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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Why they hate Trump

We know why they hate President Donald John Trump. He delivered on his campaign promises. He made America great again when the plan among the elitists was to make it a province of Red China.

President Trump made us energy independent.

The Institute for Energy Research reported on May 11, "U.S. energy production in 2019 was higher than U.S. energy consumption for the first time in 62 years.

"Thus, the U.S. attained the long-held goal of energy independence — which is not to say that we did not import or export energy, but that we produced more energy than we used. One can thank the oil and gas industry and its use of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling for that milestone as production in those industries increased a combined 11% in 2019. 

"Total U.S. energy production increased by 5.7% in 2019 while U.S. energy demand decreased by 0.9%. The United States produced 101.0 quadrillion British thermal units (quads) of energy and consumed 100.2 quads last year. Fossil fuels accounted for 80% of both energy consumption and production in 2019."

Drill, baby, drill worked. I knew it would because Obama said it would not.

President Trump brought manufacturing back.

Forbes reported on October 16, 2018, "The Trump Manufacturing Jobs Boom: 10 Times Obama's Over 21 Months."

The story said, "First, eight years of the Obama Administration’s piling on regulation upon regulation, from labor rules, to the Clean Power Plan, to the implementation of ObamaCare, placed industry into a defensive crouch. Business leaders were fearful of investing capital, not knowing how the federal rules might capriciously change, thus wiping out their expected return on investment.

"That defensiveness ended in November 2016 when the expectations of additional regulatory burdens under a prospective President Clinton vanished.

"Second, the Trump Administration’s deregulatory practice exceeded expectations, with red tape being cut at a faster clip than achieved under President Ronald Reagan 36 years earlier.

"Third, with the Republican Congress, President Trump delivered on a major overhaul of the tax code, including a significant cut to business taxes as well as a change to the treatment of overseas profits that incentivized the repatriation of some $300 billion in the first quarter of 2018 out of what the Federal Reserve estimates is $1 trillion in multinational profits held abroad."

In 8 years of Obama, manufacturing in the USA fell by 900,000 jobs.

In the first 3 years of President Trump, we added 600,000 manufacturing jobs. Only covid 19 could stop him.

President Trump delivered on jobs. Unemployment fell from the pathetic 4.9% that Obama left him to 3.5% in just 3 years. That was a 28% drop in unemployment to 50 year lows.

No wonder Democrats, RINOs and other communists are upset.

President Trump proved once again that capitalism rocks. That endangers the corporate-Red Chinese cabal which the deep state serves.

But there was more for them to hate.

President Trump built 500 miles of wall despite a refusal by Congress to fund it.

He got Mexico to protect our border when the deep state did not.

Cato reported on April 2, 2019, "Criminal Illegal Immigration Falls 75%."

This disrupted the flow of cheap labor, drugs, and sex slaves to the elitists. Why, Barbra Streisand might have to pay minimum wage and supply health insurance to her pool boy.

But perhaps President Trump's biggest sin in their eyes was actually moving the embassy to Jerusalem, which both parties had been promising for years but failed to do. This led to peace. Bahrain, Bosnia, Sudan, and UAE -- Muslim countries all -- have finally agreed to recognize Israel's right to exist after 72 years. (In Bosnia's case, 25.)

The elitists side with Palestinian terrorists because elitists are antisemitic. Even the ones who claim to be Jewish.

The Intercept reported, "Trump Destroyed Any Hope of Israeli-Palestinian Peace — and Biden Can’t Rebuild It."


Palestinian terrorists are the biggest obstacle to peace in the Middle East (after invasions and bombings by the United States).

But upon further review, I would say President Trump's biggest crime in their eyes is helping lift people out of poverty. Consider how the Establishment has used covid 19 to destroy small businesses. The franchise fast food outlets can do drive-throughs and curbside deliver. Diehl's cannot and so after 60 years a family business may not survive.


Wall Street flourishes while Main Street dies.

Under Obama we called it crony capitalism. We were polite. It is fascism, a cousin of communism in which companies do the bidding of the state with YouTube, Twitter, and the rest banning dissidents.

Only President Trump stands between them and the destruction of liberty in America, which ultimately is why they hate him. They would rather rule in hell than to live in peace and prosperity in America.


  1. Could the Dumbing Down of America be any more apparent considering the millions of dolts who voted against all that Trump accomplished?

    1. Nowhere near as many voted Demo as we're supposed to believe.

    2. Still far too many if it's more than zero.

  2. NEVER STOP WRITING, Mr. Surber. You are what we need now. If it weren't for your columns and my daily fix of videos, I'd be working unofficially as a USPS employee right now.

  3. It’s not just this, but an overall strategy.

    It is time for US power and dominance to fade away, so says the world. Obama ushered in the lead from behind. Trump stated and acted that America should be first.

    Biden will continue that lead from behind. Expect terrorist attacks and, as just now happened, active shooter events to occur. It’s part of the Democrat/Uniparty package.

  4. Amazing how much one man can do when he works for the American people instead of focusing on paying back his donors and working deals for his extended family. Couple of other big things:

    Obama's foreign policy gave us ISIS, with ritual beheadings and slave girl harems in a 21st century caliphate. Trump destroyed ISIS.

    Trump was 1-2 months ahead of everyone on Corona, with travel restrictions, selective quarantines, supplies, medical capability and ultimately multiple vaccines. criticized at every step, but ultimately not only right on the objectives but also brilliantly executed with a combination of public & private efforts and selective executive action and reform.

  5. There is no doubt President Trump is the best president ever. The daily defamation of this wonderful man by the Democrats and their handmaidens in the media is a crime for which nobody will ever be held accountable.

    1. Some day they will answer to GOD. They will then learn they don't get to rule in hell, merely suffer there.

  6. Mattis summed it up nicely: "Scrap 'America First' Policy".

    1. Mattis didn't know what he was talking about.

      Another Lefty Marine.

  7. And that is why Donald John Trump won in a landslide election - except the results were flipped. Without the massive fraud that will be exposed, this would have been an exciting time for the country. Now we have to hope that enough of the fraud is exposed in time to prevent the travesty that looms over this country.

  8. According to not one Fox news program made it to the top 50. Highest was at 52.

    1. Good news, the wicked witch is dead.

    2. Amen. And I second the motion --- Mr Surber, NEVER stop writing. You are the journalism that otherwise in America has been largely destroyed. And a Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  9. Amazing how they all loved PDJT when he was a playboy real estate tycoon and reality tv star.

  10. If those who voted Democrat think they can pocket the gains under Trump while installing Biden, it doesn’t work that way.

    Look how NYC has gone to hell in a handbasket since the days when Rudy ran the joint.

  11. I love Donald Trump. A little skeptical at first, but he came through.

    I love Rudy. I love Sidney Powell. I love Lin Wood.

    They have all come through.

    As a man in the shadow of the Alamo once said, "Some things make a man tight in the throat".

  12. They hate Trump because they hate us.

    1. Yup. He's our champion. A man beholden only to his supporters. A person who couldn't be bought or controlled.

      He's made the ruling class look like the inept, clueless, out of touch morons they are.

  13. Trump said it succinctly:

    “In reality, they’re not after me. They’re after you. I’m just in the way.”

    Truer words were never spoken.

  14. " well as a change to the treatment of overseas profits that incentivized the repatriation of some $300 billion in the first quarter of 2018 out of what the Federal Reserve estimates is $1 trillion in multinational profits held abroad."

    This is one of the more important pieces in bringing back manufacturing - it's been under-the-radar for way too long, and when DJT brought it up during the 2016 campaign I knew that we had the right guy.

    Not only was the 35% corporate tax rate grossly uncompetitive (it's now a world-typical 21% - I'd like to get rid of it completely). Unlike ANY other country on EARTH, the U.S. taxed repatriated overseas profits that had already been taxed in the country of their earning; there was some silly accounting that would let you end up paying 35% (after paying 21% in country x, you should be able to bring it home and pay zero like other countries do), but this was (quelle surprise) causing American companies to leave profits overseas and invest them there (rather than here). Oh, this double-tax game only applied to US-registered corporations when they would bring already-taxed profits into the US; non-US companies which had already paid overseas corporate taxes could bring $$$ into the US for investment and pay zero. (You can't make this stuff up!)

    Most manufacturing faces tight margins - so if you have a tax system that makes your country high-cost, guess what happened. Fix that, and, well, we SAW what happened!

  15. You know, with Don's indulgence for a few minutes here... was thinking about something else while doing evening chores.

    Besides the need for depositions (as will be happening in NV) and the special status of fraud (in overriding other considerations, like deadlines), something else has come to mind. Lin Wood has been hinting at it by asking people to get him video evidence of things like the illegal ballot-shredding in Cobb County GA, and it came up in the hearing today with regard to Delaware County PA.

    Something else that gets special consideration under our laws is what is known as spoliation. That's basically the illegal destruction of materials, evidence, etc. The law allows for WAY more of a response than just punishing the offender.

    If a spoliation finding is rendered, the offended-against party is allowed to "assume the worst" about the things that were destroyed. (Yes, I know that this should have been done against the evil one and her phone-smashing and bleach-bitting, but now we have real attorneys on the attack).

    What's intriguing to me here is that this could end up being what removes the fraudulent numbers (or at least overcomes them). Imagine a spoliation finding in Cobb County GA. What's the worse-case assumption that is allowed to be made? That ALL of the destroyed ballots were "blue" votes across the ENTIRE ballot. That would allow that number of votes to be removed from the blue totals. Think about that. And then apply it to Delaware County PA.

    I also think an argument can be made that if The Powers That Think They Be in PA ignored a SCOTUS order to separate out too-late ballots and mixed them together... then that's also spoliation (since the original differences cannot be recovered). Take that number of ballots and deduct from ALL "blue" totals to which those ballots applied.

    Spoliation findings are nasty because they are meant to be - as pre-emption. The idea is that spoliation can only get the offender an even WORSE outcome had they not done it. (I've seen it used in intellectual-property-theft matters - it's like a nuclear warhead going off).

    Just some food for thought...

  16. I grew up only five miles from President Trump and we are almost the same age, so I know where he is coming from. New York businessmen are results oriented, blunt spoken and have finely tuned b.s. detectors. That's why as soon as I heard his America First agenda, I was hooked and I still am. Of all his character traits, the least written about is his workaholism, another common attribute of successful New York businessmen.

  17. If you have time for one more patriot-point-of-view blog, read this one (top quality research on voting machine manipulation around the world ex-diplomats and financiers with source documentation)

  18. If you think you're going to install Polident-Erect Joe Biden the Chinese Poodle in the Oval Office on the fairy-tale votes of the Fictional-American Community, you better think again.

    It ain't going down like that, Sugar Tits.

  19. Trump Derangement Syndrome is mostly white-hating racism by another name, that's all.

  20. Israel should make agreements with their new Arab allies not sharing borders with Israel to accept the so-called “Palestinians.” All of them. Give them resettlement money, ship them out, let Israel expand into the territory forfeit by the Arabs in their malicious unprovoked attacks against Israel in the 1960s. That would pretty much end the nonsense.