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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president. He will be our last one. Chairman Xiden will take the oath of office guarded by 25,000 soldiers.

And razor wire.

Lotsa, lotsa, lotsa razor wire.

ITEM 1Justin Boggs reported, "Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller said Monday that there is no intelligence to suggest President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration is being targeted by any members of the National Guard.

"Miller’s statement comes as reports surfaced over the weekend that the 25,000 National Guard members stationed in Washington to protect the Capitol were being vetted. Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy told The Associated Press on Sunday that National Guard commanders were instructed to be on the lookout for problems within their units."

But without the lie, how are they going to justify purging the military of conservatives?

ITEM 2: The New York Times reported, "Trump Prepares Pardon Wave for Final Hours."

As presidents usually do as their term expires.

The story said, "Some of the pardons and commutations are likely to go to people whose supporters say they were given disproportionately long sentences or subject to other miscarriages of justice, or who have proven themselves rehabilitated. Mr. Kushner has been working with Alice Johnson, who became a national symbol of the movement to reduce what many in both parties view as excessive sentences for nonviolent drug crimes. Mr. Trump commuted her sentence and later granted Ms. Johnson a full pardon after she spoke at last year’s Republican National Convention."

A journalist then would have juxtaposed these mercies against Biden's 1994 draconian Crime Bill. He boasted that his law would send a person to prison for a minimum of 5 years for selling a quarter-side piece of crack cocaine.

A journalist then would point out Biden's son did cocaine while in the Navy and resigned his commission instead of going to the brig.

Journalism died with Roger Ailes, didn't it?

ITEM 3: CNBC reported, "Google on Sunday disputed claims from a group of attorneys general, led by Texas’ Ken Paxton, that its ad-buying arrangement with Facebook was anticompetitive.

"In a blog post, Google’s director of economic policy Adam Cohen called the lawsuit from 10 Republican-led states misleading. The statement is Google’s most extensive response yet to the lawsuit, which is also the only one to name Facebook as a co-conspirator (though it does not name Facebook as a defendant). The company faces two other complaints from a bipartisan group of attorneys general and from the Justice Department."

How dare you mortals challenge our Internet Overlords!

You do not meet their community standards, which is set by them and not a community.

ITEM 4: Just the News reported, "Critics of President-Elect Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion covid-related spending plan say the proposal goes far beyond coronavirus relief into subsidizing teachers' unions and prioritizing taxpayer money to be spent on non-white, non-male-owned businesses rather than taking a color- and gender-blind approach.

"Biden's proposal comes in addition to the $900 billion passed by Congress and signed by President Trump last month, and on top of the $2.9 trillion stimulus package passed in the spring of 2020."

The Constitution requires a color- and gender-blind approach.

ITEM 5: CNN reported, "DC National Guardsman, Sgt. Jacob Kohut, spends his days fulfilling two duties: serving to protect the Capitol building and holding band class online as a commitment to his students' education.

" 'This is what a hero looks like,' wrote Canterbury Woods Elementary School, a school where Kohut teaches in Fairfax County, Virginia, in a post to social media. 'A member of the DC National Guard, our band teacher Dr. Jake Kohut has been working around the clock since Wednesday to protect our nation's capital. And between shifts, he is dedicated to CWES students, teaching from DC.' "

A school wrote?

That's what CNN said.

But it is nice to get war reports from the frontline, even if the frontline is Pennsylvania Avenue.

The message is clear, comrade. The capital belongs to Chairman Xiden.

ITEM 6: United Press International reported, "South Korean President Moon Jae-in said Monday the upcoming inauguration presents an opportunity to restart dialogue with North Korea and urged President-elect Joe Biden to follow up on the 2018 Singapore summit agreement between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump."

Chairman Xi has no interest in turning the Korean Peninsula into a united and free country. Hence, neither does his puppet president.

ITEM 7: reported, "West Virginia’s covid vaccination program is so successful that vaccine disbursement is at 98.1% – either 'in people’s arms or with names tied to it,' West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice said on Sunday."

I am not a fan of Justice and I have no idea what he means by "names tied to it."

But a state with a small population scattered across hills that are 75% forest with roller coaster roads that wind around up and down mountains now leads the nation in getting this vaccine out of the boxes and into the arms of residents.

The rest of the nation should emulate us.

First, you vote overwhelmingly for Donald Trump...

ITEM 8: Reuters reported, "Parler, a social media website and app popular with the American far right, has partially returned online with the help of a Russian-owned technology company.

"Parler vanished from the internet when dropped by Amazon Inc’s hosting arm and other partners for poor moderation after its users called for violence and posted videos glorifying the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol."

It is pretty sad when an American company that promotes free speech has to turn to Russia for help after an American company, Amazon, pulls the plug.

In an earlier age, the press would rise against the oligarch, but Jeff Bezos not only runs Amazon, he owns the Washington Post.

ITEM 9: Joseph Curl reported, "Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) won’t be up for re-election until 2024, but she has seemingly already filed paperwork indicating she might run again.

"The 87-year-old U.S. Democrat from California filed the initial re-election paperwork with the Federal Election Commission last week, L.A. Magazine reported."

If re-elected again, she would be 97 when her term expired.

If she doesn't expire first.

ITEM 10: The Associated Press reported, "Guatemalan police and soldiers on Monday broke up a group of hundreds of migrants who had spent two nights stuck at a roadblock on a rural highway.

"Some migrants threw rocks while authorities launched tear gas and pushed the migrants with their riot shields back down the highway. Migrants with children were more gently prodded back the way they had come.

"The year’s first migrant caravan had largely stalled two days before President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration. Biden has promised to take a different approach to immigration and even though immediate changes at the U.S. border are not expected, it has created some hope in Central America. [open borders].

"A steep mountain and tall wall flanking the rural highway have allowed Guatemalan authorities to bottle up the group that had numbered about 2,000 when it pushed into Guatemala Friday night.

"Their ranks have reduced through attrition as some migrants have agreed to be bused back to the Honduran border. A Guatemalan official repeated that offer Monday morning, telling the migrants they had buses at the ready for those who wanted to return to Honduras. A smaller number have been forcefully sent back after scuffling with authorities who held their line with baton strikes and tear gas."

The real story is Central American governments now oppose having people flee north.

ITEM 11The Associated Press reported, "A French woman has been trying for three years to prove she is alive after being declared dead amid a legal dispute in 2017.

"Jeanne Pouchain, 58, says she lives in constant fear, not daring to leave her house in the village of Saint Joseph, in the Loire region.

"Authorities seized her car over an unpaid debt she contests and which is at the center of her troubles, and she fears the family furniture will be next."

The reporting is weird even by AP standards. An ex-employee sued after being fired. Apparently Pouchain lost the lawsuit, and somehow the court declared her dead without a death certificate. We only have the word of her and her lawyer that a court declared her dead. The AP cited no court records.

There is a fascinating story behind this. I wish AP had captured it instead of a Weekly World News-style report: "Woman ruled dead in 2017 fights to be declared alive."

ITEM 12: Deadline reported, "Donald Trump is facing possible expulsion from SAG-AFTRA. Deadline has learned that the union’s national board of directors will meet Tuesday morning in a special session regarding disciplinary action against him, which could lead to his expulsion.

"The former star of The Apprentice – and soon-to-be former president – has been a member of the union and its forerunners, SAG and AFTRA, since 1989. The two unions merged in 2012."

Meanwhile, Macaulay Culkin has joined those who want Donald Trump's cameo in Home Alone 2 censored.

They are sad little people. Rich, but sad.

ITEM 13: The New York Daily News reported, "Alec Baldwin is breaking up with Twitter, and it’s got nothing to do with the banning of his nemesis-muse, Donald Trump.

"In the fallout after the kerfuffle over wife Hilaria Baldwin’s heritage – Spanish or not? – the actor announced he was ditching the platform as he would a bad party."

Hillary Baldwin claimed to be Hispanic because her family had vacations in Spain.

It reminds me of that old accordion standard, Tourist of Spain.

ITEM 14New York Post reported, "A former head of New York state Democrat Party has already received his first dose of the coronavirus vaccine — no thanks to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

"John Sullivan, who was co-chairman of the state party in the 1990s, was among the New York snowbirds to become eligible for the shot in Florida before Cuomo opened vaccination sites to senior citizens in the Empire State."

Sullivan, 73, told the Post, "I got the vaccine down here. I probably wouldn’t have gotten it by now in New York."

The story said, "The former upstate Oswego mayor — who worked for the Cuomo, David Paterson and Eliot Spitzer administrations — is still a legal New York resident but has been subleasing an apartment in St. Petersburg, Fla., since October, making him eligible to receive the shot there."

He is another Democrat Party official who made enough money off government service to escape Democrat Party rule.

ITEM 15: The Daily Wire reported, "South Dakota GOP Governor Kristi Noem’s rejection of instituting draconian lockdowns because of the coronavirus seems to be bearing fruit. In a survey conducted by United Van Lines in January that tracked customers’ 2020 state-to-state migration patterns, South Dakota ranked fourth in the nation, virtually tied for second behind the state of Idaho."

Democrats turned California, Washington state, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Colorado and Virginia into shitholes, so now they move to greener pastures to turn them into shitholes, too.

ITEM 16: Chris Donaldson reported, "Josh Hawley Strikes Back; Finds New Publisher For His Book On Big Tech Abuses." 


Good luck getting it on Kindle.

ITEM 17: The Philadelphia Inquirer reported, "Two weeks before he allegedly killed a man who was out walking his dog in Brewerytown, a suspect in the slaying — who had two previous robbery convictions — was released on dramatically lowered bail in an armed kidnapping and an assault case, court records show.

"Police said Sunday that they had arrested Davis L. Josephus, 20, in the slaying of 25-year-old Milan Loncar, who was shot Wednesday night while walking his dog about a block from his home."

Wait a second.

The guy is 20 and has been convicted of two robberies. Why is he not in prison for those crimes? 

The lengthy story ended, "records show he pleaded guilty to both cases on Jan. 29, 2020, receiving a sentence of six to 12 months in jail, plus two years of probation."

The judge dropped the bail to $1,200 after prosecutors scheduled and cancelled his preliminary hearings 8 times.

Incompetence? Overworked? Both? I don't care. All things considered, I'd rather not be in Philadelphia.

ITEM 18: The New York Post reported, "Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘vagina’ candle reportedly explodes in UK woman’s home."

The candle is not for that part of her anatomy but rather it is alleged to smell like that part.

We live in a world where a company manufactures a candle that smells like an actress's vagina. We live in a world where said actress peddles the ware. We live in a world where people actually buy said product. Lastly, we live in a world where the candle explodes.

Some say we are going to hell. We may already be there.

ITEM 19: The National File reported, "Deanne Criswell, Joe Biden’s pick to run FEMA, had a years-long extramarital affair that was financed by taxpayer dollars through the Office of Emergency Management of Aurora, Colorado, the Transportation Security Administration, and FEMA, according to the former husband and wife who were victim to Criswell’s extramarital engagement.

"National File spoke extensively to Lisa Borbe, a United States Marine veteran who also worked for the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA, and recently retired after spending 31 years of serving her country. Borbe is the ex-wife of Mark Haught. Haught says Borbe’s characterization of his participation in the affair with Criswell is accurate and truthful.

"National File also spoke to Haught, who confirmed every detail of Borbe’s story, and provided additional details about the nature and duration of the alleged illicit affair. Haught recently retired after a successful career at the TSA, followed by a second career as an executive in the private sector. At one point, Haught was responsible for 18,000 TSA employees as an Area Director for most of the East Coast."

The allegation is intriguing.

ITEM 20: Fox reported, "President-elect Joe Biden is considering canceling the cross-border permit for TC energy’s Keystone XL pipeline -- and Canadian officials are worried.

"Jason Kenney, the 18th Premier of Alberta, said in a tweet, 'I am deeply concerned by reports that the incoming administration of President-elect Joe Biden may repeal the Presidential permit for the Keystone XL border crossing next week.' "

Once again, the United States reneges on a promise.

ITEM 21: Ashe Schow wrote, "Biden’s Climate Team: ‘Systemic Racism’ Is To Blame For Climate Change."

Now on top of everything else, climate change is racist.

Of course, systemic racism also ate my homework, left the toilet seat up, and took the last donut. It is the Not Me of modern politics.

FINALLY, the Washington Post published a column a few days ago, "To understand Trump’s support, we must think in terms of multiracial Whiteness."

The column said, "The Trump administration's anti-immigration, anti-civil rights stance has made it easy to classify the president's loyalists as a homogenous mob of white nationalists. But take a look at the FBI's posters showing people wanted in the insurrectionist assault on the U.S. Capitol: Among the many White faces are a few that are clearly Latino or African American.

"Such diversity highlights the fact that President Trump's share of the Latino vote in November actually rose over 2016, notwithstanding years of incendiary rhetoric targeting Mexicans and other Latino communities. Yes, Trump's voters — and his mob — are disproportionately White, but one of the more unsettling exit-poll data points of the 2020 election was that a quarter to a third of Latino voters voted to reelect Trump."

Ah, the unbearable whiteness of thinking for yourself instead of blindly following the majority of your race, ethnicity, or sex.


  1. Item 7. We DID vote overwhelmingly for DJT. The deep state won't even let us shown ANYONE the numbers to prove it.
    Item 18. No, no, my friends. Hell is infinitely worse than here. Wailing and knashing of teeth.....forever. These are Jesus' words and He is the only answer. He said, "You must be born again." In the Gospel of John chapter 3. Please read it and believe.

  2. DC is now DCMZ. District of Columbia Militarized Zone.

    1. The so-called riot on January 6th scared the crap out of the Democrats because they KNOW that China Joe didn't even get 60 million votes, let alone 80 million. They also know we're not going away, which is why they're so intent on canceling us.

    2. As long as anal oral Crossconnected and idiot ohmy! have to undergo body cavity searches every time they enter the halls of Congress.....

  3. “Jan would never give the power to a bald head
    Come, come, crucify the dread
    Time alone
    Oh, time will tell
    Think you’re in Heaven
    But you’re living in Hell...”

    First rate stuff this morning, El Jefe. Imagine those migrants taking Joe Mama at his word. The NERVE of those people...

    1. Hahaha! That should be JAH. Although my heart will always be with Marcia, Jan seemed like the nicest Brady girl.

    2. We live in Northern Virginia. My son in law is in the guard. This display going on in DC has absolutely nothing to do with security. It has everything to do with sending a message to the 75 million Trump voters across the country.

    3. We live in Northern Virginia. My son in law is in the guard. This display going on in DC has absolutely nothing to do with security. It has everything to do with sending a message to the 75 million Trump voters across the country.

    4. We live in Northern Virginia. My son in law is in the guard. This display going on in DC has absolutely nothing to do with security. It has everything to do with sending a message to the 75 million Trump voters across the country.

    5. My deepest sympathy and condolences, Ken. Belly of The Beast.

    6. Kenney, I think the real message is not for the 75 million: it is to project fear for those that are too stupid to realize there is no threat. Without that theater people might remember that no Trump rally has ever resulted in a broken window or even a shouting match with police. The optics are, we never needed the national guard for all those 'mostly peaceful protests,' so rolling out these big guns mean there must be a real danger.

    7. Jason, you are exactly right.

      The purpose of the 25,000 National Guards is part of the upcoming show trial of President Trump the Democrats/GOPe are calling an “Impeachment” which is the kickoff to the campaign to “cleanse the Deplorables” from America once and for all.

  4. Josh Hawley’s book can be purchased on
    Barnes and Noble. Anytime I say something is sad about the corrupt cancel culture by the Democrats my wife corrects me. Its not sad, its evil. To Dken, Amen, we must trust Jesus saving grace and pray for his mercy.

  5. #18 Is "home" a euphemism or am I missing something?

    #21 Read between the lines. They're acknowledging CO2 doesnt cause climate change.

    #22 Laugh. But remember we voluntarily pay democrats to teach this shit to our children in school.

    1. 22 (FINALLY) - if you pay property taxes, you automatically pay democrats to teach this shit to children in public schools.

    2. Income taxes in April, property taxes in November. For many years now, we refer to "Paying our tribute to the Great Khan." We pay our tribute and he (Uncle Sugar) leaves us alone for another year.
      And if not paying property taxes leaves you subject to foreclosure, you don't really OWN your Real Estate, do you?

  6. Finally: Maybe we should design a “Multiracial Whiteness” flag, patterned after the gay pride flag, with stripes in various shades of white — pure white, bright white, off white, eggshell white, etc.

    1. Or as Redd Foxx described various skin shades, "Light, bright and damn near white."

    2. My favorite Redd Foxx line, when asked "Was he colored?" Foxx responded, "Yeah, white."

  7. Serious question concerning the Field of Flags display on the National Mall. Could all of this been planned and erected since January 6? Or did they never intend for spectators to be present for the inauguration?

  8. 12 - Rich, sad and sick.

    13 - I’m sure every time he tweeted, he was bombarded with ridicule. Deservedly so.

    18 - is the more deranged person the designer or the buyer of said insane product?

    19 - a corrupt low-life. Perfect for the Xiden misadministration.

    FINALLY - when everything is racism, nothing is racism.

  9. #6. The "talks" will resume. Xiden will use his patented Ukraine model and convince South Korea to roll over and bow to their new overlords. It will be confirmed by an election with Dominion voting equipment in which Kim Jong Un will garner a whopping 91% of the vote count.

  10. Our PDJT DID NOT INCITE, but apparently Buck Fiden is allowed "Marauding Honduran illegals beat back with batons and tear gas (raw)…". We conservatives are all hot air and we have Fiden as proof.

  11. Our PDJT DID NOT INCITE, but apparently Buck Fiden is allowed "Marauding Honduran illegals beat back with batons and tear gas (raw)…". We conservatives are all hot air and we have Fiden as proof.

  12. How many Buck Fiden bumper stickers could I sell now?

    1. Already available.

    2. Correct link

  13. The Mood here in my town is-moving forward, we will weather the storm. this is Cowboy and Indian country. We've been here a long time and will not go away. Had a bit of a Sunday drive with friends from church.The subject was fear, and overcoming fear.We are not alone.God's word says so. Fear is razor wire and armed men, and little else. They are afraid.We are not.

  14. Razor wire: Dems are AFRAID of well they should. Brought it on themselves...

    Item 1: And they're scared of the National Guard...

    Item 9: "If re-elected again, she would be 97 when her term expired.
    If she doesn't expire first." DiFi is not known for "clean living". Clean-Up Living, however...

    Item 11: It's the AP. Who would believe the AP???

    Item 12: "They are sad little people. Rich, but sad." Stupid, too.

    Item 13: "It reminds me of that old accordion standard, Tourist of Spain." The Don STRIKES AGAIN. (I remember that song.)

    Item 17: "Wait a second.
    The guy is 20 and has been convicted of two robberies. Why is he not in prison for those crimes?" There's a reason it's called Filthydelphia...

    Item 21: "Of course, systemic racism also ate my homework, left the toilet seat up, and took the last donut. It is the Not Me of modern politics." THIS!! This is why we love reading Don's comments!

    FINALLY: This is why I call the WaPoo the WaPoo: It keeps on WaPooping. And why I've been reading Don's columns since 2015. Could be longer; my memory ain't what it never was...

    1. #21 Don is as good as the master, Chuck Berry:

      It wasn't me, baby, no it wasn't me, babe
      It must have been some other body, uh uh, baby, it wasn't me

  15. Item 16. I'll buy his book. Don't need Kindle anymore. I am ditching Amazon which means goodbye to Kindle and Kindle Fire, etc., etc. Why should I pay $119 a year to a censorship organization? Other companies offer free shipping....I'm shopping around and giving smaller businesses my money.

    1. Hats off to Lindu! I'm right behind ya I'm just so deep into using their services its going to take weeks to arrange alternatives.

      Voting with your wallet is the best kind of voting there is.

  16. 17) The DA in Philly is Soros supported/elected. He has let out murders who happen to be minorities. The fools in LA and SF did the same thing and are reaping their just "rewards."

  17. Donald John Trump is still our president. He will be our last one. Chairman Xiden will take the oath of office guarded by 25,000 soldiers.

    Disagree. I think the odds are against this lasting. Shi is in big trouble back home and the outrage here is only going to get worse as the incompetence, bigotry, hatred, and corruption of the Left increases.

    And, when I say incompetence and corruption, take a look at our new Asst Sec of HHS (have lots of eye bleach handy).

    5: Baloney.

    Their weapons aren't loaded. The Lefties are as scared of them as they are of us because they are us, only more so. What makes me smile is our resident troll, Anonymous and Big Jake, kept bragging how once the Commies took over the country, the military would dance to their tune.

    Looks like somebody miscalculated. It may come back to bite them all.

    18: Orgasm of the Century (had to).

    1. It was experiencing post menstrual candle syndrome.

  18. #2 Journalism went on life support at the death of Andrew Breitbart. Ailes tripped on the cord & pulled the plug.
    Now they are only performers in journalist suits wearing journalist makeup. They're in the club now...that's all that matters: being in the club with the cool kids.

  19. Donald Trump will not be our last President. My flag will not fall (because I put a steel pipe in the damn thing after it broke twice in heavy winds. Now the Eagle has fallen off the top...).

    "That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

    The Constitution is not broken. The country is not broken. The Federal government, operating as an Empire ruling over and looting conquered lands is very broken.

    Joe Biden's so called "friends" admit that he's never been right about anything. Obama, "Never underestimate Joe's ability to f*** things up." He can't help himself from overreaching. And then responding badly. I'm waiting for some head of state to show up with a bag of blow for Hunter. It'll be a hoot. A sad hoot. But a hoot nonetheless.

    As much as people dislike him (because he's an anti-Trump cuck and sellout) Jonah Goldberg's book Liberal Fascism stands on its own. It's all cited and cross referenced. A veritable academic work, which few academics do now. Y'all should read it because of the very complete historical picture it provides.

    The US has been through these times before. Wilson, Roosevelt. All seems lost and then it switches back. To catastrophize is a human trait. But bad times, like a pending execution, should focus the mind wonderfully.

    Are you involved in the local politics? Because when the Federal Empire comes a-call'n, it will be local and state governments that will have to say, "No."

    "Resistance if futile" was the last thing every Borg said before their ships blew up.

  20. > Donald John Trump is still our president. He will be our last one. Chairman Xiden will take the oath of office guarded by 25,000 soldiers.

    Yep. A bought and paid for man (I refuse to give him the title), fully in the pocket of China.

    He stole the election, I'm sure with their help.

    We no longer have a legitimate federal government it's past time to recognize that fact and do away with it. I've written Justice and asked him to ask the legislature to call for a Constitutional Convention for the express purpose of rescinding the Constitution and disbanding the federal government. I'm sure he'll get right on it, aren't you? But it's the only legal solution left.

  21. Whiteness, systemic racism, covid and global warming are part of a package of ideas whose core theme is that *we* are the disease, not the blessed elites.
    Control will be the theme, dressed only lightly in public safety.
    Americans, tyranny has arrived.

  22. ITEM #17 — Left out that Philly is one of the better run large Democrat-ruled cities.