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Monday, January 18, 2021

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: I begin today's roundup with good news.

The Grand Forks Herald reported, "North Dakota's statewide mask mandate will expire at 8 a.m. today, as COVID-19 cases continue to drop in the state.

"Medical professionals have widely credited North Dakota's mask mandate with reducing the spread of covid 19 in the state, but Gov. Doug Burgum said on Friday. He believes 'personal responsibility' can carry North Dakota through the rest of the pandemic.

"The Republican governor said the state still strongly encourages residents to wear masks in public, noting that 'the science doesn't change when the mandate goes away.' Burgum also acknowledged that residents should continue to comply with local mask mandates, like one that Fargo leaders recently extended until mid-February."

You are now free to roam the country North Dakota.

ITEM 2The Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance announced, "NIH Revises Treatment Guidelines for Ivermectin for the Treatment of Covid 19."

The announcement said, "This new designation upgraded the status of ivermectin from against to 'neither for nor against,' which is the same recommendation given to monoclonal antibodies and convalescent plasma, both widely used across the nation.

"By no longer recommending against Ivermectin use, doctors should feel more open in prescribing ivermectin as another therapeutic option for the treatment of covid 19. This may clear its path towards FDA emergency use approval."

With a deep stater's inauguration on Wednesday, the bureaucracy stops delaying treatment of covid 19.

Meanwhile, the Buffalo News reported, "A judge ordered Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital last week to give a Covid-19 patient an experimental treatment, and her family and attorneys say they believe that saved 80-year-old Judith Smentkiewicz's life. 

"The drug Ivermectin – a pill sometimes used to treat children with head lice or to rid dogs and cats of worms – is not yet approved by the federal government for use against Covid-19. But Smentkiewicz's son and daughter call it a miracle drug in their court papers. So do her attorneys, Ralph C. Lorigo and Jon F. Minear."

The NIH deliberately killed people.

ITEM 3: BBC reported, "Companies across America have come out against President Donald Trump and other Republicans who sought to block the formal certification of the presidential election results.

"Twitter said it was permanently barring Mr Trump from its platform, while YouTube, Facebook and others announced suspensions in response to calls to shut off his megaphone.

"Amazon booted Parler, the social media site popular with right-wing groups, off its servers, forcing it offline.

"New York City is taking steps to cancel its contracts with the president, the PGA of America is relocating its 2022 golf championship from Mr Trump's golf course, and other firms with ties to Mr. Trump's private businesses, such as e-commerce platform Shopify and Signature Bank, have said they are closing his accounts.

"Meanwhile, Fortune 500 firms from Marriott and Disney to Dow Chemical have halted certain political donations, citing the violence."

If they they can do this to a sitting president, they can do it to anyone.

They are.

These are not independent decisions, but rather coordinated attacks on the civil rights of Americans. As these attacks serve the party in power, the government allows this corporate collusion.

ITEM 4: Zero Hedge reported, "Biden To 'Immediately' Send Congress Bill That Would Offer Citizenship To 11 Million Illegals." 

It cited a Los Angeles Times report, which stated, "In a significant departure from many previous immigration bills passed under both Democratic and Republican administrations, the proposed legislation would not contain any provisions directly linking an expansion of immigration with stepped-up enforcement and security measures, said Marielena Hincapié, executive director of the National Immigration Law Center and its Immigrant Justice Fund, who has been consulted on the proposal by Biden staffers."

They stripped the empty promise of better enforcement of the law from this bill.

But what does citizenship mean in a police state?

ITEM 5: In the same story, Democrat Raul Ruiz, chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, told the newspaper, "What we don’t want is to militarize the border. We don’t want to demonize and dehumanize and criminalize an immigration process."

Instead Ruiz and company have militarized the Capitol.

ITEM 6: Jeff Asher, co-founder of AH Datalytics, tweeted, "Murder up 36.7% in 57 agencies with data through at least September (though most have data through November). Murder up in 51 of 57, 37 of 58 agencies reporting murder up more than 30%.

"Big city trends tend to overstate national trends, so a 5% increase in murder in big cities tends to mean a 2-3% increase nationally. But this year we have no idea what will happen with the national figure.

"The largest national percentage increase ever reported (data since 1960) was 12.7% in 1968 and the largest numerical increase was 1,938 in 1990. A 15% increase this year (and I think it'll be much larger) would mean 2,400 more murders & be the worst one year increase in murder ever recorded." 

Democrat rallies and riots against the local police led to this record increase in murders.

The goal is to give the central government control of all police agencies in the country. Black lives do not matter to the government. Control does.

ITEM 7: Ex-Fox reporter Roger Friedman wrote, "There are reports that Suzanne Scott, who’s been running the show since Roger Ailes was destroyed and ousted, is on her way out. David Rhodes, former head of CBS News, who started under Ailes at Fox in 1996, is said to be in line to take over. He returned to Fox News almost a year ago and is running the London operation.

"What’s happened? Fox News is in a ratings freefall. During the day and afternoon CNN is now beating it over the head. Later, at 9 p.m., Rachel Maddow has opened a wide lead over Sean Hannity. On Wednesday night, when the impeachment vote was happening, Maddow scored 4.7 million viewers. Hannity had under just 3.3 million." 

Rhodes is the brother of Obama official Ben Rhodes who sold to America that giving $170 billion to Iran would magically end its nuke program. It didn't. The money went to terrorism aimed at Israel and war against Saudi Arabia.

Trump supporters bailed on Fox because it went CNN-lite in 2020.

ITEM 8: The Epoch Times reported, "Guatemalan soldiers blocked part of a caravan of as many as 9,000 Honduran migrants on Jan. 16, at a point not far from where they entered the country seeking to reach the U.S. border.

"The soldiers, many wearing helmets and wielding shields and sticks, formed ranks across a highway in Chiquimula, near the Honduras border, to block the procession of migrants.

"Guatemala’s immigration agency distributed a video showing a couple of hundred men scuffling with soldiers, pushing and running through their lines, even as troops held hundreds more back.

"Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei issued a statement calling on Honduran authorities 'to contain the mass exit of its inhabitants.' On Jan. 15, the migrants entered Guatemala by pushing past about 2,000 police and soldiers posted at the border; most entered without showing the negative coronavirus test that Guatemala requires."

Chairman Xiden put out the welcome mat.
Give us your tired, your criminals,
Your gang-bangers, yearning to be out of hiding.
Bring welfare cases to our unfinished wall,
We don't care. We "elected" Biden.
ITEM 9: The Daily Caller reported, "Republican Michigan Rep. Peter Meijer said that his vote to support the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump may very well have ended his political career."

That is how it goes. When you don't represent the people who elected you, they no longer trust you.

ITEM 10: National Review reported, "Kamala Harris to Resign Senate Seat on Monday Ahead of Inauguration."

Nice to see Never Trumpers get paid for their services with a huge exclusive scoop like this.

ITEM 11The Daily Wire reported, "Green Bay Packers All-Pro quarterback Aaron Rodgers expressed his disgust with Democratic politicians like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and California governor Gavin Newsom for their hypocrisy in supporting draconian shutdowns of the economy while they were 'not even following their own rules.' He added, 'I mean, how many people have gotten caught?'

"Rodgers, a California native who formerly starred at the University of California, Berkeley, spoke on The Pat McAfee Show about his $500,000 donation to the Dave Portnoy’s Barstool Fund, which has been sending relief to many small businesses desperate to keep their businesses afloat."

A celebrity speaks out against Democrats?

Look for them to go after his product endorsements.

ITEM 12: MSN reported, "Spiritual advisor to Barack Obama and George W. Bush sentenced to 6 years for multi-million dollar [Red] China bonds fraud."

The story said, "The spiritual advisor for both Barack Obama and George W. Bush during their time as President has been sentenced to six years for his role in a multi-million dollar investment fraud scheme. 

"Kirbyjon H. Caldwell, 67, was sentenced by US District Judge S. Maurice Hicks on Wednesday in Shreveport, Louisiana where he and his co-defendant, Gregory Alan Smith, were indicted in 2018.

"Caldwell was formerly the Senior Pastor of Windsor Village United Methodist Church, a mega-church in his native Houston, Texas, which has around 14,000 members, the Associated Press reported."

In his defense, Caldwell was led astray by two promoters of Red China.

Bush and Obama.

ITEM 13: The Washington Post reported on January 8, "The mild law enforcement response to one of the most violent episodes in Capitol history appears at odds with the Capitol Police’s record of arresting suspects by the handful for far more minor crimes on most days, and on occasion, arresting hundreds of people in a single day." 

Capitol Police shot and killed an unarmed woman.

If the protesters had torched buildings and looted stores, the press would have called it a mostly peaceful protest.

Never mentioned are the 100,000 people President Trump rallied at the National Mall.

ITEM 14: Bloomberg reported, "Norway expressed increasing concern about the safety of the Pfizer Inc. vaccine on elderly people with serious underlying health conditions after raising an estimate of the number who died after receiving inoculations to 29.

"The latest figure adds six to the number of known fatalities in Norway, and lowers the age group thought to be affected to 75 from 80. While it’s unclear exactly when the deaths occurred, Norway has given at least one dose to about 42,000 people and focused on those considered most at risk if they contract the virus, including the elderly."

Beware the vaccine but also beware of all government reporting. This may be an excuse to ration treatment by telling the elderly the risk outweighs the benefit of the vaccine.

ITEM 15: The Blaze reported, "Flavaine Carvalho was working on her day off at the Mrs. Potato restaurant when she noticed that a little boy at one of her tables wasn't eating with the rest of his family. She said the father didn't let him order any food or water.

"When she asked if there was a problem with the food, the parents waved her away.

"That's when she saw bruises on the 11-year-old's face and arms.

"She decided to write a message to him so that the parents wouldn't notice. She wrote, 'Do you need help? OK' on a piece of cardboard.

"She stood behind his parents so he could see the sign while they ate. Eventually, the child signaled that he did need help."

Carvalho called police, who came and arrested the mother and stepfather for child abuse.

I will spare readers the details of the abuse, ecxcept to note that his sister also suffered abuse.

ITEM 16: We Love Trump reported, "Parler CEO John Matze Posts Update, Says Parler WILL Be Back!"

I am @donsurber at Parler, at Gab, and at Twitter.

ITEM 17: A reader wrote, "Just to let you know here in NYS the vaccine roll out is a SNAFU if I ever saw one.

"My wife and I spent the better part of Friday trying to make an appointment for the vaccine but failed.

"In NYS Albany runs everything. They have 1 website for registration for the whole population.

"Remember how the Obama care website performed? Well this is much worse. Slow performance, timeouts, server crashes, website going offline for hours. Many appointments cancelled.

"The state had a year to get ready but in reality should have procedures in place for any emergency but they don't. The counties were forbidden from managing the rollout. Had to be done by Albany. Guess why?

"The reason I am sending you this email is I have seen zero news about the failures in NYS. Just your mention in Highlights a few days ago.

"Some states like yours are using the NG to help and doing well but not here. It is a real mess and not getting any better.

"Your comments on highlights a few days ago about the vaccine being developed by capitalism but being distributed by socialism is spot on here in NY."

Email from other readers confirms that Cuomo does not know what he is doing.

Or maybe his plan is to screw New Yorkers.

ITEM 18: Hot Air reported, "Senator Joe Manchin was a guest on PBS’s Firing Line Friday night. Show host Margaret Hoover asked the Democrat from West Virginia if the 14th Amendment should be triggered against Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley. Manchin’s response was yes, that should be a consideration."

The media calls Manchin a moderate.

They also call President Trump Hitler.

ITEM 19: Just the News reported, "A fundraiser with GOP Sen. Josh Hawley slated to take place at Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Orlando in February will no longer occur at that facility, according to the hotel."

Democrats are leaning on corporations to do their bidding.


ITEM 20: Reuters reported, "The Trump administration notified Huawei suppliers, including chipmaker Intel, that it is revoking certain licenses to sell to the Chinese company and intends to reject dozens of other applications to supply the telecommunications firm, people familiar with the matter told Reuters."

President Trump is making every minute count and making it groovy.

ITEM 21: United Press International reported, "The U.S. government put to death Dustin Higgs early Saturday, concluding the Trump administration's effort to revive federal executions."

None of the 3 women he ordered killed could be reached for comment.

ITEM 22: The New York Post reported, "A naked maniac shoved a man off of a Harlem subway platform Saturday, but then also jumped down and zapped himself to death on the third rail during a crazed, on-the-tracks scuffle with a good Samaritan, police said. 

"The unhinged and unclothed man had been wandering through the 2 and 3 station at 110th Street and Central Park North when he pushed the man, a stranger, at around 3:40 p.m., police said."

He was either crazy or high.

America has major drug problems.

The government meanwhile is legalizing marijuana in state after state, and handing out free needles to junkies.

ITEM 23: The Associated Press reported, "The coronavirus was found on ice cream produced in eastern China, prompting a recall of cartons from the same batch, according to the government.

"The Daqiaodao Food Co., Ltd. in Tianjin, adjacent to Beijing, was sealed and its employees were being tested for the coronavirus, a city government statement said. There was no indication anyone had contracted the virus from the ice cream.

"Most of the 29,000 cartons in the batch had yet to be sold, the government said. It said 390 sold in Tianjin were being tracked down and authorities elsewhere were notified of sales to their areas."

Since when do bats eat ice cream?

ITEM 24: Breitbart reported, "President-elect Joe Biden plans to cancel the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline on his first day in office, according to several news sources.

"The decision delighted advocates of the so-called “Green New Deal,” but will disappoint Biden’s own political allies in the trade union movement, who had backed the pipeline for the thousands of jobs it would create."

He also plans to let men in drag use the girls room.

Basically, he wants us to freeze to death in the dark, sitting beside some creepy character who claims to be a woman.

ITEM 25: A reader wrote, "Dear Don,
"In the 1930's a group of Left Wing political activists made my family disappear. With uncles and aunts, nieces and nephews, and cousins, my family numbered in the hundreds. These activists, using the same tactics, the same aligned media and entrenched bureaucrats, with this army of influencers repeating the lies as if it were the Gospel of their Leftist faith, all these factors combined in a coordinated and successful operation to make my family disappear. 
"In the beginning it was merely whispers, in the end, gas ovens and lime pits. But they made my entire family in Germany disappear, along with all of their friends and anyone who had been willing to help them or denounce the lies.
"Never again they said. It can never happen here they say. Well it is happening but no one will call it what it is.
"The Left calls everyone Nazi until it does not mean anything anymore. Like the Constitution and especially the enumeration of our G-d given Rights in the Bill of Rights.
"So scream into the sky that the pod people are coming and watch it happen anyway. These things always go like this; and after the fires burn out and the bodies are buried, everyone asks what happened, then resolve it will never happen again, and life stumbles on.
"How much have you already been made to vanish for speaking the truth! That is why I wrote this to you. A Conservative Holocaust is the plan and they are getting ready for a massive attack on us. Where shall we in opposition muster?" 


My ancestors came on the Mayflower to escape religious persecution in England. A century later, Hans Heinrich Surber came here as a refugee from war. A great-grandfather escaped the pogroms of Russia.

I never thought this would happen here.

Many tried to warn us. Joe McCarthy. Phyllis Schlafly. Patrick Buchanan. As a nation, we dismissed them as anti-communist kooks. We were wrong, and we now pay the price.


  1. NO DAK! Born in Grand Forks, lived in Bowman, Lisbon, and Fargo. State Bird is the mosquito and State Tree is the telephone pole. North Dakota gets an Automatic Bid when the Free America secession bracket gets filled in. Cmon, Fatso Justice, get on board!

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  2. Item 5 - Just a question ... has anyone considered the fence and NGs around the Capitol might be to keep some people (legislators, lobbyists, etc.) inside the capitol?

    Call me a conspiracy theorist, but a virtual inauguration requires no such measures. Why are they REALLY there?

    1. You may be on to something. Someone sent me a picture and it showed the ribs of the fence were facing the outside, making it easier for outsiders to scale and insiders not to.

      I don’t know if it was a real picture or photoshopped. Or if was meant to encourage breeches. Or it further shows gubment incompetence.

    2. How many people attended Cheato Joe Dementia's campaign rallies? How many people would have attended his inauguration?

      The fences and the military are preventing Cheato Joe from the embarrassment of poor attendance. Communism 101.

  3. Never thought I'd pray for war but options are rapidly disappearing.

  4. ITEM 9: The Daily Caller reported, "Republican Michigan Rep. Peter Meijer said that his vote to support the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump may very well have ended his political career."


    ITEM 17: Email from other readers confirms that Cuomo does not know what he is doing. Or maybe his plan is to screw New Yorkers.

    Cuomo is a thug, a guido without the hair product.

    ITEM 22: America has major drug problems. The government meanwhile is legalizing marijuana in state after state, and handing out free needles to junkies.

    Portuguese author Antonio Lobo Antunes says that under Salazar's thumb – 1932 to 1968 – the people of Portugal couldn't talk politics or even kiss in public, but heroin was really cheap. “Because if you were stoned you didn't have the energy to start a revolution.”

    1. Sarah Hoyt grew up in Portugal. Here is her advice:

      "One of the first memories I have of news and people discussing news is of my parents trying to figure out whether the president was dead.

      "This is because in Portugal in the early sixties, the news of course couldn’t publish anything that the regime disapproved of."

    2. Government keeping the Soma flowing.

    3. Speaking of Portugal they decriminalized all drugs in 2001. Today they have the lowest addiction rate in Europe and they money formerly used for police state enforcement now goes to voluntary treatment.

      You know kinda like letting people choose how they wish to live and what options they get to choose.

      But neo-cons are like the Puritans ages ago who wanted to outlaw public dancing and colorful clothing.

  5. Item 1: I've spent two winters in Minot. Covid can't cope with that kind of cold.

    Item 3: As I keep saying, I don't KNOW if the media is/are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dem Party, or it it's the other way round, but it's OBVIOUS that they are in CAHOOTS.

    Item 10: Mr. Surber is grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrEAT at sarcasm.

    Item 13: The WaPoo WaPoops.

    Item 17: This is what you get from a Dem governor. New Yorkers ain't anywhere NEAR as smart as they think they are.

    Item 18: As we all know, the media LIES to us.

  6. 11 million non-citizens have more rights than you do, prole.

    1. More like 30+ million. They're lying to us about how bad it is so we won't object.

    2. More FUD from Jeffery.

      And we objected at 12 mil.

      Jeffery called Trump, and us, racists.

  7. 8 - bring us your disease laden.

    9 - Meijer may have had the shortest honeymoon ever for a congressman.

    18 - Manchin will probably fold on statehood for DC and Puerto Rico and packing the supreme. Court.

    19 - Note to self - never stay at a Loew’s hotel.

    23 - Maybe it was Count Chocula Ice Cream.

    25 - A powerful message. A similar story for my family. 95% killed on WWII. Luckily, 3 of my grandparents came to the US either just before or right after WWI. The fourth was born here.

  8. Item 2: Ivermectin is available on Amazon as a veterinary product for treating horses. The dosage is 0.2 mg per kg of body weight. I just got some in case I, um... get a horse. More information here:

    1. Dr Brownstein was using this successfully last April in Illinois. But he made the mistake of putting on youtube his patient interviews letting them tell how they were cured of covid.

      Within a month the FTC sent him a cease and desist letter or else face a SWAT team paying him a visit.

      Monopoly medicine at its best! And all thanks to Teddy Roosevelt who created the FDA the fascist agency that protects the cartel profits of the drug firms from any competition.

    2. I have a tube of ivermectin paste from when April 6 when I too was thinking of buying a horse. Good to hear I might find another way to use it. I wasn't able to score the apple flavor though.

  9. ITEM 10: National Review reported, "Kamala Harris to Resign Senate Seat on Monday Ahead of Inauguration."

    Butt, butt, butt Mister Ed(utcher), the talking horse['s ass], assured us something big to save us from a Bidet* Administration was afoot. and that was why Kamala-toe wasn't resigning her seat.


    That aged well.

    1. See my comment, moron. She'll have an "accident" like the lying dogfaced pony soldier.

      And you. Traitors always go first.

  10. Item 24: The week after Trump had his re-election stolen gasoline in north Texas was $1.53 a gallon. Bidet* will do everything he can to push it over $4.

    1. Everybody already knows that. If you think this is news, you're dumber than I thought.

    2. Good point about energy prices. Dems will triple them with their wild spending programs. Just give it a couple of years.

    3. They'll do it in the name of the tree huggers.

  11. Via CFP:

    "Biden’s transition team claims there is a very real fear that members of the national guard who support President Trump might kill Biden during the inauguration so they’ve asked commanders to confiscate all ammo and magazines from the soldiers. Biden’s team asked if it would be possible to determine which soldiers voted in GOP primaries or who have contributed to GOP candidates so commanders could station them away from the president-elect."

    [If only.]

    "The request was refused."

    1. You may get a visit from the Secret Service.

      Anyone who turns his coat once will turn it again.

  12. Amazing that the keystone pipeline is still not built. All those jobs lost. Fyou dims

  13. #23. The ding Bat had a freezer full of it.

  14. #18 "Senator Joe Manchin was a guest on PBS’s Firing Line Friday night. Show host Margaret Hoover asked the Democrat from West Virginia if the 14th Amendment should be triggered against Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley. Manchin’s response was yes, that should be a consideration."

    Manchin likes to invoke the Constitution when it suits him. Besides his dissing these senators 1st Amendment rights, he also criticized the Due Process Clause during the gun control debate a few years ago.

    1. He's on his final term so he'll be burning bridges along the way. No way will another Dem get elected in WV

  15. If you know the history of communism, you already should be prepared for the next step. Within a year the infrastructure of this nation will collapse. A lot of socalled followers will find themselves being invited to party dinners, they will be the main course. God Bless us all.

  16. 4: Believe it when you see it.

    If the Lefties wanted the illegals to be citizens, they've had plenty of opportunities. They want slaves, not citizens.

    10: I guess she wasn't informed of the doublecross. If I were her, I'd be scared to death.

    14: A lot of people don't trust it anyway.

  17. We were wrong, and we now pay the price.

    I doubt very many people saw the complete capitulation of the Republican party coming.

    As for the rest, the people who did listen to Mrs Schlafly are right here, trying to get the truth.

    You do what you can.

    1. Rep. Nancy Mace, R-SC, is a disappointment too. The first woman to graduate from the Citadel was "frightened for her own safety" (friend Jack Hunter)on Jan. 6th

  18. Latest from Commie News Net.

    Lockdown lifted at US Capitol Building after brief security scare. Some of the vagabonds had a fire in their camp.

    No matter what they're planning, they really are scared to death.

  19. 24. Union bosses don't care if Democrat policies wipe out union jobs. They are all about the socialist agenda. I worked a mining job that was covered by the Steelworkers. I asked our local president if Obama's anti coal mining agenda bothered him. He said it didn't because our coal mining "brothers and sisters" worked under a different union.


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