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Friday, December 04, 2020

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: The Department of Justice announced "it filed a lawsuit against Facebook Inc. for discriminating against U.S. workers. 

"The lawsuit alleges that Facebook refused to recruit, consider, or hire qualified and available U.S. workers for over 2,600 positions that Facebook, instead, reserved for temporary visa holders it sponsored for permanent work authorization (or green cards) in connection with the permanent labor certification process (PERM). The positions that were the subject of Facebook’s alleged discrimination against U.S. workers offered an average salary of approximately $156,000. According to the lawsuit, and based on the department’s nearly two-year investigation, Facebook intentionally created a hiring system in which it denied qualified U.S. workers a fair opportunity to learn about and apply for jobs that Facebook instead sought to channel to temporary visa holders Facebook wanted to sponsor for green cards."

The law bans discrimination based on nationality.

That includes discrimination against Americans.

This raises a huge question: Why do we allow foreign nationals to censor Facebook?

ITEM 2: Dan Bongino's site reported, "Weekly jobless claims came in last week at their lowest pace since the start of the pandemic, and below expectations.

"According to CNBC, the Department of Labor reported first-time claims for unemployment benefits of 712,000 last week, compared to expectations of 780,000. The week prior there were 787,000 filers. Continuing claims fell to 5.52 million.

"This brings the weekly total to the lowest point of the pandemic, but they still remain three times higher than pre-pandemic levels. Claims have not yet fallen below 700,000 during any week of the pandemic."

November unemployment figures come out today. Unemployment dropped like a rock from 14.7% in April to 6.9% in October, the best rebound ever.

ITEM 3: Conservative Patriot reported, "A federal appeals court in Georgia has approved an expedited review of pro-Trump attorney Sidney Powell’s request for a forensic review of voting machines in three counties.

"Powell filed a lawsuit last week alleging that Dominion Election Systems voting machines used in the 2020 election in Georgia are insecure and allow foreign agents to meddle in the U.S. election. U.S. District Judge Timothy Batten Sr. issued an order on Sunday restricting officials in Georgia’s Cherokee, Cobb, and Gwinnett counties from resetting Dominion Election Systems voting machines because of the lawsuit."

The corruption is so open and obvious that we know Obama and company believe they can rub our noses in it without penalty.

They may be right.

ITEM 4: Western Journal reported, "The United States reportedly has imposed major travel restrictions on members of China’s Communist Party.

"Party members and their families are now banned from remaining in the U.S. for more than a month, according to The New York Times, which said a State Department spokesman confirmed the change.

"Until the new rule was imposed Wednesday, party members could obtain visas for 10 years, the report said.

"Travel visas are also being limited to a single entry rather than multiple entries.

"In practice, the new rule is likely to be applied differently at different levels of party membership, recognizing the fact that for many Chinese academics, researchers and citizens, party membership is an essential part of moving up into a better-paying career, The Times said."

Yuge, if true.

NYT report so there is a chance parts of it are accurate.

ITEM 5: Just the News reported, "President Trump's lawyers shared dramatic video footage during a hearing Thursday at the Georgia legislature that they say depicts mysterious briefcases full of ballots being counted in the state after most election workers had been sent home for the night. 

"The footage was shown during a hearing of the Georgia Senate Judiciary Subcommittee, at which the president's legal team presented its argument that the announced results of the 2020 presidential race in the state are undermined by rampant election fraud.

"Jackie Pick, a lawyer volunteering with Trump's team, presented the video, allegedly from the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, which purportedly shows the tabulation of ballots on Nov. 3, election night."

I notice that many of these election counts were held in big-city arenas.

That's an appropriate place for these circuses. 

ITEM 6: CNBC reported, "Hewlett Packard Enterprise is the latest tech company to shift its focus away from Silicon Valley, announcing Tuesday that it will relocate its headquarters from San Jose, California, to Houston, Texas."

Kinfolk said move away from here.
Said California is no place to be.
So Hewlett loaded up the Packard and moved the Big T.

Texas, that is. No income tax. Fewer regulations.

(Alternative ending: "Houston? We have no problem.")

ITEM 7: PJ Media reported, "Trump Legal Team: We Have 'So Much Evidence' of Fraud in Nevada 'We Had to Rent a Separate Car.'"

Break out the accordion.

Someone stole Nevada.
Someone stole Nevada.
Who stole Nevada
From the ballot box?
Who stole Nevada?
Who stole Nevada?
Who stole Nevada?
Someone call the cops!

Two carloads of evidence, but hey, it is not enough to overturn the election result.

If it wasn't enough to overturn the election, then why did Democrats do it? To keep in practice?

ITEM 8: The Department of Justice announced "the completion of the third annual Money Mule Initiative, a coordinated operation to disrupt the networks through which transnational fraudsters move the proceeds of their crimes. Money mules are individuals who assist fraudsters by receiving money from victims of fraud and forwarding it to the fraud organizers, many of whom are located abroad.  Some money mules know they are assisting fraudsters, but others are unaware that their actions enable fraudsters’ efforts to swindle money from consumers, businesses, and government unemployment funds. Europol announced a simultaneous effort, the European Money Mule Action today.

"Over the last two months, U.S. law enforcement agencies took action against over 2,300 money mules, far surpassing last year’s effort, which acted against over 600 money mules. This year, actions occurred in every state in the country. The initiative announced today targeted money mules involved in a wide range of schemes including lottery fraud, romance scams, government impostor fraud, technical support fraud, business email compromise or CEO fraud, and unemployment insurance fraud.  Many of these schemes target elderly or vulnerable members of society."

Third annual.

That means this crackdown was all on President Trump's watch.

You can see why the swamp wants him out.

ITEM 9: PJ Media reported, "Oregon Gave Antifa Your CARES Act Covid Relief Tax Dollars During the Riots. Wait, It Gets Worse."

The story said, "The group’s Twitter account started in June of 2020, when it came out of the shadows to conveniently become a 501c3 charitable group.  The Twitter account has been dormant since September 12, when the riots were smoked out by wildfires in the metro area. But they got their U.S. taxpayer money."

Once upon a time, this would be treated as news.

But except for a few blogs, we have no news media in America, just Democrat talking points. Profits are bigger.

ITEM 10The New York Post reported, "New Jersey rattled by 2.1 magnitude earthquake."


They were rattled?

You can barely feel a 2.1 earthquake. It does no damage and the world has a million of them every year.

Is New Jersey filled with snowflakes?

ITEM 11: The San Francisco Chronicle reported, "Nathan Ballard, a high-profile Democratic strategist and adviser to Gov. Gavin Newsom, was charged with two felony counts of domestic violence after his wife alleged he pushed her into a glass door and attempted to suffocate their 4-year-old daughter with a pillow, Napa County officials said.

"The alleged incident occurred on Oct. 17 during a family weekend getaway at the Carneros Resort and Spa. Ballard’s wife, Mara, reported the episode the next day. Nathan Ballard, 51, declined to make a statement to investigators and was placed under arrest on Oct. 20, according to the Napa County Sheriff’s Office.

"He was released on $75,000 bail."

They went on vacation?

I thought California was on a lockdown.

And this news took nearly 2 months to reach the press. Why was he not immediately suspended?

I forgot.

He's a Democrat.

ITEM 12: Leslie Eastman reported, "Officials in San Francisco have banned renters from smoking tobacco in their apartments. However, smoking a marijuana joint inside rental units is perfectly fine."

It is one of the town's many, many regulations.

But it is solving the problem of "housing affordability" as it helps drive rents down.

To be honest, if I owned an apartment building, I might ban smoking but that is just the thing. I would decide. And if there were a market for it, I would allow smoking and jack up the rents.

By the way, if smoking is so evil, why does government profit from it through taxes?

ITEM 13: The Associated Press reported, "School closings threaten gains of students with disabilities."

The story told the tale of one boy and then said, "The same frustrations are shared by many of the nation’s 7 million students with disabilities — a group representing 14% of American schoolchildren. Advocates for these students say the extended months of learning from home and erratic attempts to reopen schools are deepening a crisis that began with the switch to distance learning in March."

Suicides are up.

Undetected cancer cases are up.

We are killing ourselves to avoid a virus that kills less than 1% of its victims.

ITEM 14: Politico reported, "Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday told a private gathering of political donors and corporate executives that he has urged President Donald Trump to fight on to overturn November’s election results.

"In wide-ranging remarks made in person behind closed doors at a meeting of the Associated Industries of Florida, DeSantis dismissed the risks of the corona virus, contradicted science and targeted U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. He also defended Trump's attempt to fight the results of the election."

Contradicted science?

Dr. Fauci said in February masks are useless.

And computer scientists say the election was rigged.

ITEM 15Via Ed Driscoll, "Politician named Adolf Hitler wins election in Namibia."

His critics immediately started calling him another Donald Trump.

ITEM 16: Politico reported, "Teachers should be near the front of the line for access to a coronavirus vaccine, according to unions, school officials and state lawmakers who say educators’ immunity is key to safely reopening schools for in-person classes.

"Giving educators their turn, just after the first wave of vaccines goes to health care workers and nursing home residents, would help schools get more students back in physical classrooms, said Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, which also represents health care workers."

Why when so many schools are shut down?

Vaccinate the grocery store clerks and McDonald's workers first because they come in contact with many, many more people.

ITEM 17: Just the News reported, "New York Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is again lighting up social media – this time by online fundraising with some some spendy, progressive-minded merchandise – including shirts that read 'Abolish ICE,' ''Drink water & don't be racist' and another with a line through the words student debt.

"The second-term congresswoman and progressive sage also appears to be trying – successfully – to thread the political needle with a sweatshirt that reads 'Tax the Rich' but costs upwards of $50. The sweatshirt had a price drop Thursday, from $65 to $58, sold out. Shirts cost upward of $27."

Good for her.

Che and his heirs never received a dime from all those T-shirts.

Making money by peddling communism is the American Way.

ITEM 18: The New York Post reported, "An award-winning pilot pulled off a textbook emergency landing on a Minnesota interstate Wednesday night.

"Nobody was injured when Craig Gifford, 52, a member of the US aerobatics flying team, struck a vehicle after landing the single-engine Bellanca Viking plane on the highway outside in a suburb of St. Paul, Fox 9 reported.

"Shocking footage released by the Minnesota Department of Transportation shows the plane, with two people on board, landing in the middle lane of the highway ahead of two vehicles."

I wonder if the drivers soiled themselves.


ITEM 19: Erie County (New York) Comptroller Stefan I. Mychajliw Jr. tweeted, "I blocked the Health Dept. from collecting, cashing or depositing covid fines. Charter gives me this authority. All fines come to my office. I set up a flexible payment plan. Fine of $1,000 or less: 20-years to pay. More than $15,000 fine:100 years to pay."

A dollar down, and a dollar a week.

FINALLY, the election reform we need.

From Iraq.


  1. I know Donald Trump. I love Donald Trump. Donald Trump is a close, personal friend of mine. Mr. SWAPO Hitler - you’re no Donald Trump.

    1. I see what you did there Z... Dan Quayle still not amused

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. #10. Earthquake in NJ? When? The joke is that that when something like an earthquake or atomic explosion happens here, we all ask, "Hey, who farted?"

  3. In Philly all 10 of her fingers and most of her toes would be purple.

    1. Ink pads sent to the morgue and the obgyn , too.

  4. Item 7. First John Bassette now Frankie Yankovic. A musical tip of the hat to the Best Location in the Nation.

  5. Item 2: "November unemployment figures come out today. Unemployment dropped like a rock from 14.7% in April to 6.9% in October, the best rebound ever." DEFINITELY NOT because Joe Biden may be our next President.
    Item 9: DAMN, I'm GLAD I left Oregon last year. Not that Washington is noticeably better...
    Item 10: Watch out, Jersey! The San Andreas Fault is comin' to getcha!

  6. 5 - I am sure this didn’t make any mainstream news sites. I wonder if Fox News (other than Carlson and Hannity) showed the footage.

    13 - by design

    14 - DeSantis sounds like my kind of governor.

  7. Party members and their families are now banned from remaining in the U.S. for more than a month,
    they come here to give birth.

  8. That wasn't an earthquake, it was Cujo stomping out the last vestiges of hope in New York.

  9. ITEM 3: According to Steve Bannon's pod cast:

    "He's got a Dominion machine that they were able to do a forensic study on in Ware County it's a small [Georgia] county. He's got evidence that this machine has flipped the votes. They flipped votes, they flipped 37 votes in Ware County - he's got the evidence - from Donald J. Trump to Joe Biden.

    "Now 37 doesn't seem like a lot of votes, but it's a very small county. It represents just over 0.25, actually 0.26 [percent] of the total votes cast."

    ITEM 14: Yeah. That's our governor, Ron DeSantis, telling the DS to shove it. And Politico can too.

    I thought Don would have a post on Trump's taped speech put out this week, but he knows better than I on what he wants to post. Any way, for all those who have doubt about what Trump will do, read this link:

    The author discusses the speech, includes a link to Trump's EO, that is mentioned on a lot on internet blogs, while explaining how it can be used in this cyber attack on our election infrastructure. Here is one part I found very interesting:

    "Consider that as I list all the evidence that Trump’s attorneys and DoD “white hat” team members now possess, much of which will surely be presented to SCOTUS, most likely by Sidney Powell, once one of her cases reaches that level of the judicial system:

    CIA director Gina Haspel admitting to election interference in a full confession which has now been acquired. (This is covered in the Dec. 3rd Situation Update podcast, above.)

    Dominion executives confessing to engineering backdoors into the systems, which has also been acquired.

    Packet analysis results from “white hats” who intercepted all the real-time vote rigging traffic, which includes the specific instructions from CIA servers to add the hundreds of thousands of votes in real time to Dominion tabulation machines in swing states. This is now publicly confirmed by Col. Phil Waldron.

    Log files and software evidence from the seized CIA servers in Frankfurt, which provides physical and intellectual proof that the CIA inserted hundreds of thousands of votes into the Dominion tabulation machines.

    All this evidence exists right now. Trump has it all. His speech lays the official groundwork that can now be cited by other officials (namely, in the DoD and Treasury, which runs the US Secret Service), in order to justify their own initiation of orders for further arrests, rendition flights and wartime activities necessary to defend the United States of America against foreign enemies who are waging cyber warfare against the United States."

    That type of evidence could only be acquired through a planned out event, which again proves to the doubters and trolls (cough, jakee, cough), that Trump set this sting, or trap, to catch the fraudsters. Further, it was not just about catching the moments of the steal, but also about the after actions of governors, SOSs and legislations that sign off on the known fraud, along with courts that make decisions despite evidence show, that cover for the fraud. You know, the "corrupt system" that a certain troll (cough, jakee, cough) has cawed out over and over and over and over, and etc. in his posts on this forum.

    1. Thanks FLO for the link and analysis. I've read several such articles that could be cause for hope, or could be disinformation. I suspect there is a lot of flop sweat in the swamp, and with the governor and sec. of state in Georgia starting to backtrack on their election certification, there is bound to be a lot of misleading propaganda being spewed out. We shall see. I do note that PDJT has NOT conceded, and until he does so, IT'S NOT OVER.

    2. Here's something else:

      "Now that we have seized the servers for Dominion that were over in Germany, we're starting to get some raw data off that... the things that are going to come out are going to shake the globalists to their very core"


    3. Thanks FLO. I gotta think some of Georgia Governor’s backtracking is a result of Lin Wood’s eruption the other day.

    4. Schlongy, from what I have read, is was the release of the video showing the suitcases full of ballots being entered while most of the election workers, including observers, were sent home due to the false water main leak claim. He had no choice but to move as he did. Sad it took THAT to make the arsehole change his mind, when none of the other flagrant fraud did. Especially the missing signatures on envelopes.

      But you are right Schlongy, Kudos to Lin and Sidney, for keeping the pressure on. What patriots they both are. They, and those assisting them, along with Rudy's team, have worked their tails off to present the mounds of evidence.

      May Georgia be the state that starts the domino effect. So that the swing states decertify their election results, and their legislators vote to rightly give Trump their EVs and this nightmare will be over.

  10. I'm renouncing my citizenship and moving to Uruguay, then applying for a job at Facebook. EZ PZ

  11. #16-plus they're not whiney little twits, who had the guts to show up to work. Even when MUCH less was known about the plandemic.

  12. #1 Perhaps this issue should be addressed to "conservative" Senator Mike Lee who just sponsored a bill to remove immigration caps for tech workers.

    #6 It's common that after devouring and destroying one area, locusts will move on to new areas and repeat the process.

    #10 More flakes than snowflakes. In fact, Jeff Flake should move there then they'd have another.

  13. Insofar as Mr. Surber's reference to Race Bannon is concerned, and, while I have not given up yet that our VSG can still pull this one out late in the 4th quarter, I am amused by a proposal that I read elsewhere by someone much more clever than I that POTUS Trump should resign the morning of Inauguration Day just so the Dimms would have to republish all the materials they've printed referring to Biden as POTUS 46...nyuk, nyuk, childish I'm sure, but it got me thinking

    If POTUS Trump resigns the morning of the Inauguration, then why couldn't then POTUS Pence "pardon" him (and his family) for all the supposed "crimes" he has committed...similar to the action taken by Gerald Ford on behalf of Nixon?

    Furthermore, why couldn't this become a thing? Y'know, Clinton could have resigned prior to Jan 20 just to give Algore a few minutes to bask in the glow of the Presidency. Likewise, Obama could have given Joe his moment in the spotlight as well. And the list goes on: can you imagine POTUS Mondale or POTUS Humphrey or POTUS Quayle or POTUS Cheney?

    Now, I'm not saying this is a good idea and it would make mincemeat of whatever prestige is left in the office of the Presidency (after what Obama and Clinton did do it, I might add; no fault of the current occupant), but what prevents it? And, even if you wanted to prevent it, what could stop it? An amendment that says a POTUS can't resign during the period between election day and Inauguration day? Not bloody likely, but hey what do I know?

  14. ITEM 7 “If it wasn't enough to overturn the election, then why did Democrats do it? To keep in practice?”

    Ask infuriating “Republican” Mitt Romney. He has all the answers.

    ITEM 14 Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is future MAGA Presidential material. Not fellow Floridian and sellout Marco, and certainly not Nikki.

    1. You know, speaking of M.R., one can't help but wonder (as I think someone did in here last week) if he actually *did* win in 2012.

      Ah, similarities. The shonky "polls" showing he had no chance... that were (internally) WAY out of whack in their R vs. D affiliation numbers (among other "issues). O getting 3M fewer votes than four years prior. The bizarre "results" of energy-producing and industrial states voting for the candidate who said he wanted to put them out of business. And the states with the same crooked big cities were the problem...

      2016? Rigged election but (like this year) the MAGA turnout was so large that it overwhelmed the fraud and they were caught flatfooted and didn't have time to manufacture a "fix." (And in this scenario, the MAGA win was actually huge but only looked close because of fraud... hmm, remember all that hooey about how the witch really won because she "won" the "popular vote"?)

      2018 - Rigged gubernatorial contests in PA, MI, and WI, in order to get the "right" people into those seats to facilitate the 2020 mega-fraud?

      All this would have seemed nutty a few weeks back. But at this point...

    2. I agree with you Snow, on 2016. As far as 2012, Obumbles may have had help, but not to a level that would make it obvious. Because of the uninspiring Mittens. I am convinced he had something to hide and was told to back down after the 1st Debate with Obumbles. IOW, the CIA chose our candidate.

      Had Mittens been POTUS, would much have changed? Would he have tried to get rid of the ACA, when his program in Mass. was used to model ACA?. At this point, I don't really care that Mittens was defeated. I loathe the guy. He is a back stabber of the highest degree. My only hope is that he is somehow involved in the elite cabal that will cause law enforcement to go after him when it is exposed for the 2020 fraudulent vote. Seeing Mittens in jail would be good.

  15. Item 13: “School closings threaten gains of students with disabilities."

    School closings threaten gains of students with abilities, too. It threatens ALL students, but I guess the ones with abilities don’t count.

    Finally: Dipping a finger in ink to prove voting works when voting is limited to a single day. Otherwise, they can vote on Monday, scrub off the ink on Tuesday, vote again on Wednesday, scrub and repeat. Better idea: Require a plastic, chip-enabled, hologram-protected voter ID card to vote. No “same-day” registration, and the ID card is mailed to the voter’s registered address. Take the card away from them when they vote, so they can’t vote again in this election. Then mail the card back to their registered address after the election is over and counted. If they vote absentee, they must include the actual card with their mail-in ballot. Problem solved.

    1. Another safeguard for elections - Any and ALL participating staff (judges,watchers,counters,etc.etc) must sign an oath of integrity upon penalty of immediate loss of citizenship.

  16. #18 I have time Bellanca Vikings very good, well made aircraft. It is a
    "by the numbers." plane. A sports plane, indeed-light on the controls,
    yet stable enough for decent instrument flying.Great flying on Gifford's part. I've noted that Sailplane and Aerobatic (includes Military ) Pilots have the best idea of speed control.
    #9.If this carp doesn't end soon I'm going to have to have my wife's memorial in the spring with everybody wearing Guy Fawkes masks and call it a "peaceful protest.". Our bible study was cancelled for the duration because there are seven of us right now and the condo that we hold it in has one of Kate's Karen Kommandos." as a neighbor..
    Things are better, by the way. thanks for all the prayers and support.

    1. #18 - Agreed that it was great piloting. I've never had to deal with that scenario myself (knock wood), but it takes incredible discipline to do proper speed control - and NOT try to "extend" the glide by pulling back on the yoke (which actually causes you to lose more altitude than you should, and risk a stall as well).

      And glad things are better now. That's a rough trial.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Most of my instruction has emphasized NOT to try landing on a roadway. Not only traffic, but obstructions like powerlines to consider. BUT, in an engine out, NIGHT flight, all bets are off, and this guy did a superb job (he probably still needed a change of underwear though).
      I always said that I could land my Cessna in a football field if I had to, but would have to get it home on a truck. And I've been told that in any off-airport landing, you no longer own the plane, the insurance company does. You can petition for "first right of salvage" and negotiate from there.


    4. I have time in a Blanik L-13 soloed but didn't finish the Private due to the Blanik being destroyed in a wind storm. Had an engine failure in a Beech Skipper. (no it doesn't fly like a Piper Tomahawk. Better aircraft.I was with a student, and in the traffic pattern made the landing on an 8000ft. runway. The student was so impressed she continued on to get her Private Pilot.

  17. 3: If that were true, we wouldn't be here now.

    7, 8, 9, 11: Most of the Demos may be in jail soon, so maybe we get an honest count.

    10: Look who they voted for.

    13: Ya say ya wanna revolution.

    15 How many ballots named Soros?

    FINALLY: Nem.

  18. Item 3: The corruption is so open and obvious that we know Obama and company believe they can rub our noses in it without penalty.

    They may be right.


    They ARE right.

    But we fight on any way. We have no choice.

    1. "We"? But, you told us Trump will not win this fight. Over, and over, and over, and over, and over, ... Because, "corrupt courts!" Because "corrupt system!" So, why are you fighting?

      Oh yeah, your going to support Trump in 2024, because Trump can win!

      You still have not answered how the flux he can. Or, more importantly, how the "corrupt system" is going to be fixed, so Trump can run. Or, how Trump is going to run when your lefties will go after him via EOs and the help of "corrupt courts!" to jail him.

      I mean, this shouldn't be hard for you to explain. You informed us you are a pilot. So, you must be smart, or something.

  19. Item 6: All these damned California companies moving to Texas is killing us here. They don't leave their politics behind. This is a major factor in pushing Texas leftward (along with urbanization and immigration from Mexico).


    I liked Texas better when nobody lived here.

  20. Item 5 - The reason a lot of the counting was held in major sports arenas was due to a negotiated settlement between LeBron James and the NBA to get the players back on the court during the playoffs after the Kenosha, Wisconsin shooting. LeBron presented the demands to the NBA after a long consultation with Barack Obama. The NBA agreed to open the basketball arenas as polling places. In my naivete I believed this was an attempt to turn out the black vote as most arenas are in predominantly black neighborhoods. Obviously, Obama saw this as a way to consolidate and control the fraudulent ballot counting in major swing states.


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