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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: Just the News reported, "Although it is illegal for non-citizens to vote in U.S. federal elections, a 1993 law prevents officials from requiring proof of citizenship, and 56% of registered voters in a new survey think that should change.

"The majority of the respondents in the new Just the News poll with Scott Rasmussen say the law should be changed so that it is legal to check voters for U.S. citizenship status. 

"26% of the voters said the law should go unchanged.

"By political affiliations, 46% of Democrats agreed that citizenship checks should be legal, compared to 74% for Republicans."

1993 means a Democrat president and a Democrat Congress made that the law.

ITEM 2: The New York Post reported, "A subpoena issued to Hunter Biden seeks information about his work with Ukrainian energy company Burisma, his dealings in China as well as documents from more than two dozen entities, according to a report on Sunday.

"President-elect Joe Biden’s son revealed last week that the Justice Department is investigating his taxes while he held a lucrative seat on Burisma’s board, but the new information indicates the probe into Hunter will examine a wide swath of his international pursuits, the Associated Press reported, citing a person familiar with the case.

"It’s unclear, the report said, whether Hunter’s work on Burisma’s board while his father served as vice president in the Obama administration is the main focus of the probe or whether the Justice Department is just collecting information about his sources of income.

"The investigation into Hunter Biden was started by the Justice Department in 2018, but he said he only found out about it last Tuesday."

That Murdoch has not spiked these stories informs me that maybe Democrats want to use this scandal to usher Xiden (as a reader called him) out of the Oval Office if the election steal holds.

ITEM 3: Fox reported, "Special Counsel John Durham is expanding his team and making 'excellent progress' on his investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe, a federal law enforcement official familiar with the investigation told Fox News.

"Fox News has learned that Durham, the U.S. attorney for Connecticut, who Barr appointed in October as special counsel, is adding prosecutors to his team."

What are the odds that the Trump administration is now the target?

I'll take them.

ITEM 4: Neon Settle reported., "Black Lives Matter activists are complaining about the lack of protection from law enforcement, despite actively calling for police departments to be defunded.

"At a Defund the Police rally in Washington D.C. on Sunday, BLM activists complained that the Metropolitan Police Department is not doing enough to protect them."

Spokesman Anthony Lorenzo Green said, "As we’ve witnessed for many months now during this uprising and for years in our own communities, MPD does not, cannot, and will not keep us safe."

I suggest that BLM hire some social workers to protect themselves, just as they have asked cities to do to replace the cops.

ITEM 5: The Factory of Sadness is the appropriately named fan site for Cleveland sports. Now the Indians are going to stop calling themselves the Indians. I had this yesterday, but this is a follow-up.

Names matter. The Cleveland Spiders had the worst record in baseball ever with 20 wins and 134 losses in 1899. The team name was the Naps before becoming the Indians in 1915. The team took the name to honor player-manager Napoleon Lajoie, who left the team. Hence the name change.

The factory reported, "Firstly, no, the Spiders is an awful name, and considering that 100 million people have arachnophobia in the United States alone, maybe it’s best to not name your team after something a third of Americans have an issue with.

"The Blue Sox was mentioned and that’d be cool. Though there is an Australian baseball team already with that name, and they ironically have Manny Ramirez on their squad for 2021.

"The Rockers was also once floated by this very website and that would be an easy change."

Besides Cleveland Rockers rolls off the tongue better.

ITEM 6: Just the News reported, "A Michigan judge on Monday allowed the release of a report that finds intentional, systemic errors in programs designed by Dominion Voting Systems and that the errors are meant to influence election results.

"The analysts who created the report, Allied Security Operations Group, published its forensics findings on the Antrim County, Michigan, elections."

The election was stolen, and Chief John Hinckley Roberts is a coward.

ITEM 7: United Press International reported, "The United States officially returned 12 former military bases to South Korea, but questions are being raised about environmental contamination, according to South Korean press reports.

"The two militaries agreed to the handover on Friday during a virtual meeting, but were unable to solve an impasse over costs of any cleanup on bases like Yongsan Garrison in central Seoul, Yonhap and Hankook Ilbo reported.

"Discussions ended after the two sides agreed to continue cost sharing negotiations. A South Korean government official who spoke to reporters Friday said 24 out-of-use bases returned in the past cost Seoul about $202 million in decontamination costs."

That is a small price to pay for the land and the buildings.

Now to sell German bases back.

ITEM 8: Summit News reported, "An anti-lockdown protester staged a one man demonstration in a California branch of Costco, telling shoppers, “Don’t let them do it!”

"'Don’t let them do it! You know why we’re under this lockdown right now – because all the information that’s coming out about COVID, they know it’s a farce,' said the man.

"'You must not do this, if you continue, this is the life that you will have,' he added.

"The protester continued to address shoppers via a bullhorn as staff tried to intervene.

"'Governor Newsom doesn’t have the right to shut us down or make you wear a mask!' said the man as two other customers walked up to give him a fist bump."

The man speaks for millions.

They should speak up, too.

ITEM 9: Zero Hedge reported, "The relentless California exodus continues: after Tesla boss Elon Musk, Splunk CEO Doug Merritt and comedian Joe Rogan all left the Golden State for Austin, Texas, with Oracle unveiling last Friday that it had become the latest tech company to uproot its Redwood City HQ and move to Austin, Texas, moments ago we learned that Oracle co-founder and billionaire, Larry Ellison, just had an epiphany and decided that he too has had enough of the shitshow that is California, and has moved his primary residence to Hawaii, becoming the latest Silicon Valley mogul to depart the state where they built their fortunes. The news was first reported by Recode."

He should work to flip Hawaii red so it does not become California West.

ITEM 10: Last week, the Wall Street Journal ran a column, "Is There a Doctor in the White House? Not if You Need an M.D. Jill Biden should think about dropping the honorific, which feels fraudulent, even comic."

She has an Ed.D -- an offer even Cracker Jack would not offer it as a prize.

Via Sister Toldjah, the editor's reply to the whine Team Biden served: "Why go to such lengths to highlight a single op-ed on a relatively minor issue? My guess is that the Biden team concluded it was a chance to use the big gun of identity politics to send a message to critics as it prepares to take power. There’s nothing like playing the race or gender card to stifle criticism. It’s the left’s version of Donald Trump’s 'enemy of the people' tweets.

"The difference is that when Mr. Trump rants against the press, the press mobilizes in opposition. In this case the Biden team was able to mobilize almost all of the press to join in denouncing Mr. Epstein and the Journal. Nearly every publication wrote about the Biden response, reinforcing the Biden-New York Times line: 'An Opinion Writer Argued Jill Biden Should Drop the ‘Dr.’ (Few Were Swayed.)'

"This strategy worked to protect Joe and Hunter Biden during the campaign, so it’s no surprise that they’re keeping it up as they head to the White House." 

Wake me when someone calls Missus Biden the C-word on national TV -- as they did Ivanka Trump.

ITEM 11: Breitbart reported, "President Donald Trump announced Monday that Attorney General Bill Barr will leave the administration before Christmas."

The move will be made on December 23 with Jeff Rosen taking over. I trust he will appoint a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden's many, many, many, many, many crimes.

ITEM 12: Zero Hedge reported, "Regardless of what happens with vaccines and Covid-19, debt and energy -- inextricably bound as debt funds consumption-- will destabilize the global economy in a self-reinforcing feedback.

"Back in the early days of the oil industry (1880s and 1890s), the product that the industry could sell at a profit was kerosene for lighting and heating. Since there was no automobile industry yet, gasoline was a waste product that was dumped into streams."

But John D. Rockefeller used some of the gasoline on the internal combustion engines that ran his refineries.

The story went on to say, "Rockefeller became very wealthy by cornering much of the oil market in the 19th century. But he didn't become fabulously wealthy until the 20th century, when the rise of automobiles created a market for all the waste gasoline.

"Rockefeller became super-wealthy when all the products of each barrel of oil could be sold at a premium rather than just a portion of the products."

I say use the gasoline to power the extra electric plants we will need to run our Teslas and the like.

ITEM 13: Just the News reported, "As fears persist of overwhelmed medical systems and at-capacity hospitals nationwide, data indicate that ample hospital space remains available for both COVID-19 patients and other medical needs, with one official at a major hospital network stating that the country is 'managing pretty well' the latest surge of COVID-19. 

"For most of 2020, rising positive test results of COVID-19 have brought with them fears of swamped hospitals, overwhelmed medical systems, emergency patients being turned away, and COVID-19 patients being triaged, suffering and dying in hallways and vestibules. 

"Much of that fear crystallized in the early stages of the pandemic, when parts of the northern Italian medical system were put under significant strain due to a crush of COVID-19 patients. In response, leaders and medical officials around the world suspended elective surgeries and constructed emergency medical facilities to cope with anticipated waves of COVID-19 patients.

"In many cases those facilities were eventually shuttered for lack of patients, even after millions of dollars had been invested in their construction. In Chicago, for instance, the city spent $120,000,000 on four facilities to treat a total of 38 patients." 

We have nothing to fear but fear itself.

And Democrats play off our fears constantly.

ITEM 14: Politico reported, "Senate Democrats are pressing the Trump administration to explain whether the United States could soon face a critical shortage of Covid-19 vaccine doses, citing recent reports that the White House passed on Pfizer’s repeated offers to purchase additional shots."

These were the skunks who said President Trump would not deliver a vaccine by the end of the year.

By the way, these stories on Pfizer offering to sell us extra vaccines never mention what the price was.

When I decide to sell my Mustang, I know who I want to buy it.

ITEM 15: Judicial Watch reported, "While police departments across the United States are being defunded to appease leftists, the federal government is dedicating hundreds of thousands of dollars to advance gender equality in the police forces of a Latin American nation.

"It is a difficult foreign grant to swallow as local law enforcement agencies nationwide suffer through major budget cuts at the request of the increasingly powerful Black Lives Matter movement. The money will flow through the State Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, a broad effort funded by American taxpayers to fight crime, counter production and trafficking of illicit drugs and build sound criminal justice systems in foreign countries.

"In this case, Costa Rica will receive $200,000 from Uncle Sam to develop an empowerment strategy on gender equality for the Costa Rican National Police."

I can see helping out their police to stop drugs, but this is a politically correct waste of our dough. 

ITEM 16: Breitbart reported, "Iran handed a nine-year jail sentence to a British-Iranian anthropologist for studying child marriage and female genital mutilation and ordered him to pay a fine of over $700,000 in cash, the semiofficial Tasnim news agency reported Sunday.

"Kameel Ahmady was sentenced by Iran’s Revolutionary Court on charges of cooperation with institutions seeking to topple Iran’s Islamic government, promoting homosexuality, cooperating with hostile media, visiting Israel as a reporter for the BBC, and engaging in subversive research.

"Ahmady was detained in August 2019 on suspicion of being affiliated with institutes that have ties with foreign intelligence services but was released on bail three months later.

"The New York-based Center for Human Rights in Iran said Ahmady had been a target for his work 'on politically sensitive topics including child marriage, LGBTQ issues and female genital mutilation.'"

The silence by Hollywood is deafening. Maybe if Iran got his pronoun wrong, the stars would care.

ITEM 17: CNN reported, "New York City’s famed 21 Club restaurant will be “indefinitely ceasing operations,” a restaurant union president told CNN.

"Bill Granfield, president of the Unite Here Local 100 labor union, says he received a letter on December 9 stating the restaurant is closing and all employees will be permanently terminated on March 9, 2021. The union represents 120 of the restaurant’s approximately 140 workers, according to Granfield.

"The 21 Club closed on March 16 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and has not reopened."

The state and local governments seem bound and determined to destroy everything that makes Manhattan livable.

FINALLY, Kane at Citizen Free Press is holding a fund-raiser. I donated. He does not take ads, and he is a great replacement for the Drudge Report.. 


  1. Ian Hunter highly approves!

    All the little chicks with the crimson lips go
    Cleveland rocks, Cleveland rocks
    She's livin' in sin with a safety pin, she's going
    Cleveland rocks, Cleveland rocks
    Cleveland rocks, Cleveland rocks
    Cleveland rocks, Cleveland rocks
    Cleveland rocks, Cleveland rocks

    1. Indians was an appropriate name. With their record, we are reminded that while the Indians won at the little big horn, they ultimately lost the war and the continent.

    2. It won't be Rockers. Too close to (Colorado) Rockies.
      But considing how they rolled over: Cleveland Clowns (who doesn't like clowns)
      or even (and here I'm going to get rude): Cleveland C××××. They can wear pink hats to home games to satisfy their new screaming liberal fans.

    3. How about the Cleveland Burning River? :-)

      In recent years, Cleveland folk have had a good sense of humor about using that. A really nice microbrew outfit in Cleveland (I've actually lunched at their outlet) has a "Burning River Pale Ale," and there's even a classical ensemble called the "Burning River Brass."

  2. Item 5: How about the Cleveland Snoozers? Close enough to the Naps.

    Item 6: So what happens six months or a year from now, after the election lawsuits have made their way through the courts, Dominion is sued into bankruptcy, and it is ruled that only through widespread fraud did Biden (as everybody but one reader calls him) “win” the presidency? Will Joe and the Hoe be “uninaugurated”? All of his Cabinet members fired? His Executive Orders declared null and void?

    1. It now seems obvious that this 'election' fraud was planned to not cover their tracks, but to leave so many obvious trails to follow up, that the task would be impossible to complete, to get into the courts, with non-partisan judges, and have a resolution, all before Xiden (make that two readers) is inaugurated. A stall for time. They've forced opponents to enter a maze so they can snicker and watch as the poor saps puzzle their way out the other side. Betcha they are having a good laugh over it too. I'm patiently waiting to see who gets the last laugh, though.

    2. Maybe Xiden,as three readers call him, should be tried for attempting to overthrow the government. We supposedly have leaders chosen by the people. We cannot accept this steal.

    3. And Randy, thanks for convincing me to switch from calling him slow Joe among other things, to Xiden.

    4. Jeremy: “Maybe Xiden,as three readers call him, should be tried for attempting to overthrow the government.”
      I’m not sure he had a idea what was being done in his name. His handlers were keeping him in the basement, calling “lids” on his appearances, and generally treating him like a mushroom. He may be so clueless as to think he actually won the election. It would be hard to convict someone for treason or insurrection unless he actively participated in the fraud.

    5. Randy, that's actually a good question - and as your humble correspondent :-) said back in early November, we're in uncharted territory on this so who knows.

      I pointed out back then something that Sidney Powell pointed out clearly last night in legalese terms: "Fraud vitiates any results obtained by it." That's literally what the law says, and that general principle is widely used. So it should apply here.

      Methinks though that we won't get to that. There's more than enough now for PDJT to invoke the Insurrection Act and the 2018 EO if the system continues to fail to act.

    6. I agree with your last paragraph (hell, I agree with all of it!) Snow. My guess is Trump is waging an information war to educate as much of the public as he can, so that if he decides to invoke the Insurrection Act, or declares war (we are in a cyber war, and are under a state of emergency), or whatever Constitutional act is used, the public will mostly be behind him.

      Also, I believe it was Sun Tzu (?) that stated (I paraphrase) that if you can defeat your enemy without deploying your weapons, that is a better victory. Hence, he is trying to use traditional methods, such as the courts, and the state legislatures. He already has a big win from the swing state legislatures with their dual electors. As more evidence comes forward, it will be easier to convince people that Trump won and taking action will be deemed necessary.

    7. Oh, I forgot one more thing Snow. This Friday, I believe, is when Ratcliff's ODNI's report on foreign election interference is supposed to come out, per the EO. That may be the event that Trump is waiting on before he makes his move. But, I'm not good at predicting Trump's moves.

    8. Randy, Xiden would have the opportunity to present a defence of not guilty by reason of mental incapacity. It should be on him to prove he is mentally deminished. That is not the job of the prosecution, they only need to release exculpatory evidence when they uncover it, not search diligently for it.

  3. I don't care if anything ever happens to Hunter Biden or any of the Biden's for that matter as long as the 200,000 currently sealed federal indictments start flowing like a river soon and people are prosecuted for their crimes against our nation. Keep you eye on the ball. Hunter will either OD, die in a car crash or die of a heart attack at a too young age. Joe is already a dead man walking.

    1. The indictments are the dangling carrot. I repeat myself, but if anyone defies their oath of office to defend and protect, with hand on Bible, the Constitution of the United States of America so Help You God....AND DOES NOT....(the numbers are currently staggering), the first and foremost consequence should be absolute IMMEDIATE LOSS OF CITIZENSHIP that is forever irrevocable. God, Family and Country - it's a heart and pride and honor thing - you either have it or you just don't.

    2. The indictments are the dangling carrot. I repeat myself, but if anyone defies their oath of office to defend and protect, with hand on Bible, the Constitution of the United States of America so Help You God....AND DOES NOT....(the numbers are currently staggering), the first and foremost consequence should be absolute IMMEDIATE LOSS OF CITIZENSHIP that is forever irrevocable. God, Family and Country - it's a heart and pride and honor thing - you either have it or you just don't.

    3. The indictments are the dangling carrot. I repeat myself, but if anyone defies their oath of office to defend and protect, with hand on Bible, the Constitution of the United States of America so Help You God....AND DOES NOT....(the numbers are currently staggering), the first and foremost consequence should be absolute IMMEDIATE LOSS OF CITIZENSHIP that is forever irrevocable. God, Family and Country - it's a heart and pride and honor thing - you either have it or you just don't.

    4. I agree with you JDDeb, no matter how many times you repost it!

    5. i think JDDeb Is posting using Firefox browser, which I’ve heard from others triples your reply. Hey JJ Deb let us know

  4. 5. Can’t use Rockers. Liberals will protest. John Rocker was an alleged racist.

    6. John Roberts is a compromised pussy.

    10 - I did a lot of consulting work with one state government. An unusual number of the employees in upper management had PhDs or Ed.Ds. Doctors all, from a mill, to give them a title and act superior to the masses.

    15 - why not just light the money on fire. At least it will produce some heat.

    1. S.L.: Just wait until Lost-In-Space brand-new NY Mets GM Jared Porter starts burning brand-new owner Steve Cohen's vintage billions.

      (Steve will be almost as pissed off as the day when he had to bribe the U.S. Government a billion dollars not to indict him for insider trading. "Goddamn it, if I was a Chinese Communist, they would have only charged me $500 mil!!!")

      At any rate, you might appreciate... and may Mr. Surber forgive me for...

      The Column's Title:

      "Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture - with FH70 155mm Cannons and Type 74 Main Battle Tanks"

      --- You Tube video of an event at which two-year olds were present, and scared out of their wits, when, at the crescendo, the cannons and the tanks fired off rounds.

      Commenter: What kind of f'ing moronic parents bring 2 year-olds to the firing range?! They should have been barred at the gate.

      Reply: "They are firing Blanks. Real ammo causes Recoil."

      Commentator: You want recoil?

      "Just wait until 2020 turns 21 and starts drinking."

      Item # 5:

      Dear Laughter:

      Thank you for your very nice letter.

      As always, we try to send along the laughs, if any still remain in the by-now threadbare 2020 HaHa Pantry.

      What follows actually did occur, last night, Monday December 14, 2020.

      I hope you're conversant with the game of football.

      If what follows is unfamiliar ground, I am sure that a close colleague (knowing you, no doubt a bartender) will be able to decipher it for you.

      I did my part by translating it from CBS Sports into English (well, what could be).

      It involves the Cleveland Browns, who have a legendary and irrevocable reputation for losing.

      They haven't been to the playoffs since the Emancipation Proclamation (the one issued in England in 1313 A.D.).

      One year, I think it was in 1516, the league, flush back from a successful Middle Eastern Crusade conducted in Brooklyn, NY, bent the rules so that teams that hadn't won a single game all season could get into the playoffs.

      Cleveland still didn't qualify.

      Tonight, they created a new chapter, an instant Legend to be added to their venerated Annals of Completely Losing.

      Score: Baltimore 45, Cleveland 42. Two seconds left in the game.

      The Browns must advance seventy-five yards in one play.

      It's been done before.

      As you will now see, the concept of forward motion in Cleveland, explained to them by Browns minority team owner Isaac Newton in 1703, is still in the planning stages.

      Without further ado, the joke now emerges from the Jungle of Exposition:

      "Cleveland police have invented a new sobriety test.

      "Drivers must exit the vehicle and then recite this, somewhat flawlessly, so as to be cleared of suspicion of DUI.

      [Sobriety Test, Start]

      "Browns 1st & 10 CLE 25 (00:20 4Q)

      "B.Mayfield pass short middle to K.Hunt to CLE 27 for 2 yards.

      "FUMBLES recovered by CLE-R.Higgins at CLE 27.

      "R.Higgins to CLE 21 for -6 yards.

      "Lateral to B.Mayfield to CLE 15 for -6 yards.

      "FUMBLES recovered by CLE-J.Landry at CLE 12.

      "J.Landry to CLE 19 for 7 yards.

      "Lateral to R.Higgins to CLE 19 for no gain (P.Queen).

      "FUMBLES (P.Queen) recovered by CLE-K.Hunt at CLE 18.

      "K.Hunt to CLE 16 for -2 yards.

      "Lateral to R.Higgins to CLE 0 for -16 yards.

      "FUMBLES recovered by CLE-J.Landry at CLE 0.

      "J.Landry pushed ob [out of bounds] in End Zone

      "SAFETY (Ravens-M.Humphrey).

      [End Test]

      * * *

      Baltimore 47, Cleveland 42.

  5. I started rewatching David McCullogh's brilliant HBO series "John Adams", and fifteen minutes into it I realized we are no longer those people. I mean all of us,not just the loony leftists.

    How many Americans watched "The Voice" last night rather than taking to the town square where they might've cheered the burning in effigy of President-Select Xiden?

    The complacency is deafening.


    1. When HBO opened with John Adams "witnessing" the Boston Massacre, I damn near shot my TV (this was about 20 years ago when I still watched some TV. Almost zero now).

      As anyone who had actually read the book damn well knew, Adams had been physically nowhere the event (I believe he was at home, miles away).

      When they lie at the opening, guaranteed, the rest of it is pure bullsh*t.

      Yes, we are no longer these people. Sad.

    2. I disagree. I can name some: Admiral Rodgers, Gen. Flynn, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Rudy Giuliani, all the lawyers assisting the last three, and of course, Trump and his supporters. There are others. All are standing up to the fraud, and trying to expose it.

      The easy path is to just accept what happened, just as many in the colonies sided with the Crown. Like the founders and their situation had the country lost to the Crown, if the fraud is allowed to stand, those people I mentioned above will be imprisoned, hounded legally, hounded in the press, etc.

  6. ITEM 3: "What are the odds that the Trump administration is now the target?"

    Maybe. But, now that Barr is on his way out, he is being replaced by Rosen, who "wrote an essay on foreign influence in US elections":

    and Richard Donoghue as Deputy AG, another guy who wrote an essay on foreign influence in US elections":"

    I believe what we have here is the DOJ now actively working to investigate the fraud, which it appears Barr was refusing to do. And with the fact that there was foreign influence in our election, these are the right people to be put in place for the investigation.

    Hang in there Trump supporters, and have patience. With ITEM 6 above, the appointment of dual electors by PA, GA, MI, WI, AZ, NV, and NM, and this, the tide may be shifting towards negating the cheat.

    ITEM 11: See above.

    1. I forgot to include these two victories in the fight against the massive, in-our faces fraud:

      "Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger Announces Signature Audit For Absentee Ballots in Cobb County"

      Gee, I wonder who got to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, to make him change his mind about covering up the fraud? A certain tweety, maybe?


      "Wisconsin Supreme Court says election officials were wrong; ballots may not be counted.

      The opinion, which was released this morning, says local elections officials were wrong to suggest that voters could claim the status of "indefinitely confined" based on COVID-19. The majority decision also held that if voters falsely claimed they were indefinitely confined "their ballots would not count."

    2. And more good news:

      "AZ Senate Issues Subpoenas To Seize All Dominion Voting Machines In Maricopa County For Full Forensic Report"

      If the machines are found to have shifted votes, that will be three counties, in three different states, where the Dominion machines shifted the votes. Can you say criminal conspiracy? Also, Texas will be proven to have standing with their case they brought to SCOTUS. Right John Roberts and the others who voted with him? But most of us, including Don Surber, knew that. Had SCOTUS taken the case, as they should have, Trump would have provided the evidence to show the prevalent vote shifting fraud in the Dominion machines. And maybe, that is what John Roberts was trying to prevent.

      All Dominion machines in ALL states must be examined forensically, to see how far the vote shifting went.

    3. “ ‘In Wisconsin, somebody has to be indefinitely confined in order to vote absentee. (no i’d required) In the past there were 20,000 people. This past election there were 120,000“. that’s more than enough thrown out to have Xiden lose Wisconsin.

  7. ITEM 7: Roberts seems intent on skulking his way to the end of his tenure on the SC.

    1. JR is the Benedict Arnold of the 21st Century.

  8. "That Murdoch has not spiked these stories informs me that maybe Democrats want to use this scandal to usher Xiden (as a reader called him) out of the Oval Office if the election steal holds."

    The reality is that nothing comes from these investigations.

    Until then, I just read on.

  9. Nothing will come of any of these investigations. Our DOJ like the FBI is full of corruption and spineless jellyfish who are incapable of dispensing justice. Both of them should be disbanded since as constituted at this time they are both departments with no honor vision or purpose.

  10. Item #5: “Besides Cleveland Rockers rolls off the tongue better.” No to mention the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a short walk from the stadium.

    Item #9: “He should work to flip Hawaii red so it does not become California West.” With all the leftist rulings from the legislature, representatives, senators, and judges in Hawaii, I thought it was too late for this.

    Item #14: It seems the only thing the government offers to buy at low, low prices is your gun during one of those oh so fruitful buy-backs. And even then, a kid with a piece of pipe and a chunk of wood will be able to garner a couple of bucks for his home made “zip gun.”

    1. No offense to you Joated, but I just hate that term ‘buyback’ for gov’t gun confiscation. We never bought our guns from the government, so they are not capable of buying them back. It’s so 1984 ‘new speak’ terminology

  11. Item 1: Just as with INA '65, the Demonrats play the long game when it comes to sinking Republican'ts.

  12. Item #9: Larry Ellison. Easy to move to Hawaii when you own an entire island. And a 300' yacht to get there.

  13. 5. Who cares? It's only pro football.

  14. "Besides Cleveland Rockers rolls off the tongue better."
    ...and in cleveland..."you're never alone with a schizophrenic"

  15. RE: Finally: I donated to CFP. I would not be opposed to seeing an ad or two as long as he doesn't let his advertisers dictate content.
    I am hanging in there hoping this "steal" will be thwarted but at the same time prepping for worst case.

  16. Henceforth and forever more the former Joe Biden shall be referred to as Joe Xiden.

  17. Forgot whether you covered it or not, but AMA resolved to rescind it's statement against hydroxychloroquine.

    1. D.S. posted this information yesterday. However, it never hurts to do things twice (assuming that we're not reposting "War And Peace").

  18. Item 1 from today - the citizenship checking requirement - reminds me of MLB banning steroids but for years never testing. Republicans are basically chumps. They are the political equivalent of the Washington Generals. People love Trump because we finally got a fighter. But he can't carry all the weight himself.

  19. 1: Willie was never a moderate. Same old Commie as always.

    4: Ya gotta love it, right? These creeps thought they were real tough, clocking old men and women and guys from behind. Now they're getting their heads handed to them and want protection.

    If this really is Germany in the 20s, if you had your money on the SA, just like last time, you're going to win again.

    5: How about The Cleveland Baseball Team, so baseball and football can go down together?

    6: The word gets out. The Internet is forever.

    This is not 1960.

    8: There are a lot of Paul Reveres out there.

    And they're being heard.

    10: StarFleet responds.

    11: Why would Barr leave if Trump's out in a month?

    1. 11. Because someone just put a nice hot sizzling juice 14-pound cheeseburger on his dinner plate at home.

      Having knocked off perennial champion Joe Chestnut in the Coney Island hot dog eating extravaganza, he's now training for an Eat-Off Championship Duel with Michael Moore (Moore is the +970 underdog).

  20. South Koreans would be speaking Chinese if it weren't for the U.S. military. Base clean ups are a small price to pay, IMHO.

  21. #1: I once had an argument with a liberal who is a member of the Autoworkers Union here in Detroit. He screamed at me about Trump and republicans being racist and that asking to prove id and citizenship to vote was only a racist way of making sure rich, white people are the only voters. I said, "okay, so during the next union vote, can I come and vote? I'm not a member and my vote shouldn't count, but if you ask for me to prove my membership, I'll call you racist and vote anyway." he said that was completely different. I asked, "how?" he couldn't find a reason. But, he strutted away still thinking he was 100% correct.

    1. As my wife likes to say, there’s nothing worse in the world than being stupid. And, you could REALLY make my day by telling me he works for Government Motors - THE most, corrupt, inept, piece of shite automakers on the fooking planet.

  22. item #5 The Indians were named after Lou Sockalexis, a rightfielder who played for the Spiders from 1897-1899. Sockalexis was a Penobscot Indian who hit .338 for for the 1897 Spiders. In the next 2 seasons, due to the ravages of drink, he only played 28 games in the next two years. He died from alcoholism in 1913 aged 42 years. Lou Sockalexis was the first Native American to play in the National League and the Cleveland fans wanted to Honor him.

    1. Well, in that case they picked the right team. Sigh.

  23. Item 13 - Three close relatives developed WuFlu and were over it in about a week. They're the only people I know who had it. I was talking about it with some friends who also had friends or relatives with WuFlu. The common denominator in all the cases we talked about was being admitted to or visiting a hospital.

  24. "The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."
    --H. L. Mencken

  25. 5. How about the cleveland eeries?

    6. The same "errors" were found in Nevada machines. Nationwide fraud? I wonder how many republican senators and representatives we would have without dominion machines doing the counting?

    9. Instead of Mexicans, Central and South Americans turning Texas blue, they have to worry about californians. I think Austin is already blue. By the way, did you ever think there was one MAJOR reason the media did not dub the democrat party the red party?

    10. You mean like Dr. C...?

    12. Back in the 70's a friend worked for DuPont. He was tasked for developing products out of the waste--kind of like Rockefellar. He said he was in charge of abatement which made him the master abater.

    15. What else is new? Where is the Golden Fleece award when we need it?


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