collusion scandal.

Thanks, WaPo.

ITEM 15: Rasmussen reported, "The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll, Sponsored by SLANTED from Sharyl Attkisson, for Monday shows that 51% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. 48% disapprove."


There went that narrative.

ITEM 16: Breitbart reported, "U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has given a thumbs-down to President-elect Joseph Biden’s draft amnesty, saying that everyone must first have a chance to get a good job in a post-coronavirus economy."

Americans first.

I love it.

ITEM 17: American Spectator reported, "Biden Taps Rachel Levine, Who Sent COVID-Positive Patients to Nursing Homes in PA While Yanking Own Mother Out, As Asst. HHS Secretary."

"Biden Taps Rachel Levine."

He'll hit on anyone.


  1. Sad day for America....praying for flyover country.

    1. we knew we were screwed in the Midwest when they stopped counting election night until they figured out how many votes they'd need to create to win. Nothing new out of the swamp.

    2. the photo looks much like those Nazi rallies Adolf held with all those flags

    3. I second your post, Coach. Never before in the history of the country has the counting been stopped, and SHAZAM! just like that by early morning the president was losing in all the swing states, even Pennsylvania where he was ahead by SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND VOTES!

      Now we have a sham inauguration to go with the sham election.

    4. The 1964 election was also a sham. It led to Reagan who talked tough and did nothing save a nice marginal rate cut on income.

      As long as they don't start a new war who is president matters little.

  2. By the twitching of my thumbs
    Something wicked this way comes...

  3. Big D, I spent many days after The Steal wondering why God had allowed that to happen. I’ve lead off my prayer time for the past two weeks or so with this: Lord, I REAFFIRM and RECONFIRM that I trust You COMPLETELY. You WERE, ARE, and ALWAYS WILL BE in control.

    He got this, so we got this.

    1. When Israel refused to humble themselves and submit to GOD he brought in the Persians to punish them.
      We have allowed and encouraged the murder of children. We glorify deviant sexualities that GOD has condemned.
      Fifty genders? GOD made us Male and Female.
      Our nation has worked extra hard to incur His wrath. He has given us as a nation over to our deviancy. He has the power and the right to wipe us from the earth. He will guide the evil, he has placed a hook in their mouths.
      Pray that his justice is swift, that the evil doers are thwarted in the plans they make to harm His children, and that their madness be displayed for all to mock them.

    2. As Ecclesiastes concluded, "Fear God and keep His commandments, for that is the whole duty of man."

    3. Jeremy has it right. Its judgment time.

    4. We've had national child sacrifice for 47 years now. I reckon that is the limit of God's patience with us.


  5. Well, the good news...Covid is over. Watch in the coming weeks as Trump is blamed for all the lock downs and deaths due to Trump "incompetence" and Joe the Despot and his mini minions magically cure the disease. Covid will be so yesterday by March the leftist media will flag and ban any discussion of it as "Fake News" and agitating insurrection. Newsome will lift Cali restrictions to salvage his career, again successfully blaming Trump supporters for failing to submit causing the disease to fester and kill.

    The left can only operate under fear. Too many people are no longer afraid of Covid.

    Climate Change will be the new "virus" any challenge to their policies will not be allowed. Just as any challenge to Covid hysteria was blocked, banned, stopped.

    They have proven not just to themselves but have successfully shoved down our throats...our Republican "leaders" were a lie. Our "right leaning" media institutions were corrupt. Our party, rudderless, leaderless, spineless.

    Understand ARE going to be forced to submit. And too many of us will hoping the small concessions are enough. It never will be.

    1. Covid will be so yesterday by March

      Bingo! Cuomo is already talking that way.

  6. 1 - they are as rotten as Washington’s original teeth

    5 - The swamp slow walked PDJT’s nominees because they were a threat to them. Conservatives will slow walk Xiden’s nominees because they are a threat to the country.

    9 - Burr is a very deep swamp creature.

    11 - I am surprised the Minnesota rioters haven’t turned their eyes towards Mr. Lindell’s factory.

    16 - when Rubio takes a position on immigration that isn’t repulsive, I’m suspicious.

    17 - speaking of repulsive.

    1. On 16, I agree with you, Oh Master of Lard. Rubio has to have something up his sleeve. I really hope he gets primaried by a Trump!

  7. Item 3: "Why not go after far-left and black nationalism as well?" They didn't go after it in the 60's and 70's, why would they go after it now? The Marine Corps mess halls and barracks were legally integrated but in fact segregated. Blacks sat by themselves at meals, they hung out together in the barracks with a clear message: No Whites Allowed. Whites were required to have regulation haircuts, blacks were allowed their Afro's as long as they could pack it under their Utility covers so the officers couldn't see it. Nothing has changed, they are just forcing the white service members into non-preferred status officially.

  8. Don, was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Time to turn their tactics on them and instead of being angry be a happy warrior. The smile and joy drives them crazy. Tell then you’re praying for them even if you’re not. Don’t shop at Kohl’s, BBB, Amazon, etc. and minimize use of things you can’t find substitutes for. If you fight now hopefully we can avoid violence and win.

    1. kek.
      Agreed: Ridicule them, lampoon them, pompous gas bags can't abide being laughed at.
      And quit giving them money willfully. That includes views and clicks.

    2. was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

      That would be the Japs not Germans. And FDR deliberately provoked the Japs into doing that by cutting off their oil supply.

      The monster FDR wanted a reason to go to war. He wanted the Japs out of China to accomodate Rockefeller's Standard Oil profits.

      FDR deliberately let thousands of our men die that day as we had already broken the Japs code which is why we won at Midway. FDR is with Hitler now.

    3. Dude, PLEASE tell me you’ve seen Animal House and just forgot that part. Please!

    4. The response from anonymous is as ridiculous as anything I have ever seen on the internet. We cut off several supplies to the Japanese after the Rape of Nanking - oil and metal as well.
      Before the Doolittle raid we had broken only about 10% of the Japanese military code - because of the panic of the lesser trained home guard and their failure to follow protocol on radio communications during the raid, we expanded that knowledge to around 84%. Just in time for the ambush at Midway.
      I am no fan of FDR, his cuts to the military resulted in hundreds of casualties during 1942 when we went to war with lousy fighter planes, tanks, etc and poorly trained soldiers (see pictures of training with plywood tanks, and wooden rifles).

    5. Read Day of Deceit by Stinnett about PH and then you might lecture less arrogantly.

  9. Donald Trump, the People’s President.

    1. America's last democratically elected president.

  10. Sitting here enjoying the last three hours of freedom.

  11. Sitting here enjoying the last three hours of freedom.

  12. well, Donald Trump is about to complete the political hat trick of the ages: the most vilified candidate for President ever; the most vilified President ever; AND the most vilified former President ever…the saddest part is how Mr. Trump’s family has shared in the abuse.

    My question now is how we make our enemies pay for what they have done…and I am not talking about a slap on the wrist either. May God please forgive me for my thoughts right now…

    1. how we make our enemies pay

      Take over your local precinct politics. Cleanse all RINO's from it. Start a web site and share the story.

    2. ^ That. "Take over your local precinct politics."

      Get involved. Storm the school board and end the domination of the Anti-American Left. Storm the aldermanic meetings and let them know you're paying attention. Run for the school board. Run for city government. Run for the state house. If you're not political enough to run for office (like me) support someone who is.

      So called "Progressivism" Is, Has Been and Always Will Be autocratic...driven from the top with the goal to dominate the useful idiots.

      Liberty has always been driven from bottom, because there's no benefit to the Power Brokers from a free people.

  13. RIP America. We loved thee but not enough to protect you.

  14. Item 1: "Once again, they said a lot of nonsense that was as false as George Washington's teeth." That's what Dems do: LIE. But NOT like dogs. Dogs don't lie.

    Item 4: Heads will roll at State...

    Item 6: It's good to know that there are SOME conservatives in the GOP.

    Item 14: I trust NOTHING in/from the WaPoo; as well as in/from the NYT.

    Item 15: A shot across the bow of the Dems...

  15. Still recommending that everyone read and digest chairman mao's little red book (as we did with alinsky over the past few years) as a guidepost going from here.

    Will reiterate that what is really going to be needed IMMEDIATELY is governors asserting that they won't recognize or enforce blatantly-unconstitutional diktats from the dark heart on the potomac - the constitution means what it says, and if "they" could have sanctuary cities then "we" can have sanctuary states.

    I hope that PDJT hasn't cut a deal to "go quietly and vanish" in exchange for no pursuit. I wouldn't blame him for taking that deal, but there is going to need to be a counter-pole against the junta regime in dc, and he's the best candidate. Get some rest and catch up on the business empire, then start holding MAGA rallies... easy to start right there in Florida and crank up the ridicule (alinsky!).

    I was going to give a jumping-off date with a catchy slogan, but this adds to it: "232nd anniversary on March 4." Was already going to suggest "March forth on March 4th" but the above makes it even better!

    1. I am with you on this Snow. States Rights are the key to slapping the feds in the face. We have to pressure our government ors to react strongly to anything requiring more from the people in their state. Federal antics on global warming come to mind. As does tax increases and 11 million free illegals. That’s just for starters.

    2. I downloaded it and am giving it a gander, Snow. Wise counsel to understand the enemy.

    3. That's the only way I can find going forward that won't become quite violent. And I don't think of it as "states rights" but constitutional rights that the "federal" (sic) "government" (sic) is trampling upon being championed by the states (which is one reason that we HAVE states).

      Like-minded states have to band together on this one. And it requires some governors who are willing to LEAD and DEFEND OUR LIBERTIES - not just being "in office" and enjoying the perks and thinking about the next career-move up to a senate seat (or higher). Those days are done for now and for awhile.

      Those in those seats need to act like those seats matter.

    4. Then like alinsky, we need to weaponize mao against them...

    5. States Rights are the key to slapping the feds in the face

      Bingo! But it won't work as DC pays off the states and cities with graft. Until DC is bankrupt there will be no states rights.

  16. I am dressing in black through Saturday.

    It seems we aren't the only ones in mourning. Google searching "Catholic Prayer for...." turns out "the Dead" was at the top of the list.

  17. The 2020 election was decided two minutes after the polls closed in November of 2016.

    That’s when the Uni-Party decided they would steal this election from Donald Trump and the American people no matter what.

    They could have saved all of us a lot of trouble by announcing their selection long ago without making us go through their evil charade. A brutal dictator is more honest than these subtle tyrants. The brute sticks a gun in your face and tells you he is stealing your freedom. These snakes stick a ballot in your hand and then steal your freedom from you while telling you that it was your own choice.

    They crave the one thing they can never have: moral legitimacy.

    They want to control others because they cannot control themselves; the unbridled greed, the ubiquitous perversion and the mad power-lust bar them from living within our system of honest elections. They want to control others’ speech because they cannot silence the chorus of lies pounding inside their own heads.

    Donald Trump is an American patriot and traditionalist reformer who is careful to stay within the four corners of that tradition, despite the endless smears of being a dictator. Dictators are the ones who steal elections, censor communications and stage Reichstag Fires, not those who have it done to them.

    Our President had these crazy ideas that America should be run for Americans, not for the Chinese Politburo, crooked politicians and corporate greedheads. That we probably shouldn't give Iran nuclear ICBMs. That the winners of elections should assume those offices.

    Even these common-sense ideas were all too much for our depraved Perma-Blob Government. They have decided that henceforth, the Government shall elect the Government. They are even proposing a new Domestic Terrorist law. Will it include the domestic terrorism of stealing an election from the American people in broad daylight...or just outlaw the criticism of that theft?

    Apocalypse is not just a great battle. Apocalypse means a Great Unveiling. Every single Public Institution of American Life have been greatly unveiled, and proven to be broken, perverted, coerced or corrupt. Every. Single. One.

    Perhaps our Heavenly Father has chosen to set aside President Trump–the duly-reelected President of the United States–while he deals with the rotting corpse of our Whore of Babylon-government.

    And who could blame Him?

    All this they do in the name of a Great Reset. But I tell you the gates of Hell shall not prevail and we are heading for a Great Awakening instead.

    And Our Redeemer Jesus Christ is the God who redeems the Stolen.


    1. Just getting caught up with a few days of posts, work very busy right now. Don--your columns every day have been flat-out superb. If the whole country read you, we would not be in this position.

      And there have been so, so many excellent comments from everybody. Interesting and valuable insights. Special shout-out today to The Gipper Lives. A "Great Unveiling" and a "Great Awakening" indeed!

  18. 1: Donald John Trump is still our president.

    He should have stayed. That he respected the letter of the law says much good about him, but, if someone steals your house, you don't let him have it.

    we also want them to have luck


    2: They may have a cage full of flags, but it's still empty.

    7: They are all power mad.

    History teaches us they will soon turn on each other.

    Then we shall have our opportunity.

    10: Their weapons are unloaded. Our would-be overlords fear them as much as us.

    11: They will go the way of Fox News and Twat.

    12: How does anyone steal a Humvee from the military?

    Much easier if one is part of the military. And, if one wanted to arm a citizen's militia, best place to shop.

    Lexington and Concord, anyone?

    15: 1% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance

    If you buy that number, you're part of the problem. I'll bet that scared the Botox out of Pelosi Galore.

    17: And in so doing, the Lefties became the Rodney Dangerfield of history. Uncle Saul told us ridicule is the most devastating weapon in politics. Laughing at this regime will be comedy gold.

    The guy is the worst-looking broad since Aryeh Nusbacher went under the knife.

    1. Agreed on #12. Two words: "Inside job".

    2. ITEM 17 - He looks like Henry Kissinger in drag.

  19. All those little flags. Made in China?

  20. The Donald's last words before getting on Marine One, "And I just want to say goodbye but hopefully it’s not a long-term goodbye. We’ll see each other again.”

    I'll be back!

    1. Hopefully that means MAGA rallies starting on March 4th (see above)...

  21. Why not go after far-left and black nationalism as well?

    You want the Pentagon going after people? Then you support a standing army to go after its own people.

    Just like a liberal does.

  22. because he is a closet fascist who believes the government knows best

    He's little different from FDR your hero you keep quoting and talking about. You know the FDR who proclaimed we all have the freedom from want.

  23. after his term ends is not only unconstitutional, it is Looney Tunes

    FDR tried to pack the highest Court and was constantly taken to Court by the Old Right. Packing the Court is looney tunes!

    So why not say so instead of glorifying a fascist like him?

    Because you believed every fairy tale you learned in school.

  24. Yes, "luck" is a very important word for the democrats to believe in, because there's no such thing as "luck". They will be easier to defeat if we all keep praying for blessings and they keep believing in luck.

  25. Ike warned us of this in his farewell address 60 years ago.

    So did Truman the month after they got rid of JFK the only decent democrt prez of the twentieth century. Naturally they buried his essay in the news.

    But as soon as they assassinate some Iranian you will jump for joy. Your schizophrenic, inconsistent, and arbitrary.

    1. Why. Oh. You. APOSTROPHE. Are. Eee.

      You dumb fook.

  26. The swamp takes care of its own.

    And you applauded every budget busting trillion dollar bill Trump signed. The lifeblood of the swamp is bills like that the people get a few crumbs.

  27. Corporate Communism cancels non-conformists

    Refusing to sell something for Pillow guy isn't communism! Your making it up as you go. Anything you don't like you call communism. Or fascism.

    Meanwhile your the one calling on government to go after the social media giants! That is fascism.

  28. Prayer is God's every day miracle

    Its clear that God didn't want Trump in office anymore.

    1. If the rest of The Resistance is as fooking STOOPID as you, this will be a very short war. Like, a week, max.

    2. When a foul mouthed neo-con calls me stupid I consider it a compliment. Especially coming from you who loves to talk about God in one breath and cursing in four letter words in the another breath.

    3. Prior to World War II, Patton was posted to Fort Myer in Virginia, near Washington, D.C. A regular churchgoer, he summoned the chaplain and bluntly told him that his sermons were too long. “I don’t yield to any man in my reverence to the Lord, but God damn it, no sermon needs to take longer than ten minutes. I’m sure you can make your point in that time.” The following Sunday Patton sat in the front pew. When the chaplain began his sermon, Patton ostentatiously took out his watch. Not surprisingly, the chaplain concluded his sermon exactly ten minutes later.

      Where’d you matriculate, Sparky?

  29. U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has given a thumbs-down to President-elect Joseph Biden’s draft amnesty

    So? His vote doesn't matter the story is irrelevant. Its click bait.

  30. Wonder if you have looked into Quo Warranto...


  31. I had to wait to make sure the allowed the actual cr apshow to take place, but first thing tomorrow I will be taking down my beloved US Flag and putting it back up with the stars on the bottom! I truly believe our Nation has been under attack and still is!