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Tuesday, December 01, 2020

NYT fears we will treat Biden like NYT treated Trump

Paul Krugman tweeted on January 7, 2017, "Seriously, how will this presidency ever be considered legitimate? And what happens to America when it isn't?"

Nearly 4 years later, the New York Times wants everyone to forget all that by publishing Krugman's latest rewrite of history, "How Will Biden Deal With Republican Sabotage?"

Krugman wrote, "When Joe Biden is inaugurated, he will immediately be confronted with an unprecedented challenge — and I don’t mean the pandemic, although covid-19 will almost surely be killing thousands of Americans every day. I mean, instead, that he’ll be the first modern U.S. president trying to govern in the face of an opposition that refuses to accept his legitimacy. And no, Democrats never said Donald Trump was illegitimate, just that he was incompetent and dangerous."

An opposition that refuses to accept his legitimacy?

I pulled a muscle rolling mine eyes on that one.

Byron York must have rolled his eyes, too, because he wrote, "Does anyone at the New York Times read Krugman's column before it's published? Of course some Democrats said Trump was illegitimate. Hillary Clinton said so last year. 'He [Trump] knows he's an illegitimate president,' Clinton told CBS's 60 Minutes on September 29, 2019."

Krugman was just one of the many, many, many writers the Times used to cast shade on the president's inauguration in 2017.

The Times posted "Not My President, Not Now, Not Ever" by Lindy West at 7:11 PM, January 20, 2017. West reported on the riots -- er, mostly peaceful protests -- that Democrats had organized to greet the inauguration of Donald John Trump as president.

West wrote, "I’ve felt a guilty alienation from the chorus of 'not my president' that’s been building among the left since the supposed free election of Donald J. Trump. Not because I have any connection or loyalty to the man, but because the phrase itself is something of a Trumpism: 'Not my president' was a favorite refrain of the Tea Party, a fundamental buttress of the racist delegitimization of Barack Obama, an incantation that, in retrospect, recalled some of the first stirrings of Mr. Trump’s rise to power.

"Watching the inauguration — looking over the sea (or, more accurately, the smallish pond) of white faces celebrating what they clearly believe to be a white victory, a reassertion of the natural order — all reluctance left me. Mr. Trump was shoved into office by the desperate, violent and unconstitutional machinations of a minuscule sliver of super-rich, traditionalist white Americans.

"Feeling their grip on global supremacy slipping, they’ve snatched one final, improbable chance to bleed us to death so they can buy a few more gold toilets before the biosphere collapses. Mr. Trump isn’t my president. I don’t mean it emotionally; I mean it literally. It’s not sloganeering; it’s observable truth.

"Mr. Trump has no intention of representing me, my family, the people I care about, or the majority of Americans, from the imperiled to the comfortable. It is a stretch to call him anyone’s president but his own."


"Not my president."

"Supposed free election."

"Trump isn’t my president. I don’t mean it emotionally; I mean it literally. It’s not sloganeering; it’s observable truth."

Lefties said the same thing about George Walker Bush. West was one of more than a dozen opinion writers who created one long word salad against the inauguration of President Trump.

Today, Old Krugman said Old Biden is the first to have his legitimacy questioned.


They believe their own BS.

Krugman wrote in his column, "So what can Biden do?

"First, he needs to start talking about immediate policy actions to help ordinary Americans, if only to make it clear to Georgia voters how much damage will be done if they don’t elect Democrats to those two Senate seats."

Why should Biden start talking policy now? He had a year to do so in the presidential campaign. Democrats shut him up and locked him in the basement to keep him from mucking up their plans by saying something stupid because when you are stupid you say a lot of stupid things.

Democrats spied and lied on Donald Trump. They slow-walked approval of his appointees. They used Obama judges to stall policy. They propped up false charges of non-existent crimes to investigate (collusion) and later to impeach (obstruction of Congress). They bad-mouthed him and tried to undermine his relationships with world leaders.

Krugman ended his piece, "American voters don’t fully understand what the modern G.O.P. is really about. Biden needs to get that point across, and make Republicans pay for the sabotage we all know is coming."

By sabotage, he means payback.

The best payback would be for Justices Thomas, Barrett, and Kavanaugh to be in the majority that overturns the elections Democrats stole.

Then I can say the same thing about Biden what I say about Hillary.

Not my president.


  1. Excellent comments Don. Thank you for speaking the truth. May the God of the Bible overturn this election.

    1. Fat chance! What if God has judged the nation for its child sacrifice? Although controlling Congress for 2 years and they refused to end such an atrocity. That's what it looks like to me.

    2. When Christians repent of their failure to glorify by presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to the Holy Bible, He will have mercy on us and on this nation.

  2. Krugman is a parody. He, like the left, always project.

    1. For starters, Trump needs to initiate a Special Cousel ASAP on Giuseppe Xiden and his corrupt family.

  3. Two other things Democrats did:

    1. They leaked everything to the media who then published it. This includes inside the White House and almost always involving classified information. They even leaked his phone calls to foreign leaders.

    If Trump passed gas in his office CNN was reporting it before someone sprayed air freshener.

    2. They went after anyone who dared to work for Trump the same way they went after Trump.

  4. As so many of us said in 2016, Trump isn't our candidate, he's our WEAPON. We're not sure where the Kraken strikes next, but we have a lot of crooked Rino's and courts to battle with, all part and parcel of the deep state.

  5. State legislatures have the chance to stop this attempt at theft by invoking their Article II prerogatives; that's what's happening this week.

    If they do their jobs, this won't even have to get to the courts.

  6. Back in the day, we used to like to torment the sympathizers and fellow-travelers by quoting to them... the constitution of the soviet union.

    Among other things, it guaranteed things like free speech, and forbade capital punishment. Really.

    However, tucked in the back was a special provision - that The Party (STM) had the right to revoke any provision in that constitution at any time, for any reason, and for any length of time.

    That's basically what these clowns are demanding - that we have "rules," but "they" can simply declare them to be inoperative... at any time, for any reason, and for any length of time.

    The clowns must be destroyed.

  7. I agree Snow. And the information leaking is designed to assist that.

  8. Bidet will never be my President. He can COAD.

  9. Trying to steal the election? Newsflash: They already did.

    The courts will do nothing. Bidet's "victory" is baked into the cake. You've lost your republic. Now it remains to be seen if we can get it back.

  10. "Believe their own BS?" Recall that BHO once observed that he "believes my own bull-bleep."

  11. By that time, His Fraudulency will be ensconced for life in his basement.

    Krugman always looks like a hunted man. Time to make him feel like it.
    The best payback would be for Justices Thomas, Barrett, and Kavanaugh

    Think you mean Gorsuch, Barrett, and Kavanaugh, although Sniffie ran the Inquisition on Thomas, so I guess he's the one that got away.

  12. For as long as Harris allows him to remain in the Oval Office, Biden will have the most supportive administration in history. The deep state will rally around him like wagons around the children. You'll know when the Biden/Harris shift is about to begin when stories start "leaking" out that Biden is having trouble making decisions.

    1. This includes a fully and demonstrably supportive media.

    2. Poor old Joe probably thinks the media really loves him.

      When the decision is made by the people pulling Joe's strings Joe will told to resign for "health reasons" and they'll let him go out like a retiring hero.

      If he refuses to resign the media will turn on him like Ramsay Bolton's dogs, with Kamala Harris playing Sansa Stark.

      If the 25th Amendment doesn't work the media will suddenly discover that Hunter Biden is a very bad boy.

      But regardless of who sits in the Oval Office, the decisions that matter will be made by Obama.

  13. LOL - the NYT is wrong - again. We will treat Xiden far worse than they treated Trump.

  14. Well Fauchi, as well as Biden and Harris, can KMA.

  15. Not being treated legitimately is the least of their worries right now.

  16. Pompous ass Krugman - "American voters don’t fully understand what the modern G.O.P. is really about.” - screw you. We know what MAGA Trumpism is, and we want more.

    1. AMEN. The party of Trump!
      DeWine, Ryan, Romney, McCain, Snowe, Murkowski, Ducey, McConnell, Flake, Graham can go to hell

  17. Don: I would be very careful and very cautious to ask Paul Plugs-man to kiss my ass. Do you realize the serioux medical risk you would face if this ass kisser actually did kiss your cheeks? May I suggest that you require a Pre-COVID, AIDS, and Dengue Fever test prior to his kneeling and puckering up. Please be careful Don you are very important to me.

  18. #NeverBiden #ResistanceToBiden

    The left said about President Donald John Trump since the day he came down the escalator in 2015. Just in case they succeed in stealing the election start spreading it now. The MSM will not. And Big Tech will actively try to suppress it and sensor it.

  19. It’s there in the Bible
    The Word, it is true
    Come Judgment Day
    It won’t go well for you
    When you kneel before Him
    As a LibCommie Jew

  20. scoutus does not have 5 brave enough justices to declare that votes did not count. They don’t want that in the history books because they know that historians are progs and will viscerate them forever.
    Also, dems/progs will never say/agree only LEGAL votes count just like they will never agree to using the term ILLEGAL immigrants

    1. Barr just gave them their out: no widespread fraud found.

      The GOP is effectively dead. I'll never vote for another republican. If Trump does run again in '24 it better be under a different brand or he won't get my vote either.


  21. I'm with Jake the deal is done. Signed sealed and delivery underway.

    Instead of threatening violence why not just take over your GOP at the precinct level and cleanse it of any RINOS? Isn't that what civilized people do?

  22. I refuse to believe that 80 Million Americans voted for a senile old man who couldn't string three sentences together coherently, and hid out in his basement for 5 months. I refuse to believe that the VP, a woman so vile that she couldn't get 1% of the democrats to back her in the primary brought anything of value to the ticket. together they brought nothing to the campaign, yet they allegedly won in a landslide...

    the only reason they didn't act like they were cqampaigning is because they knew they had the edge of dominion software and plenty of dirty democrats.

    He is not my president, he never will be and any Democrat that defends what they did is no fellow American.

    ammo up, F these guys.

  23. Repubs have proven repeatedly they are to be trusted and depended on to do the wrong thing which typically, is doing nothing. Trump knew this and when he wanted action he lit fires under their tushies but this would be a big fight and they just aren't up to that.

  24. Best way to do this IMO is we hit them HARD - as in say 4-5 major crisis's all hitting at same time, preferably same day. A few thoughts:
    1 Govt Shutdown. Next time there is a Govt shutdown, Shut it down. Publicly state you refuse to deal with Frauds and cheats. Refuse to talk until we know EXACTLY how they stole the election, and the perps going to prison
    2 Individuals can remove all withholding of taxes from their paycheck , opting instead to pay at the end of year. Take that money and put it in the bank earning you some interest instead of letting the Govt use it.
    3 General Strike/shutdown. Everyone voted for Trump walks off, it will be a MAJOR crisis, if even for a day.
    4 Stop all traffic/ Refuse to deliver into citys. They elected him, now they can ask him for food, and other necessitys
    5 Every Republican led legislature should IMMEDIATELY introduce a call for an Constituional Convention. Not entirely sure how this would work on a practical level- probably would require the Govt to provide minimum essential services, no new legislation,no executive orders etc.

    No doubt, lots of other ideas

  25. Both Hillary and Jimmy Carter called Trump and illegitimate President but on the other hand they commies not democrats so technically Krugman is right.

  26. In 5 of the 6 swing states the GOP controls the legislatures and can select the Trump electors to keep him as President; that is if they have a spine.

  27. Has Krugman ever been right about anything? I can't recall anything I have ever read where he was right (although I have never read anything from him other than second hand quotes). Why would you want to see something from someone who is 0 for forever?


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