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Friday, November 06, 2020

What? Liberal tears are flowing?

The Washington Post reported yesterday, "‘Make liberals cry again’ became the battle hymn of the Republicans under Trump."

And they are crying! Unbelievable. It is the oddest and most amusing development of 2020.

The New York Times reported, "Amid Tears and Anger, House Democrats Promise ‘Deep Dive’ on Election Losses."

The first paragraph was delicious. Enjoy: "Democrats wept, cursed and traded blame on Thursday during an extraordinary party confab to dissect the disappointing results of this week’s elections, agreeing on little except that they needed a 'deep dive' into how they had ended up with painful losses that weakened their House majority instead of the big gains they had boldly predicted."


But Matt Drudge told me Biden was elected with 80 gajillion votes.

And yet the Times reported (no links to pay sites) that Democrats lost.

The subheadline gave a clue. It read, "During an emotional conference call, Democrats traded excuses, blame and prognostications about how their expectations for big gains in their majority could have been so wrong — and what to do about it."

Oh yes, they were supposed to flip Texas blue, knock off Mitch McConnell, pad their majority in the House, cure covid, and convert the pope to communism.

Only the last thing happened and it really had nothing to do with the election.

Now I predicted a 37-state win for President Donald John Trump. I was a little low here and there, but it ain't over till we say it is over.

By the way, Z Regime, I need you to go to the store...

Maybe not. We may not need 10,000 marbles. Democrats are losing it.

The story said, "In a caucus meeting held by telephone that was their first group conversation since Election Day, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Representative Cheri Bustos of Illinois, who led the party’s campaign arm, defended their efforts. Democrats expressed frustration over the loss of eight of their members — and a net loss of six seats, with 33 races still undecided — that had left them with a slimmer margin of control."

It was a 3-hour call.

That is 3 hours longer than Biden campaigned in the 5 days before the last debate.

Bustos said, "Something went wrong."

No feces, Felicia.

The something that went wrong was they believed their polls that showed a 7-point lead. They failed to rally supporters, they failed to knock on doors, and they failed to mark off the down-ticket portion when they stuffed the polls with ballots for Biden.

The Times said, "It was a bitter pill for Democrats who had been ebullient only days before about their chances. On Election Day, Ms. Pelosi and Ms. Bustos had crowed about their likelihood of success. Ms. Pelosi cited predictions that the party could pick up five, 10 or even 20 seats and said she was worried about fewer than a handful of incumbents. Both women, though, declined to offer their own precise predictions.

"But by Thursday, one of the incumbents Democrats had spent heavily to defend, Representative Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, who was defeated Tuesday night as President Trump won a resounding victory in her Miami-area district, broke into tears as she spoke out to her soon-to-be former colleagues about internal divides in the party."


Dream big, win small, be happy with what you have. Then start planning for the next battle. As Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers sang, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again.

This election is not over, however. The stealing may be stopped, and recounts matter.

Nevertheless, Democrats already are falling apart. I enjoy their sadness. Their tears may be bitter, but you can always mix in some bourbon or even better, cognac, before drinking.

The story said, "Representative Abigail Spanberger, who narrowly escaped defeat on Wednesday in a conservative-leaning district in Virginia that Democrats had also toiled to protect, chastised her progressive colleagues for embracing the defund the police movement and for not pushing back forcefully against accusations of socialism. If Democrats did not acknowledge the election results as a failure and change strategies, she said using an expletive for emphasis, they would be crushed in future elections."

She makes sense but AOC and the Squaw Squad run the party now. Democrats are stuck with a Green Deal that has them grounding airplanes and regulating cow farts.

Democrats wasted a whopping $315 million in Senate races in Kansas, Kentucky, Texas, and other Republican strongholds.

The story said, "Bustos also defended the Democrats’ offensive push deeper into Republican territory, a move that yielded few pickups and some members said left incumbents inadequately protected.

"Losses for Democrats included freshmen in swing districts — like Representatives Joe Cunningham of South Carolina, Xochitl Torres Small of New Mexico, Kendra Horn of Oklahoma and Abby Finkenauer of Iowa — but also a veteran, Representative Collin C. Peterson of Minnesota, who leads the Agriculture Committee and has served in the House for three decades.

"One of the biggest surprises of the election came in South Florida, where Mr. Trump made significant inroads among Cuban-Americans. Along with Ms. Mucarsel-Powell, Representative Donna E. Shalala, another first-term Democrat representing the Miami area, lost."

President Trump carried Florida by more than 3 points as the Sunshine State looks to be joining Texas as a Republican stronghold.

House Majority Whip James Clyburn told them ix-nay on the ommunist-cay alk-tay.

The Times reported, "He cautioned against running on 'Medicare for all or defunding police or socialized medicine,' adding that if Democrats pursued such policies, 'we’re not going to win.'

"Representative Marc Veasey of Texas warned his fellow members against anti-fracking talk, saying it was turnoff to voters in South Texas: 'They hear, Take away jobs.'"

Texans have good ears.

Democrats are an anti-American communist party. Decades of indoctrinating college students into believing the nation was founded on slavery, the Constitution is illegitimate, and patriotism is racism have taken a toll. When you believe the other side is evil, there can be no compromise. And without compromise, the wheels come off a republic.

There is an alternative. President Trump gave a generation a taste of capitalism and 3.5% unemployment.

Democrats cannot publicly say what they believe. That is a problem. Voters may or may not have turned the president out, but one thing is for sure. Democrats are on shaky ground. We know that because they are crying worse than poor old Johnnie Ray.


And you'll hum this tune forever...


  1. Dims don't make the same mistake twice when it comes to stealing elections. They'll get the down-ballot right next time.

    1. Exactly. The cheaters were too dumb to phony-up the whole ballot, instead just the top line.

    2. You know the saying “Close enough for government work?”

    3. If there's a party left after Trump is through with him.

      Your people are gonna lose, pal.

    4. Who are you referring to?

      I've been with Trump since the day he announced.

      And I'm not your pal. I don't befriend morons.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. It's clear now that new commenter J was just sent here to seduce us to surrender.

    7. They didn't have time to fill in the whole ballot. The numbers coming in for President Trump were too large, so they went with just putting in phony votes for Biden.

      The whole polls were wrong are looking at it the wrong way. The polls were slanted to give excuse for the massive fraud they were going to do. They underestimated how many thousands of votes they were going to need, so had to go out and make a few hundred thousand more, and only had a short few hours to do it.

      The polls were cover for their fraud.

      Biden was telling the truth about having a large fraud organization. The massive size of the fraud makes their narrative look wrong, unless you are of the left who are mentally handicapped, it is obvious that select states had to plug in thousands of more votes that they weren't prepared for, which puts turn out, and puts the need to nix salting a few Trump votes in to make it look like Obama like statistics.

  2. Steelies, clearies, or cat’s eyes, Big D?

    1. It took this dumb girl a few seconds to clue in but I love this ;-)

  3. All bittersweet news. Fact is many of us refused to believe the 300plus electoral vote predictions we heard over and over, all summer. Many of us knew how corrupt and focused the marxist dems are. Just recall 2016 election nt when it took almost 2 hrs to call PA, even with 95% of votes counted. They were fishing fishing for more clinton votes....Then and there, the dems swore they would NOT be caught unprepared in 2020. And here we are.....

    1. The problem they made for themselves is that while fraud in the past could be dismissed as insignificant and too small to affect the outcome (therefore not actionable), this time they had to go SO big that it ended up being way too big and way too significant for the courts to ignore.

      I hope the legal team is really good and really goes at it. I'm still hoping that they can get a good list of possible remedies. Precedent says that the best remedy is to identify the fraudulent/illegal materials, excise them, and count again. If they can't be identified, then basically you have to have a do-over; the domestic precedent is NC 2018, and "international standards" (remember those?) also lead to a do-over.

      How you handle a do-over has to be crafted with care, since you don't want to run afoul of the equal protection clause - but I suspect that a do-over - with the fraudulent methodologies removed - in the several states in question would probably be legally viable.

    2. I still contend the courts will ignore it. They're in on the scam.

    3. Nobody cares what you contend.

      Contend your FUD.

    4. This fraud is a classic Trojan Horse maneuver with a fatal flaw, as Bubblehead explains.

    5. edutcher

      YES, Thank you!
      Negativity just needs to go away.

    6. One man's negativity is another man's reality. You snowflakes can wish in one hand while the Dims take a giant dump in the other. I'll let you guess which one gets filled first.

      To quote Michael Goodwin today:

      "My favorite definition of a cynic: a premature realist.

      "Today we are all cynics or damn well should be."

      This election was stolen and it will not magically turn our direction. So let me know what you plan to do other than spout off cliches and threadbare acronyms as you whistle past the graveyard.

    7. And you obviously care, Edwina, or you would quit stalking me all over this blog.

      The reality is nobody cares what YOU contend because your confident assertions are devoid of reality--but chock full of naivete. Bravo.

    8. Speaking as the Original Cynic*, there comes a time when cynicism become tiresome. And unwelcome.

      * Cynic, mixed with sinner, and a dash of Skynyrd.

  4. Journalist Greg Sheridan commented: “Elmer Fudd in the White House, Deputy Dawg in the Senate, Yogi Bear in the house, and Dudley Do-Right in the judiciary.”

  5. I don't think the Pope needs to be converted to communism. I think he's already there...

  6. There's still a chance that the election is thrown to Congress to resolve, and Trump is appointed for another four years. The counterpunch from all this cheating will be something to behold if that happens.

    Either way, the left is losing seats in two years, in both the House and Senate. And big tech is screwed, they don't realize that once people get the power they crave, they're not interested in sharing it.

    1. It won't be, but if it was thrown to congress you know who that would be, right? The House. In other words, Pelosi.

    2. If it goes to Congress each state delegation gets a vote. Trump wins 26-24.

  7. The question remains, does it make any sense that Demos voted for Joe and the Ho and then voted R downticket?

    1. Obviously, nope. That is one of many, many outliers, that send red flags over the election of POTUS. As Don said, it ain't over till ... well, till Trump says it is, and he isn't going to do that.

    2. Of course it makes no sense. But a court case that does not make and nobody will take it up on such a contention.

    3. Well, you, and others, seem to think Trump is limiting himself to just the courts. Trump never relies on one way. Plus, he knew this was going to happen. Do you not think he was prepared?

  8. I had problems with my research.

    Contrary to Biden attempting to sabotage himself almost every single day, what I saw back in February, which alarmed the sh*t out of me, was that he could win.

    2) The research as I mentioned here on a number of occasions, also indicated that Nancy Pelosi would get her ass kicked from here out to Asia.

    I thought, "These are obviously irreconcilable."

    They were NOT. My God, the above really happened.

    Biden hasn't won yet. My research indicates very, very hard times ahead for Trump until year end (and beyond).

    My prayer is that in the worst case scenario, the Republican-held Senate blocks the Communists, and the Demo-Communists KEEP Nancy Pelosi as the House Speaker (should the DC's retain the House).

    Having the incompetent Pelosi as their Speaker is, as WC said about Hitler, worth an entire division of troops on our side.

    And morons like Cheri Bustos-Bust-Out are worth their weight in gold. Because no one in the DC party loses their job after f'ing up. NO ONE. Although they're good at getting their colleagues voted out of office, aren't they?

    Chin up. We've survived much worse.

    Don Reed

    1. "Contrary to Biden attempting to sabotage himself almost every single day, what I saw back in February, which alarmed the sh*t out of me, was that he could win."

      Of course he could win. If he cheated. And he did. He admitted as much in one of his mumblings. It's the only way the most uninspiring candidate could ever win. Trouble is, he had to cheat massively, because that is the only way he could overcome the Trumpslide. It remains to see if Don is correct on the 37 states.

      Think back to the primary. Biden was losing badly to Sanders, because he was uninspiring. Then, Clybern stepped in to give him the black vote, and Biden never looked back. Sanders made another deal, and eventually dropped out. Trump was watching this. He knew Sanders would have been a formidable foe. Biden? No way. And Trump stated, I believe at all of his rallies, how Biden and the dumbocrats would cheat. If he knew then, he had to be prepared for it when it happened. Something tells me that Trump has something more up his sleeve than just court fights.

    2. It's not just the cheating turned up to 12. It's the years of vicious, unrelenting criticism and attacks in all the media for absolutely everything. Remember how Trump was criticized when in Japan for how he fed fish in a pond? That's all that many people know about Trump.

      I listened to coworkers today talking about the election. Even though they said they *liked* Trumps policies and *agreed with Trump* on many issues they still voted for Biden. Why? Trump's manner and behavior "embarrassed" them. He made the US "look bad" to other countries.

      And they didn't like the lawsuits or Trump pushing back on the Democrats. It's "undignified". They didn't believe that there was any cheating and fraud. This in a very red part of the country.

      The depth of ignorance in so many people is astounding. The right *has* to do better on getting reality out to people. How many conservatives have been lied out of office by the Democrats and their pet media? This is going to keep happening if the right doesn't get the the facts out.

  9. The fact is the Democrats won the House, may yet win the Senate, and are on track to take the White House unless Republicans learn how to fight, which is highly unlikely. It was a very good election for them.

    1. Of course, That's why the Democrats are, as we speak, lunging at each other with switchblades.


    2. Pirates fighting each other over the loot. The more loot, the more there is to fight over.

  10. Things seem pretty bleak right now. I imagine it was bleaker in Great Britain in 1940. It seemed very bleak for the US in 1942, I know it must have seemed very bleak at Valley Forge in 1777 & 1778.
    I said this in a previous post, but I believe the Democrats just achieved a pyrrhic victory. If Ol Joe becomes president, it will become painfully obvious to even the most casual of observers that he is both physically and mentally incapable of filling the office of the President of the US. There are a few old school Democrats that may finally pull their heads out and see what is really happening it may have to get really ugly for that to happen, but I suspect it will get to a significant number just what they bought with voting against DJT.
    I despaired for my country when BHO was re-elected in 2012. He was just as empty a suit as Joe Biden, but at least he could complete a sentence and stay awake for most of the day. This travesty of an election will compel good people to get into politics and DJT showed us all how much one determined man with a steel spine and brass cojones could accomplish. Now comes the time to take back the lower levels where all the fraud took place, to punish those who would go along with this evil.
    It doesn't matter if any Democrat admits to election fraud, what matters is that the majority of voters believe there was and is voter fraud of a huge magnitude.

    1. The MSM especially NBC "News" is also going to get torched for covering up with their silence about Hunter Biden's laptop and Biden's obvious medical dementia.

      Meanwhile, should Biden "win," every time K. Harris opens her fool mouth, the odds are good that she'll sound a thousand times dumber than Dan Quayle.

      We overlooked the most obvious reason why Biden picked Harris as his running mate --- job insurance/security.

      He couldn't have done better in this respect had he picked O.J. Simpson.

      "The hello with the country. She's the one!"

      Don Reed

    2. No, she is the one the D's chose for the potus... not Biden! Biden let it slip in 9ne of his few rallies. He will be potus for a short time, say he is unable to fulfill his duties, and step aside for the THE most liberal senator un the senate to take charge of the country.

  11. "Oh yes, they were supposed to flip Texas blue, knock off Mitch McConnell, pad their majority in the House, cure covid, and convert the pope to communism."

    The current pope already is communist, Don.

    1. You got that right, pard. They just as well move the Kremlin to Rome.

  12. 1) Friday, November 06, 2020 - Democrats unhappy

    Even as they steal the presidency, Democrats remain unhappy because they failed to steal the Senate.

    2) Friday, November 06, 2020 - What? Liberal tears are flowing?

    These are the two best news articles I've read all year long.

    Too bad the NY Post hires all the editorial drones.

    Surber's column would be an immense improvement.

    However, as Don himself said, the hell with THAT. Can you imagine the interference he'd have to put up with?!

    Don Reed

  13. A reminder:

    1) Don Surber (10/20/20): "... 'Chief Justice John McCain Roberts joined the liberal wing of the Supreme Court in rejecting an application for a stay that was requested by Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania.

    " 'The GOP asked the Supreme Court to put a stop to a state Supreme Court ruling that extended the deadline — by three days — for receiving and counting mail-in ballots for November’s presidential election.'

    "I used to think Obama had some dirt on John McCain Roberts, but now I realize the chief justice is just a jerk.

    "Elections have consequences, and John McCain Roberts wants to fix this one.

    2) "Trump's Owner" (Poster @ 10/20/20): "...the John McCain Roberts ruling just put PA in the blue column. Those Philadelphia precincts will know how many votes are needed and will have 3 days to find them. And they will."

    3) My (Don Reed) post: I've been wondering, after doing a lot of research in the past 8 months, why so many people have so many significant things going on between November 4-6th, 2020. And now, thanks to Snake-In-The-Grass Roberts, I suspect that I now know why.

    Let's hope that the PA results (I assume that this three-day extension only pertains to PA) [Post Note 11/06/20 --- HA!] are moot because the issue is settled once and for all by 2 am on November 4, 2020.

    [A vain hope. End]

    Don Reed [11/06/20 5:25 pm]

  14. I know this is pessimistic. I don't have much hope anymore. The courts? Umm... you DO know why we liked ACB right? Because she doesn't rewrite the law, but reads it in regards to the constitution. I don't think she would give us the win... because the constitution would hand it over to the individual state legislature. She would likely send it down to the states; and if the state legislatures did nothing (why AREN'T they??) she would not step in. Doubly so because she promised to NOT make judgments based on her personal feelings. No, I do not see hope in the courts..... I wish I did..... God help us.

    1. Exactly! That which has made us respect and support her is what may, at times, disappoint us in her opinions.

    2. Kavanaugh and Roberts will knife us long before ACB even gets a chance to get involved.

      They must have some serious dirt on good old JR.

    3. Besides, for the Supremes to even matter in PA we still have to fix GA and AZ. California has finally infected AZ to the point of no return.

      Get ready for one-party rule.

      Trump deserved better than this after all he's done and sacrificed for this nation.

      It disgusts me.

    4. "Trump deserved better than this after all he's done and sacrificed for this nation."

      As William Munny said to Little Bill before he put him out of his misery, "Deserve's got nothing to do with it!"

      I don't believe Trump has succeeded in life by waiting for the things he felt he deserved. He went out and obtained what he needed or wanted. Like William Munny, Trump, and his team, are going to take care of this.

  15. I can't resist:

    "Now I predicted a 37-state win for President Domald [sic] John Trump."

    Mr. Surber! Really!

    (I once spelt "Rockefeller" as "Rockerfeller" about twenty times in a college term paper. It was a history class at the University of Colorado, and my guess is that the only reason why they didn't toss me out of the school was that I was the only student who had ever heard about the Rockefellers. There I was surrounded by jocks and foxes from Fort Dingo-Wingo and Dead Eye Gulch.)

  16. The more I see the more I am convinced that the dems do not care about getting caught cheating. That may be part of the plan, invalidate the election and have Congress decide. Now they are discovering that they didn't protect the down ballot. This will not end well.

  17. Honestly, we are broke. We've only not declared bankruptcy out of an ignorant stubbornness. Still, I contributed $100 to President Trump's legal efforts to preserve free and fair elections for ourselves and our posterity.

    I'm suffering from a lack of imagination. We're patriots here. Any ideas on how we can make a difference? No sedition please. What would be the point? We're the patriots.

  18. These people round here,
    Beaten down smoke dried faces,
    They’re resigned to what their fate is.
    But not us, no not us, not us, we are far too young and clever.

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