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Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

Oh, and Ralphie finally got his revenge.

ITEM 1: The New York Post reported, "A mall Santa dropped the hammer on a little boy who asked him for a Nerf gun for Christmas — telling the bawling kid he wouldn’t bring him the toy.

"The politically correct Kris Kringle was caught on video asking the child what he wanted for the holiday, according to a Facebook post by the boy’s mother.

"The boy apparently mentioned a gun, because the Santa could be heard replying, 'No, no guns.'"

But that is not the end of the story. Like A Christmas Story, this tale has a happy ending.

The Truth About Guns reported, "Fortunately, the mall quickly canned Woke Scold Santa and sent the real Kris Kringle over to the kid’s house with an apology and a Nerf gun almost as big as he is."

In 2020, just about every 1980s movie is coming true.

Is Red Dawn next?

ITEM 2: CBS reported, "Dr. Anthony Fauci on Tuesday urged confidence in corona virus vaccines during a conversation with leaders of a coalition of black doctors, faith leaders, and academics. Black Americans are nearly three times more likely to die from the virus than their white counterparts, the CDC says, but because of a long history of mistrust, studies suggest Black Americans are less likely to get vaccinated than other ethnic groups."

Hmm, maybe attending funerals for a petty criminal who died of a drug overdose while in police custody was not such a bright idea.

ITEM 3: The Jerusalem Post reported, "FDA announces deaths of two Pfizer vaccine trial participants • Vaccines expected to arrive in Israel Wednesday."

The story said, "Israel’s Midaat Association responded to the report on the deaths, explaining that when vaccines are administered to at-risk populations “there may be unfortunate cases. One should not infer from this about the safety of the vaccine, but welcome the transparency required from the pharma companies in the drug approval process.'

"The association noted that in large trials of tens of thousands of people, death can occur without any connection to the trial, but that companies such as Pfizer are required to report those deaths."

Side effects may include death.

Maybe we need a vaccine for the vaccine.

ITEM 4: Just the News reported, "A solid majority of voters – nearly three-quarters – think small businesses should be considered essential under covid-related lockdown orders, according to a new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen.

"When asked, 70% of the voters survey responded that 'small businesses that a family relies upon for financial support; should be deemed essential and thus spared from corona virus closures and shutdowns."

Part of the plan was to destroy independent businesses.

Remember, it was the National Federation of Independent Business -- not the Chamber of Commerce -- that sued to stop Obamacare. Big Business loves Big Government, and vice versa.

ITEM 5: The Daily Caller reported, "The Chinese government will rely on a core circle of old friends on Wall Street and in Washington to influence the Biden administration, according to a Chinese academic with ties to the communist regime.

"Di Dongsheng, the associate dean of the School of International Relations at Renmin University, offered his predictions about China-U.S. relations in the upcoming administration during a speech in Shanghai on Nov. 28."

Xiden (as a reader called him) was cheap. They gave a billion bucks and some underage hookers to his son. 

Chairman Mao sized us up well 45 years ago when he met George H.W. Bush, whose son later got Red China membership in the World Trade Organization, which enabled Red China to flood the world with cheap products to rack up trillions in trade surpluses to finance its military buildup.

Nixon should have told Red China to go to hell.

ITEM 6: The New York Post reported, "More than a dozen Army leaders will face termination or punishment over widespread leadership failures at the scandal-plagued Fort Hood base following an independent probe, reports said Tuesday. 

"The disciplinary action will impact at least 14 leaders after an independent civilian review board found top brass didn’t properly investigate crimes or do enough to prevent sex crimes, Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy told reporters, according to the Washington Post. 

"The failures created an environment that allowed sexual assault and harassment and ultimately made troops unsafe, the official said."

The military may be the last bastion of accountability in government.

ITEM 7Breitbart reported, "On Monday, just before midnight, the State of Texas filed a lawsuit that is far more important than all of the others surrounding the presidential election of November 3rd.

"Texas brought a suit against four states that did something they cannot do: they violated the U.S. Constitution in their conduct of the presidential election. And this violation occurred regardless of the amount of election fraud that may have resulted. The four defendant states are Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin."

Citizen Free Press reported Louisiana joined the case.

Gateway Pundit said Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, South Carolina, and South Dakota also joined the case.

Don't mess with Texas.

The Supreme Court is an appellate court which means new evidence is rarely brought in for cases.

However, Ron Coleman tweeted that this is a case that would originate in the court and therefore, evidence would be introduced in the court.

But what does Coleman know? He only won a landmark First Amendment case.

ITEM 8: Hot Air reported, "Breaking: SCOTUS Denies Injunction In Pennsylvania Election Case, 9-0."

Reuters reported, "The court in a brief order rejected a request by U.S. congressman Mike Kelly, a Trump ally, and other Pennsylvania Republicans who filed a lawsuit after the Nov. 3 election arguing that the state’s 2019 expansion of mail-in voting was illegal under state law."

The case, however, continues. I am no lawyer and do not know how it is all going down.

I do know when to despair. This ain't the time to despair. I will tell you if and when that time comes.

ITEM 9: United Press International reported, "Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill into law Tuesday that favors the Russian constitution over international treaties.

"The bill amends Russian law to prevent implementation of international treaties that conflict with the newly reformed Russian constitution, raising human rights concerns.

"The move represents the third time in four years Russian authorities have pushed for precedence of Russian law over international law, according to Human Rights Watch.

"The international non-governmental human rights organization cited a 2015 law in particular that allowed the Constitutional Court to review international human rights rulings and declare them non-executable if they contradict the constitution."

Russia rejects the global communism the West now embraces.

Who won the Cold War?

ITEM 10: CNS News reported, "White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is disputing reports that the Trump administration turned down a chance to buy additional corona virus vaccine from Pfizer beyond the 100 million doses that was contracted and now has to wait until the summer to get more.

"In an interview with Fox News, McEnany said, 'It's just simply not true that they offered extra doses, according to the people who are involved in the negotiations. With each and every company, we contracted for 100 million doses, so it's just simply not the case that we were offered more and rejected them.'"

President Trump gave us Operation Warp Speed that will deliver about a billion doses of vaccines next year.

The press is giving us Operation Warped which somehow denies his success.

As usual.

ITEM 11: House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy tweeted, "House Democrats have scheduled 101 days of work for next year — a 25% reduction.

"Let me say it again: 101 working days. For the whole year.

"Laziest Congress in modern history."

The less Congress does, the better off we are.

ITEM 12: Via Glenn Reynolds, Road and Track reported, "Why Movie Car Chases Always Crash Through Fruit Stands."

I will cut to the chase.

The magazine said, "the exploding fruit cart is celluloid gold: Its contents are cheap, it makes a big mess, and it doesn’t bitch about re-shoots."

THIS is why we have the Internet, to explain life's mysteries to 7 billion people worldwide.

ITEM 13: Zero Hedge reported, "Democrat Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey expressed his frustration during a press briefing on Monday with the fact that NJ's contact-tracing efforts have been a colossal failure, largely due to astronomical rates of non-cooperation, a problem that also plagued NYC's famously botched contact tracing program.

"According to the Garden State Governor, 'the rate of noncooperation with our contact tracers is now up to a whopping 74%.'"

This is a huge success with 74% of New Jerseyans telling Big Brother fuggedaboutit.

ITEM 14: Oil reported, "California's imports were the largest in the United States last year when 25 percent of California's total electricity supply was imported, the Energy Information Administration said on Monday.  

"Last year, California's net electricity imports were the largest in the country at 70.8 million megawatt-hours, followed by Ohio, Massachusetts, Virginia, and Tennessee, EIA data showed.

"In California's case, the state's utilities partly own and import power from several power plants in Arizona and Utah. California's electricity imports also include hydroelectric power from the Pacific Northwest, mostly across high-voltage transmission lines from Oregon to the Los Angeles area.

"This summer, amid the great West heatwave, the largest U.S. solar state, California, was grappling with power issues and struggling to keep its electricity grid stable as demand exceeds supply."

And these geniuses plan to run all their cars on electricity in 10 years.

ITEM 15: Zero Hedge reported, "While thousands of small businesses were shut out of the Paycheck Protection Program earlier this year, NFL quarterback Tom Brady's sports performance and nutrition company, TB12 Inc., received a loan from the federal government worth nearly one million dollars.

"According to the Small Business Administration, TB12 was granted a $960,855 loan in April. The sportswear and supplement company qualified for the lifeline with a 2019 payroll between $1.68 and $4.8 million."

That's just what America needed: another reason to hate Tom Brady.

ITEM 16: Summit News reported, "Senator Rand Paul spoke out Monday against the policy of lockdowns and restrictions, declaring that there is no evidence they are having any impact on the spread of corona virus, and that those who say they do are not paying attention.

"'We ought to at least still use logic to try to figure out how we stop this …,' Paul said in an appearance on Fox News, adding 'I don’t see any evidence that crowd control, hand washing, standing six feet apart, all of these things they tell you to do — closing down the restaurants, closing down the schools — there’s no real evidence that they are changing the trajectory of the disease.'"

Telling the truth is a crime these days.

Facebook and Twitter will ban him.

ITEM 17: Zero Hedge reported, "Biden Chooses Raytheon Board Member, Retired General Lloyd Austin, As Secretary Of Defense."

The story said, "One inside source told CNN further that Gen. Austin 'knows the Pentagon inside and out' and would be 'an excellent person to run logistics on Covid-19 vaccine distribution.'"

I don't doubt he knows the Pentagon inside and out. It landed him the Raytheon gig.

But why would the military run the vaccine distribution? I thought that was the job of HHS.

ITEM 18: Just the News reported, "The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies did not approve a motion on Tuesday that described Joe Biden as the nation's next president, failing to pass it in a 3-3 split vote due to opposition from the panel's three Republican members."

Who said resistance is futile?

ITEM 19: CNBC reported, " China’s consumer price index fell in November for the first time in about a decade as food prices dropped.

"The consumer price index, a measure of inflation that tracks prices for a basket of consumer goods and services, fell 0.5% in November from a year ago, China’s National Bureau of Statistics said Wednesday.

"The decline marked the first drop since October 2009, according to the Wind Information database."


Red China has more product than it does customers, which led to the first price drop since the Great Recession.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

ITEM 20: The Associated Press reported on Sunday, "Ohio congresswoman Marcia Fudge a leading candidate for Biden's choice as agriculture secretary."

The Associated Press reported, "Biden picks Fudge for housing, Vilsack for USDA."

She is such an expert on farming and rural life that they are putting her in charge of Housing and Urban Development.

But of course if Xiden (as a reader called him) becomes president, the deep state will run everything with flim-flam artists like Fudge serving as a front.

ITEM 21: CNN reported, "Newsmax TV scores a ratings win over Fox News for the first time ever."

It illustrated the story with a photo of OAN.

Conservatives all look alike, right?

But I am through with rooting for TV stations. Newsmax will sell us out eventually.

ITEM 22: Fox 11 reported, "A Los Angeles judge on Tuesday issued a ruling that stated LA County acted arbitrarily and failed to perform the required risk-benefit analysis when it banned outdoor dining as a corona virus-control measure as covid 19 cases continue to spike in Southern California.

"Superior Court Judge James Chalfant also noted that, however, that due to the state's overriding regional stay-at-home order through the Christmas holiday, which also includes an in-person dining ban, outdoor restaurant dining in the county cannot reopen at this time."

How is the overriding regional ban not just as arbitrary? And what risk-benefit analysis did it go through? 

The judge knows it is BS but refuses to stop it.

ITEM 23WEWS-TV reported. "Since motorists stayed off the road during the Thanksgiving holiday due to the corona virus pandemic, gasoline sales in the United States during the holiday week fell to its lowest level since 1997. 

"According to an IHS Markit Oil Price Information Service survey, gas consumption fell 8.4%, or about 185 million gallons, from the previous week ending Nov. 28. Demand for motor fuel was down 19.3% compared to 2019, OPIS said."

Hmm, it will be interesting to see the explanation for why atmospheric carbon dioxide continued its relentless rise even though we have cutback drastically on consumption in the pandemic panic.


  1. I do know when to despair. This ain't the time to despair. I will tell you if and when that time comes.

    “To despair is to turn your back on God.”

    - Maryla Cuthbert, played by the brilliant Colleen Dewhurst, in Anne of Green Gables

    Thank you, Big D!

    1. Two thumbs up! One for Don and one for you! I didn't know that quote from Anne of Green Gables (somehow never read the book - will put it on my reading list :-)

    2. Anne of Green Gables was one of my wife's favorite books ( she loved books in general. Hated Kindle, btw.) She actually has been to Green Gables in Canada..
      sometimes I feel we are living "Fahrenheit 451" with cancel culture and all..

    3. The time to despair will be IF PDJT concedes to a fraudulent election. That would be when "cold anger" goes white hot, and the USA as we know it ceases to exist.
      Until I get that word from him, IT AIN'T OVER.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. sorry, got ahead of myself. will comment later :-)

  3. ITEM #18: "Who said resistance is futile?"

    Masala, from "Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ"; Masala was wrong about many other things, as well.

  4. 7 - This seems to be yuuuuge. We shall see if the justices are afraid of the liberal mob or will follow the constitution.

    8 - I agree. I know sometimes the court rejects a case but the door is open for a refilling with different claims.

    9 - who’d a thunk.

    11 - can they get it down to zero? I’d pay them to stay home.

    19 - I don’t believe any numbers generated by the Chinese gubment. They have almost as little credibility as the NYTimes, CNN or MSNBC.

    21 - see above for reply to 19.

  5. God tells us 365 days a year not to fear. When God tells me to despair I will. Until then I will fight.

    1. "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not be terrified nor dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

  6. Item 17: Trump announced months ago that he would use the military logistics organization (whatever it's called these days) to distribute the vaccine when FDA CDC approved its use. He introduced the admiral who would be in charge. He said distribution would begin within 24 hours of approval. Seems like a good plan.

    1. Yeah, noting sinister here. The military is the largest logistics operation in the world. They move people, supplies and equipment at a moments notice in mass quantities. The logistics industry is full of ex military due to their expertise and experience.

    2. A heavenly sight for a recently ravaged coastal community is a USNavy aircraft carrier dropping anchor.
      Our military fight for the good of all. Mostly without weapons. Green beret A, B, and C teams bring a concentration of medical and logistical support that many cannot imagine. They are teachers and helpers more than they are fighters.

    3. Remember how Slow Joe was yammering that "we should get the military involved," and Trump said, "They are!"

  7. Item 17: Trump announced months ago that he would use the military logistics organization (whatever it's called these days) to distribute the vaccine when FDA CDC approved its use. He introduced the admiral who would be in charge. He said distribution would begin within 24 hours of approval. Seems like a good plan.

  8. Item 13: "According to the Garden State Governor, 'the rate of noncooperation with our contact tracers is now up to a whopping 74%.'" This is a huge success with 74% of New Jerseyans telling Big Brother fuggedaboutit.

    As Sarah Hoyt keeps saying, "I have two middle fingers and I know how to use them."

    1. The thing that amazes me is that 24 per cent of the public went along with this.
      Tim Pruett

  9. "The military may be the last bastion of accountability in government."
    You're kidding, right? RIGHT???

  10. Item 11 - The country would likely be better off if Congress was paid to simply stay home and do nothing.

    Item 13 - The fact that a dim bulb like Murphy can make a fortune demonstrates that the US is truly the greatest country ever. The fact that New Jersey was foolish enough to elect this dim squish as its governor demonstrates that great things can be ruined by foolish people.

    1. Johnny from Cleveland: Dems have ruled the NJ state legislature (the real power) for decades. Always playing the long game, they spent years and millions of tax dollars linking Chris Christy to Bridgegate which, in term, linked him to his Lieutenant Governor in her failed election campaign against Murphy. Bridgegate convictions were later overturned but Dems didn't care. They didn't pursue it because it was MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. They got the governorship.
      NJ gets the representation that it deserves.

    2. Amen, Jersey Jim!! NJ is a failed state.

    3. And now Murphy wants to spend billions to give the Port Authority a facelift while thousands of small businesses go under and big ones like NASDAC look to move to Florida. Gov. Baboon (from his s*** eating grin) is banking on a COVID bailout.

  11. Item #6: It's interesting how we never hear about cases where subordinate women get undeserved rewards by way of seduction.

    Probably because it never happens, right?

  12. #8- Per Jenna Ellis, the court only denied the emergency injunctive relief component. The case proceeds.

    Not sure what that means but the fake media is sure playing this up.

    Bob in MA

    1. I don’t react to any seemingly bad rulings until the legal experts weigh in.

  13. Item #13. I am a lifelong New Jerseyan and Phil Murphy can POUND SAND!

    1. When a woman in a restaurant spotted him dining maskless with his family, she walked over and called him a dick. And I don't think she meant "detective."

    2. That might have been "Tina from the Bronx," who is hard to take, but in this instance, should have been awarded, on the spot, the Congressional Medal of Freedom.

  14. ITEM 8: According to "Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis: Supreme Court Only Denied Emergency Injunctive Relief – The Pennsylvania Case Is STILL Pending Before SCOTUS" This from Gateway Pundit.

    jakee jumped the gun yesterday in his glee for failure. Stupid troll.

    ITEM 9: "Russia rejects the global communism the West now embraces." Because Russia considers herself a sovereign country, like the US is doing again under Trump.

    ITEM 11: "The less Congress does, the better off we are."

    And "We the people" should refuse to give them tax dollars due to their decreased work schedule.

  15. #1. Red Dawn? Sorry, no. Our enemy is home grown. China trained, but it all happened right under our noses.

  16. Item 7 - SCOTUS is *primarily* an appellate court, but it does have original jurisdiction in certain matters, including *controversies between two or more states.* (Article III, section 2)

    Because Texas filed suit against other States, this is a case in which SCOTUS has original jurisdiction, which means they can hear new evidence.

    1. Where is jakee on this? The troll claims it is from Texas. Does it not support this? It told us it gave money to Trump, so he should support this case.

      Or, is it that jakee just a troll, that tried to blend in while pushing doom and gloom, along with monumentally stupid talking points like Trump in 2024! Incessantly cawing "courts are corrupt!" and "system is corrupt!"

  17. #14. CA is running nuclear power out of the state. The reactors at Diablo Canyon power plant are scheduled to begin decommissioning 4Q 2023 and 1Q 2024. Solar and wind power will not cover the shortages.....

    1. NewGruSome ends up as the next Fred Flintstone.

  18. Item 3: Isn’t Pfizer the company who held up the announcement that the vaccine was ready until AFTER the election, so as not to give Trump a win? Then after the election, they notified the Biden folks that it was ready BEFORE the Trump folks. So now, we find out that the Pfizer juice causes anaphylactic reactions. UK experts have warned that the vaccine should be administered only where resuscitation can be performed. The Moderna juice is looking better and better.

  19. Item #11: Let them meet for only 60 days a year. Make it between July 4th and Labor Day. In Washington, DC. Without any AC. And cut their pay proportionally.

    Item #17: “But why would the military run the vaccine distribution? I thought that was the job of HHS.” Past experience might indicate that HHS can’t blow its own nose whereas the military (sometimes) can coordinate things like invasions involving thousands and thousands of moving parts. Plus the military has competent NCOs who know how to get things done despite the brass trying their hardest to screw things up.

    Item #23: Expect states to start moaning about the lack of taxes collected via gasoline sales. They will then propose increases in said taxes to counter the shortfall.

  20. Thank you Don, you are always my first news read of the day. I'm a native Clevelander and I've always been curious, were you PD or Press?

  21. What, no JAKE THE SNAKE serenading us with his spell-binding wit this morning?! People in Brooklyn basements must get up later than I thought...


    Item #13: "Demo[-Communist] Governor [Dictator] Phil Murphy of New Jersey expressed his frustration..."

    Every single day goes by, this twerp looks more and more like Mussolini fleeing the Allies in 1944.

    New Jersey is now the northernmost part of Italy, and Phil is bunkered in his imaginary "Salò Republic," propped up by the Xiden-Chinese Communist regime.
    Item #

    Item #19: "Red China has more product than it does customers, which led to the first price drop since the Great Recession."

    Dead people can't eat. Now, take the official --- HA HA --- Covid Dead Number --- "1,567,264."

    How many more UNREPORTED Chinese deaths would it take to help create an undisputed, domestic deflation rate of 0.5%?

    5 million? 15 million? 30 million?*

    How many more died in their hellacious, nature-created summer floods, news that was covered briefly and then vanished?

    Imagine the Mississippi cresting at 250 feet above its normal levels.

    *A flawed comparison... German WWII POWS lied about their prison deaths to their Russian captors; the same number of cabbages thrown at them daily resulted in more fodder for each POW.

    1. "What, no JAKE THE SNAKE serenading us with his spell-binding wit this morning?! People in Brooklyn basements must get up later than I thought..."

      Substitute Texas for Brooklyn, as that is where jakee claims it is from, and you have an OUCH!

      I even felt that jakee!


    2. OF COURSE he's from "Texas." He runs the ladies lingerie department at the Alamo. And with the time difference, now we have a valid excuse for his absence this morning. HEY JAKE, WAKE UP! IT'S NOON IN CHICAGO, FOR C'S SAKE!

    3. Prepare yourself Don Reed, as jakee will pull out its troll tactics of dehumanizing and name calling! And then, it will slay you with its, wait for it, ... OPINION of you! Oh noes!


  22. Thank you Don, you are always my first news read of the day. I'm a native Clevelander and I've always been curious, were you PD or Press?

  23. "UNLV quarterback Max Gilliam apologizes for eating sushi off nude model on reality TV episode..." (CBS "Sports" 12/09/20).

    Hunter Biden's former (momentary, now momentarily delicious) "escorts" are finding it tough to get decent gigs these days, aren't they?

    (Sorry. The porn spam exposure has ruined me.)

  24. ITEM 23 - I read somewhere (I forgot the source) that a plume of molten lava bubbling up from below the earth's crust is what is causing the melting of Greenland's icecap and resulting rise in the oceal levels. I await further verification.

  25. "YouTube Bans Content Exposing ‘Election Fraud Or Errors,’ Vows To ‘Ramp Up’ Censorship" (The National Pulse 12/09/20).


    1. Big Tech is all in on the massive, in-our faces fraud. And the GOP in Congress supports Big Tech's Section 230. That couldn't be due to the campaign contributions, could it? S/C off.

  26. 1: Is Red Dawn next?

    Does that mean takeover or resistance?

    5: The Reds are counting their chickens way too early.

    11: Hallelujah!

    18: You get the feeling everybody knows not to bet on Sniffie or, as they say at Insty, who acts like the're winning and who doesn't?

    20: Sounds like a Fudge packing crowd.

  27. Item 11 "No mans life, liberty or property is safe when the legislature is in session." Mark Twain

  28. 1. Mad Max.

    3. No medicine is perfectly safe. I had my flu shot this year, thank you very much. Wonder if I can get my smallpox inoculation updated?

    7. When we were sitting around during the Thanksgiving Super Spreader advice to the skeptics of America's future was, "Watch Texas."

    Of course, I was thinking in terms of the response to Xiden's (as some call him) Green Nude Eel. Texas will tell the Federal Empire where to put their fracking ban. Other states would follow. This move is better as it may yet avoid that situation.

    8. "I will tell you if and when that time comes [to despair]." And you'll still be wrong. Sorry Don.

    "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;
    Or close the wall up with our English dead.
    In peace there's nothing so becomes a man
    As modest stillness and humility:
    But when the blast of war blows in our ears,
    Then imitate the action of the tiger;..."

    "I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day..."

    Poland was a divided land for 900 years before it finally was reunited after WW I. Israel was gone for two millennia. The USS Johnston's guns fired on the Japanese at Leyte Gulf as the turrets went under water. I'm tired of all this, "But my butt's hurt because we didn't get our way."

    George Washington pretty much lost every battle until the last one that decided the war. Retreat, surrender, acquiescence, submission, withdrawal from politics is exactly what the so called "Progressives" want. Don't give them the satisfaction.

    If you're despairing, you're doing it wrong.

    9. Good for Vlad. Maybe we should try that here.

    10. Democratic Party Propagandists of the Press. DPPP. Dippies for short.

    11. Eliminate the zero and make it 11.

    13. I suspect that maybe New Jersians didn't vote for Murphy. Do they use Dominion machines?

    Democratic Party politics is a self licking ice cream cone.

    14. Q: What did so called "Progressives" use for light before candles?

    A: Electricity.

    17. Because the Military actual has to do something once in a while, unlike HHS.

    21. Epoch Times is run by a practitioner of falun gong. Robert Conquest's 2nd Law of Politics: "Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing." Epoch Times is explicitly anti-communist...for some reason.

    Note: It's a mistake to attribute human relations to organizations. Don't treat the Republican Party as an unfaithful date. Treat it as a tool. It may be the dullest tool in the shed. So sharpen it. Same with network news. They are not loyal to you. Don't pretend to be loyal to them. If they aren't supplying the information you want, go find some place that will. When OAN goes Left, I'll have left, too. Until then, it's a useful alternate source of information. Never depend on ANY one single source.

    1. Don, I don't know if you read all the comments but I miswrote in the above comment. I wrote:

      "I will tell you if and when that time comes [to despair]." And you'll still be wrong. Sorry Don.

      That bothered me for being excessively negative. My bad.

  29. When the progressives become the Establishment, conservatives need a new name.

  30. Item #11... Congress needs to have an hourly wage instituted on them. I'd start it at the federally mandated minimum wage, if I had my choice.

    It used to be that a member of the House would keep their day job because the stipend for serving, wasn't enough to live on. Let's go back to those days.

  31. #5 "Nixon should have told Red China to go to hell."

    I'm pretty sure it was Kissinger pushing Nixon's buttons on the China deal. Unfortunately we still have Kissinger blabbering the "one world" and "great reset" nonsense.

  32. #8
    Mark Levin indicated we should despair. He thinks that Scotus is running scared. Same usual angle....SCOTUS thinks if they play nice with the Democrats they won’t pack the court and make them irrelevant. We just need to appoint Big Mama Stacey Abrams to the he next opening so they can all hide behind her very large skirt.

    I almost cried listening to Mark. My reward will be Heaven because I think we will soon be entering HELL on earth.

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