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Thursday, December 24, 2020

How Grinch Pelosi stole America

Nancy scotched covid 19 relief today with a brilliant tactical maneuver that allowed her to claim she voted for the $2,000 checks for Americans when she actually opposed aiding Americans in a time of need.

Rather than have a roll call vote, which would have passed the measure, Nancy demanded unanimous consent knowing that one objection would sink the plan.

This means the covid 19 relief bill passed on Monday is alive with its measly $600 for Americans and billions for foreigners.

The vote gave her the first of the two headlines she wants for Christmas. CNBC rolled it out, "GOP blocks House Democrats’ attempt to pass $2,000 stimulus checks."

The story said, "The House tried to pass the $2,000 payments during a pro forma session on Christmas Eve day, a brief meeting of the chamber where typically only a few members attend. Democrats aimed to approve the measure by unanimous consent, which means any one lawmaker can block it.

"Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Md., offered the proposal from the House floor, but was blocked because the measure was not approved by House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif.

"Subsequently, Rep. Rob Wittman, R-Va., attempted to get lawmakers to reconsider aspects of the spending bill related to foreign aid. That move was blocked by Democrats." 

Democrats get to screw 122.8 million American households, toss billions to foreign dictators, and make President Donald John Trump out to be the heel because now he will have to give Nancy Grinch her second headline: PRESIDENT TRUMP VETOES COVID 19 RELIEF.

At this point, who cares?

President Trump will never gain favor in their eyes, nor lose the affection of his supporters because Donald Trump delivered what he promised: a wall and the best economy in 50 years.

With nothing to lose, the president is a free man liberated from a Republican Party whose elected officials still resent the hell out of him.

He vetoed the defense funding bill as promised. He will veto this one too. And Congress will fail to get two-third majorities in each house of Congress to override his veto by year's end.

That is the deadline because we have a new Congress taking office on January 4.

Meanwhile the federal government will shut down on Monday without another stopgap bill.

Millions of people tossed into the unemployment line due to overreaction by the government will feel their pain.

Jake Sherman of Politico tweeted, "Hoyer says he is going to talk to Pelosi and to Dems about how to avoid a shutdown Monday. He says Pelosi is talking to Mnuchin — but to what end? Mnuchin doesn’t have Trump's proxy. No one has a clue what Trump is up to."

The Democrat talking point today holds that President Trump is unhinged. CNN actually used that word.

But Congress has had months to get its act together and pass a clean covid 19 relief bill. Congress did not want to. OK. 

Blame President Trump for the shutdown and the lack of covid 19 relief because he does not care. His supporters do not care. Nobody cares. The people ruined by covid 19 seem a million light years away to those in the swamp. Washington revels in the misery of others.

Nancy gets her headlines. They matter not. She may think she is stealing America but just as the Grinch could not steal Christmas, so she cannot steal America. Our spirit is alive. We will wave the flag no matter how terribly cruel our federal government has become.


  1. so she cannot steal America

    She already did by stealing the election while the GOP stood by and did absolutely nothing to stop it. They are the first enemy that must be dealt with. Primary these bastards.

    And Trump is conceding by starting the process of issuing pardons.

    Pardons are always the last thing done on your way out. But the lawyers Wood and Powell et al will keep on filing suits, not to win, but to raise money from very naive people.

    The fundraising won't end until the inauguration.

    1. That's funny, because Trump issued pardons earlier too, for example of Rubashkin in 2017. Was he "conceding" that he was "on his way out" then too?

    2. That was no pardon it was a commutation. You must be one of those naive suckers sending money to those lawyers are just building a mailing list.

    3. Forget the troll who won't use an internet moniker to identify itself to its posts. It has no clue, and isn't worth responding to.

    4. Poor Flo she wants a name so she can attack the messenger and ignore the message.

      Its a common ploy used here when you cannot defend your ideas. So they call you names and such.

      Its really all they have left. Trump signed the law that led to his demise.

      The vote tallies should have been stopped by GOP lawyers in the swing states. They should have filed midnight emergency injunctions and get the judge out of bed.

      Then present the clear evidence of the interference in the vote watchers and hope the judge isn't corrupt.

      But in swing states they usually are. And that is the problem. You poor suckers still don't realize what happened cause you believe in miracles.

      And most of all you deeply resent anyone who dissents from your narrative here. You simply want to read comments that confirm what you already believe.

      Its what intellectual children love to do.

    5. So Flo had to butt into a discussion between myself and Alex who offered an intelligent remark.

      Flo just couldn't abide that kind of intellectual discourse. She tells everyone just to ignore my comment.

      She wants everyone else to be like her:


    6. Bell&Howell, please pick up the white courtesy telephone.

      Flo is usually on target and, last I looked, there were no private rooms in this asylum, so she can comment whenever she likes.

    7. Gaslighting gasshole nonny strikes again. Yawn.

    8. Of course she can. She told everyone else to ignore the 'troll'.

      So you put words in my mouth a common tactic used by desperate people. I never said Flo isn't allowed to comment.

      You desperately tried to imply I did. Why don't you comment on my original post OR just ignore it and move on.

      You couldn't because it triggered you the very thought that Trump has conceded scares you.

    9. If the writer is "Anonymous," I don't read the posts. Cowards are shunned.

    10. "When some of the daily topics bring me down, the comments lift me up! Great community!" I said that this morning in the Highlights of the News. Now some anonymous jackass brings a lump of coal...I am depressed.

    11. Come ON, Rickster...GET ON WITH IT!!! Oh, and Merry Christmas, mate!

    12. Dick, please! Thanks for the cheering up Z. A very Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!!

    13. "Its what intellectual children love to do."

      Wow. The irony in that there sentence is too thick to cut with a knife.


    14. Merry Christmas FLOlsen, keep an eye out for Iguanas. They wouldn't make it to Polk County!

    15. "The vote tallies should have been stopped by GOP lawyers in the swing states. They should have filed midnight emergency injunctions and get the judge out of bed."

      Sigh. Just another post showing the troll doesn't know what the flux it is posting about.

      Hence, when taken with the fact that it is too chicken shizzle to use an internet moniker, like most everyone else who posts here does, this is why Surber tells everyone to ignore trolls, and I try and remind posters of that. Trolls don't know or understand squat. And they prove it daily with their dishonesty in posting here as anons, and with their idiotic posts. Debating with them is futile.

      Whenever I get the urge to debate a troll, I go find that box of rocks on my porch and debate those instead. It always proves to be a much better choice.

    16. Merry Christmas to you too Richard. And to all of the posters (outside of trolls) here at Surbers. And, of course, to Don also.

      Do you live in Polk County Richard? If so, you have a badass sheriff down there. The kind everyone should have in their county. You won't have to worry about BLM or Antifa while he's around.

    17. Grady "Corky" Judd does not Fu@k around!

    18. The three nattering ankle biters Flo, Schlong, and Edith all attacking Anon and shouting, “TROLL!” because they can’t refute even one of his points.

      The collective IQ of these three asshats would be lucky to hit double digits.

      What a bunch of buffoons.

    19. Oh, I forgot the Fourth Stooge, zregime. Another dope.

    20. Flo is on target? Are you joking? Big Jake has kicked Flo’s ass up one side and down the other on this blog for months. I have yet to see a single thing Flo the Do’ said come to fruition.

      What a clown.

    21. Good. I hope they pass those conceited scumbags at Verizon soon.... 𝐞𝐟𝐚𝐫𝐦𝟑.𝐜𝐨𝐦

  2. Pelosi, the Dems and the GOPe >spit<, can't allow a separate bill for the 2,000 checks because they know President Trump will sign it, but will still veto the companion bill that contains enough pork to sustain a southern bar-b-que party.

  3. No one has a clue what Trump is up to.

    And that's why the Demos are talking tough, but Chlamydia has yet to vacate her seat. Bet she's finally listening to Willie Brown.

  4. Pelosi can pull all the tricks on the book but she’s still the most hated politician in America.

  5. Here is my Christmas gift to the Ever Trumpers. I imagine it will save you a lot of money so you can thank me later.

    There are some people who, behind a façade of deep concern for conservative values and saving America, see the conservative base as one big fat lucrative market. (Yes, liberals do it, too; but if you’re a conservative, I would hope you would want to clean your own house first.) Here is why it works so easily:

    The more loyal the base is, the more reliable of a market it is.

    The more enthusiastic it is, the easier it is to get them angry.

    The angrier you can get them, the more they will react in predictable ways. These lead to the predictable hot button patterns we see in political ads.

    The more you present alleged “solutions” to them, the more they will buy something, pay something, donate, click on website ads, etc.

    There are plenty of specialists and opportunists working ceaselessly behind the scenes to fleece this constituency for every penny they can. These schemers may appear as earnest, energetic activists for the conservative cause, but they see the conservative cause as nothing but dollar signs for them, and the base as a market they can excite to their own gain.

    There are folks in these groups who do nothing but use conservative causes and “for America” media for nothing but rousing attention and building mailing lists. They can build email lists of hundreds of thousands, even millions of names. They have little to no care who wins what political battle. All they care about is that they can broker that list to countless political groups and advertising agencies—and get paid.

    After the election, for the first time, this blogger here required me to submit an email address to comment. Is he getting ready to join in and make the base angrier after the inauguration?

    Time will tell. Morton Blackwell addressed a similar problem like this after Mittens lost. I provide the link here if you want to see how GOP consultants fleece the sheep.

    1. Having said all of that here is a link to a genuine conservative site that seeks to arm the troops for LOCAL political action.

      Sites like this offer genuine solutions. They are not feel good tactics. They are not click bait. They require hard work.

      So if you really want to drain the swamp it must be done from the bottom up. All politics is local.

      And that is how you can help work to primary any RINO's in your district.

    2. Bwahahahaha!

      The troll is reduced to replying to itself!

      That deserves another Bwahahahahaha!

    3. Yet your reply has received crickets...

      Flo, you love to hear yourself bray like the jackass you are.

      Hee-haw! Heee-hawww!

  6. "With nothing to lose, the president is a free man liberated from a Republican Party whose elected officials still resent the hell out of him."

    And if those Repuborinos think that we're loyal to them in the future, they are insane.

  7. Actually Congress is the one stealing America its a bipartisan endeavor. Eddie Murphy tried to warn the nation thirty years ago. Watch the clip to see precisely how the Swamp works and then you'll understand that 5,500 page bill.

  8. Here's what could be an early Merry Chistmas present for everyone:

    "Adam Schiff was taken from LAX international airport to the Los Angeles FBI building and has not exited since going in a little after 10:00 a.m. this morning, my FBI source is telling me!"


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