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Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Biden is Muellered

My mantra throughout the investigation of Spygate has been no excitement without an indictment. My pessimism is warranted by John Durham's track record, and the unlikelihood of getting 12 residents of Washington willing to indict those who lied and spied on President Donald John Trump.

But Bill Barr made a move that gives me some hope.
The Associated Press reported, "Attorney General William Barr has given extra protection to the prosecutor he appointed to investigate the origins of the Trump-Russia probe, granting him authority to complete the work without being easily fired.

"Barr told The Associated Press on Tuesday that he had appointed U.S. Attorney John Durham as a special counsel in October under the same federal regulations that governed special counsel Robert Mueller in the original Russia probe. He said Durham’s investigation has been narrowing to focus more on the conduct of FBI agents who worked on the Russia investigation, known by the code name of Crossfire Hurricane.

"Under the regulations, a special counsel can be fired only by the attorney general and for specific reasons such as misconduct, dereliction of duty or conflict of interest. An attorney general must document such reasons in writing."

I do not have my Barr-to-English dictionary handy, but I believe the attorney general just said, it ain't over till I say it is over.

Barr told the AP that he decided "the best thing to do would be to appoint them under the same regulation that covered Bob Mueller, to provide Durham and his team some assurance that they’d be able to complete their work regardless of the outcome of the election."

He entered the order on October 19 and disclosed it to the House and Senate judiciary committees on Tuesday.

This is a pretty deal because Xiden (as a reader called him) was part of Spygate. Records show he unmasked people the FBI spied on for Obama.

Democrat Jerry Nadler cried foul, telling the AP, "we should not lose sight of the larger picture: in the waning days of the Trump administration, the attorney general has once again used the powers of his office to settle old scores for the president."


And the appointment pre-dates the election.

Barr has his ducks in a row and Democrats are quacking up.

Everyone's favorite crazy-eyed Democrat, Adam Schiff said, "In an appointment secretly conferred on Durham prior to the election and only disclosed now that Barr concedes there is no evidence of election fraud to overturn the results, Barr is using the special counsel law for a purpose it was not intended: to continue a politically motivated investigation long after Barr leaves office."

Yes, only Democrats should be allowed to run politically motivated investigations.

Lindsey Graham told Politico, "I hope my Democrat colleagues will show Special Counsel Durham the same respect they showed Special Counsel Mueller. This important investigation must be allowed to proceed free from political interference."

This is the logical conclusion of the Mueller probe.

The premise of the Mueller probe was to find out if Donald Trump colluded with Putin to rig the election.

President Trump did not.

Hillary lost fair and square in what may be the last trustworthy presidential election.

But as this false premise of Russian Collusion was used as an excuse to spy on Obama's political opponent, the question became what did the FBI know and when did it know it?

This was a cover-up, and as we were taught in Watergate, the cover-up is worse than the crime.

And the crime itself is pretty heavy.

So there is hope for justice this morning. 

And you can see why the news media went with a fake story about Barr saying there was no election fraud.

UPDATE: I don't need any personal attacks today, OK?

Also, my understanding is the president can de-classify anything he wants regardless of a special counsel appointment.


  1. Well, you know how the saying goes, "You can wish in one hand..."

    This is pure Kabuki Theater. Do-Nothing Durham is the perfect man to give an investigation the appearance of partisan legitimacy.

    The only way Bidet is going down is if it serves the purposes of his swamp creature puppet masters.

    The Dims play to win.

    Trump caught them off guard in 2016 and when he did it again in 2020 they had a backup plan to get the steal. There are just enough corrupt actors in both parties in all levels of government to let them get away with it, too. Until some of these fools wind up like Mussolini and his girlfriend they'll keep doing it.

    "It does not matter how you play the game, it's whether you win or lose." The Demonrats have this tattooed on their foreheads.

    1. Unfortunately I must agree with your assessment. The largest low hanging fruit from the corrupt FBI was and is the lies told under oath to IG investigators by Andrew McCabe, and the DO(N)J refused to obtain an indictment, going so far as to send a letter McCabe's attorneys doing their best Pontius Pilate impression.

      The recent statement by AG Barr re the election fraud was my last straw. Today I deleted my Twitter and Parler accounts. I also deleted links to numerous grifter (no other word fits) websites that trumpet "breaking news" about the next big criminal act to be investigated and other such nonsense. Our country is so corrupt that the Democrats blatantly and openly stole the election for the presidency and there are to be no consequences.

      We're finished and I deeply regret my 24 years of Naval service to the United States of America.

    2. I salute your service. It's unfortunate that we're at this point. We are going to have to fight like there's no tomorrow soon, because if we don't then there won't be one.

      I don't know if there are enough of us left willing to rebel against the coming tyranny.

    3. that is sadly true. unfortunately we live in such a world. I think the old adage holds true, "If you ain't cheating, you ain't trying."

    4. Spot on Dave. My fellow prior service colleagues are saying the exact same thing. How can anyone take the Oath under these criminal circumstances-and one fraught with a socialist takeover in a post-constitutional era.
      This is maddening. Public suppression of opposing political views, persecution of law enforcement and criminal elections.
      This is incompatible - there is no recourse to serve a Xiden administration with its corrupt associations with the chinazi communist party and with Russia. Same for their alignment with Iran.
      Our federal law enforcement, justice and intelligence agencies are corrupt beyond repair.
      If Xiden is installed and appoints Bag Lady as SEC DEF, what are we legitimately supposed to do?
      These are seditious criminals. How do you ethically work with them when our oath is to the constitution via the CIC and chain of command?

      Patriots will retire or resign. Who will volunteer to serve in the future?
      Who would serve in local or state law enforcement when your options for enforcement of laws are suspension or arrest for discharge of duty in self defense?

      We have to win this now.

      I don’t believe in anything other than prior service colleagues, some family, and proven friends. This is an incredibly dangerous time.

      The marxists are inside the chain of command.

    5. Dave nailed it... Recall when Napolitano under the Obama administration in 2008 issued a threat assessment identifying prior service members as a primary domestic threat. It infuriated me at the time.

      I thought it was merely extreme political correctness from leftists. It’s actually much worse than that. They identified the core element of society with the moral compass, technical, leadership and means to organize and oppose the socialist law enforcement, socialist judicial branch, and socialist intelligence surveillance state.

      We are all stunned and asking each other WTF? How did we serve under all this? We gave politicians their sway because we saw them as incompetent clowns anyway, and it was up to us to always be at the ready to stabilize and defend against foreign and internal threats. What was it all for? I mean what was the point of any of it? I would not serve today under any circumstances. I am grateful for all I learned in relationships I had through those years. We will use them to stay vigilant in our own communities and wait for what’s coming as best we can.

      We are a criminal surveillance state at this point where citizens are allowed to operate basically with permission to work in associate in small numbers. We are compromised and corrupted in ways that five Trump administration‘s could not solve. This is a generational problem that the rising generation has shown zero ability to accept responsibility for carrying a free society forward. There is under the mainstream communication only. Nothing in primary or social media is legitimate or factual.

      How TF did it get this broad when 80 million people clearly oppose it?

      We literally will have to retake our Oath and organize to fight this at the most basic neighborhood and community level to start with.

      I regret my service. I only regret more that all of us are not together still to oppose this electoral theft and criminal certification to socialism.

      We will oppose everything put upon us and organize and push back. This is a generational fight. We don’t have a real choice.

    6. "Well, you know how the saying goes, "You can wish in one hand..."

      Are we supposed to finish that? Okay. Let me take a stab at the final bit:

      Well, you know how the saying goes, "You can wish in one hand... while you (jakee) toobin with the other hand.

      Bwahahahaha! Thanks jakee!

    7. Jim Hoft asks the right questions instead of grasping at straws about the useless Barr:

      Did AG Barr Create Durham Special Counsel to Prevent President Trump from Releasing Information Related to Crossfire Hurricane?
      By Joe Hoft
      Published December 2, 2020 at 7:00am

      So now Trump can't declassify the docs about the criminal conspiracy at FBI! How convenient.

      Even if Trump did they wouldn't comply.

  2. I too am skeptical and don't see any reason to trust Barr.

    1. That's because there isn't one. He's a pompous, bloated, pseudo-intellectual, do-nothing gasbag.

    2. Sun Zu say " all war s deception ". Only time will tell the truth . Hold fast . The Americans are coming.

    3. This fool (Barr) is no Sun Tsu. But you can bet he's deceptive: he conned plenty of conservatives into believing he was on their side. He's a swamp rat.

      By the way, Trump is more like John Boyd. Boyd made Sun Tsu look like a rookie. Maneuver Warfare.

  3. John Pennington of The Atlanta Journal uncovered vote fraud that would have kept Carter out of the Georgia Senate in 1962
    "We were hopeless," Carter said. After the state Democratic Party and other state newspapers ignored his complaints, Carter called Pennington, who agreed to look into the story but "came down quite dubious about my claims."

    After Pennington found ballots cast by at least one dead person, and a man confined to a federal prison, a new election was ordered.

  4. So they are "narrowing" the focus of the alleged investigation to the actual FBI agents who conducted the Russia Russia Russia investigation. This means that all the bigwigs, including Xiden, Obama, Comey, Brennan, etc. are off the hook. Looks like classic swamp creature tactics to me.

    1. Exactly. All the principals are going to be allowed to spend all the book proceeds and XiNN appearance money in their pursuit of happiness while Trump will be hounded forever after leaving office.

  5. "Hillary lost fair and square in what may be the last trustworthy presidential election."

    I disagree, she lost a rigged election because they underestimated how much cheating they needed to do.

    "She was never supposed to lose."

    1. Congratulations, Jim. You've hit the nail on the head.

    2. I've said for years that the ONLY reason Hillary lost in 2016 was that the Democrat machine was so convinced of her inevitability that they didn't go all out in their election fraud. And that they weren't going to make that mistake again. It's obvious that they pulled out ALL the stops.

      Here's hoping it blows up on them like Chernobyl, but you'll pardon me if I don't hold my breath waiting.

    3. You know, Kevin, I can't help but wonder if the 2018 gubernatorial elections in PA, MI, and WI were actually rigged - in prep for 2020.

      A few weeks ago that would have seemed like a kooky thought - but not now...

    4. Patrick M. Byrne is the man that created and built a $20 Billion business with He is not a R or a D, claims to be a libertarian.

      Has given numerous interviews the past few weeks, and is feeding data and information to Sidney Powell (he is quite adept at analyzing statistical data). Understands the Deep State as he's had many interactions with them. It's not pleasant what he shares.

      He claims that the 2016 election was supposed to be rigged by computer interference, and further claims to know the person that scuttled the operation. Now I know this sound like "conspiracy theory" that is always summarily dismissed. But stop and think for a minute....

      Remember in 2016 at 2 in the morning or so when all the networks refused to call Midwest states such as PA for hours even though Trump was well ahead and votes had stopped tricking in? Gosh, at that same time this year states in multiple time zones all stopped counting ballots at the same time. Then suddenly a few hours later there was dumps of Biden votes - although not down ballot votes because those filling the needed amount out didn't have time to go down ballot past Senator.

      Yes, looks like 2018 was a trial run, and they had a Plan B in 2020.

    5. My working assumption / fantasy about 2016 is that Trump has military intelligence allies (who protect his family amongst other things) who countered the Dem steal algorithms (but probably also insisted on not cheating themselves so as to keep their oaths).

      What could the Dems do? Complain that their hackers had been out-hacked?

      Then they let 2018 happen. Why? Because this epic confrontation about Election 2020 now underway is something that the country needs to happen. For two reasons:
      1. It's a huge sting op, a trap because so many players, domestic and foreign are involved and because the latter means that the military can be called in if necessary and the domestic colluders are now guilty of treason.
      2. The country needs to come together as a representative republic again, and only by going through this huge drama and revelation will they do so.
      Yes, I know this is fanciful.
      But if Trump only gets a technical win and the Deep State continues pretty much as before, then it's more of a defeat than a victory. HOpefully, he sees it this way too and has the balls and planning chops to pull off the biggest Sting operation and counter-coup in recorded political history.
      It might actually succeed in Making America Great Again, which so far has proven elusive despite good stock market and employment numbers up to the disastrous pandemic which, if he had been in a stronger position, he could have handled quite differently and without hundreds of thousands of small businesses shutting down forever.

    6. Snowgander-- I know what you mean when you say a few weeks ago it might've seemed like a kooky idea to wonder if the 2018 gubernatorial races were rigged in those swing states.

      Its been like that for all of us-- evil is so alien to good people and we are slow to awaken to it. This is unrelated, but one thing that only recently dawned on me was that this rampant use of the phrase "community standards" (which always struck me as suspicious) is probably part of a campaign to rehabilitate the word "Communism" from its current pariah status.

      Things are becoming clearer, and the one thing this long-developing stealth Communist coup can't stand up to is sunlight.

    7. I questioned our gubernatorial race when 144 mail in ballots showed up in my precinct results two days after elections. That was just one precinct. The evil incumbent won as a Hail Mary by only 4400 votes. They were practicing. I reported this to my ROV but never received a response.

  6. Why should we, at this point, trust Barr? Hasn't he shown us what he is enough times?

    We're doing the same thing over, and over again - and expecting different results.

  7. Barr is either playing 5D chess or is just another corrupt deep state traitor. I'm leaning to the latter.

    Bob in MA

    1. Occam's Razor clearly favors the latter.

    2. I like Barr. Believe he's honest and follows the Constitution.

      I know it's frustrating, but DOJ investigations take years.....unless you have someone like a Loretta Lynch taking unconstitutional directives from the executive branch head.

      The framers of the Constitution put checks and balances in for multiple reasons - including portions of Americans manipulating sections of the government to overthrow individual citizens freedom and liberties.

      Read the Constitution and then investigate what the head of the DOJ can do. I know it's frustrating. But don't sound like the Dems that keep saying President Trump has trashed the Constitution, while giving not one even semi-valid reason.

    3. Nah, I don't buy it. Barr has deliberately slow-walked the investigations. Before Trump he was just another establishment functionary, and he always will be. All talk, no action.

      Bob in MA

  8. here is an interesting link that may supply some light. More of the swamp??

  9. At this point, it appears that Don is smoking a big stash of pot.

    First, as others have noted, there is no reason to have any confidence that Durham will indict anyone. And even the FBI Attorney who has plead guilty is likely to get little, if any, jail time whenever he is sentenced.

    Second, Biden’s AG can fire Durham or play any other game she wants with Durham and Biden’s AG will be heralded as a conquering hero by the mainstream news media, including RhINO (formerly Fox) News.

    Meanwhile, Don is so high on Pot he is higher than a kite.

    The wishful thinking Don has been pumping out lately would make a children’s fairytale writer blush!

    1. What the hell?
      You don't know me.
      Personal attacks are a sign of a weak mind, and an attack on the host shows you want to be banned.
      Disagree but don't be disagreeable. Sheesh,

    2. Even hyperbole can go too far. Yikes.

    3. LOL

      Lefties are mind readers.

      They accuse someone of what they're thinking and then pounce. If this fraudulent election is allowed to stand, then this is what's coming to America.

      My guess is that at least 85% of American's will not comply.

    4. jakee the hypocritical troll giving posting advice.


    5. Obtuse Olsen the squawking, butthurt parrot troll right on cue.

      Polly wanna cracker?

      Get off my leg, dope.

  10. How many times have you seen the "intimidating" image of the bespectacled special prosecutor John Durham peering down his nose and over his 'stache as if he's some sort of saviour/super-sleuth? What's remarkable is that there hasn't been a word out of him, no status updates or even statements from Barr. Hell, the Dems would have leaked a novel by now! To me it indicates that there are too many active swampers involved on both sides of the aisle, and it's much easier to get rid of Trump than risk opening that can of worms.

  11. the news media went with a fake story about Barr

    Jim Hoft says its true. His sources far outnumber your meager ones.

    1. The Hoft brothers are grifters, just like Sundance and the rest. Don is the last honest man in the blogosphere.

    2. Good gawd jakee, get a handle on your sock puppet please. Oh, and don't forget to clean the toobin mess off your keyboard, before your mummy finds it. She won't let you use it again.

    3. No denial. I was right. Your are a troll and you created sock puppets. Go ahead jakee/Roland. Admit it. You know you want to. The truth will set you free troll. And you can toobin while you're doing it, so to speak!


  12. Sundance seems to think that this is a ruse to prevent publication of all the unredacted documents collected in the Durham investigation.

    1. He's a straight up grifter, getting rich off of Trump supporters from day one. Nothing he's ever predicted has come to pass.

    2. Dave~~

      Trayvon Martin.
      Hands up don’t shoot.
      Mueller report.
      I could go on and on.
      All researched, detailed and cited by The Conservative Treehouse.
      Widely praised by many in the know (including Don) for meticulous research.

      Your head is so far up your ass you can see your eye teeth!

  13. Here is what Jim Hoft says about the bloggers getting that tingle down their leg over this special counsel bs..

    This is why Barr had to do something. He waited until today to attempt to announce, despite clear evidence to the contrary, there was no material corruption in the election. Then he pulls another ‘Undercover Huber’ and announces that he picked John Durham, to lead a Special Counsel into Crossfire Hurricane. There, that will placate the troops, while he digs his knife into President Trump and America’s back.

    Yep it doesn't take much to placate the desperate troops! lol

  14. Notice it's the village idiots so eager to say Don is wrong.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. "Personal attacks are a sign of a weak mind." - Don Surber


    4. Hey ed, I see your smitten stalker is chasing you again. In the form of 3 posts, no less.

      jakee, don't forget to clean your keyboard of that toobin mess you made (thanks Myiq2xu!). Your mummy won't let you use it again if you don't.

    5. Pot, meet kettle. You act like a lovesick ex-girlfriend.

      Sell crazy someplace else, schmuck.

    6. Yeah? Well, at least I don't toobin all over my keyboard, like you troll.

      And, I don't project like you troll.

  15. Grasping At Straws

    is the real title of this one!

    1. Child.....

      You keep writing the same thing.

      You have any evidence? Of anything?

      Shouldn't you be using the home computer for on-line learning at elementary school? You definitely need to learn something.

    2. Ignore that one Spencer. It's just jakee's sock puppet troll. Oh, and evidence? I've seen it. It consists of jakee's opinion put in quotes, to make it appear "official", and the one case where the judge upheld Obumbles' DREAMERS EO over Trump's cancelling of it. That's it.

  16. The new trolls on here act conservative but their only function is to gaslight us into giving up hope. Screw you.

    Until PDJT says it’s over, it ain’t over and he isn’t screaming about this.

    1. Lol. True believers on the right are just as delusional as those on the left. Lucy and her football. That's why we keep losing.

      The gaslighting is from fake allies like Barr. Wake up.

      (Trump teased his 2024 run at the WH Christmas party. He knows this battle is lost but is waging it for the ultimate victory like The Alamo was for San Jacinto.)

    2. You are correct Schlongy. Ignore jakee. Just have patience, and keep the faith. There is still lots of time, and many things can change. Just remember, Trump has the evidence.

    3. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.

      (It's hilarious watching you hedge your bets now that the end is bearing down on you like a freight train. Evidence doesn't matter in a corrupt system, goofball.)

    4. Donald J. Trump, Ace Reporter:

    5. jakee, now lying about what I posted. Yep. trollish!

      Notice, he doesn't deny it.

    6. P.S. Has China Joe Dementia given a 46-minute speech yet?

    7. XBiden, jakee's other wet dream, will never be POTUS, so he'll never have to worry about giving any speeches. Not that he could remember one.

    8. True believers on the right are just as delusional as those on the left.

      Jake is right its a pitiful sight

  17. Greetings, I’m Sakht. I’m a writer living in Newark, New Jersey 07108, USA. I am a fan of technology and writing.

  18. "Barr told The Associated Press on Tuesday that he had appointed U.S. Attorney John Durham as a special counsel in October"

    I read that while the investigation is active Trump cannot release documents. After Biden is installed the investigation will be shut down.
    "There's no help coming. WE are the help."

  19. Scary insider Q Anon's last post was on 12-13 November and consisted of one word: DURHAM. Q's prestige is on the line here. Will Durham soon come out with a MOAB, or will it be a wet, impotent firecracker?

  20. This is where the lefty trolls (cough jakee, cough) get their talking points, and bring it hear:

    Warning, it's CNN. Read it if you must. But, you'll see the same monumentally stupid proposal that jakee keeps posting about. That Trump will run again in 2024, after conceding this election.

    SMH. Why the troll jakee thinks anyone here will fall for that bunk, shows how much the troll respects the posters here. Like as, in no respect at all.

  21. From Trump's speech, the opening statements:

    "This may be the most important speech I've ever made.... As President, I have no higher duty than to defend the laws and the Constitution of the United States. That's why I am determined to protect our election system, which is now under coordinated assault and siege."

    There you go, jakee the troll. More evidence that Trump has other ways outside the courts and legislatures, to show the fraud, and go after the fraudsters and anyone who aided them. He's referring to CISA, and the EO's he signed.

    Now, jakee's left temporarily, most likely to get talking points from his troll masters, in order to combat what the POTUS said today. The troll will use his sock puppets along with his posts, to dump them. Because, trolls gotta troll.

    Don will most likely have something on the speech tomorrow. And it will be honest coverage, unlike the trolls.

  22. Not sure about Barr's commitment to investigating the FBI:

  23. Is there a way to block commenters here? Most comment sections have a way to do that. If FLO says “troll” one more time, I’m gonna barf.

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