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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Pardon Obama

Kurt Schlichter argued this morning that President Donald John Trump should pardon Frank "FX" Giaccio, who at age 11 fulfilled his dream of mowing the White House lawn.

While he did not mention Giaccio specifically in his column, "Pardon Everyone," Schlichter argued that since Democrats have weaponized the Department of Justice, there can be no justice so the president should pardon everyone. That would pre-empt Democrats from waging their campaign of vengeance.

Schlichter wrote, "Pardon everyone in or around and who once said something nice about the Trump Administration from any crimes committed or alleged to be committed from the day Trump came down the elevator in NYC to the day he hops on the chopper to head to Florida to plot his Grover Cleveland power move.

"Pardon Jared and Ivanka, Don Jr. and Eric, Melania and Barron, and every appointee and every staffer and everyone who made the beds or cut the lawn at the White House.

"Pardon Barr and Sessions, every cabinet secretary and every single one of their loyal underlings."

By cutting the lawn, I am sure he meant Giaccio. Maybe Giacco -- now 15 -- has him on a retainer. If so, good for the kid. Everyone who visited the White House for the past 4 years should lawyer up because Democrats plan to go after all of us.

In a nation with a million laws, everyone can be charged with anything. As Bob Dylan sang:

Look out kid
It's somethin' you did
God knows when
But you're doing it again

The best part of pardoning everyone is it will unleash pure, self-righteous anger from the phonies on TV and in the halls of government -- while delighting the vast majority of Americans who support President Trump because they want to make America great again.

But if I were President Trump (and you should be grateful that I am not) I would pardon a first batch of people, watch the anti-American crowd go nuts. There would be cries that if they were innocent, they would not need a pardon.

Then I would pardon Obama.

I would specifically pardon him and Biden and Susan Rice for their roles in their immoral use of the FBI to spy on political opponents including Donald Trump, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, and anyone else who offended or criticized Obama when he was president.

I also would specifically pardon Obama for any bribes or kickbacks he received from Iran for giving the rogue nation $150 billion it was not owed.

In the spirit of national unity, I would pardon Biden and his son for the bribes and kickbacks they received from Red China (and I would call it that) and Ukraine, saying everyone deserves a second chance.

Because face it, none of them will be indicted. Obama fundamentally transformed America into a banana republic as president. We elected Donald Trump president but he never had the opportunity to preside because of sedition within the government promoted by Obama.

We will not get justice. The criminal justice system is so corrupt that Schlichter would throw in the towel and pardon Comey, McCabe, and Hillary.

Why not? All of them are criminals who will not face so much as a speeding ticket for their crimes.

Washington's motto is No Justice? No Problem.

One reason Black Lives Matter resonates with so many people is that we see the two-tiered justice system where a douchebag like Hunter Biden snorts mountains of cocaine without penalty, while thousands of ordinary citizens are doing 20 years because Hunter's dad made a 5-year minimum sentence mandatory for doing a quarter-sized amount of crack cocaine.

But the problem is not systemic racism. Rather, it is the people we elected morphed into rulers. The Trump presidency woke America to the fact that we are living in Animal Farm and our politicians are the pigs dining with Chairman Xi. 

There is a very human cost for all this.

Schlichter wrote of a blanket pardon, "Is this yet another norm that mean old Trump is overturning? Hardly. Instead, it is a woke recognition of the new rules, new rules the Democrats imposed and which they should now experience, suppository-like, good and hard. How many innocent people went bankrupt after being caught up in the Russia hoax? Did they care? There might have been a time when we were all playing by the rules that said that the feds would only investigate bad people and bring them to justice, where the innocent were not punished through process. Those were good times. But they are not these times.

"The Flynn travesty put the lie to the idea that the Department of Justice was anything more than just the Department. The Democrats weaponized law enforcement exactly like it weaponized the IRS, leveraging its power to attack and destroy their political enemies, and the Establishment shrugged as the media cheered. Now, there's no justice to be had, except in pulling the intended victims from the jaws of these monsters."

The America that Frank Giaccio deserves does not exist anymore.

The way to bring it back is to fight harder.

No, make that fight smarter.

Humiliation works. Obama will never go to jail and he does not care if he goes to hell.

But becoming the second president to be pardoned -- for the sake of national unity, of course -- would be a delicious comeuppance. His round of TV appearances to protest that he did nothing wrong would be Must See TV. 

And then President Trump should pardon Giaccio and the rest of us who supported and still support him. Schlichter is right. They want our heads on their pikes as a warning to any and all.


  1. A nice, outside the box idea...but not conducive to productive rage, I.e. what I’m feeling right now. My wife and I disagree about paying taxes under Joe Mama, if it comes to pass. Fine. The IRA is in my name, so we can MFS for 2021. She can appear indigent and I won’t pay or file. FOOK EM.

    1. Note: We WILL continue to pay DubVee state tax.

  2. I love how Schlicter refers to him as Biden*, in other words "President Asterisk".
    Because of the election fraud.

    1. That actually goes back to James Taranto back during his "Best of the Web" days, after the 2012 election. He started to refer to ozero as "President Asterisk" due to his use of the IRS 501-4 process to suppress conservative non-profits from campaigning; according to OECD standards, even if the actual voting is free-and-fair, if one side is suppressed from campaigning freely, then the election in question is neither free nor fair.

      At this point, one does have to wonder if the 2012 was also rigged as well.

    2. Well, Schlicter better hang on, as the narrative to sell us "President elect XBiden" is failing. Time to work up another narrative:

      "President Donald Trump told some aides that he might refuse to leave the White House on Inauguration Day, according to CNN.

      Few of them believe Trump would actually follow through on the threat, the CNN report added."

      "He's throwing a f---ing temper tantrum," one source said. "He's going to leave. He's just lashing out."


      Source, eh? Either these are purposeful leaks by Trump's cabinet, or they are made up. Either way, this means the lying leftist media are starting another made-up narrative that will try and delegitimize Trump if he is sworn in.

      They are starting to realize that the massive, in-our faces fraud, is being exposed to the masses. Add to that, the fact that Trump has not accepted the narrative "President elect XBiden" either, which gives a signal to his supporters not to either. The lying leftist media failed to convince anyone outside their small sheeple flock!

      Bwahahahaha! Suck it lying leftist media! Suck it good! Suck it hard!

  3. We are not done. Neither is Trump.

    I'm Doing ok now but still miss my Gloria.

    1. Merry Christmas Doug! Still in my prayers.

    2. Sending you a big hug from southern Oregon, Douglas DC.

    3. Here's a twitter thread to read, to maybe help you feel better about the current situation:

      "Trump is about to make the biggest decision of his presidency.

      Let me explain."

    4. Correct. We are not done. Resist we much.

      Glad you are doing better.

    5. Hello, Doug! Keep goin'! You're off the Dunkirk beach now, and on your way to better things. And stay busy when at all possible. Volunteer for stuff, anything that's productive and might get you in contact with some good people. Be well, sir. Keep the music playing.

    6. We’re done. Until tyrants are skewered on the bayonets of patriots...

  4. Don: absolutely beautiful. Maybe your best.

  5. Don: absolutely beautiful. Maybe your best.

  6. Love the idea. I thought all along that he ought to pardon Felonia von Pantsuit for any crimes relating to her home brewed email server but, I must admit, this is even better.

  7. My opinion differs from Kurt Schlichter’s.

    I believe in an eye for an eye. The right punishment for the traitorous and seditious is death.

    1. Sounds like lawyer Kurt was writing today rather than warrior Kurt.

      I'm actually pained to say it, but I can't but agree with your assessment. The only right-and-fair way to deal with this is for the malefactors to be rounded up, sent off to Camp Delta, tried before Nuremberg-style tribunals, and then dealt with accordingly.

  8. I read that article and Schlichter's logic is unassailable. He also wrote that it is equally important that President Trump explain these pardons as protecting the innocent. I would also like to see him pardon everyone convicted or accused of process crimes, as the culture of prosecution needs to be changed.

  9. the Dylan song you quote also has sage advice for Xiden if he ever does win:

    Don't follow leaders,
    And watch your parking meters.

  10. What a terrible idea that Don has. What Don forgets is that what keeps Democratics propped up is their control of the dominant lame mainstream Fake News Media.

    Not because the Fake News “controls” the narrative, but it makes it very difficult for the accurate news media to control the narrative.

    President Trump pardoning Obama and Hillary would be reported on and criticized by the Uniparty - the Republicans are not on our side - as a terrible joke and misuse of Presidebtial power just to play a prank on the Democrats.

    President Trump has much better things to do. Continuing his/our fight for election integrity; and thinking what actions need to be taken next to make sure the America First movement has a stronger voice in media.

    Take down the Democrats propaganda arm is a key necessary objective.

    Don continues fantasizing. Hey Don, why should Trump pardon both Obama and Xi (the real one, not Xiben) for their “crimes against humanity.”

    That will really humiliate Obumma. So stupid.

  11. I don't think Schlichter understands what's going on. Presidential pardons can't protect you from state prosecution. NY has already said they plan to persecute Trump by prosecuting him. Other states will go after other Trump administration officials. Biden's unity involves submission or destruction.

  12. My favorite movie this year is "The Hunt." The leftists mis-nicknamed and mis-identified the main deplorable, Crystal, as Snowball. Crystal also told a deplorable who may have been a hunter her mother's story about the jack rabbit and the turtle. May President Trump harness the power of the jack rabbit.

  13. Just who was in charge of the system when all that systemic racism happened?

  14. Capitulation is an answer, but it is not THE answer. Churchill said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.”

    Just so. Now go clean your gun.

  15. Humiliation works

    Not on sociopaths like Obama/Clinton/Biden.

    Pardon Assange, Snowden, Ulbricht, et al.

    You know the ones who hung out the dirty laundry of the deep state for all to see.

    Instead Surber acts like they aren't in the news. He resents them because they are not partisan. They're patriots to the truth is what they are regardless of party.

  16. You forget that the Slavers have no reason to honor a pardon. A pardon has to be for a given act. What act is Trump going to pardon them for? They'll 'investigate'. The investigation is the punishment because it never has to end. And the SCROTUS will simply say the pardon has no standing.

    1. SCROTUS. LOL. John Roberts is getting exposed on Twitter today.

  17. Both sides of this crisis must win. Democrats must win to stay alive, in many cases, and out of jail in many other. Because their side is already riddled with crime and corruption, there is no level they won't stoop to.

    Republicans, unfortunately, are in the same desperate struggle. They have to win to maintain freedom and liberty. In addition, it's horrific to consider that many Republicans are as corrupt and criminal as their Democrat counterparts.

    Because of this chasm, games about pardons are interesting theoretical constructs, but they aren't practical. Both sides will bleed physical red blood until there is once again a "we the people" which is easily identifiable by common commitment to the security of natural rights: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Or we could forgo the unpleasantness and sell our children and ourselves into eternal slavery.

    Never pardon the guilty, it's a bad precedent.

  18. How can Obama's massive ego stand the fact that DJT got more votes than he did (or, alternatively that Joe Biden got more than he did)? I would love to see him try and answer that without breaking down.


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