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Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Trump won't give up. We won't either

Democrats foolishly believe they can steal this election.

Never bet against Donald John Trump. He just hauled the election thieves in Michigan into court.

CNBC reported, "President Donald Trump’s campaign said Wednesday that it had filed a lawsuit seeking to halt the counting of election ballots in Michigan as it seeks to get what it called meaninful access to watch the tallying process at numerous counting locations.

"The lawsuit comes as Trump faces an ultra-tight race against Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in the key battleground state, and a number of other states, including Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada.

"At the time the suit was announced, NBC News was reporting that Biden was leading Trump by 49.5% of the votes cast in Michigan, compared to 48.8% percent for Trump. A total of 94% of the ballots in the state had been counted so far.

"The suit was announced as Trump suggested that Michigan had found ballots to deny John James, the Republican nominee in Michigan for the Senate race there, a victory."

President Trump fights not just for himself but for the 70 million people who voted for him and re-elected him. How dare the media and the deep state deny us?

And yet they dare.

After we elected him in 2016, Democrats knew he would be trouble.

They greeted him with a bigger bag of tricks than Felix the Cat.

17 days before Donald John Trump became our president, Chuck Schumer issued a warning to President Trump, "Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you."

For 4 years we have seen this played out. The swamp critters spied on President Trump. The swamp critters slow-walked his orders with Schumer leading the way on delaying approval of his Cabinet members. The swamp critters set him up for a phony investigation. The swamp critters set him up for an unconstitutional impeachment that failed to mention an actual crime.

And now the swamp critters have used their skills at psy ops and throwing foreign elections at home. Chickens have come home to roost. And by chickens, I mean vultures.

Covid 19 was the next crisis that Democrats would not let go to waste. In 4 states, Democrat governor sent covid patients to nursing homes to kill granny and raise the death count. In the name of helping the hospitals, the federal bureaucracy gave them extra money for covid deaths. This incentivized the inflation of the death toll.

You must understand that when Democrats called President Trump a threat to democratic institutions they meant Democrat institutions because Democrats control most of the federal agencies, including the Pentagon. 95% of the people in DC voted Democrat. That includes lobbyists and Republicans.

The media sold this year's virus as the plague. Even using the CDC's numbers, the death toll is well under the 2 million forecast by year's end.

But the lockdowns, followed by summer-long violent street demonstrations created the chaos Democrats wanted. The election became the protection racket. Democrats said elect Joe and the chaos ends. If not, better board up your stores.

The outcome of the election is in doubt. If Democrats win, we never will know if they won it or stole it. Democrats will want Americans to think they stole the election because it shows they are very powerful.

As Schumer bragged, they have six ways from Sunday to get to you, little man.

The swamp critters appear to be stealing the election in plain sight. That is what they want because it sends a message of power. I who predicted 37 states for President Trump am not going to comment on the veracity of the election counts. But George Soros was wise to invest in secretary of state and attorney general races over the years.

As in 2000 and 1876, the race ain't over until the Supreme Court sings.

And Donald Trump is going to make them sing his tune. 

If the swamp critters win, they will try to ruin Donald John Trump and bankrupt him and his beloved family and grandchildren. 

Justice Amy Barrett, too, would be in a precarious position as I am sure the swamp critters will go after her young children. Was Sarah Palin's family ever off limits? Justice Barrett is a target for the same reason Palin was because they are conservative women. Liberal women are obsessed by abortion in a manner that borders on demonic.

The blatant attempt by the swamp critters is evil. I have not felt this lousy about politics since James Comey announced he was not going to recommend indicting Hillary. This came just days after his boss, Loretta Lynch, openly conversed with Bill Clinton for 45 minutes after they just happened to meet at an airport.

It was treachery in plain sight designed to discourage anyone from challenging the regime.

That was a punch to the gut.

This does not hurt as much because at least we had 4 years of President Trump and 3 years of prosperity.

Maybe 4 more. The Donald won't quit.

If not, don't expect a third Obama term. This will be a mean and nasty time of vengeance. Bill Barr and John Durham better lawyer up. Sidney Powell, too. The Department of Justice is the truth and reconciliation committee that Robert Third Reich wanted.

Internationally, our allies would be screwed once again, just as they were under Obama.

India, Australia, and Japan would be on their own in standing up to Red China. Taiwan would be annexed.

As for Saudi Arabia, the president's re-election would have it recognizing the state of Israel. Otherwise, the Saudis will side with Red China. Strength is a magnet. Besides, Red China has the cash to pay for oil.

But all would not be lost. A Republican Senate can stand athwart Communism for four years. Mitch McConnell could pile up twice as many judicial vacancies again for President Trump's second term, which would begin on January 20, 2025.

Who else do Republicans have? Jeb? Romney?

By the way, sharp readers may have noticed I mentioned only 5 of the 6 ways from Sunday the swamp critters have of getting someone. The 6th way starts with the letter A.

I will leave it at that.

But he risks that because his cause is just and defeat is unacceptable.

What can we do? Pray. Don't give up, and pray.


  1. Normally, I don't like to talk about being cheated at the elections, basically for two reasons: first, if you can't prove it before a court, you sound like a sore loser; second, and most important, because if you keep being buggered time after time after time, it probably means that you like it, sorry if I sound homophobic. But this time, after what we have seen from Project Veritas, and what we're currently seeing in MI, enough is enough. I seem to remember that in 2017-2018 teh RP had the President, the House, the Senate and most State legislatures & Governors: plenty of time fo fix the elections for good, like in the rest of the free world (even here in Italy we have decent rules!), and the Reps DID NOTHING! Didn't you see it coming?
    Now prepare for more endless wars, higher taxes, more censoring from BigTech, more bitter injustice in HiEd, more violence from Antifa & BLM for the non-conforming, back to Kyoto agreement, more kowtowing to the Chinese, and this is but a partial account.

    1. Nobody went to jail when the mortgage bundled securities derivatives nearly destroyed the U.S. economy. No one went to jail when Pres. Clinton's appointee who was head of a federal backed Agency {FHMC) made a bonus packed $90 million salary/ bonus one year at taxpayer, Barney Frank supported expense >>> No one went to jail. I was a kid at Bank of America working when the word came down from Charlotte, N.C., the Fed under Pres. Clinton was requiring loans be made to low income areas (red line areas) whether the borrowers could pay back or not....No Jail for harming public traded banks bottom lines...Biden's son, and all the seditious Brennan, Comey, and their like will never ever be charged...I'm done. ZB

    2. I can't find much here to disagree with, Myollnir. Republicans controlled the governorship and both houses of Wisconsin and Michigan, and controlled both houses of the Pennsylvania legislature in 2017. They still control the houses in all three states, yet the PA one actually approved the initial move to mail-in vote for this election, only to have the governor then immediately disregard the security measures. It really does look after a time like they enjoy the buggering.

    3. FUD?

      Truth hurts I guess.

      We got jobbed.

  2. Add it all up and it comes perilously close to treason.

    As for that last A, the Romans tried it in Jerusalem. A few Confederates tried it in 1865. The last thing you want to do is create a martyr.

    I remember 2400 martyrs created 80 years ago.

    all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.

    Wars are started over less.

    Robert Third Reich

    Ya gotta love it, right?

    Who else do Republicans have?

    Kristi Noem? I'd say she's one of the best men in the country.


    1. "all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."

      Bogus quote invented for the film.

    2. "Bogus" quote stated by anonymous - ergo bogus - poster.

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  4. Ace of Spades has a post that says thumb drives were delivered in Wisconsin and Michigan that contained 130,000 (+/-) Biden votes only. At polling locations in Arizona that are heavily Trump voters, people were given Sharpies instead of ball point pens with which to record their votes. OCRs do not recognize the ink from Sharpies.

    Does our DOJ have an election integrity team or not?

    1. The good news is they do.
      The bad news is it's the FBI.

    2. Wisconsin has more votes than people who are registered to vote.

      Total number of registered voters: 3,129,000

      Total number of votes cast: 3,239,920

    3. Aldomeir: I sure hope T's team is aware of this. Last I heard they were only trying to get the counting stopped. Having more completed ballots than the # registered to vote would be huge. Unless, of course, they registered at the voting site (WI allows that). But... if they registered new when they voted it looks all those new voters that were at T's rallies. Either way, it would be a win for T. If more votes than registrations it's time to check the double/triple/quad votes, the votes from the cemeteries, and the dog licenses against votes. If the # registered that high was new voters on-site, that would be a huge plus for T.

  5. We will defeat the evil - which is what it is - that now confronts us. Support President Trump as he leads us against that evil!

  6. Husband said this morning that the Dems have been signalling this strategy for weeks if not months. Trump is as prepared as he can be. He has not let me down yet. I am trusting him to see this through to victory.

    1. Denial isn't just a river in Egypt.

      The fix was in months ago. Trump is a threat to the corrupt machine. They will not let him win.

      It's over and anyone who thinks otherwise is dreaming in Technicolor.

      The Founders would be revolting by now.

    2. Revolutions don't happen overnight. Even the founders put up with a lot more from England before they called her bluff.

      But, it may very well come down to one. That should be the last step, because, like the Civil War, it will be very, very bloody. Just ask those hotheads who were confident the South would whip the North at the start of the war.

    3. The Founders started a war over far less than this.

      Your republic is gone.

    4. No, you really don't know history. It took quite a few years of abuse by the Crown before enough of the founders got together to say they had enough.

      As for our Republic, you may be right, due to the 17th Amendment, the unConstitutional laws CONgress passed over the years, the judicial activism from the bench, and the spying on Trump, to name just a few, but, Trump, and most of his supporters, are not quite ready to let what is left of it to die.

  7. Didn't Biden let it slip about being experts in fraud, or something like that? (What was it precisely?) I'll bet his "handlers" weren't too thrilled about that.

    1. Why do you think they called a lid for the last week of the campaign?

      "...we’re in a situation where we have put together, and you guys did it for our administration — President Obama’s administration before this — we have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics”.

    2. Yup...that's it. Probably one of the rare times he accidentally let some truth come out.

  8. We’re waiting, Mr. T. Waiting for your order. I can be down to DC in two hours with guns and ammo to air out some LibCommies and/or set fire to a certain building at 13th and K NW. Just say the word, brother.

  9. This will be my only news sit until the battle is won. I will be optimistic about the outcome. Either way the country is split. Might as well be on our terms.

  10. I read that the campaign has also filed suit in Pennsylvania.

    1. There's a presser in Philly right now and doubtless that's the subject.

      Like Hunter's laptop, the Demos are showing what crooks they really are.

  11. Lin Wood @LLinWood

    “When once a republic is corrupted, there is no possibility of remedying any of the growing evils but by removing the corruption and restoring its lost principles; every other correction is either useless or a new evil."
    — Thomas Jefferson

  12. Words on a website will not fix this problem.

    The soap box has failed. The ballot box has failed. There is, I'm afraid, only one box left that can save us--but we won't do it.

  13. Rudy is giving them Hell in Philly.

    Remember, this is the guy who broke the mob in Gotham and Jersey.

  14. I agree with you, Don- he has to fight- he owes to those of us who voted for him. I would definitely force the count to stop right now, and move immediately into a full recount with open rooms so that anyone can observe what is going on. I think the Democrats' plan is get WI, MI, and PA beyond recount threshold, so a court will have to order one. The Democrats may be fuked, though, with James- James ran enough ahead of Trump that it might not be possible to get his race beyond the recount level. Last I looked James was running 70,000 votes ahead of Trump and just a 1000 behind Peters. So a recount in Michigan does seem unavoidable.

    I am not optimistic, though. I think Trump's best chance is to hold onto PA (court action needed ASAP), hold onto GA, and hope AZ can be pulled out of the bonfire tonight, or at least get the margin down enough for another mandated recount.

    If worse comes to worse, get the Democrats to depend on either GA or AZ for their 270th electoral vote, and then refuse to certify the electoral slate at the state level. Let Congress deal with the matter- at least there the Republicans don't have to depend on judges or election officials.

  15. The Senate swaps out 1/3 every two years so I don't see how we can say we're safe for four.

  16. I'm an old man. I'm also a veteran. I was willing to die for my country, but was glad to find out I didn't have to, when I was young.

    Now my family is all overseas, I've got nothing much to lose, and I'm damned mad about this blatant theft of President Trump's victory in this election. I'm also damned mad that if Biden & the Commies get into power, the United States of America is finished, and I am NOT WILLING to let that happen.

    So my shotgun is loaded; so is my carbine, and if it's time to rock & roll I'm willing, and I'm ready to go.

    Bring it on!

  17. "Who else do Republicans have? Jeb? Romney?"

    That's the point of this whole get rid of Trump effort by the Deep State, Swamp Critters, etc., or whatever name one wants to give them. And it's not just with the GOP, it also applies to the dumbocrats. See Bernie, and his selling out to the DS.

    If the Deep State wins this, then the American voters will be allowed to vote on whomever the DS decides. We will be offered the likes of Jeb, or Romney, or, as in the dumbocrats, Biden, Harris, etc. They will all be compromised in one way or another, for the purposes of leverage. There will be no more Trumps, or Sanders. In effect, our vote will no longer count. It will be a total farce. And the agenda of our government, will be set by the corrupt, progressive unelected DS. A corrupt government, led by corrupt people. That is what is at stake. Trump must win.

  18. Praying that the rule of law will be followed in every jurisdiction...that the cheaters, liars and thieves will be exposed and defeated...and that all outcome claims will be quickly proven legitimate or not.

    "Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help." (Ps. 146:3)—yet the Lord favors certain candidates. Let God's chosen be put in office!

  19. "that borders on--nope-- IS demonic."

    Their attachment to baby-killing can be nothing less than demonic. Sacrificing children to Baal is not new; the Aztecs did it, just as their American successors.

  20. This is a win win for the Dems. If the courts allow all illegitimate ballots to be counted then Biden wins. If Trump is successful in blocking the counting of ballots received after election day then Trump wins but the Dems will scream suppression...count all the ballots. TRUMP'S win then will be deemed illegitimate and rioting will ensue.

    1. No, it will show the Demos have succeeded the Mafia.

  21. It's a sign of the times... "perilous times will come".

    My wife, who is from Japan, has been reading quite a bit lately about WW2 and the rise of fascism in Europe and Asia. She sees very strong similarities between Hitler's rise to power, in lockstep with big corporations and big media, and the Swamp. There are also remarkable comparisons with Japan's Tojo regime.

    She has insisted on watching Trump rallies every evening, and has been saying for 3 months "I wish I'd applied for American citizenship sooner so I could vote for Trump!"

    THAT is amazing. I know she's not alone in this. She remarks nearly every day on how biased the NHK reporting is from Japan.

    No matter what happens, we're grateful for life; we appreciate this United States of America; we both know what we believe and are sustained by our shared faith and decades of struggling through life in a deep blue State (Hawaii).

    Living surrounded by stupidity and hatred is just a given...and we can do everything in love and confidence in the One Who brought us together and holds us in His very capable hands!

  22. I'd look for the resumption of Trump caravans again this weekend. If necessary, a caravan of tens of millions into DC.....or maybe to the state capitals of PA, WI, and AZ.

    Trump needs money to fight this legally. I just sent in a contribution.

    Trump Make America Great Again Committee
    310 First St SE
    Washington, D.C. 20003

    Or check their website. Even $5-$10 helps!

  23. "Did they win it or steal it?" may be my bumper sticker for the next four years.

    Don in Oregon

  24. It ain't over until it's OVER, and it AIN'T over.

    11/05/20 and 11/06/20 is going to be very interesting.

  25. I've already got my signs ready if Biden ends up winning: NOT MY PRESIDENT and IMPEACH SENILE JOE


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