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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Only 55% say election was legit

Reuters tried to spin its post-election poll, but buried in Paragraph 10 was the truth: Only "55% of adults in the United States said they believed the Nov. 3 presidential election was legitimate and accurate, which is down 7 points from a similar poll that ran shortly after the 2016 election. The 28% who said they thought the election was 'the result of illegal voting or election rigging' is up 12 points from four years ago."

Russian Collusion was a hoax.

Vote fraud is a Democrat tradition.

A large portion of American adults do not believe Biden is the president-elect.

And given that Reuters-Ipsos was off in the 2016 election and again in the 2020 election by 4 points, it is likely that less than half of adults believe Biden won fair and square.

And the poll was skewed to Democrats.

Reuters said, "The Reuters/Ipsos poll was conducted online, in English, throughout the United States. It gathered responses from 1,346 respondents, including 598 Democrats and 496 Republicans, and has a credibility interval, a measure of precision, of 5 percentage points."

The story itself included a big fat lie: "Trump has failed to give any proof for his claims..."


From algorithms to boxes of uncounted Trump votes to Democrats ignoring statutory deadlines on mail-in votes, the proof mounts.

What there was no proof of was Putin colluding with Donald Trump in 2016.

But this is from a media that repeatedly ignores real scandal. When President Trump said Obama spied on him, the media waved it off as "without evidence." When the president presented evidence, the media blew it off as old news.

That is how the game is played.

In 2000, Al Gore took his case to the Supreme Court before conceding on December 15.

President Trump deserves the same consideration.

Of more importance, the American people deserve to get satisfaction before the justices.


  1. That a Reuters poll says 55% tells you the reall number must be huge.

    1. Concur. The real number must be twice that.

      Don in Oregon

    2. Only in certain Democrat-run precincts…

    3. At this point, I don't care how much and what quality of evidence that the Trump Admin has. I want them to play it out, just like Dems would do.

  2. The big problem here, as Rush Limbaugh pointed out, is the the Supreme Court justices are reluctant to get involved unless the proof is overwhelming that the election was stolen. That means Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani and the rest of the legal team has to provide overwhelming evidence of material fraud and do so in a very short period of time. They might not have enough time to serve subpoenas and execute search warrants, so this promises to be a cliffhanger. Let us pray for success and keep our resistance powder dry as backup.

    1. I would posit that the Supreme Court needs no excuse to refuse to back up Deplorables. Chief Justice Roberts telegraphed that when he let the FISA court slide.

    2. The Supremes already ruled in support of the Constitution and the legislatures.

      The Supreme Court Gave Republicans A Win In Wisconsin, Ruling That Ballots That Arrive After Election Day Won’t Count
      The court voted 5–3 to leave in place Wisconsin’s Election Day deadline for absentee ballots to come in. Democrats argued that would disenfranchise potentially tens of thousands of voters. Oct 26

      NYT, Gorsuch, “No one doubts that conducting a national election amid a pandemic poses serious challenges. But none of that means individual judges may improvise with their own election rules in place of those the people’s representatives have adopted.”

      Kavanaugh, “the Constitution principally entrusts politically accountable state legislatures, not unelected federal judges, with the responsibility to address the health and safety of the people during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

      Add Barrett to the Courts and they throw out all PA Supreme Court election rules. That means naked ballots, late ballots, ballots without proper signatures or addresses are all thrown out.

  3. Who are the 55 percent? MSM zombies?

    1. Who are the other 45%?
      Talk about out of touch ...

    2. Oops, my bad. You're kidding me--55% say it was legit? I was sure that the 55 must be the doubters LOL

  4. The courts are political, compromised, unethical, and scared.

    Trump will not find justice.


  5. The corrupt rotten to the core establishment government, justice department and corporate media complex, banking lobby, big pharm and the rest of the elites have 70 million honest tax payers pissed off royal. Good luck being a coward and an accomplice to stealing our right to free elections this time my foolish little pin heads. The people are not going to stand for it this time around. The fight goes on!

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  7. Notice that they (as usual) over sample the Democrats in the poll by a large margin. 10% over the Republicans, even though Republican registration is up and they did better in every area with the exception of President.

    And this with all the suppression of news from the propagandist media and big tech like Twitter and FB.

    The fraud happened. It has been used for a while, but the margins Trump was getting was too much for the left so they had to go panic mode sloppy.

    If Biden (though I suspect that Kamala will be installed) is pushed through, it means our votes won't ever matter again. The fraud means was a feature on the Dominion machines. Just the name alone of that manufacturer of the machines tells you want their intent is. It's tied to the CIA who rigged elections around the globe.

    But the propagandist media claims the election was clean. This steal has been planned for a long time. The left stole the House majority in 2018, at least as far as the amount of the majority. Obama cheated, especially vs. Romney with the fraud all over the place.

    And how is it that Duh One never came close to Dementia Joe's numbers? We are supposed to believe that the "Historic" one was far less popular than the guy who likely wouldn't have gotten the nomination and picked the least popular running mate?

    Trump's numbers were massive, and it caused the left to stupid. If this doesn't get fixed this time, our country is lost. And we will have Heels Up Harris as the installed dictator of the "united" Soviet States of America.

    1. Not in my state, brother. WV Secession 2021 in that case. We dun it before, we’ll dun do it agin.

  8. I suspect most of the ones who think the election was not stolen are ones who haven't heard about because they watch/listen/read only the mainstream media.

  9. Democrat judges and courts seem to vote strictly on party lines so Trump will always lose.
    Republicans are more fair, and some will vote against Trump from time to time.

    The big question is whether the current Supreme Court is independent or whether it is a kangaroo court being ruled by the Deep State.

    1. You reference Kangaroo Courts?
      Chief Justice Roberts has a pouch. He is a Deep State marsupial.