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Friday, January 15, 2021

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president. Washington is still a swamp.

ITEM 1: The Epoch Times reported, "A bill proposed by Republican lawmakers in North Dakota could enable lawsuits to be filed against Twitter and Facebook by users who have seen their accounts deleted or censored.

"The new bill, sponsored by six legislators, is titled, 'an Act to permit civil actions against social media sites for censoring speech,' and it stipulates that websites with more than 1 million users would be 'liable in a civil action for damages to the person whose speech is restricted, censored, or suppressed, and to any person who reasonably otherwise would have received the writing, speech, or publication.'

"For individuals who have been censored, compensation includes 'treble damages for compensatory, consequential, and incidental damages,' according to the bill."

This will be interesting.

South Dakota has Sioux Falls.

All of North Dakota may become Sue City if out-of-staters can file their lawsuits there.

If California can ignore immigration laws, North Dakota can ignore Section 230.

ITEM 2:  Reuters reported, "Mayors of some three-dozen U.S. cities have asked the incoming Biden administration to send covid 19 vaccine shipments directly to them, bypassing state governments, saying local officials were best positioned to ramp up lagging inoculations."

Paragraph 4 said, "As of Thursday, only 11.1 million coronavirus shots had been administered out of more than 30 million doses distributed to states so far, according to data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."

Once again, the government lets the people down.

But not all states are created equal.

CBS reported, "Among the nation's most populous states, Georgia, Virginia and California are the furthest behind in distributing the vaccine to residents. According to the most recent CDC data, Georgia has administered less than 20% of the vaccine doses delivered to the state — the lowest percentage of any state in America."

Ah yes, good old Governor Brian "The Election Is Perfect" Kemp of Georgia.

So, who is No. 1 in actually getting people vaccinated?

CBS reported, "West Virginia has distributed nearly 70% of all of the vaccine doses it has received from the federal government, according to the latest CDC data, ranking in No. 1 among states as ranked by that metric. About 110,000 vaccine doses have been given in the Mountain State, or nearly the same amount that has been administered so far in Wisconsin, which has roughly triple the population."

Given the terrain and the distribution of the people, this is a miracle.

A miracle done by the National Guard.

CBS reported, "The difference: West Virginia, unlike other states, leaned heavily on its National Guard to lead other state agencies in the vaccination effort, as well as to transport the doses where needed. It was also the only state to opt out of a national vaccination program for nursing homes across the country that was developed by the CDC and is being run by drugstore chains CVS and Walgreens, which many have said is progressing slowly."

America, do it the West Virginia way. It works.

ITEM 3: The Wyoming Republican Party posted a stinging rebuke of Liz "Meghan McCain" Cheney's vote to impeach President Trump.
  • By announcing her decision to vote for impeachment Representative Cheney denied President Trump due process; she judged the “evidence” before it was presented and refused to listen to the arguments made.
  • Wyoming voted for the reelection of President Trump by a margin of 70% to 30%. 195,000 Wyomingites voted for President Trump. Representative Cheney is in Washington, DC to represent Wyoming’s interest, not the interest of the beltway elites.
  • President Trump did not incite anyone to riot. Read the transcript of what he said and watch the video.
  • We have watched the leftists and progressives in this country riot, burn, kill, maim, loot and destroy cities and communities for 7 months, often with Democrat leaders egging them on, bailing them out and refusing to condemn their actions.
  • Representative Cheney has aligned herself with leftists who are screaming that what happened last Wednesday is the “worst thing ever in our history” (or similar such claims). That is absurd and shows their lack of knowledge of history as well as their willingness to skew the facts to further their corrupt agenda.
  • The Democrats are using this to smear the entire conservative movement and all Republicans. By voting to impeach, Representative Cheney is helping them in that effort.
  • Wyoming’s way of life and our entire economic future is under attack. We count on our elected officials to protect us. This move to impeach President Trump shows that we have a real reason to fear what is going to happen under the Biden administration.
  • This move to impeach President Trump makes it that much more difficult for our country to solve the serious problems we have, including Chinese and Iranian aggression, our overwhelming debt, and the catastrophic response to covid 19.
Like Joe Manchin and hundreds of others in Congress, Cheney represents herself and no one else.

ITEM 4: The Associated Press reported, "Mexico’s president vowed Thursday to lead an international effort to combat what he considers censorship by social media companies that have blocked or suspended the accounts of U.S. President Donald Trump.

"President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s administration is reaching out to other government to form a common front on the issue."

Once again, AMLO has Donald Trump's back as he did in protecting the border while the wall went up.

If only the Republican Party were as loyal.

ITEM 5: Zero Hedge reported, "Biden unveiled his 2-step plan of 'rescue and recovery' in a 30 minute presentation, which was just as was leaked in advance: a $1.9 trillion stimulus proposal which will encounter immediate Republican opposition due to its big-ticket spending on Democratic priorities including aid to state and local governments, a hike in the minimum wage to $15, and expanded unemployment benefits."

The story said, "As Bloomberg summarized it, 'Biden’s speech had the flavor of a shorter and more concise State of the Union address, focused of course on the pandemic and economic recovery. He laid out a number of goals and some plans yet basically set broad goals -- and asked Congress to foot the big price-tag to achieve them.'

"Biden's bill - which amounts to $400 billion for Covid-19 management, more than $1 trillion in direct relief spending and $440 billion for communities and businesses - is more than double the $900 billion bipartisan bill approved last month, and only slightly below the March 2020 Cares Act. The bigger size, and inclusion of Democratic priorities such as a minimum-wage hike, also means that it will be next to impossible for Republicans to vote for Biden's proposal.

"This is a problem because as we explained previously, certain key measures such aid to states and money for health care, will likely need 60 votes in the Senate. On the other hand, jobless benefits, stimulus payments and the minimum wage hike, could go through with a simple majority under a special budget tool. Amusingly,  progressives are already saying Biden's bill isn’t big enough."

Republicans will roll over.

The stimulus will fail.

We will keep doing stimuluses because they are politically popular. And because they are politically popular, they will fail. We are trying to lose weight by eating candy.

What we should do is re-open America, absorb the deaths, and move on. We have a vaccine. We have 3 vaccines. There is no valid reason for a lockdown. As for the stimulus, Chairman Xiden promised $2,000. That's now $1,400.

ITEM 6: World Beyond War reported, "Victoria Nuland, former foreign policy adviser to vice president Dick Cheney, should not be nominated for Undersecretary of State, and if nominated should be rejected by the Senate.

"Nuland played a key role in facilitating a coup in Ukraine that created a civil war costing 10,000 lives and displacing over a million people. She played a key role in arming Ukraine as well. She advocates radically increased military spending, NATO expansion, hostility toward Russia, and efforts to overthrow the Russian government.

:The United States invested $5 billion in shaping Ukrainian politics, including overthrowing a democratically elected president who had refused to join NATO. Then-Assistant Secretary of State Nuland is on video talking about the U.S. investment and on audiotape planning to install Ukraine’s next leader, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who was subsequently installed.

"The Maidan protests, at which Nuland handed out cookies to protesters, were violently escalated by neo-Nazis and by snipers who opened fire on police. When Poland, Germany, and France negotiated a deal for the Maidan demands and an early election, neo-Nazis instead attacked the government and took over. The U.S. State Department immediately recognized the coup government, and Arseniy Yatsenyuk was installed as Prime Minister."

Washington's interest in Ukraine is self-serving. 

Dozens of politicos from both parties rake in millions working Ukraine campaigns. The offspring of Biden, Pelosi, and other prominent officials are on Ukraine's teat. 

Nuland is being rewarded for her work in keeping the gravy train on schedule.

ITEM 7The Department of Justice announced, "A professor and researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology was charged and arrested today in connection with failing to disclose contracts, appointments and awards from various entities in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to the U.S. Department of Energy.

"Gang Chen, 56, was charged by criminal complaint with wire fraud, failing to file a foreign bank account report and making a false statement in a tax return. Chen will make an initial appearance today before Magistrate Judge Donald L. Cabell.

"According to charging documents, Chen is a naturalized U.S. citizen who was born in China. He is a professor and researcher at MIT where he serves as Director of the MIT Pappalardo Micro/Nano Engineering Laboratory and Director of the Solid-State Solar Thermal Energy Conversion Center (S3TEC). Since approximately 2013, Chen’s research at MIT has been funded by more than $19 million in grants awarded by various U.S. federal agencies."

Prestigious universities have become magnets for foreign spies.

Maybe we should RICO them because this is far worse than Lori Loughlin bribing an official to get her idiot kid into a good college.

ITEM 8: Zero Hedge reported, "A fund established to bail out Black Lives Matter protesters - which helped free at least six men accused of domestic violence in two months - is refusing to disclose exactly who they've helped spring from jail.

"The Minnnesota Freedom Fund, which was endorsed by Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris and has raised over $35 million, has bailed out an unknown number of accused thugs, rioters and other criminals. Finding information on exactly who they've bailed out has been an arduous task."

Hey, where is our vaunted Fourth Estate when we need them?

I mean, with President Trump banned from Twitter, they have plenty of time to track real news instead of tweets.

ITEM 9: The Wall Street Journal reported, "New York City apartment tenants are more than $1 billion in debt from missed rent payments during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new survey measuring the depth of the rent crisis brought on by Covid-19.

"The debt figure is the most recent indicator that unemployment benefits and federal stimulus packages have so far been inadequate to alleviate the growing financial burden of missed rent payments across thousands of city households. Both landlord and tenant advocacy groups have lobbied heavily for more government rental assistance during the pandemic."

Without rent, how are landlords going to pay their bills?

Taxes won't be paid. Repairs won't be made. Building inspectors won't be bought off.

America is in a financial collapse while the stock market soars.

ITEM 10: Just the News reported, "A progressive activist has been arrested and charged with participating in last week's U.S. Capitol riot a week after he uploaded footage of the event to YouTube.

"Utah resident and anti-Trump activist John Sullivan told Just the News last week that he had been present at the riot, including inside the Capitol, 'specifically [as] a journalist, just to record the events that were going down.'

"Yet FBI agent Matthew Foulger alleged in an affidavit on Wednesday that, rather than merely act as a journalist during the riots, Sullivan 'knowingly and willfully joined a crowd of individuals who forcibly entered the U.S. Capitol and impeded, disrupted, and disturbed the orderly conduct of business by the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate.' "

I now know why so many readers suspect this was a setup.

ITEM 11: KCRA reported, "A permit for a large election results protest at the California Capitol has been denied because of its proposed size and 'the potential for civil unrest this weekend,' the California Highway Patrol says.

"Chris Bish, a Republican who ran unsuccessfully for the Sacramento congressional seat in November, had sought a permit for a Let Freedom Ring event Sunday with 3,000 people. The description said it was to 'peacefully protest our compromised election' as well as register voters, collect signatures to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom and promote her 2022 campaign for Congress, according to the San Francisco Chronicle."

Did any of last summer's "mostly peaceful; protests" have permits?

ITEM 12: The Associated Press reported, "Black activists are coming out strongly against a growing narrative among conservatives that equates the deadly siege on the U.S. Capitol with last summer's Black Lives Matter protests of racial injustice.

"Republican lawmakers defending President Donald Trump made the comparison again Wednesday while building their case against impeachment and accused Democrats of being hypocrites with selective outrage. Their comments mark the latest effort by Trump and the GOP to misrepresent the Black Lives Matter movement as an extremist, violent faction tied to anarchists."

AP then said, "But the two events were fundamentally different. One was an intentional, direct attack on a hallowed democratic institution, with the goal of overturning a fair and free election. The other was a coast-to-coast protest movement demanding an end to systemic racism that occasionally, but not frequently, turned violent."

Occasionally but not frequently turned violent?

Try night after night after night of burning cities.

100,000 people attended a rally in DC. Fewer than 100 got into the Capitol.

ITEM 13The Jerusalem Post reported, "A special committee will convene on Wednesday to approve the permanent structure of the US Embassy in Jerusalem - a week before Joe Biden takes office as President of the United States, Kan News reported on Tuesday."

Obama saddled his successor with a huge lie that led to a witch hunt.

President Trump saddles his successor with peace in the Middle East.

ITEM 14: The Epoch Times reported, "Social media giants Facebook and Twitter have collectively seen $51.2 billion in combined market value wiped out over the last two trading sessions since they banned President Donald Trump from their platforms following the U.S. Capitol breach.

"Large tech firms and a number of Democratic political figures have claimed Trump incited violence at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. The incident disrupted debates in both the House and Senate as lawmakers were forced to shelter in place while police and security attempted to regain control."

Virtue signaling is an expensive vanity.

ITEM 15: Clayton Keirns reported, "Far-left political pollster Frank Luntz had his day ruined when he was forced to tell Fox News about the results from his latest focus group.

"While Luntz was hoping that Trump supporters had jumped ship, that couldn't be further from the truth.

"In fact, Luntz's focus group found that more than 91% of Trump's supporters would vote for him again (we think that number is much higher). In addition, Luntz said that 78% of Trump voters believe that the election was stolen (as they should)."

Please, someone give Frankie a hanky.


  1. #3: Liz Cheney is loyal to the Bush family, and Trump's treatment of them probably still rankles. Her father's VP stint helped her politically. She will most likely pay for that loyalty to the Bushes and her betrayal of the Trump movement.

  2. I thought Frank Lunz was GOP? Seems to be an anti Trumper / establishment.

    1. Luntz is definitely NOT a conservative. So he could be GOP but it would be the RINO Romney wing.

    2. He has been an anti-Trumper from the start.

  3. 2: Once again, the government lets the people down.

    Stick around. As Zippy once observed, "Don't underestimate Joe's ability to fuck things up".

    5: Remember the last "stimulus" (apparently, you can't be an incoming Commie administration without a stimulus)? All we had to show for it was those @#$%$^&** roundabouts.

    6: Gilded Age II.

    14: Vote your pocketbook.

    1. 5 - Yeah, the silly signs with the stylized figure with a shovel. One problem when that happened is that the feminists whined (do they do anything else?) that such funds would be going disproportionately to MEN (and WORKING CLASS MEN at that) - and so things were shuffled around to see that the gender-balance was closer to 50-50, which meant that most of the funds were flushed down ratholes without leaving a trace. (And the main tangible result was putting green markers every 0.2 miles along the interstates rather than just at every mile.)

      "Stimulus" has generally meant the belief that the economy can be goosed by paying people to dig holes all morning and fill them up all afternoon...

    2. They should have just hired two flag hags for every worker on construction sites.

    3. In many places you can't even do that - in at least some states (I know that MA is this way - and judging from a brief trip through there last summer, it still is), you can't use flaggers for traffic control at a construction site - you have to use (by law - union!) state and/or local police... who are paid at overtime rates for this "extra" work.

      It's easier and quicker now to make lists of people and things that are NOT corrupt rather than lists of those who/that are...

  4. Isn't Nuland the chick with an eyebrow about 3/4 of the way up her forehead?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. "If California can ignore immigration laws, North Dakota can ignore Section 230."

    Uh, no they can't. It's called a double standard. The same corrupt courts that allowed for the former will not stand for the latter.

    1. That's the crux. We need governors who will put aside their careerist ambitions and act like they are not just in office but in POWER. Just ignore unconstitutional edicts from DC, and say so - and dare the swamp to enforce them.

      If all the swamp has for enforcement is "antifa" and MS-13 hirelings, I'll take that collision. They'd be going full Ceausescu (though they're too stupid to realize it).

    2. Just call North Dakota a sanctuary state. It means they ignore all DC law that violates the Constitution.

      Its what those sanctuary cities claim to be doing

    3. ^^^^^^^^^^^ This exactly.

      We need states to declare such and stick together on it. If cities and states can declare themselves "sanctuaries" and ignore federal law, we can do it to (and the content will be more meaningful).

      That's the least-bloody way I can think of to win CW2.0, and it's a winning hand (look at the by-county map of the 2020 election, even with the fraud still in there).

  7. I get more information every morning from this news roundup than I do from most all the rest of the day. Don't ever stop. In these times when you have no idea what to believe you are on the top of my credible sources.

    1. Citizen Free Press is also a good place to go while chomping at the bit for Don's next entry. He supports Kane's efforts over there.

  8. 10 - “ Utah resident and anti-Trump activist John Sullivan” - he sounds just like Pierre Delecto.

    1. If Pierre had testicles he have a Son of a... just like Sullivan.

  9. We are trying to lose weight by eating candy.

    Funny you never criticized Trump signing several stim bills did you. In fact you never criticized him at all

    So now stim bills bad when they were good all last year? Fanatics will never admit Trump sealed his own fate with those stim bills since one of them included the mail in ballot provision. The poison pill for the ages!

    Trump figured he could overcome anything. Too bad. Trump also sealed his fate by letting the Fascist Fauci unleashed on national tv on a daily basis for months.

    That's what happens when you have wild success. You get complacent and you think your unstoppable.

  10. Item 1: YAYYYYYYYYYYY, NoDAK!!
    Item 3: I hope Wyoming wises up and votes Liz OUT.
    Item 4: YAY, Mexico!
    Item 5: "Republicans will roll over." I calls 'em The GO ALONG TO GET ALONG WITH THE DEMS party.
    Item 8: "Hey, where is our vaunted Fourth Estate when we need them?" As i keep saying, I don't know if the media is/are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dem Party, or if its the other way round, but it's OBVIOUS they're in CAHOOTS.
    Item 9: BUMMMMMER for NY. But what could you expect expect with a Dem mayor and a Dem governor?
    Items 11&12: The media liesssssssssssssssssssssss; for and with the Dems.
    Item 13: And Biden will claim it's all his doing.
    Item 14: Heh, heh, heh; couldna happen to nicer guys, and nice, they AIN'T.
    Item 15: I am SOOOOOOOOOO not bummed for Frankie.

  11. I now know why so many readers suspect this was a setup.

    My money is on Sullivan being an FBI agent provocateur. The spooks have used them successfully against Nam war protestors.

    And many other incidents. Did ya see the guy sitting in the Speaker's chair wearing a helmet with huge horns?

    He's been seen at BLM protests several times. Things that make you go hmmmm

  12. last summer's "mostly peaceful; protests" have permits?

    Since when do you need permission to demonstrate your first amendment right? Or the 2nd amendment either.

    Americans have tolerated such intrusion for far too long and now its rotten fruit is showing.

  13. 1. I believe (having not read it entirely) that 230 protects what gets published, not who gets censored. If the site picks and chooses who and what comes out, they are not simply a medium, they're a publisher.

    2. "If the gov. was in charge of the Sahara Desert, in five years there would be a shortage of sand."

    Is there anything the feds can't f**** up? And, No. That's not a challenge.

    3. They should have a recall vote. It may not even be legally binding. They should work on making it legally binding.

    "Consent of the governed[ruled]" and all that rot.

    4. AMLO has enough organized crime to deal with without encouraging more from the Oligarchs.

    5. The stimulus will succeed. You're assuming it's to lift the economy. Nothing could be farther from the Slavers' minds. The politically well connected will barely be able to walk under the largesse they will be buried under.

    THAT is what the Swamp calls a success.

    8. The Fourth Estate evolved into a Fifth Column so slowly... What am I saying. They jumped that gap with both feet.

    10. What? The Burning of the Reichstag 2.0 was a setup?

    Next you're going to say it was just to justify outlawing the Slavers' political opponents. Unconscionable!

    11. I'm sorry. My irony meter just broke. Begging the Slave Master's permission for a 'Let Freedom Ring' gathering? They need 300,000 to remind the Slavers that it is They who need permission.

    12. Election fraud "is a direct attack on a hallowed democratic institution".

    The only "systemic racism" in the U.S. is the continued existence of the Democratic Party.

    13. Oh, I think Slow Joe and Kamaltoe will be able to fix that.

    14. Q: What's $51 billion in lost market value?

    A: A good start.

    15. Did he ask anybody who didn't support Trump before if they support him now?

    Anti-Trumpers are going to get what they wished for...good and hard. Let's see if any of them get the message.