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Thursday, December 17, 2020

U.S. intelligence says Trump won by a landslide

Among the many things President Donald John Trump has shown the American people, my personal favorite is showing the American press to be a pack of liars.

DC reporters lie so much and so often that it pains them to have to tell the truth.

Under President Trump, the people are catching on. The American people are better off without the press because the press is too easily used in disinformation and misinformation campaigns.

Which brings me to the election. President Trump says he won in a landslide. The media says the other guy did.

The media knows it is lying. Everyone in DC knows Democrats stole the election. 

Even the CIA.

Via Citizen Free Press, Maria Bartiromo reported, "An intel source told me President Trump did, in fact, win the election. He says that it is up to the Supreme Court to hear suits from other cases across the country to stop the clock. This follows the high court’s refusal to hear the lawsuit from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton." Fact-check: True.

President Trump said he won in a landslide, and you can take it to the bank because while Donald Trump exaggerates, he never lies.

In 2016, he also said Hillary was sick. She turned out to be an alcoholic too drunk to commemorate 9/11.

The American press said she had pneumonia, which miraculously disappeared that afternoon when she went outside, unmasked, to play with a stranger's child outside her hotel.

President Trump also said Obama spied on him. 

The press said he had no evidence. When the FISA warrants became public record, the press ignored them, just as the press has ignored the massive evidence of vote fraud and rigged electronic counting of votes.

President Trump also said Russian collusion was a hoax. After 2 years of investigation, Mueller found no evidence of any collusion. None. Zilch.

President Trump also said Hunter Biden was up to no good in Ukraine. The evidence was overwhelming.

It turns out Red China also paid off Hunter Biden.

President Trump also said Democrats would try to use covid 19 against him and they did.

He has gotten it right every single time. Why would this time be any different?

The media has been wrong all along. Constantly. Consistently. And deliberately.

I know things look bad for the truth right now, but hang in there. We will learn on January 20 if the truth shall set you free.


  1. Don't forget hydroxychloroquine. Cavuto said you'd die if you took it.

    1. Mt sister bought into the HCL death-scare, hook, line and sinker. She got it from another network, though. She sings to herself anytime FOX is on the tube.

  2. And, the ama. After the election the ama says "ok to hcq"

    1. The AMA did - kinda. In a second press release, they said the HCL ban should continue. My MD used to prescribe it for COVID until the AMA and FDA said no off-label use. He had no deaths from HCL or Covid. He said one of his patients went overseas to get HCL (hint, hint) and hypothetically, what he would prescribe.

    2. FDA is a joke. Many years ago, I was on a medication that was not even available in the US, much less for the purpose for which it was prescribed for me. I was advised to get it from Canada. So young stupid and a lawyer, I used to make the call to Canada from a payphone on the street since I thought I was doing something illegal. Need it be said that about a year or two later it became OK in the US?

      NIAID and CDC not much better. My most fervent desire is that the President fire Fauci, regardless of what happens.

    3. I vote for the mudhole option.

  3. Find out what on Jan 20th? Pence just confirmed Biden is Prez elect. Gosh I guess China has him in their pocket too!

    1. At no point did Pence explicitly acknowledge that President-elect Joe Biden would be in the White House come January. Instead, Pence argued that that ongoing challenges by Trump and his legal team to the presidential outcome should not prevent supporters from voting in the Senate runoffs.

    2. He did? When was this, moron?

      He must preside over the Senate session January 6, but that's it.

      If you're going to lie, pick one a little less easily debunked.

      You people really are worth every cent of the $15/hr.

    3. This link is to the garbage headline saying Pence "conceded" the election. More crap from the MSM.
      Don, I found you last year and you have been a joy to read every day. Thanks for your humor and reporting the truth.

  4. An intel source told me

    Gee I thought the media was full of lies. Not if you like what they say. Then they are facts not lies lol.

    1. BOMBSHELL - an intel source says Trump won by a landslide.
      With an anonymous source, and the chatter all over the net the President (Trump) won, and some sources say a landslide, how is this a BOMBSHELL relevation?

  5. It's up to the Supreme Court to do something about this stolen election? That is not going to happen.

    Nor will Congress do anything about it.

    Face it, folks. Biden is going to be sworn in and he's going to set in the Oval office with his game of legos, while George Soros's lackies drive the place into the ground. Our best option, really our only option, is for the states we live in to invoke the 10th amendment, tell the Feds to get the hell out, stop paying income taxes to the Federal government, and secede.

    1. Yeah, The Turtle warned Republican senators not to contest the Electoral College sham.

    2. You’re right, Mike, much as I hate to see it.

    3. PDJT still has some arrows in his quiver. He is not afraid to use them either. Until he says it's over, it ain't over.

    4. There is no viable secession. The Slave States will turn to China for economic aid, then military support to reconquer the Free states. Their currency is Power and the result of that is usually empire. We have to #Resist internally.

      Tenth Amendment, Irish Democracy, and Ridicule. Slavers hate ridicule.

      Remember it's not state against state. It's a handful of counties that suck...the life out of the Republic through a federal government that acts like a hostile occupying power.

    5. lyn5 quotes an AP piece. And yiou know how reliable they are.

      What McConnell actually, said, "McConnell and his lieutenants, including Sens. John Thune of South Dakota and Roy Blunt of Missouri, warned the senators off any Electoral College challenge, according to one of the people familiar with Tuesday’s call. The GOP leaders further warned senators that forcing their colleagues into a vote on Electoral College challenges would prove difficult, especially for those facing their own reelections in 2022".

      So lyn5 and the rest are just more trolls. Liars lie. Tell 'em to go to Hell.

      J in StLDecember 17, 2020 at 5:35 PM
      There is no viable secession.

      Wanna bet? If TX secedes, are they going to nuke El Paso?

      They're all assholes today.

      (sorry, Don, I get sick of these gutless, incompetent little liars)

    6. You seem nice.

      The MSN quote showed that Pence did not confirm that Xiden* was president-elect. As for The Turtle, he did tell senators not to challenge the Electoral vote. At this point, who cares if Republicans lose in 2022 if Xiden* is installed in 2021. They aren't standing behind Trump now when our country needs it, and I would agree with you that they are gutless, incompetent liars and assholes.

  6. Tommy Tuberville has said he will join Mo Brooks and contest election from Senate.
    Ironic that Trump's nightmare choice of Jeff Sessions for AG might have saved his presidency! Talk about 5-D chess 😜😳

  7. Don Surber: thank you for doing what you do. You are up there with Rush Limbaugh. I’d add Kane from CFP too. America DEPENDS on your voices of sanity and reason. We NEED you. Thank you.

  8. Current split if Congress picks is 26 Republican, 21 Communist, and three with a 50/50 split assuming that Georgia gets stolen. If the steal gets stopped, it becomes a 27 21 decision unless we have sellouts in Congress. We have sellouts in Congress. What am I thinking?

    1. I could see the sellouts deciding this election. They have no principles and will just vote for whomever pays$$

  9. It just doesn’t matter, Don. The power players of the world are mad the US of A was not going into the night so China can rule, with gulags, slavery, oppression, and social credit scores (hello credit scores and even criminal history - yeah, your past deeds can permanently damn you from a fruitful life in the US even if you did your time)

  10. Remember that quote from the communist murderer which says it's all about who counts the votes? That quote is older than my father and we still let the communists get away with it.

  11. I'm sorry, but...really?

    "An intel source told me President Trump did, in fact, win the election"? That's it? No details, no explanation--just something from an anonymous source that reads like a tweet?

    This is on the level of the "reporting" we got on the Russia collusion hoax for the last four years.

  12. Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
    Democrats would never put up with a Presidential Election stolen by the Republicans!
    3:10 PM · Dec 17, 2020

  13. Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
    I am very disappointed in the United States Supreme Court, and so is our great country!

    Carolyn Washington @__SERIOUSLY___
    Replying to @realDonaldTrump
    U.S. Mail:
    Supreme Court of the United States
    1 First Street, NE
    Washington, DC 20543

    Clerk's Office: 202-479-3011
    7:14 PM · Dec 17, 2020

    1. Maybe this tweet started it all. LOL.

      Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
      Congratulations to John Roberts for making Americans hate the Supreme Court because of his BS.

      (Trump linked this story)
      PRINCETON, NJ -- Americans' opinions of U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts are now much more negative than they were seven years ago, with the most recent reading coming soon after he joined the four Democratic appointees on the court to uphold the U.S. healthcare law. Republicans' favorable rating of Roberts is down 40 percentage points from 2005, while Democrats' is up 19.

      6:25 AM · Jul 18, 2012

    2. Speak of the devil. Bookie addressed the SOB Roberts.

  14. From The Crawdad Hole (Dr. Myiq2xu's blog)

    DandyTIger says:
    December 17, 2020 at 6:31 pm

    So congress is fake, the media is fake, the DOJ/FBI is fake, all intelligence branches are fake, all other aspects of the gov are fake, the parties are fake, elections are all fake, and the SCOTUS and all courts are fake. Talk about an amazing civics lesson we got over the last four years. Basically Trump has burned it all down without lighting a match. God love him.

  15. I knew about Color Revolutions and how Sidney Powell said the CIA had used Dominion Cheatware overseas to rig elections.

    But the car-bombing of Gov. Kemp’s “sonny”-in-law confirms it for me; this is another CIA/FBI Coup, just like they run overseas. And why not? They suffered no real consequences for their 5 yr.-long Coup Attempt against the President. Haspel and Wray are just Mini-Me extensions of Brennan and Comey.

    This is End-Stage Liberalism.

    The Government is Overthrowing the People.

    Pray for our nation.

    If George Washington himself came back to Washington, D.C. today, they would have to put two slugs in his back at the city limits, like Seth Rich on a 3 a.m. sidewalk--though they would let him keep his watch, just to send this message: "This was not a robbery."

    Otherwise, he would smash them.

    Fear not.

  16. There are, indeed, steps that can be taken to ensure that President Trump is rightfully elected to a second term. I am just too pessimistic to believe that the Republicans in congress have the stomach to pursue such steps.

  17. We’ll find out on 20 Jan that our Republic no longer exists. Trump was the last gasp of a dying nation.

    Welcome to the Chinese Century.

  18. I'm sure glad that I'm a believer in Donald J. Trump!

    Otherwise I'd be discouraged by all the nervous Nellies and depressed naysayers, who see doom and gloom in every direction. For those sad souls, I'll point to a saying from a very wise person:

    "Never bet against Donald J. Trump!"

    Please! Leave the negativity to the trolls. After all, they're paid for it!

  19. Eskyman~~

    After reading through all the doomer comments I just have to laugh.

    If the internet was around before WWII all these tough guys would be sharpening up their German and Japanese speaking skills!

    I’ll believe we no longer have a chance the day Donald J. Trump concedes. Until then I’m looking forward to the best smack down in history followed by 4 more great years!


  20. Doubt it was 'CIA.'
    More likely: 'DIA.'

    I know Barr said the CIA investigation in DJT was correct. But that means he thinks that the unelected Administration which constitutionally reports to the President has a mandate to secretly investigate that person without informing them if they have a reason to do so - in this case flimsy reports and rumors generated during a nasty election campaign.

    Barr's sense of what is 'correct' is what needs to be corrected.

    In any case, the CIA shares that pov and has been anti-Trump since forever, so no way it was one of them informing Maria that Trump won.

    Military intelligence source almost certainly.


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