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Wednesday, December 09, 2020

NYT gloats about demise of city's restaurants

Greg Bensinger, a token white boy on the editorial board of the New York Times, wrote with crocodile tears today about the demise of the restaurant industry, which Democrat and RINO governors from coast-to-coast have shuttered. One in six restaurants nationwide no longer exists.

The ones that do must pay highwaymen using apps such as DoorDash, UberEats and Grubhub to deliver their food and drinks.

Bensinger reported, "These restaurants have quickly found that the apps, with their high fees and strong-arm tactics, may be a temporary lifeline, but not a savior. Fees of 30% or higher per order cut eateries’ razor-thin margins to the bone. And a stimulus package that would bolster the industry has stalled in Congress, even as states and municipalities enact  new limits on both indoor and outdoor dining."

This really is highway robbery.

And it makes me wonder if dictators like Cuomo, DiBlasio, and Whitmer don't own stick in these companies because turning a two-week lockdown into a permanent rewrite of human interaction has sent these stocks soaring.

When they shut down the restaurants in New York City, I knew Manhattan was doomed.

The reader who tipped me to the Times story wrote, "The restaurant industry has long been a staple to NYC. People only feel really safe indoors. Also cooking food in small poorly ventilated apartments has never been popular. The average output for  individual dining in the upper east side was $35,000 per year in 1997."

Do you really think John Podhoretz and the rest of the swells will stay home and cook? They may hire a chef (and I pity the fool who works for Podhoretz) but that will get stale. Newsom in California and other fat-cat politicians have ignored their own rules to dine in 3-star restaurants.

While their constituents suffer cabin fever, the elitists suffer mansion fever.

My reader continued, "Bensinger has pizza like food delivered by some illegal slave on a bike so he has no sympathy for the thousands of people who worked in that industry."

Of course, the restaurant industry survives on illegal labor. Why do you think all those chefs called Donald John Trump racist when he called to build the long-promised wall in 2015?

Illegal aliens make possible the places where Podhoretz dines. If they paid minimum wage and obeyed state employment rules, these joints would suffer.

Even with the high fees, the companies lose money.

Bensinger wrote, "Though still unprofitable, Uber this month completed its acquisition of Postmates in a $2.7 billion deal. And DoorDash, also a money loser, is going public this week with hopes of raising more than $3 billion from investors. DoorDash’s I.P.O. will net already wealthy investors billions in profits, particularly galling as restaurants wither."

The money comes in but no one makes any money. This does not pass my smell test. If they do not make money when they have a chokehold on the restaurants, what happens when there are no restaurants to dash the doors or hub the grub?

(My wife uses HubGrub -- sending me out to get the occasional Mary B from Tudor's House of Biscuits.)

Bensinger ended his column, "Consumers can help by ordering directly from restaurants for pickup and by using the apps sparingly. And lawmakers too should wait no longer to extend workers a new stimulus package and help to limit the prohibitive fees the apps charge small businesses.

"DoorDash’s I.P.O. will mint countless new millionaires. But is an industry designed to enrich the elite and built atop a growing heap of struggling restaurants truly worth celebrating?"

We all know what would really help: Ending the unconstitutional and ineffective lockdowns. Any idiot can see that and surely the idiots at the Times do.

But the lockdown is destroying a huge swath of the middle class, and the middle class are the enemy of communists. And so the New York Times gloats.


  1. Bensinger, a reminder, was the famous roll-over in the 1974 The Front Page (a movie). Contempt is deserved. In spades.

  2. Eating out is a way of life in Manhattan. The people have kitchens the size of half-bathrooms.

    Warren Wilhelm III and Fredo's dumber brother are killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

  3. Some idiots are extremely resistant to learning.

  4. It’d be a DAMN shame if the Ultimate Truth about the Dominion/SmartTec Fixers included a finding that NYC has actually voted R for like the past 50 years.

    1. Yes it would be z. I think there are a lot of places that are accepted as dumbocrat that would not have been if not for fraud.

    2. For a long time, New York City used mechanical voting machines (voters pulling levers) before switching to the computer readers within the last ten years.

    3. Agreed z, would be interesting to find out. Mentioned a couple weeks back that there are probably a lot of "closet conservatives" in the cities who just think that they're the outliers... when there are more outliers than realized, but the "election numbers" (sic) have led people to believe otherwise.

  5. While I don't like seeing "just folks" suffer, I have no sympathy for NYC or businesses employing illegal aliens. Let them sink.

  6. These elitists aren't as stupid as you think. This is all some sort of a plan that's been in the works for years. It's not a conspiracy theory if it's true.

    1. I kinda agree, Ednkh. Makes you wonder if they aren't trying to run off business and people to drive down prices to bring in a lower, easier to control population.

  7. "(My wife uses HubGrub -- sending me out to get the occasional Mary B from Tudor's House of Biscuits.)"

    Dang it, Don, rub it in. The closest Tudor's Biscuit World from Huntsville, AL, is 450 miles. What is a West Virginia expatriate to do?

    1. Good plan, Don! :-) Already done that, looking at maybe getting a second one next year. Great fun to make lunch trips and such. There's even a semi-cult book out, "The $100 Hamburger" (most-recent update was last year) about places to fly in and eat.

      I have my own list of course...

    2. Planned it. Aviated. Got there

      "Sorry! Fresh out."

      Oh. Next time, make reservations.


  8. "(My wife uses HubGrub -- sending me out to get the occasional Mary B from Tudor's House of Biscuits.)" Ha ha Don. My wife is similar,

  9. What did you mean by "a token white boy" on the editorial board. Aren't many employed by that rag white folk?

  10. Only the NYT owners are allowed to be white.

  11. When the Dem-sheviks’ NYC has a restaurant scene inferior to that of modern-day capitalist Moscow, ain’t we got fun?

  12. About 20 years ago, Bruce McCall of the New Yorker did a brilliant and very funny full-page cartoon, "The Death of The Russian Tea Room," which had gone belly up, in which he illustrated Soviet restaurant corruption run amuck (see if you can find it on Google Images, etc.).

    The joke back then was that this could have only happened to one restaurant.

    Fast forward to 2020: Ha. Ha. They are ALL in danger of extinction, a fate met by thousands of NYC dinning places already.

    I do not feel sorry for any of them at all. If they were stupid enough to hang around while Italian Communist of the 1950s De Blasio (de Bankrupto) was given the reins, tough spit.

  13. From the beginning it has never been about public health. It has been about two things, the unending drive to get ride of Donald John Trump and to punish the people who voted for him in 2016 and 2020. Getting power, keeping power and never, ever letting go of power. As simple as that.


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