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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president. 

ITEM 1: The Daily News reported, "Smokey Robinson wishes fan ‘Happy Cha-nooka’ in Cameo video."

Someone pointed out his error. He said, "Mistakes, I know I've made a few. But I'm only human. You've made mistakes too-oo-oo. I'm crying."

Jeff Jacobson had him make a video, explaining in a tweet, "My mom grew up on the same street as Smokey Robinson in Detroit. So for Chanukah, I wanted to reunite them via @Cameo. But the video takes a strange twist."

He included the video in the tweet, which showed Smokey's mispronunciation.

Jacobson then spoke for America, tweeting "By the way, Smokey Robinson can pronounce it any way he damn well pleases. He is a true legend whose music has been with me since birth. His kindness and generosity of spirit have already made this most-unusual 2020 Chanukah one of my family’s most memorable. Also, my mom says hi."

When Smokey Sings. Bob Dylan called him America’s greatest living poet.

Maybe they should change the pronunciation to Cha-nooka.

ITEM 2: CBS News reported, "The Supreme Court on Tuesday sided with a Colorado church challenging the state's capacity restrictions on houses of worship during the coronavirus pandemic, the latest order from the high court, now with a 6-3 conservative majority, in favor of churches and synagogues seeking to hold worship services during the ongoing crisis.

"In an order with three dissents, the high court tossed out an August decision from the federal district court in Colorado that kept the attendance limits in place and sent the dispute back to the lower courts for further consideration in light of its November order barring New York from enforcing capacity restrictions at houses of worship."

Colorado's Democrat governor got covid despite all his superstition-based rules.

Throwing virgins in a volcano makes more sense than setting a curfew to stop a virus.

The story did not quote the decision itself, but did quote a dissent thus readers have no clue as to why the justices acted as they did. The court speaks through its decisions. The press silences the court.

ITEM 3: The Daily Caller News Foundation reported, "Ian Smith, co-owner of Atilis Gym, has incurred roughly 60 citations and is charged nearly $15,500 per day that he remains open in defiance of Democrat New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy’s COVID-19 closures, he told Fox News. Smith alongside Frank Trumbetti, another owner of the fitness facility, were arrested in late July after the pair refused to close their business following a weeks-long fight with state, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported."

Smith said in an email to Murphy, "We aren’t going to be paying them. Leave us alone. We have proved you wrong. Our business has been running for 7 months with better safety protocol than the entities you are responsible for running.

"Long term care facilities have the highest death rate and it’s still rampaging through the facilities even though they have been locked down. Our protocol has kept people safe, yours hasn’t."

That is a great argument.

We likely will see if a judge agrees.

ITEM 4: WPIX reported, "New artist for 'Mark Trail' wants to bring decades old comic strip into the 21st century."

The story said, "Those cutting-edge updates for the 21st century include topics such as environmental racism and climate change."

Environmental racism?

Black Bears Matter.

Back when I read newspapers, I skipped Mark Trail.

ITEM 5: The Daily Mail reported, "A San Francisco district is planning to rename a school named after Abraham Lincoln because the former president did not demonstrate that 'black lives mattered to him.'

"The president, who is often held up as an American hero for abolishing slavery, is just one of 44 historical figures soon to have their names scratched off schools within the San Francisco Unified School District.

"Other names include George Washington, Herbert Hoover and Senator Dianne Feinstein, whose name will be stripped from the Dianne Feinstein Elementary School for allowing the Confederate flag to fly outside City Hall back in 1984 when she was mayor.  

"The renaming of the schools comes as part of a nationwide reckoning around racial justice that has seen Confederate flags banned, military bases renamed and statues toppled of racist and Confederate figures across America in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd."

The police did not kill George Floyd, who died of a drug overdose while in police custody.

This is insanity.

We are going full blown communist and destroying our past.

Lincoln freed the slaves.

As for Hoover he was the first and only president to have a non-white vice president, Charles Curtis, the first and only Indian to serve as vice president.

ITEM 6: Just the News reported, "The Pentagon on Tuesday ordered the emergency shutdown of a classified internal communications network, three Defense Department sources confirmed.

The unprecedented daytime shutdown comes amid recent revelations that other federal agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, were breached by hackers.

The Defense Department alerted employees that the SIPRNET system was being shut down in the late morning for emergency software updates, the sources told Just the News.

The Pentagon did not immediately return a request for comment, including one on whether the shutdown was related the hacking reported Sunday, allegedly by Russian agents.

The system, known as the Secret Internet Protocol Router Network, handles classified information, up to the secret level, and was shuttered for several hours."


Our enemies cannot just bide their time until a Democrat administration just hands over state secrets as the Obama administration did.

ITEM 7: United Press International reported, "The COVID-19 vaccine manufactured by U.S. biotech firm Moderna is safe and effective enough for emergency use in the United States, scientists at the Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday.

"The researchers issued their opinion in a 54-page report ahead of Thursday's meeting of the agency's Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee, a group of outside medical experts who will advise FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn on whether to approve emergency use authorization for the vaccine.

"The committee and the FDA took the same steps to approve the vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech last Friday and the first vaccinations were given to health workers on Monday."

Operation Warp Speed.

Once again, Donald Trump completes a project on time and under budget.

The media said a vaccine by year's end could not be done. The Donald did it twice.

ITEM 8: Breitbart reported, "After Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (R-Pa.) blasted Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) for more anti-Israel and antisemitic rhetoric and urged colleagues to join him in calling for her immediate removal from all congressional committees, Representative-Elect Burgess Owens put out a statement in support of the move.

"In an exclusive statement to Breitbart News on Monday, Owens expressed support for last week’s call to action from Rep. Reschenthaler."

Owens was in the backfield in the Browns-Raiders playoff game in 1981. He knows Tlaib is the Red Right 88 of Congress.

ITEM 9: Zero Hedge reported, "Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard has been arrested in Winnipeg under the extradition act after federal prosecutors in New York slapped the 79-year-old with a nine-count indictment in the Southern District of New York. He has been accused of sex-trafficking, racketeering, and sexually assaulting dozens of teenage girls and women."

Can we all agree that the time to have sex with a teenage girl ends when you turn 20?

ITEM 10: CBS reported, "A police body camera video reveals what an innocent woman said happened to her nearly two years ago: police officers wrongly entered her home with guns drawn and handcuffed her naked as she watched in horror.

"Last year, Anjanette Young filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the video to show the public what happened to her that day. CBS 2 also filed a request for the video. But the Chicago Police Department denied the requests.

"Young recently obtained the footage after a court forced CPD to turn it over as part of her lawsuit against police."

Oops, my bad, is not a good enough excuse.

Settle out of court.

ITEM 11: The Telegraph reported, Red "China is forcing hundreds of thousands of Uighurs and other minorities to pick cotton by hand in the western region of Xinjiang, a key source of the world’s cotton, according to a report by a Washington-based think tank. 

"Rights activists have estimated that Chinese authorities have detained more than one million Uighurs and other, mostly Muslim, minorities in detention camps in Xinjiang since 2017. Beijing denies that Uighurs’ rights are abused and says re-education centers provide vocational training to help people gain employment, and are necessary to curb extremism. 

"Now, information from Chinese government documents and state media reports provides evidence that at least half a million people have been forced to pick cotton through a coercive state-mandated labor transfer and poverty alleviation scheme, the Center for Global Policy says. 

"In 2018, three majority-Uighur areas within Xinjiang alone mobilized at least 570,000 people to pick cotton through the scheme, according to the think tank report published Monday."

There's your free trade, Jonah Goldberg.

We must ban all trade with Red China because it is a slave nation.

I realize that slavery brings back fond memories for Democrats, but it is still wrong.

The predominately black NBA and NFL should be the first to cancel all shoe and other apparel contracts with companies that manufacture in Red China.

ITEM 12: The Daily Caller reported, "The International Criminal Court announced Monday it will not investigate China’s reported detention of Uighur Muslims and other ethnic minorities in a setback for human rights activists pushing for prosecution."

Of course not. International criminal courts are for little countries.

ITEM 13: The New York Post reported, "The mass exodus from New York City amid the COVID-19 crisis has cost $34 billion in lost income, according to a new study released Tuesday.

"About 3.57 million people fled New York City between Jan. 1 and Dec. 7 this year — and they were replaced by some 3.5 million people earning lower average incomes, the findings from Unacast said.

"That means the Big Apple lost a net 70,000 people during the pandemic."

New York's Democrat mayor and governor screwed up.

But don't worry. Democrats in Washington will bail them out with other people's money.

ITEM 14: Reuters reported, "Venezuela wields a powerful 'hate' law to silence Maduro’s remaining foes."

Just as Democrats in America do.

ITEM 15: The Federalist reported, "The Metropolitan Police Department of Washington, D.C. is investigating a Black Lives Matter sign burning that occurred at pro-Trump and Stop the Steal protests on Saturday as a potential hate crime.

"'The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating this offense as potentially being motivated in whole or in part by hate or bias. The designation can be changed at any point as an investigation proceeds and more information is gathered,' a press release from the department read."

You can burn an American flag without penalty, but not a BLM sign.

We don't live in a country. We live in a gang war.

ITEM 16: Newsweek reported, "A U.S. Navy ship operating in the Eastern Pacific Ocean intercepted a massive haul of suspected cocaine, worth an estimated $106 million, earlier this month.

"The USS Gabrielle Giffords, carrying a U.S. Coast Guard law enforcement detachment, intercepted the low-profile vessel, also known as a narco submarine, after being diverted during a routine patrol on December 5. Approximately 134 bales of cocaine weighing an estimated 2,810 kilograms were found on board the vessel and three crew members were detained on suspicion of drug trafficking."

Well, there goes Hunter Biden's Inauguration Day party plans.

ITEM 17: The New York Post reported, "Census estimates 336 million people living in U.S."

Some of them may be actual citizens.

ITEM 18: The Blaze reported, "Grammy award-winning singer Lizzo is being criticized for betraying the body positivity movement by trying to lose weight, and some are accusing her of 'succumbing to fatphobia.'

"Lizzo, whose real name is Melissa Viviane Jefferson, sparked the outrage among some of her fans when she posted on Instagram about a 10-day smoothie cleanse program she tried."

My body, my choice is dead.

ITEM 19: A reader wrote, "I've been reading you for a year or two, mostly agreeing but thinking maybe you're a smidge paleo where I'm a smudge neo.  Well, I just sent Commentary Magazine an email cancelling a subscription that I've maintained for 25 years.  I extended my apologies to Norman Podhoretz, who never done me no wrong, but I told John Podhoretz to f*** off.

"You run a family-friendly blog, so I don't expect to get quoted.  But I've just gotten a smadge more paleo than I thought I would be."

Family friendly, but sometimes the family is the Munsters.

ITEM 20: United Press International reported, "California prison officials said a death row inmate was found dead in his cell early Monday.

Problem solved.

He and another man kidnapped, tortured and murdered a college student 25 years ago.


  1. 3 - the resistance grows. Long live the resistance. Resist we much.

    4 - sounds like the end of the Trail is coming soon.

  2. O Sweet Saint of San Andreas, awaken!

    Loyal to Notre Dame.

    Cheer, cheer for San Andreas
    Wake up the echoes cheering her name,
    Send a volley cheer on high,
    Shake down the thunder from the sky!
    What though the odds be great or small,
    San Andreas will win over all,
    While the San Fran traitors scream
    As they slide into the sea!

  3. 5 - outrageous.

    15 - but anything conservative can be destroyed with impunity.

    19 - I was going to say the reader Lurched a bit more to the right, but that’s the wrong family.

  4. So Don, have you given up your fantasy that a 5-4 US Supreme Court is going to overturn the results of the fraudulent 2020 election and prevent demented Biden and HeelsUp from entering the White House? Sure seems like it.

    What is your current fantasy for how President Trump is going to remain our President after Inauguration Day?

    I’m telling you, Mighty Mouse is as good a fantasy as any you have had thus far. Mighty Mouse is a hell of a lot more reliable than the feckless limp pricks that make up Republican Party elected and appointed officials, for the most part:

    And again Don. You were too complacent about the massive Democratic machine voting fraud operation that was put in place before the election in broad daylight.

    Reread your old columns: You know. The ones that predicted that President Trump would win 57 States and Guam against demented corrupt Joe and HeelsUp.

    You were “complacency on steroids” Don. I know that West Virginia is nice, but you need to get out more and realize our opponents are evil, tough, and smart.

    Yeah, we have Trump, but after him and a few others, most of our side are lazy, overpaid, lard butts and buffoons.

    1. Gaslighting gasshole.

      There is much more to come. Many more arrows in the quiver.

      Among them, Don’t forget the seven swing states that sent Trump electors to congress, besides the corrupt electors for Xiden.

    2. Don't worry, we'll continue to consider Joe Biden an illegitimate pResident who was selected, not elected.

    3. Every week its 'wait'll next week...' Biblical, bombshell, kraken, kraken II. It's nice to be hopeful, but I'm getting the feeling that even after Sniffy is inaugurated some here will be telling us to wait for the lawsuits. As if a lawsuit adjudicated in 2022 (even if favorable) will return Trump to the White House. Best he could hope for from that page 17 paragraph is a boost for '24 - if he even wants it.

      Why he would after being stabbed in the back by his own is beyond me.


    4. "Every week its 'wait'll next week...' Biblical, bombshell, kraken, kraken II."

      They have already been released. What the flux do you think that Dominion voting machines proven to send the votes overseas is? Or, two Dominion voting machines proven to show vote switching, with a third coming up is? Not to mention all of the shenanigans with mail-in and absentee ballots. They just have not been accepted as what they are by crooked officials. Yet.

      "It's nice to be hopeful,"

      Correction. It's HARD to be hopeful. Because you don't control everything that is going on. And when things don't go your way, at your time schedule, you loose hope. And go the easy route of pessimism. Just ask any practicing Christian how hard it is to be hopeful.

      Fear not. The swing state legislatures have already sent dual Electors, due to the ongoing legal cases, which is a huge step in the right direction. Trump and XBiden both have over 270 EVs, which is an increase for Trump:

      XBiden's 270+ EVs are a mirage produced by fraud. Fraud which is getting more and more exposure daily. Such as this:

      "Concerned about possible election evidence being destroyed, members of a joint session of the Michigan Legislature’s House and Senate oversight committees on Tuesday voted to issue subpoenas to Detroit and the nearby suburb of Livonia demanding they surrender hard drives, emails, absentee voter counting board laptops and other election-related materials."

    5. I forgot to include this link from Trump about the Dominion vote switching algorithm:

      "“Study: Dominion Machines shifted 2-3% of Trump Votes to Biden. Far more votes than needed to sway election.” Florida, Ohio, Texas and many other states were won by even greater margins than projected. Did just as well with Swing States, but bad things happened.

      He has more than just two machines that show this, but for general public consumption, this what the evidence is so far. More should be upcoming from Maricopa County, AZ.

    6. I'll just kick in the comment again that I've been making for a few weeks now - and something which Sidney Powell noted explicitly earlier this week. Under the law, fraud vitiates the results gained by it. We've never had to apply that doctrine to an election before, so we're in uncharted territory with respect to the "when" parts of fraud being demonstrated by a preponderance of the evidence. But there is certainly (literally) no statute of limitations on fraud (a rare exception to the idea of a statute of limitations).

      I doubt that PDJT will sit idly and wait much longer though.

      I'll also note again that Chairman Xi is in a hurry because he knows that China has started down a demographic slide that will soon inevitably turn into a Russian-style death spiral. Conversely, if we can hold off China now... it's over, and Xi knows that.

    7. We are living in fantasy land, if we still think this election is going to be decertified by the SCOTUS. The cogs are not falling into place, there was never a secret brilliant plan, the President is not going to declare martial law, and the Kraken turned out to be a small crustacean.

      Meanwhile, the democrats are focused on GA and are exploiting the voting process to win. We, on the other hand, are doing purity tests, pointing fingers, and declaring anyone who is not 100% in agreement with the latest election fantasy an enemy. If we manage to lose these two runoff elections, we richly deserve the next two years. Regrettably, the country doesn't.

    8. Flo, Snowgander, any battle plan that requires the cooperation of the other side is no plan at all. Pointing out the fraud and showing evidence of it is all very well and a necessary step, but it then requires the courts to do something about it, rather than (as they've done) claiming that it's too late to do so, or denying based on specious "standing" grounds, etc. Likewise, states sending multiple electoral votes is all very well and a necessary step, but it requires the House to accept the right ones, rather than (as McConnell has already said) that they have no business contesting the election.

      So the remaining plan is based on the executive order you've previously mentioned, but then the question is whether Trump would actually do something based on it. You know, for someone who's been smeared constantly for the last few years as a dictator, he's got a remarkable tendency to shy away from anything remotely dictatorial - and rightly so, not wanting to start a hot civil war unnecessarily. Maybe this time would be different, but some evidence of that proposition would be nice.

    9. I began to pay attention to Trump, and became a fan, when he spoke the following words to the nation and - here's where I understood the fearlessness in the man, the seriousness of his vision for 'America First'. Every single person referred to was seated behind him, their cake holes firmly shut, their minds burning.


      "For too long, a small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost. Washington flourished, but the people did not share in its wealth. Politicians prospered, but the jobs left and the factories closed. The establishment protected itself, but not the citizens of our country. Their victories have not been your victories. Their triumphs have not been your triumphs. And while they celebrated in our nation’s capital, there was little to celebrate for struggling families all across our land."

      Will he enact the 2018EO? I don't know, but he certainly has the guts to do it, and the right to do it. Maybe Americans in their heart know this is the right thing to do - just like the Isreal embassy move - just like the wall - just like the fight against China - just like the mid-east draw down - and on. All took tremendous jam to enact, and America fell in line behind each of these brazen acts against the status quo.

      I hope he does take the EO action. He's got the jam to do it. He will need to prepare the nation well in advance if he does, not spring it on everyone.

    10. That quote was a few paras into his inaugural address.

    11. First, the ODNI has to come out and present his findings on foreign interference in our elections. I believe that is Friday, although I may be mistaken. I also believe it will show there was foreign interference. I.e. a cyber war, where our election infrastructure was attacked.

      That will give Trump more evidence to use as he sees fit. Does that mean he will act? I can't say. But, what it all boils down to, is that Trump, unlike the courts, and swing state governors and SOSs, will NOT shirk his Constitutional duty.

      XBiden is tainted with CCP money. There may be other stuff the CCP can hold over him. The CCP probably aided the massive, in-our faces fraud that falsely produced XBiden's "win". Hence, foreign interference into our government. XBiden cannot be POTUS because of that. If he is sworn in, our country will be turned over to foreign influence. Our elections will be farces, as can now be seen in Venezuela.

      Trump will stop it. He loves this country too much to allow that to happen. He has the tools. He won't shirk his Constitutional duty. When that happens, I can't say. It may happen by XBiden conceding. I don't control any of this, and no one, outside of Trump does. So, it's best to sit back, and watch the greatest reality show in almost a decade. We are living in historic times.

    12. I know we don't want to attempt dialogue with trolls, but just because someone is a "Debbie Downer" does not make them a troll. I welcome civil and reasoned opposing points of view, and I thank the replies above for the counter argument.
      The ongoing sh*tshow is proving daily who is or is not deep state. The turtle has outed himself for all to see yesterday.
      I find it hard to have any hope left, but this is NOT OVER until PDJT tells me it's over. I have no hope whatsoever for the dog-n-pony show that is Congress or the courts, but there are weapons yet to be deployed in this battle. I presume that Trump would prefer not to use them unless absolutely necessary, but when faced with the utter destruction of either the deep state or the Constitution, I know which way I stand.

    13. "...the utter destruction of either the deep state or the Constitution."

      That's a perfect concise summary.

      It's thus a good time for "WWALD?" ("What Would Abraham Lincoln Do?")

    14. No, Snow, due to this unprecedented historic time, it will be changed to WWDJTD. I think you know what that means.

    15. "I find it hard to have any hope left, but this is NOT OVER until PDJT tells me it's over."

      You are right Greg. Further, I keep forgetting to mention, because it's obvious, but Trump is still the sitting POTUS. He is 1/3 the power of our Government.

      As POTUS, he created CISA, designated our election infrastructure as critical, created his EO and signed it, sat in the SCIF of the Eisenhower building with Military members of Cyber Command, while evidence of the massive, in-our faces fraud was collected, and uses his position as POTUS as a bully pulpit to put pressure on uncooperating politicians and judges. None of that could Trump do, if he was sitting in XBiden's position as challenger, where the options available would be to hope the courts rule in his favor, and/or hope the swing state legislatures decide for him. And, of course, he can still enact his EO to stop the cheat and go after the guilty. Before Jan 20th.

      Because he is the sitting POTUS until January 20th, he has way more options and power, than XBiden does.

  5. Item 11: The black players in the NBA and NFL will never condemn the enslavement of the Uighurs in China. They don't have the correct hue for them to care about.

    1. It's not about yellow, white or brown. It's about green. The red Chinese bought them off, too!

  6. 4. Me, too! I would have figured he would have died of old age by now, or, indifference.

    5. The product of not teaching history in schools.

    11. Can't forgo the Benjamins!

  7. ITEM #5
    Thank you. Even though I fancy myself a history buff, I was totally unaware of Charles Curtis. As a minority, it’s reasonable that he was not a Democrat.

    ITEM# 16
    I served aboard two aircraft carriers, both named for deceased presidents. I’ve checked the site for naming protocols of naval vessels and now I’m confused. I’ve sailed in battle groups in which some ships may have borne the name of of a naval hero, but never one which was named for a member of Congress. Still living, no less. What happened to my Navy?

    1. Your Naval Branch has become the Navel Branch, as in what they're gazing at.

    2. I used to work for the nuclear navy program. I once commented on a blog that the navy was considering naming a submarine the USS Barack Obama. In keeping with his policies, it would be powered by a wind turbine and solar panels, it would have a propeller on both ends (so it could go either way), and would be equipped with screen doors. A reply asked if this was true. I figured that person for a recent college graduate.

  8. ITEM 6: Just another attack under the cyber war we have been, are now engaged in, and will continue to be engaged in. And that counts the 2020 massive, in-our faces fraud of an election.

    ITEM 14: Reuters reported, "Venezuela wields a powerful 'hate' law to silence Maduro’s remaining foes."

    To be used against Trump, and all the patriots who support him, if XBiden is sworn in on Jan 20, 2021. Which is one more reason Trump will NOT let that happen.

    ITEM 18: "My body, my choice is dead."

    Except for abortion, of course.

  9. Mychurch has a missoin to the Himalayan foot hill area of China.
    they are willing to Kowtow to the Chicoms and risk arrest or worse
    Xi and his Chicom buddies only want power for them and no one else.
    They've been at this mission for years with very little results. I think it is time to back off for a while and let God handle the Chicoms I've been following the banking crisis in southern China. Things are about to get -interesting...

    1. The words of the 23rd Psalm came to mind DDC, but I believe if it was me, I’d stay home.

      Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

  10. #3 - Saw this tweet last week. Love this guy

  11. "Throwing virgins in a volcano makes more sense than setting a curfew to stop a virus."

    Do they HAVE to be virgins? I was thinking about throwing in Fauci, Xiden, Harris, pelosi,schumer, the squad, several lame stream media apparatchiks, and perhaps a few rinos to be named at a later date.

  12. This needs to be plastered ALL OVER THE NET ::

  13. This needs to be plastered ALL OVER THE NET ::

  14. This needs to be plastered ALL OVER THE NET ::

    1. Yes, yes it is Schlongy. No matter how many times JDDeb posts it.

  15. Item 1: My father-in-law was a Jew. I was a young(ish) man from mid-Misssouri. I knew how to pronounce Hannukah.

    Item 5: Like China, Frisco is asshoe.

    Item 7: Like China, the media is asshoe. And as I keep saying, I don't know if the media is/are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dem Party, or it's the other way round, but it's OBVIOUS they're in cahoots!

  16. 4 - Are polar bears racist? (Among white, brown, and black, they're the only ones who don't hibernate. I'm sure there's a race angle in that. Give me a research grant.)

    BTW, two other anniversaries today...

    o Boston Tea Party (1773).

    o Ludwig von Beethoven's birthday (1770). 250th today!

  17. Today is the anniversary of The Boston Tea Party, in 1773. This destructive act of protest was in response to the British Parliament’s passage of the Tea Act of 1773

  18. In re #8:

    1981 Oakland headline: "Kardiac Kids Have Cardiac Arrest."

  19. I never read Mark Trail either. I figured he was just some guy who urinated every 5 feet so he could find his way back.

  20. #4. Did you ever read "Steve Roper & Mike Nomad?"

  21. #4. Did you ever read "Steve Roper & Mike Nomad?"

  22. Item #9:

    The French Rule- Minimum allowable age for dating is half your age plus 7.
    So an 18 yo can't go lower than 16.
    A 20 yo can't go lower than 17.
    A 30 yo can't go lower than 22.
    At 79, no lower than 46.5.
    That said, at 55 w/ a wife turning 45 next week, there are times when her relative youth is noticeable. Not really problematic but sometimes extra explanation or context is required because she knows little of the decade 1970-1980 whereas I have clear memories of hippies, the gas crisis, court ordered bussing Nixon, Ford, Carter, Watergate, the draft, Vietnam War, the Bicentennial, the advent of AIDS, the tail end of segregation, no home computers, bar codes, cable TV or cellular phones.
    No digital watches or handheld calculators. No FedEx.

    1. Hell, I remember when Commies were blacklisted.

      The Good Old Days really were.

  23. 5: DiFi is now persona non grata?

    How sharper than a serpent's tooth. Literally.

    18: Lizzo put the y in YUGE. The embodiment of the old AL death penalty where you were sentenced to cunnilingus and a fat woman sat on your head.

    19: Or Addams.

  24. #16 A story on a major cocaine seizure might have included the arrest of Cocaine Mitch except he was busy on the senate floor praising and fawning over the new Oligarch set to assume office next month.

  25. Never read Mark Trail. Is the new "woke" version going to lose the signature pipe?
    Never read Mary Worth or Little Orphan Annie either.
    Our favorites growing up were Pogo and Li'l Abner. We also liked the usual lineup of Beetle Bailey, Peanuts, Alley Oop, Blondie, etc. Dick Tracy was fun until it went off the deep end with the moonmaid themes.

  26. 1. It's called Anglicization. I was calling it that before it was cool to do so.

    2. The quoted the dissent because the dissent supported the suppression. The 'press' is the enemy.

    Democratic Party Propagandists of the Press. DPPP. Dippies for short. Keeps saying it until everybody knows.

    4. Yeah, resurrect a comic strip just in time to show on the last newspaper ever printed.

    5. My Peace Terms are the restoration of everything. All the names replaced. All the statues restored. Everything. I don't care if the sh_t on the pedestal may have eaten babies for breakfast...the Left gets no victories. And I want my Confederate Air Force back, Dang It!

    6. Wasn't there something about a horse and a barn door?

    9. Age of consent is 18 in most places and 16 in some, 'course I've been married for over 1/3 century so it's not like it involves me.

    10. " she watched in horror." Was she disembodied at the time?

    And as the Good Prof Reynolds reminds us, last Republican mayor of Chicago left office in 1931.

    11. "We must ban all trade with Red China because it is a slave nation."

    We must ban all trade with the Democratic Party because it is a Slave Party.

    12. What are they gonna' do? Declare war? With who's Army.

    The Chinese Communist Slave Empire has democided way over 100 million people in its 71 years. The Uighur abuse is relatively minor in comparison. Until somebody's ready to take them down, there's not much to do.

    13. Saying they screwed up implies you know what their actual intentions are. There is every evidence that deBlasio considers all of that a feature, not a bug.

    16. I so completely object to name any government anything after living people. The Air Force/Army Air Corps waited almost 70 years before they could name a base after Eddie Rickenbacker, the highest US scoring ace in WW I. That should be the way it works.

    20. 25 years too late.


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