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Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Global fascism in a vaccine

June will mark the 5th anniversary of Brexit. Britons voted to regain their sovereignty, their dignity, and their freedom in 2016, but Britain has yet to leave the European Union. The post-election has been rigged. This looks like the end of a great 300+ years of liberty following passage of the Bill of Rights in 1689, which predated our own Constitution by nearly a century.

So goes England, so goes America. The election of Donald John Trump as president resulted in open sedition and resistance to civil authority by our own government.

The Establishment has yet to accept the legitimacy of the 2016 presidential election. To avoid a repeat in 2020, they rigged the election.

The Establishment also rigged dissent. Kristallnacht-style riots, torching, and looting in liberal cities this summer sent a message of fear to urban dwellers. Toe the liberal line or else.

Democrats sent the same message earlier to corporate CEOs received when Mozilla forced CEO Brendan Eich to resign over a $1,000 private donation to Proposition 8, a ban on gay marriage passed by California voters.

This is why the Koch Brothers, the Cathy family (Chick-fil-A) and Fox News have turned their backs on conservatives.

Elections have consequences, Chief Justice John McCain Roberts barked in upholding Obamacare.

He lied because with Proposition 8, the Supreme Court struck it down and made gay marriage the law of the land. The will of the people and thousands of years of human history be damned.

But it is the Democrat control of CEOs that is the threat to society. What conservatives mock as virtue signaling is very real to these corporate chiefs. One false move and they are Eiched.

Corporate advertisements and the various cable outlets embraced BLM. They also pushed voting in such a manner that was clearly anti-Trump. And now the ads are heavy with gay couples. No one wants to run afoul of the various tribes that Democrats promote.

I am slightly amused. It reminds me of all the very public howling in North Korea upon the death of Kim Jong-il in 2011. At the time, it seemed odd to me. Now I understand. They were crying their eyes and hearts out as if their lives depended on it -- because they did. Failing to mourn hard meant re-education camps or worse.

How can one family control the masses like this?

Democrats are showing us how. They own the government. They own the media. And now they own corporate America. This is the pattern throughout the West.

It is a fascism that Red China concocted. Chairman Deng was a brilliant strategist. After Tienanmen, he allowed his citizens to start companies and the like, but kept control over them. They flourished. Red China has billionaires galore. And Chairman Xi controls them all. Their companies do his bidding or else. 

Western governments now also are using corporations to do that which government cannot easily do.

For example, censorship has been outsourced to Facebook and Twitter.

And requiring vaccinations and restricting travel are being outsourced to airlines. Qantas was the first.

Summit News reported, "Yet another airline has announced that it sees so called ‘COVID passports,’ proof that travelers have been vaccinated and/or tested negative for corona virus, as essential for them to be able to travel.

"Lance Gokongwei, President and CEO of Cebu Pacific, the largest budget airline in the Philippines, made the comments to reporters Monday.

"'We do think that’s essential, especially as we open up international travel,' Gokongwei said, adding that there are 'different vaccines and I think we have to work on a single, global COVID passport so that each country respects the passport.'"

We know zero about any of these vaccines. Will they work? What are the side effects? 

Americans need to judge the potential harm against the risk of a disease that in 10 months has infected but 5% of the population and has killed 0.1% of the country. And those numbers may be inflated.

But Corporate America knows best and will take that choice away. This is the same Corporate America that said cigarettes were safe and unleashed opioids upon the nation without proper safeguards.

The vaccine is the start. Wait till they add your social media score into the mix. Good luck traveling or getting a loan or doing even ordinary commerce. 

One man stands between the death of liberty and life. And right now, President Donald John Trump needs our prayers and the votes of five justices. Obama and his fellow travelers made President Trump's life hell, and yet he fights on.


  1. "social media score"

    I assume that you mean "social credit score"? (This of course has already been put in place by the CCP over there.)

    Funny thing is that this isn't new idea for the domestic left. Back in the early 1990s, some D senator from NM (Bingham, Binghaman, whatever - very forgettable guy) proposed a social-credit scaling for the corporate income tax - with "good" corporations getting a lower tax rate than "bad" corporations. You can probably guess how he chose to define "good" and "bad"...

  2. With respect to the vaccine, sign me up. I'll gladly take your spot if you are ahead of me. Spending three-decades in the US Army tends to put things like inoculations into perspective. I am past ready to get back to international travel. Many countries suggest and some even require inoculations against various infectious diseases (that little yellow shot-record document). This is simply the latest.

    1. Cut on in Tigre.

      I am thankful I have no desire to travel anywhere anymore, except the 3+ hours by car to see my kids and grandkids.

    2. Agree again Master of Lard. Zero want of International travel and if I travel in the USA, I'll drive Thank You. I'm in no hurry!

  3. 1) Ads also are heavily weighted in favor of showing interracial couples now, I have noticed. 2) The other means of CCP maintaining control of capitalism (allegedly) in China: Many corporations are owned by the People's Liberation Army. When I served in the Foreign Service at our consulate in Guangzhou China, our building and the hotel next door were opened by the PLA.

    1. And, of course, our building was bugged. No confidential conversations whatsoever. No confidential/private ANYTHING. We knew that before going to China.

  4. Don, you’re losing it and becoming a Loon, which is sad because most of your columns, including most of this one, are excellent.

    However, it’s one thing to be an ignorant stupid person and recognize it, and quite another to be an arrogant ignorant person who speaks out on things they obviously don’t know - like you did yesterday when you demonstrated your ignorance of Ted Cruz’s history arguing before the US Supreme Court — information on which is easily available to anyone willing to do the research.

    In this column, you continue to make the idiotic, evidence-free claim 5 members of the US Supreme Court have the unilateral power to re-elect President Trump. They don’t.

    Even if one or two State’s cases (such as PA’s and GA’s) come before the US Supreme Court (which is a long shot); and the US Supreme Court awards both State’s Electoral College votes to President Trump (a much longer shot bordering on the NOT POSSIBLE); that still won’t result in President Trump winning re-election.

    While I have as much anger as anyone toward the corrupt Democrats and their colleagues in the Uniparty (the RINOs) - I live in the real world.

    You are allegedly a citizen journalist/reporter - but right now you’re spinning fairy tales.

    So I repeat, rather than 5 of the 9 US Supreme Court Justices, you can even more accurately report that “Mighty Mouse” is coming to save the day for us and for President Trump.

    1. All that's needed is to keep Bidet short of 270. Trump wins in the House there.

      The Supremes simply need to nullify the Electors in the disputed states to accomplish this then kick it to the House delegations. This is all Constitutional.

      The problem is they won't. At best you have four who will. Kavanaugh will peel off if Gorsuch doesn't beat him to it.

    2. “The Supremes simply need to nullify the Electors in the disputed states to accomplish this the. Kick it to the House delegations. This is all Constitutional.”

      Big Jake, you may be very talented, but you’re not a Constitutional scholar.

      Your dreaming.

    3. I agree, K already showed that he would hide behind the state argument in the NC decision before the election.

    4. The two gaslighting gassholes are back. Playing good cop, bad cop.

    5. Oh look. jakee and his sock puppets sing "Doom despair, and agony on us!"

      Keep it up trollies. It's great entertainment. That's all.

      Oh, jakee, "Courts are corrupt!" "System is corrupt!" But, Trump can win in 2024!


    6. "The two gaslighting gassholes are back. Playing good cop, bad cop."

      Entertaining, isn't it? As I stated, the troll and its sock puppets are ineffective at the real task. But they make me laugh!


    7. No, Mallon, I'm not dreaming in terms of what is Constitutionally POSSIBLE. It's been done before. But anyone who thinks this will happen is dreaming, particularly the chuckle-headed, braindead parrots with their continual squawking.

      The only thing that will even slightly offset my disappointment when Trump loses in the corrupt courts is watching these idiots flail and flounder as they backpedal from their boldly confident assertions of victory. That will be epic.

    8. Yes, because someone with SCHLONG as a username is a man to be taken seriously.


    9. LOL. jakee is answering his own sock puppet Susie M. In a "serious" manner. As if he's debating. Yeah right. Good acting there jakee! NOT!

      Hey jakee, Trump to lead the resistance, and win in 2024! Right?


      Now, who is the brainless one jakee?

    10. "Yes, because someone with SCHLONG as a username is a man to be taken seriously."

      Your just mad because Schlongy correctly pointed out how bad you are at the only thing you attempt to do: trolling.


    11. BJ, don't get Mouthy with Schlong! You may eat your words.

  5. Don, you shared with your own readers in ITEM 1 of your column this morning the beginnings of a possible rollout of the MAGA Party to challenge the Globalist Uniparty (Clinton-Bush; Dem-GOP).

    This new party, or something like it, is where the action is headed with President Donald Trump out of office.

    President Trump, his team, and his closest advisers are planning for the future.

    You need to STOP being a dope and claiming ALL IS LOST if 5 members of the US Supreme Court don’t re-elect President Trump.

    Your wrong that all is lost if President Trump is not re-elected. The fight goes on, as it must. Get over yourself.

    1. FUD, in its purest form.

      I guess Troll Central is very scared these days.

    2. "Your wrong that all is lost if President Trump is not re-elected."

      jakee's sock puppet pushing Trump can win in 2024!


    3. Malon is right over the target. Notice the schmucks like Edwina and his minions cry TROLL, SOCK PUPPET, and FUD. Primarily this is due to their lack of an argument--and a thesaurus. Limited vocabularies make for boring writing.

      The GOP has been overrun by the left just as China has done to the USA. Most of us who vote R do it as an opposition vote AGAINST the Dims. A new party with a new core of candidates is the only way to get rid of these entrenched RINOs.

      Recall how shocking it was when we defeated that schlub Eric Cantor. That was because such a thing is exceedingly difficult.

      Trump will wage a serious war against the establishment of both parties (the Uniparty) for four years making him the most powerful force in politics STILL. Assuming the actuarial tables are kind of course.

    4. Edwina you're the clown whistling past the graveyard with your parrot Obtuse Olson on your shoulder, not me.

      I take being called a troll as a badge of honor. I much prefer that over being a blind, ankle-humping, true-believer who can't grasp even the most basic reality hitting her[you] in the face.

    5. "I take being called a troll as a badge of honor."

      You just used another oxymoron, you moron. Besides, you ARE a troll. That you have to bring sock puppets to support your arguments, shows how weak they are.

      "Recall how shocking it was when we defeated that schlub Eric Cantor. That was because such a thing is exceedingly difficult."

      "We"? Cantor was in Virginia. Don't you claim you live in Texas? Besides, if it was so hard, then you are going to have to explain Trump, and how he has continuously defeated the Uniparty for four plus years. And the Tea Party before him.

      "Trump will wage a serious war against the establishment of both parties (the Uniparty) for four years making him the most powerful force in politics STILL."

      Since you can't figure out how to buy a clue, I'll give you one. Free. Read on troll.

      Trump is accomplishing the defeat of the cabal NOW. It's why he set the trap. He planned this. He planned this to win, not to lose. Sort of like how you stated pilots plan ahead.
      Only Trump's plan is better. Because he knows there is no tomorrow for him to, as you falsely put it, "wage a serious war against the establishment of both parties (the Uniparty) for four years".

      If Trump concedes, he will be lucky if he gets out of the country with his life and family. Otherwise, he will be jailed. They spent four years trying to "get him", and just blatantly stole an election, so they could be rid of him. They aren't going to just let him walk away and lead a resistance, and then run again in four years. Only a "blind, ankle-humping, true-believer who can't grasp even the most basic reality" would ignore that reality.

      And further, your cawing of "courts are corrupt!" and "system is corrupt!" contradict Trump being able to successfully wage that war, without either of those acting against him, and then win an election in a still rigged election system. However, while Trump is sitting POTUS, he has the tools, some of which he legally enacted, and he will use them to successfully wage that war. After he has exhausted his legal challenges, the appeals to the state legislatures, and the SCOTUS. That multifront plan is the brilliance of Trump, and why he WILL win. Your scenario has failure written all over it. Like it was written by a, ..., what's the word I'm looking for? Oh yeah, a troll. A troll sent to spread doom and gloom.

      There is evidence all over the net for those who want to search for the truth. Trump prepared out in the open, and stated many times at his rallies that the dumbocrats were going to cheat. He KNEW they would. He wasn't caught off guard and unprepared, like you falsely cry about. All of these legal actions could not be put together as quickly as they have if he wasn't prepared. Nor could his teams have found so quickly the data showing how Dominion's computers were running algorithms that biased votes. It's not Trump's fault that your too stupid understand this, or that you couldn't piece the clues together. Heck, other posters and I have brought the evidence here for you to read. Or, your just a troll sent to sow doom and gloom. Doesn't matter to me which you want to claim, as neither of the two shed a positive light on you (or your sock puppets).

      Unfortunately for you, because you are obviously invested in Trump losing the massive, in-our faces vote fraud, he will prevail, and be sworn in for his second term. And he will have a mandate to fix the corruption. A mandate that could have only come about, because the people are learning how bad our election system really is, because of the well planned trap that was set.

    6. his minions cry TROLL, SOCK PUPPET, and FUD. Primarily this is due to their lack of an argument

      Bingo! Been saying that for 2 years here among the Ever Trump fanatics. None of them can engage in intellectual discourse about some issue.

      The only one who ever did was teapartydoc and he left in disgust a year ago at the incessant Zionist propaganda and warmongering parroted here.

      One day its bring the troops home! Another day its 3 cheers for yet another assassination in Iran or Iraq.

      I find it strange how Iran is allegedly the worst state sponsor of terror in the world. Yet its always Iranians who get killed.

      Never are any Israelis officials killed are there?

      Iran sure is lousy at sponsoring terror!

    7. Aww jakee, you don't have to go into disguise as one of your silly sock puppets. We know it's you. Come out post like the jakee you are.

    8. Susie doesn't understand this blogger at all. He's a political junkie. His salvation depends on politics. He really thinks this is the end of the world so he'll hold on to the bitter end on Jan 20.

      As a neo-con he loves power as much as liberals do. The past 4 years were the best of his life he often wrote.

      If he really was a conservative he'd respect the Constitution but he doesn't. He loves Congress regulating interstate commerce.

      Then when they don't regulate the way he likes he says its the end of the world. He says the feds have a role in health care.

      Then he moans and groans about the virus and the vaccine! A real conservative would never turn such power over our affairs to the feds! Its relinquishing liberty for a false sense of security.

      He forgets what Washington wrote in 1796:

      Government is dangerous servant and a fearful master. We now face the latter because we've turned commerce and health care, among others, over to the enemy.

  6. And any of us that stands with him makes their lives Hell.

    Give 'em Hell, Mr President.

    America has your back.

  7. Susie,Susie,Susie

    I used to have a wife who like you thought that every point she made had to be followed up with a grinding of the boot heel, just to make doubly sure you didn't forget who made the 'wise comment'.

    She didn't learn...and I doubt you will either that respect for others along with their differing opinions are not your personal stomping ground.

    Lighten up madam and have a bit of respect for your blog host as well as your fellow readers...but most of all for yourself. 'nuff said.

    1. What you are requesting is contradictory, an oxymoron: troll and respect.

      But, you knew that, right sock puppet?

    2. Obtuse Olson: The Boy Without a Brain

    3. There's no disputing you thought I and the other posters here who support Don were without a brain when you pitched your monumentally stupid idea that despite your insistent cawing of "courts are corrupt!" and "system is corrupt!", Trump can win in 2024! Guess I and the rest of the posters here proved you wrong jakee.


  8. I'm going to ignore all the blather that came before me, except for the love of God, learn the difference between "your" and "you're", and say great column, Don!

    1. Welcome to the realities of internet posting. If you want, you could volunteer for grammar and spell checking czar.

    2. God help us we have someone who insists on criticizing grammar! How petty can you get?

  9. Damn Right, Marianne! Nothing worse than bad DICTION!!! Your spot on!

    1. You Ever Trumpers insist on perfect grammar but none of you dare to make an argument defending your ideas.

      Instead you focus on name calling and pettiness. Which means your all intellectually lazy. Emphasis on your!!!


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  12. Mr. Surber. Many thanks for the last paragraph (WHEW!). As I was reading, I was beginning to think that you were throwing in the towel. keep the flags waving.
    Enjoying texting my nephew in Texas about the lawsuit going to SCOTUS. We're all praying.


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