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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Highlights of the News

(The actual album is "Country Christmas," 1966.)

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: The Department of Justice announced, "15 Named In $26 Million International Trade Fraud Scheme.

"A federal grand jury in Houston, Texas, has returned a criminal indictment against eight individuals, while a related civil complaint has charged 14 individuals and one company relating to international trade fraud violations stemming from a decade-long scheme involving tires from China.  

"Law enforcement arrested Zheng Zhou, 53, of Missouri City, and Kun Liu, 40, of Sugar Land, yesterday. They made their initial appearances in Houston federal court today, at which time the criminal indictment was unsealed. 

"Also charged in the indictment are Qinghua Song, 44, of Jurupa Valley, California; and Chinese residents Yue Peng, 42, Li Chen, 38, Xin Zhang, age unknown, Shaohui Jia, 40, and Deng Yongqiang, 36. They are all considered fugitives and warrants remain outstanding for their arrests.

"The Department of Justice’s Civil Division also filed a civil complaint Dec. 11 alleging trade fraud in the U.S. Court of International Trade. The complaint names the eight criminal defendants and six other individuals."

End all dealings with Red China. It is a rogue nation run by an international crime syndicate headed by Chairman Xi.

And prosecute all politicians tied to Red China, beginning with the Big Guy. And I don't mean Biden. He was just the go-between.

ITEM 2: The Associated Press reported, "The U.S. Treasury Department has branded Vietnam and Switzerland as currency manipulators while putting China and nine other countries on a watch list in an annual report designed to halt countries from manipulating their currencies to gain unfair trade advantages.

"It marked the first time that the United States has labeled another country as a currency manipulator since August 2019 when it called out China at a time when the world's two largest economies were locked in tense trade negotiations."

Vietnam is a Xi puppet.

Maybe Switzerland is too now.

ITEM 3: The Boston Globe (pay site) reported, "A Catholic priest who delivered the funeral homily for Massachusetts Senator Edward M. Kennedy in 2009 has been indicted on charges alleging rape and indecent assault of a minor.

"A Barnstable Superior Court grand jury on Friday indicted the Rev. Mark R. Hession, 62, on two counts of rape, one count of indecent assault and battery of a person under 14, and one count of witness intimidation, court records show.

"An arraignment date will be set in January, a spokesperson for the Cape and Islands district attorney’s office said. It wasn’t clear who was representing Hession, and information on the dates and locations of the alleged rapes and assault wasn’t immediately available.

"The Diocese of Fall River said Hession has been suspended from active priestly ministry since last year."

Mary Jo Kopechne could not be reached for comment.

What do you expect of a priest who honors a Catholic who supported abortion?

ITEM 4: The Department of Justice announced "the unsealing of an indictment charging Cholo Abdi Abdullah with six counts of terrorism-related offenses arising from his activities as an operative of the foreign terrorist organization al Shabaab, including conspiring to hijack aircraft in order to conduct a 9/11-style attack in the United States. 

"Abdullah was arrested in July 2019 in the Philippines on local charges, and was subsequently transferred on Dec. 15, 2020 in connection with his deportation from the Philippines to the custody of U.S. law enforcement for prosecution on the charges in the indictment.

"Abdullah was transported from the Phillippines to the United States yesterday, and is expected to be presented today before Magistrate Judge Robert W. Lehrburger in Manhattan federal court.  The case is assigned to United States District Judge Analisa Torres."

The Kenyan drew an Obama judge. 

Expect the unexpected.

ITEM 5: Breitbart reported, "Portland Fire and Rescue officials are looking to question a person seen in surveillance footage apparently setting fire to a local restaurant. The suspected arsonist acted after the restaurant owner criticized vandalism in the area committed by Antifa.

"On November 23, a suspected arsonist set fire to Reo’s Ribs located in Portland’s Hollywood District, Breitbart News reported. When firefighters arrived on the scene, they observed smoke pouring out of the rear of the building and flames both on the interior and exterior.

"Surveillance video shows a person setting that fire, KOIN CBS6 tweeted." 

Democrats don't play nice.

ITEM 6: The Epoch Times (pay site) reported, "Hundreds of millions of dollars from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was used to violate election laws, according to a new report.

"The Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society, a national constitutional litigation organization, released the 39-page report, alleging that Zuckerberg’s $500 million given to election officials was used to treat voters unequally and improperly influence the election for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

"The bulk of the funds went to the Center for Tech and Civic Life, a nonprofit started by former managers and staff at the New Organizing Institute, a progressive nonprofit."

Zuck may be a dweeb, but he does not want any Antifa blackshirts showing up at his door.

Terrorism works.

ITEM 7: Zero Hedge reported, "New technical analysis compiled by a veteran cybersecurity expert previously at Mobileum, a mobile security company whose job it is to track threats to mobile operators, has detailed likely efforts of Chinese intelligence to surveil US mobile phone subscribers using phone networks out of the Caribbean. 

"Gary Miller, who has since started the cybersecurity company Exigent Media, has alleged and detailed to The Guardian that China is engaged in "active" surveillance attacks through foreign telecoms operators.

"The Guardian report offers little to nothing in the way of forensic or technical evidence to back the claims, but is reliant merely on Miller's track record of expertise as an industry insider. There have been similar allegations in the past, particularly a prior similar 2018-2019 report titled Far From Home."

Give credit to Red China for not leaving a stone unturned. 

ITEM 8: Via Glenn Reynolds, "The most dangerous cities in America, ranked."

How bad off is America?

Chicago ranked 31st.

ITEM 9: Incoming Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert told Fox she will carry a pistol at the Capitol.

She said, "The Democrats are always up for stripping away our Constitutional rights and feel threatened when we simply want to exercise those rights.

"I carry a firearm to protect myself and want to exercise my right to do so in one of the most dangerous cities in America. They want to take that right away from me. I look forward to helping make sure they can't." 

If the Capitol Police can carry, why not congresswomen?

If the Capitol Police cannot carry, what good are they?

ITEM 10: The Colorado Sun reported, "Colorado’s public school enrollment has dropped by 30,000 students. That could spell financial disaster for districts."

It also will spell scholastic improvement for 30,000 kids.

Many parents are not enrolling children in pre-K and kindergarten, which makes sense as the main purposes of these grades are to teach children socialization and how to sit in a classroom. You really cannot phone that in from a computer at home.

ITEM 11: Reason reported, "New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, signed legislation on Tuesday prohibiting the sale of Confederate flags on public property, including at state and local fairs. Cuomo was well aware that such legislation is likely to fail a First Amendment test, but this did not deter him."

It did not deter him because he is a dictatorial little man who believes he can virtue-signal his way to another term despite recklessly  killing thousands of grannies and putting thousands of companies out of business.

The sad thing is, he may be right.  

ITEM 12: CNS News reported, "A Final Rule issued by the Department of Energy redefines showerhead in a manner that 'ensures access to showerheads that can provide enough water for quality showers,' the DOE announced Tuesday.

"Today’s change will allow manufacturers to offer consumers new products that can provide more water and more comfort, the DOE says."

Why does the government regulate showerheads?

I get that Arizona and Nevada have water supply problems, but that is not my problem in West Virginia, where there is an ample amount of water. 

Why punish me with these rules because people choose to live in the desert? 

ITEM 13: Anthony Watts reported, "With the likely installation of a Biden administration comes a renewed and likely vicious climate war.

"I have inside information that Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) will be pushing the Biden administration, calling for prominent climate skeptics, and climate skeptical organizations to be put on investigations and show trials for daring to question the consensus. There may be worse than that coming, as he seems to genuinely believe we’ve committed some sort of crime and should be punished for it. Make no mistake, it’s coming.

"I suspect I’ll be personally targeted as well.

"While it’s been an easy ride during the Trump administration with him pulling out of the Paris agreement, bringing the gestapo-like EPA back to sensibility, eliminating WOTUS rules, appointing prominent climate skeptics to NOAA, and many other things, we now face a renewed in your face series of actions by the Biden administration to make battling the invisible boogeyman of climate change not just a priority, but a declared war."

The next Democrat administration will very blatantly punish critics as a warning to others.

Heads on pikes are a metaphor.

For now.

ITEM 14: Just the News reported, "A majority of registered U.S. voters are worried that government officials in the U.S. will retain their newly claimed expansive powers following the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen.

62% of the respondents said they were somewhat or very worried about American governments holding onto their pandemic powers after the health crisis finally subsides. Just 32% were unconcerned with that prospect."


So what are the 62% going to do about it?

ITEM 15: The New York Post reported, "A new cellphone video obtained by The Post shows a security guard stabbing another man in the face during a bloody brawl outside Penn Station — while an NYPD sergeant looks on.

"The footage shows guard Walter Miller, 58, on the ground grabbing the unidentified victim by the hair while blood drips from the man’s face.

"Miller is seen cutting the man’s face during the scuffle, while the victim tries to fend him off."

OK, what was the source of this altercation?

The story ended, "Police said Miller apparently believed that the victim had cut the taxi line at the station and confronted him — with the exchange escalating and getting violent."

You need security from the security guards in New York.

ITEM 16: Zero Hedge reported, "A healthcare worker in Alaska was hospitalized on Tuesday with a 'serious allergic reaction' after receiving Pfizer's covid 19 vaccine, according to the New York Times."

The 6 deadliest words in journalism are "according to the New York Times."

You don't know.

It may be the truth or it may be the latest incarnation of Jayson Blair casting shade on a product that may end the pandemic panic.

There are 10 million people ahead of me in line for the vaccine. No problem. I am in no hurry. I will just wait and see how many die and how many mutate into a supervillain with magical powers. Then I will decide if I want to be vaccinated.

ITEM 17Fox reported, "Florida burglar climbing into home killed by falling window: sheriff."

The next day, NRA Shooting Illustrated ran a column, "Which Type of Shotgun Load is Best for Home Defense?"

I am more interested in what gauge that window was.

ITEM 18: Ed Morrissey reported, "Shocker: Insurers Refusing To Underwrite Portland Businesses For Some Odd Reason."

He cited an MSN story, which said, "most insurance carriers aren’t walking away from existing customers in downtown Portland. She said owners who have had to file claims for property loss and damage this year could have a harder time renewing their policies or finding affordable options that offer property coverage. Business owners both in downtown and elsewhere in Portland where there have been instances of vandalism say they’ve run into this issue."

Democrats don't care.

They want to destroy small businesses and the middle class that goes with it.

The Democrat UnAmerican Dream is mass poverty because it is easier to control the poor.

ITEM 19: Just the News reported, "Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has never seemed like a big fan of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's leadership. And now the firebrand progressive sounds as if she doesn't much like how Chuck Schumer, another fellow Democrat, leads in the Senate.

"'We need new leadership in the Democratic Party,' Ocasio-Cortez said during a podcast with The Intercept on Wednesday. 

"The Intercept’s Jeremy Scahill asked Ocasio-Cortez whether Congress’s failure to pass COVID-19 relief this year should be blamed on Pelosi and Schumer."

AOC's bid for Schumer's Senate seat in 2022 will be awesome.

Red China invested wisely in her.

ITEM 20: Elias Marat reported, "Pakistan has adopted new measures against sexual assault that will ensure brisk trials and the chemical castration of offenders convicted in cases of rape.

"The Anti-Rape Ordinance was signed into law Tuesday by Pakistani President Arif Alvi, and will ensure special courts meant to combat the crime will hear all rape cases, and wrap them up within four months, according to a statement from the president’s office.

"Crisis cells will also be established that will conduct full-scale medical and legal examinations of rape victims within six hours of reported incidents, reports Anadolu Agency."

We used to hang rapists.

I would rather go back to that than embrace this barbarity.

ITEM 21: USA Today reported, "Americans are increasingly concerned about vaccine safety after four people in Pfizer-BioNTech trials and three people in the Moderna trials developed Bell’s palsy, a condition that causes temporary weakness or paralysis of the facial muscles.

"While it may sound scary, experts say Bell’s palsy is more common and less severe than people think."

99.9% of the people with it don't die.

Just like covid-19.

Yes, you rich and connected people can go first.

FINALLY, on this date in 1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright of Dayton, Ohio, successfully flew the first aeroplane at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

Thus, the Wright Brothers kicked off a 117-year feud between Ohio and North Carolina to determine who really was first in flight.

Amazingly, it took America only 66 years to land a man on the moon, which showed our ingenuity and industrious nature.

We have not landed a man on the moon in 48 years, which shows our voluntary decline from greatness.

Make America Great Again!


  1. Finally: Ah, but Don you forget the great strides the U.S. has made in genetics. Why now, a child can change gender at a drop of a hat.

    Ahhh hell, I think Meryl and Willie sang it best..
    It's all going to pot
    Whether we like it or not
    Best I can tell
    The world's gone to hell
    And I'm sure going to miss it a lot.

    1. At the drop of a hat - or the drop of their trousers.

  2. Item 21: Gen. Curtis LeMay had Bell's Palsy. It would be a nice side benefit if the vaccine gave the recipient's the General's backbone.

  3. Item 12: Toilets that flush would be nice too.

  4. Item 1: The DOJ charged more than a dozen people for an import scam a decade ago, but not Clinton, Brennan, Holder, Comey, Kerry, Rice, Lerner, nor anyone else from Obama’s criminal enterprise.

    Item 12: Do you know anyone buying a new shower head who does NOT dig out the flow restrictor?

    Item 20: ”Pakistan has adopted new measures against sexual assault that will ensure brisk trials and the chemical castration of offenders convicted in cases of rape.” Surgical castration is irreversible.

    1. I like chemical castrations as long as the chemical used is tanerite.

    2. 20 - the article didn’t state if they will continue to stone to death the victim of the rape. If they are not doing this anymore, I welcome their progress.

  5. Every day I read the highlights and hope for the story which calls out and for mustering the militia. If they do not act before January 20th, the UN will intervene at the request of the new dictator. And for those of you who think the democrats can be stopped with the Senate, I suggest you study 8 years of Obama. They tossed the Constitution in the garbage in order to steal the election, why in the heck would they start following rules now that they've proven it can get them ultimate power?

  6. ITEM 11: Cuomo is a thug, a guido without the hair products.

    1. gui·do
      a man, especially an Italian American, regarded as vain, aggressively masculine, and socially unsophisticated.

  7. #11 What good is an oath of office if breaking that oath does not result in removal from office?
    Creating laws that are facially unconstitutional should result in the courts invalidating the law and removing the legislators and executive who created it.
    Of course we would need legislation to create such a penalty. So never going to happen.

    1. No legislation needed if we have trees and rope. Assembly required of course.

    2. Sadly, I will not be surprised to read of this happening in the near future.

  8. "Surveillance video shows a person setting that fire, KOIN CBS6 tweeted." DonS commented, "Democrats don't play nice." As I keep saying, I don't know if the media is/are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dem Party, of if it's the other way round, but it's OBVIOUS they're in cahoots. And now,just as the Nazis did, the Dems have gangs...

    Item 16: Don commented, "The 6 deadliest words in journalism are "according to the New York Times."
    As I keep saying, I despise, detest, and TOTALLY distrust the NYT (and it's little dog, WaPoo, too!)

    Item 18: Don said, "Democrats don't care.
    They want to destroy small businesses and the middle class that goes with it." Who will either leave town...or attack the "city government".

    1. End all dealings with Red China.

      The common Chinese people are a thousand times richer today than 30 years ago. That frightens the intellectually weak folk. Who are saying in effect that communism created all that wealth. Right.

      And all those huge Chinese cities also came from communist policy too! More wealth from communism!

      Or its all slave labor! Strange how we never see pictures published of these slave camps huh. Even with all those satellites we have we just can't seem to find any slave camps. But we know they are there cause these obscure bloggers say so.

      And all those Americans who love Chinese products don't really know what is good for them.

      Surber sure does though. And he wants raw federal power to give it to them good and hard. Americans have to stop buying what they want! They must be stopped voting with their wallets its not fair.

      Americans have too much freedom they must relinquish their options to trade with foreigners.

      They must only trade with foreigners we like. Not foreigners they like. End free choice for Americans today!

    2. Google could be your friend if you weren't such a dolt. Try googling China slave labor and see what you find. Human rights watch has plenty of photos.
      Just because you are stupid doesn't mean anyone else is.

    3. Even communists eventually figure out how economically-catastrophic communism is - and that they have to let up or there will be nothing to eat.

      Lenin had to implement the NEP (New Economic Policy), which was a partial market economy - since his pure communism had totaled the economy. And it was Deng Xiaoping who created the market opening in China. The bet was that they could open up the economy without opening up the political system. We'll see...

    4. Anon, try to remember that your sarcasm is not a good debate strategy - it pisses off the people you’re trying to win over.

    5. Tom, you are making an assumption that this troll, who has been obsessed with Surber for a long, long time, is trying to win over people. Bad assumption.

      Just ignore the neocon, Surber obsessed troll.

    6. "Just because you are stupid doesn't mean anyone else is."

      Yeah, we've long since established this troll is stupid. And obsessed with neocons, which aren't here, and of course, Surber.

    7. Fake news here means stuff I don't like. Real news, although from the same fake news media, is stuff I like and already agree with.

      No independent thought at all. China surely regulates commerce like DC does. They're economic system, Keynesian at its core, is just like ours.

      But yellow men bad white men good!

      The only threat from China I see is their ongoing "social credit score" trial. If it works it could be tried here.

      And that would be a nightmare. That's when the red and blue states will divorce.

  9. "Amidst these profuse blessings of nature and of Providence, beware! Standing in this place, sacred to truth, I dare not undertake to assure you that your liberties and your happiness may not be lost. Men are subject to men’s misfortunes. If an angel should be winged from Heaven, on an errand of mercy to our country, the first accents that would glow on his lips would be, Beware! be cautious! you have everything to lose; you have nothing to gain.

    We live under the only government that ever existed which was framed by the unrestrained and deliberate consultations of the people. Miracles do not cluster. That which has happened but once in six thousand years cannot be expected to happen often. Such a government, once gone, might leave a void, to be filled, for ages, with revolution and tumult, riot and despotism.

    The history of the world is before us. It rises like an immense column, on which we may see inscribed the soundest maxims of political experience. These maxims should be treasured in our memories and written on our hearts. Man, in all countries, resembles man. Wherever you find him, you find human nature in him and human frailties about him. He is, therefore, a proper pupil for the school of experience. He should draw wisdom from the example of others—encouragement from their success, caution from their misfortunes. Nations should diligently keep their eye on the nations that have gone before them. They should mark and avoid their errors, not travel on heedlessly in the path of danger and of death while the bones of their perished predecessors whiten around them."--Daniel Webster, Fourth of July, 1802

  10. Item 21: Decades before the China virus a perfectly healthy 20 something friend developed Bell's palsy. Doctors had no idea where it came from and no one tried to fear-monger her into believing is was something life threatening or destroying.

    She went on to marry a great guy and have 2 wonderful kids and a wonderful life - despite a slightly crooked smile.

  11. Vietnam is a Xi puppet.

    Maybe Switzerland is too now

    Ahh Surber he sees conspiracies everywhere! If its something he doesn't like then the Chinese must be behind it.

    In fact China is taking over the whole world. Woe is us! We all be speaking Mandarin when we wake up tomorrow. Egad!

    Gosh I wonder how the Chinese did it? They sure have magical powers don't they cause absolutely everyone does their bidding.

  12. Give credit to Red China for not leaving a stone unturned.

    I know! They're genuine magicians aren't they? Their tentacles are so far reaching they now circle the globe. Is there anything they cannot do?

  13. Why does the government regulate showerheads?

    Cause idiots like yourself believe they have the right to regulate interstate commerce that's why.

    Once you let the feds foot in the door you now think he won't come all the way inside your house????

    You think all regulation should be reasonable? And who defines what is reasonable?

    1. Article I section 8 of The Constitution. Ring a bell?

    2. It never meant that for until it was re engineered with the New Deal. So you just agreed with FDR the fascist. Nice company you keep there.

      And then you all wonder why the nation has gone to pot. Its really amusing how you don't see what's right under your nose.

    3. Here its shown how the Constitution was perverted by FDR and his fascist corps.

      The Commerce Clause serves a two-fold purpose: it is the direct source of the most important powers that the Federal Government exercises in peacetime, and, except for the due process and equal protection clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment, it is the most important limitation imposed by the Constitution on the exercise of state power. The latter, restrictive operation of the clause was long the more important one from the point of view of the constitutional lawyer. Of the approximately 1400 cases that reached the Supreme Court under the clause prior to 1900, the overwhelming proportion stemmed from state legislation.1 The result was that, generally, the guiding lines in construction of the clause were initially laid down in the context of curbing state power rather than in that of its operation as a source of national power. The consequence of this historical progression was that the word "commerce" came to dominate the clause while the word "regulate" remained in the background. The so-called "constitutional revolution" of the 1930s, however, brought the latter word to its present prominence.

      See the "constitutional revolution"? You clowns support such revolution! If you want to change the Constitution to regulate commerce then it should've been amended.

      It wasn't. And DC has grown enormously ever since. In other words conservatism failed to protect that sacred document.

    4. And then all you people do is whine about the sociopaths in power today. Of course they're in power they go where the power is found.

      Fredrich Hayek showed how the ruthless end up on the top in chapter 10 of The Road to Serfdom.

      As long as DC remains powerful the sociopaths will remain right there.

  14. AOC's bid for Schumer's Senate seat in 2022 will be awesome.

    Red China invested wisely in her.

    See? Their tentacles are absolutely everywhere! Woe is us!!! These magicians are amazing!

    Its time to head to the hills! Oops Surber is already there lol.

  15. 10 The Sun article only says "children" once and only in context of home schooling. They rest of the article refers to them as learners and students. Unconsciously revealing the truth.

    12 .CA takes more than its share of water.

  16. We have not landed a man on the moon in 48 years, which shows our voluntary decline from greatness.

    And what was accomplished by that? Other than a feel good moment. Which is all it is.

    Where in the Constitution is such an endeavor authorized? Thankfully space travel is gradually moving to the private sector where it belongs.

    NASA is as corrupt as any fed agency. Just look into the Challenger debacle and see how they knew the risk was too high.

    The Chinese must have been behind that too!

    1. Where the hell did all these anonymouses come from? It so passes me off that they haven’t the honesty to put their name on their opinions. Pitiful fcks

    2. Its so amusing people want others to use fake names like they use themselves. They never say why. Anyone can make up a name. Doing so proves nothing.

    3. There only one anonymous poster here and he is an digit, ignore his insanity.

  17. The defender of all things communist China is mighty active this morning. I’ve unmasked him. He’s mr. Yoo Suk Wang.

    1. So Schlong says Yoo Suk! Which is indicative of the intellectual merits of this blog. When you can't defend your views you call people names.

      Using names like you do indicates your issues with sex your obsessed with it. It reveals your subconscious predilections.

  18. 3: What do you expect of a priest who honors a Catholic who supported abortion?

    Teddy Kennedy was about as much a Catholic as Heinrich Himmler.

    5: Companeros of the plow,
    Tired and starved and dirty,
    There's but one road to travel now,
    So grab your .30-.30.

    6: You get what you pay for.

    9: I know they have private armies to protect them, but what a shame if a few Demos bought the farm.

    14: Resist. Or demand another vote.

    20: And murderers.

  19. "Donald John Trump is still our president."

    I continue to savor that line.

  20. 11. I have no sympathy for people who elect AND reelect people like cuomo, newsome and whitmer. Just stay out of my state.

    14. They will reelect people like cuomo, newsome and whitmer.

    16. I agree. Not only do we not know the long term effects, at this point, we do not even know the short term effects.

    1. I think the shaky ballot handling and appearance out of nowhere have resulted in Cuomo, Newsome, Whitmer, Gropey Joe, and many others.

      Just think of how often we think "how did this bozo get elected?" Maybe, all this time, they haven't been. Just beneficiaries of ballots found in trunks of cars, drawers, hidden under tables, or numbers conjured out of thin air.

  21. Looks like the George Soros financed trolls are out in force. I guess that's a decent job during the pandemic. It's not an honorable one though.

  22. Item 4: I've been curious for years--
    Who put the baab in the al Shabaab Shabaab?

  23. #6, Time to designate the Democrat party a terrorist group. They are holding America hostage as we speak.

  24. 2. Vietnam may be Communist but it and China do not get along. If there's a war in the South China Sea, Vietnam will not be on China's side.

    3. Pope Frank was raised to destroy the Church but in reality, it doesn't have far to fall.

    6. Oh, no. Zuckerberg is NOT a victim here. You can buy a small army of security for that kind of money. He is a willing accomplice. The Democrat's goal is to turn the US into an aristocracy, much like France before the Revolution. Zuckerberg's goal is to turn it into an oligarchy, ruled by the few, the snobs, the billionaires.

    PS: Epoch Times is worth the money. The CEO is falun gong. They are anti-communist.

    8. An almost irrelevant bunch of out of context statistics. It compares cities of of completely different size. Chicago's problem is a relatively small area in the south.

    Remove five urban areas from the US's murder statistics and the US barely makes the chart compared to other countries...and guess what party owns those five areas.

    11. I have it on good authority that Democrats are self-licking ice cream cones (yeah, get that picture out of your head) and don't really need for people to vote for them.

    In Soviet America, EVERYBODY votes. Living. Dead. Non-existent...

    14. #Resist slaver governments.

    16. Serious allergic reaction to what? Bee stings? Peanuts? Latex?

    There are 330 million people in line before me. I already had my flu shot this year. (Did you notice that Wuhan Flu killed the regular flu this year? Investigate that NY Slimes)

    17. Shotgun round loaded with window glass?

    18. Ask the Eastern Europeans about how poor people are easier to control. The prosperous are easier to control because they have something to lose. If you make people desperate, they don't have anything to lose.

    20. The problem with 'quick justice' is it has a tendency to become 'just quick'. And the most convenient become scapegoats for the politically privileged.

    Finally: In 2003 the World celebrated the 100th anniversary of controlled flight, and for 1/4th of that time, the Europeans had been waiting for the Eurofighter to be delivered. The bureaucratization of aerospace is a widespread and long term problem.

  25. Regarding #14, I’m planning on installing fresh air ventilation systems, front to back if possible, if not, from any side to the other.

  26. #9 God bless, Lauren Boebert. I'm glad I donated to her campaign.


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