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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The Jeff Sessions lesson

If the Supreme Court allows Democrats to steal the presidential election, look for Biden to avoid appointing any members of the House or Senate to his Cabinet. Democrats have a small margin of error in the House and have yet to attain the 50 seats in the Senate needed to take control on Inauguration Day. They could make it to 50 in the Georgia election on January 5.

With four House seats to be decided, Democrats are but 3 seats above the minimum required to control the House. A little rebellion and Republican Kevin McCarthy replaces Nancy.

Joshua Spivak wrote in USA Today, "Leading Democratic senators are among the top names in the mix as President-elect Joe Biden and his transition team pick a Cabinet. Those floated include Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Christopher Coons of Delaware.

"History shows that Biden would be wise to avoid using the Senate as a hunting ground, since putting senators in his Cabinet could mean losing Democratic seats to Republican appointees or election winners. Nor is it clear why senators feel a Cabinet position is worth it. Leading a government department is rarely a true power position. For those seeking higher office, the Cabinet is the graveyard of American presidential dreams."

It may kill presidential ambitions, but it sure can be lucrative. Hillary's net worth grew exponentially as secretary of state.

In 2017, President Trump picked Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama as his attorney general. In the election to replace him, Alabama elected its first Democrat senator in years.

Think Warren's seat is safe? Ask her about Scott Brown who in 2010 became the first Republican senator from Massachusetts in 32 years. It is the seat Warren holds.

Minnesota and Delaware only seem safe. Democrats needed a recount to get Al Franken to the Senate, and Coons barely beat in 2010 an underfunded Republican her party had abandoned.

As for Bernie, no one wants him. I am convinced Vermonters sent him to the Senate just to get him out of their hair.

Politico mentioned the Cabinet problem on November 10, writing, "Congressional Democrats spent months openly jockeying for a potential Biden Cabinet spot. Then came the Election Day train wreck.

"Democrats’ disappointing down-ballot finish — failing to take the Senate majority outright and losing critical seats in the House — has put a serious damper on the prospect of their own members being plucked from Congress to join President-elect Joe Biden’s administration.

"There are still more than a half-dozen Hill Democrats being floated as Biden appointees or advisers, including Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware and Reps. Karen Bass of California and Cedric Richmond of Louisiana. But plenty more Democrats — many in seats the party can’t afford to lose — are effectively off the short list, with one lawmaker making a play for the Cabinet describing their current Hill tenure as a disqualifying factor."

They need the House. Every seat now counts and party discipline is lacking among those who were re-elected despite the communist wing of the Democrat Party.

So third-tier Obamanauts are getting the jobs. Antony Blinken is getting the winking nod to be secretary of state. A post once held by Thomas Jefferson and John Quincy Adams now falls to a man best known for covering up Hunter Biden's bribes from Ukraine and Red China. 

Israel and Saudi Arabia are screwed because Democrats will punish anyone and everyone who supported President Donald John Trump.

Which is why the Jewish state and the land of Mecca are banding together publicly. They realize that if there is a Biden White House, the USA will befriend Iran again.

Cheaters never prosper, which is a shame since the whole nation will be brought down with Biden should the Supreme Court ignore the steal of the century at the ballot box.


  1. One problem they have is social - recall that O largely filled his cabinet with senators... my guess being that they were the only people that he knew socially in DC (ever notice how no "old friends" of that guy ever turn up?).

    And the "D" party has long been a senatorial party. When was the last time their P/VP ticket did NOT include a sitting or former senator? Unless I missed something, I went back mentally and it was still true all the way back to 1944... and I stopped there since it was a mental exercise and I was lazy and didn't bother to look to see if Henry Wallace (1940) was or had been a senator.

    And with regard to senator phoghorn (i - lunar orbit)...

    "As for Bernie, no one wants him. I am convinced Vermonters sent him to the Senate just to get him out of their hair."

    That's an old trick that was pioneered in Maine - best way to get some obnoxious jerk to leave the state is... to elect him to congress. (And keep in mind that one of senator phoghorn's longest-running staffers said in an interview back c. 2015 that if he found himself stuck on a desert island with no one else there but senator phoghorn, he'd probably commit suicide within 48 hours to put himself out of his misery...)

  2. Georgia, Georgia, Georgia.

    Our opponents are superb at taking the long view. We, on the other hand, never miss a chance to volunteer for a circular firing squad. Disagree with a conservative 20% of the time and he is an enemy. On the other side, even AOC swallows her bile to support Biden.

    Whatever happens with the election litigation, we collectively better focus like a laser on those two senate seats in Georgia. I assure you our rivals are, and they aren't spending time bickering about progressive purity.

    1. Our enemies, not opponents, ENEMIES, are very good at marching in lockstep like good little statists. With the exception of Trump our side can't fight its way out of a wet paper bag.

    2. If I lived in Georgia and believed that the presidential election is rigged (which it is), I would still vote for the two GOP senators, for one last time.


    3. carlos, Sidney and Lin Wood are working on that in Georgia, with very good cases. There may not be a need for a runoff. Have patience.

    4. And if you don't take out the fraud, they'll do it again but better - 300% of eligible voters will vote.

  3. It's all rigged. We somehow think because we're Americans that history won't repeat with us.

    Well it is.

    Donald Trump was just a speed bump on the road to oblivion.

    If your liberty is to be preserved you will soon have to literally and physically fight for it. That's not hyperbole.

    1. "It's all rigged. We somehow think because we're Americans that history won't repeat with us.

      Well it is."

      Bunk! Just because you declare this country is going to repeat history, a history you haven't even defined, does NOT mean it will happen.

      I'll back that up with the fact that when the massive fraud is exposed, and the unaltered vote produced, it will show Trump had 60 -70% of the vote. Where did I get those numbers from? From the statistical analysis of the massive fraud that was required to overcome the Trumpslide. You know, the evidence that is growing and being added to the court cases filed by Trump's legal team. What that means, is the majority of Americans do not like the fraud they have been subjected to for the last 30 or so years. A period of time in which the voters tried in 1992, 2010, and finally 2016, to send the message to Washington D.C. to stop. In other words, this country overall is not corrupt, despite the majority of corrupt elites who attempt to rule over us.

      Second, you seem to forget who is sitting POTUS. Unlike Venezuela, who had corrupt supreme leaders sitting in the position when fraud like this was attempted, although at a lower level, thus preventing any discovery, Trump IS the sitting POTUS. And, he has the law, Constitution, CISA, the EO declaring election infrastructure as critical, and the state of emergency order still open. All of those give Trump many more options than just, as you ridiculously state, "the courts are corrupt" BS.

      So, if you are going to be a Debbie Downer, which is an easy position to take, and annoying as hell to boot, how about you make convincing counter arguments, backed with something more substantial than just your declarations of silly hyperbole. I'd like to read them.

    2. Well said, FLOlson.
      If I had a dollar for every time I've heard THE END declared on the Trump Presidency over the last four years I could buy a few floors at least of Trump Tower. When the man himself says it's over, it's over and not before.
      I sure as hell won't be taking any President-Elect cues from the Mendacious Selective Media.

    3. “That which has been is that which shall be. There is nothing new under the sun.”

      Your ranting and whistling past the graveyard can not overturn the plain words of scripture—nor the arc of history.

      Go bury your heads in the sand, clowns. If you don’t look at the bear he can’t eat you. /sarc

    4. Well said, LD. I would rather have 10,000 leftists in front of me than these two dipsticks behind me. What a couple of ankle-biting buffoons.

    5. "When the massive fraud is exposed."


      Good luck with that. The courts are corrupt. To believe otherwise is to believe in fairy tales.

    6. These guys must still live with mommy and get read bedtime stories.

      We all know the election was stolen. We all know there was massive fraud. But until people wind up like Mussolini and his mistress they’ll keep doing it.

      So..........they’ll keep doing it. Duh.

    7. Wow. I challenge Big Jake to back up his Debbie Downer hyperbole, and THIS is the best he has? Bringing a sock puppet to back him up? Oh, yeah, and his "courts are corrupt" BS. Yet, I'm the one it declares is living in a fantasy world?

      Enjoy the reality show J/Big Jake-Debbie Downer. Trump will save your vote. And he won't even ask you for thanks.

  4. Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

    John F. Kennedy

    1. Don't know about inevitable, in four years it may be enviable.

    2. There are four boxes to be used in the defense of liberty:


      Please use in that order.

      Guess where we are now.

    3. About a half-step away from ammo.

    4. A half-step away from the ammo?

      I must be early, my guns are already loaded!

  5. How long Biden would last in office before his infirmities take their toll is a matter of speculation. Many believe he will not finish out his term.

    1. Seamless transition to Kuntmala. His puppet masters will see to that.

    2. I don't think I could stand listening to Kamela's twangy voice and cackling laugh for four years.

  6. The fictitious so-called "president-elect," Herr Beiden, can appoint any Democrat House or Senate member he wants and up to 24, if he wants without losing any legislation. There are plenty of Trump-hating RINOs in both chambers whose arms can be easily twisted: actually, everyone can be blackmailed or murdered or their families or dogs murdered or at least doxxed if they don't play ball.

    If Trump doesn't win, expect political assassinations of Republicans to be a daily occurrence until there were none...

    1. While it may be true that Cabinet appointments put one on the road to political oblivion, in the case of Bernie and Liz Warren they are too old to have any further ambitions in that regard, so a Cabinet post would be a great career capper for either one.

      However, both of them are from states with Republican governors, who would then get to appoint Republicans as their successors.

      Oh. Wait.

  7. I saw this comment at another blog:

    -Full vote audits in WI and GA.
    -State legislature hearings in AZ, PA, WI, and MI
    -Court cases ongoing or soon expected in PA, GA, and MI

    Despite what Debbie Downers (a nicer term vs troll, meant to lessen the triggering of certain posters) post, the tide of the massive sophomoric fraud for Slow Joe is either at or near its ebb, or starting it's decline. Trump will serve a second term.

    1. As is sometimes said in Snowgander country, "Beneath the ice, the water is moving."

      Lots going on. This isn't going to just be pushed aside and ignored. Too much material to ignore. 'Nuf said.

      And EVERYTHING needs to be fought out. Worst-case, it's a key part of the backup plan. I'm hoping that I can describe it (the backup plan) sometime late in January after it turned out to be unnecessary.

      Everyone got their copies of chairman mao's little red book yet? It will be our successor to stealing alinsky and using it back on THEM...

    2. "Lots going on. This isn't going to just be pushed aside and ignored. Too much material to ignore. 'Nuf said."

      Yeah Snow, that is the key statement that made me see the light, and understand that Trump set this trap, to expose this crooked election counting system we have, and that it will have to be dealt with, because we aren't Venezuela, despite the hyperbole oozing out of Debbie Downer posts. The courts can't deny it when 70% + of GOP voters and 30% + of dumbocrat voters see it. The majority of people will NOT accept the result.

    3. The ones who are fighting the rigged election in the courts, Guiliani, Jenna, Powell, will be national heroes when Trump is re-elected.

    4. The only second term Trump will get is in 2024, moron.

    5. Careful or the Koolaid Kids will wet themselves and call you a troll, LD.

    6. ^^^^^ PM from a friend. I concur. Just a matter of time....

    7. "The only third term Trump will get is in 2024, moron."

      Hey Big Jake, I fixed your sock puppet's post for you.


  8. Keep your eyes on the co-architect of the Demo-Communist House re-elections, Rep. Cheri Bustos.

    How she is treated --- my estimate is that she'll be treated like a Speaker of the House leper colony --- will clearly reveal the internal back-stabbing going on.

    And although she'll be keeping a lower profile than Shelly Silver did in the NY State government (not that this ultimately did him any good), she won't get a moment's rest from now until the end of 2020.

    In other news, should the Democrats steal the White House (God forbid!), they will almost instantly regret having succeeded.

    With the COVID death rates soaring, even though it will still be a tiny percentage of the total number of people getting Covid, now THEY'LL BE RESPONSIBLE. No more Trump alibi.

    All of those deranged lawn signs blaming the deaths on Trump will disappear faster than snowballs in Hell.

  9. There’s another Jeff Sessions lesson, it appears only applicable to Trump or Trump like presidents ...

    Thoroughly vet the AG, period.

    Sessions stood up to the “man” when it was inconsequential (government shutdown). Sessions even publicly supported Trump.

    Once confirmed as AG, Sessions knifed Trump in the back leading to the Mueller Inquisition.

    At least Cruz, Sessions partner in the inconsequential shutdown, has been mainly for Trump and his policies even though Cruz was savaged by Trump in the primary.

    1. Oh, that could be a Sessions/Barr rule by the way. Barr talked a good game, but Sundance from Conservative Treehouse appears to be correct in his initial assessment of Barr.

      It’s interesting that after Sundance’s grand trip to DC, he has been supportive and now silent on Barr. Granted, Sundance is dealing with deplatforming, but still is now silent.

    2. Right you are Tex. I loved Sessions as a senator. He was a double disaster as AG - cost a senate senate and sucked as AG.

    3. Sessions would have been much better had he been assigned to homeland security.

  10. I have a dream too. Mine is for Trump to prevail and to return every professional courtesy to Google, Twitter, Fakebook, The "Yellow Stream Media"- including FUX, oops FOC, Every element of the Higher Indocrination System (AKA Colleges and Universities), Hollow-wood, and as many of the crooked democrats as possible. For the second year......

  11. won't anyone explain the significance of trumps executive orders of sept 2018, declaring a national emergency over foreign interference of our elections?? It gives him broad powers to block and prosecute offenders from not just overseas, but CNN NBC ABC et al due to spreading propaganda. I think thats going to come into play in due course....

  12. The Alabama Senate election was rigged fact Americans are going to find out really soon how rigged they have been for a long time.
    "We caught them all" DJT

    1. Big deal. The corrupt system will not overturn ITSELF.