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Friday, November 20, 2020

Murdoch slams 80 million Americans as Birchers

Writing on behalf of Sir Rupert Murdoch, Peggy Noonan portrayed the 80 million people as crackpot John Birchers for daring to suggest Democrats stuffed the ballot box.

Via Noonan, Murdoch said, "Responsible Republican leaders ought to congeal and address the fact that what rough faith and trust we have in the system is being damaged. Which means our ability to proceed as a healthy democracy is being damaged."

This was the column Murdoch should have had Old Pegasaurus write 4 years ago when Obama, his henchmen, and his cronies concocted a Russian collusion conspiracy theory that would lead to an investigation that tore the fiber of this nation.

Noonan-Murdoch dismiss the president's claims of voter fraud as bogus, sight unseen.

Where was Murdoch's media empire when the lies were spewing Chateau Obama in Kaloroama? 

If you are looking for an authoritarian, Obama is your man. He used the FBI to spy on political opponents. Murdoch is too chicken to take him on. Why should Murdoch risk his billions by standing up for the people and the conservative values he promoted but never quite accepted?

So the column bashes the victim.

Noonan-Murdoch wrote, "Imagine if he’d acted even remotely normal in his first term, if he’d had the intellectual, emotional and spiritual resources to moderate himself, to act respectably. Heck, imagine if he’d worn a mask. He might have won."

Did she write that in crayon to match the thought process?

Her name-calling shows an emptiness of intellect because she does not have to show readers any lack of respectability by President Donald John Trump.

He did everything he said he would do. He built 500 miles of the wall despite no congressional cooperation.

He dropped unemployment to 3.5%.

He raised working-class wages to all-time highs.

He brought back manufacturing.

He appointed conservative judges.

He cut red-tape.

He cut taxes.

He did everything that Noonan and the rest of the minions in Murdoch's media empire claimed they wanted.

And they are hung up on a few tweets.

These phony baloneys are afraid of the Wrath of Obama should Democrats ever resume power.

All of Washington is.

McConnell won't slow-walk appointees like he did with President Trump.

Paranoia is an irrational fear.

This is a rational fear.

Noonan-Murdoch can slam us till the cows come home. She wrote, "I found myself thinking this week of the 1960s and the John Birch Society, which had some power in its day as an anticommunist movement whose core belief was that officials of the U.S. government were conspiring with international communism to take down America. They were pretty wild. In time they accused Dwight D. Eisenhower, president of the United States and hero of Normandy, of being a secret communist agent."

We are Birchers, get it?

She wrote, "The John Birch Society faded because all these conservative leaders, and more, sort of congealed and took the larger weight of their movement in other directions. And so modern conservatism was born as pretty much a healthy movement, and not pretty much a sick one."

Noonan-Murdoch left out the part where Republicans became a third-party barely represented in the House and Senate.

The Bircher Purge paved the way for LBJ's Great Society and the Watergating of Nixon.

80 million people voted for Donald John Trump this year. Noonan-Murdoch wants them to give up without a fight because we are not elitists. We actually believe in the things Noonan-Murdoch said they believed in.

They lied.

They fooled us, once.

Never again.

While we are on the subject of Judas Goats who lead the lambs to slaughter, the anti-white bigot Kevin D. Williamson also mocked us in a National Review column. He bragged, "But Trump didn’t win. He lost to Joe Biden, who hardly even bothered to campaign against him. He may very well end up costing Republicans control of the Senate. He has a better chance of being indicted on criminal charges and/or returning once more to bankruptcy court than he does of serving a second term as president."

Williamson is so useless, he should have a show on Fox.

His new book -- White People Are So Ghetto -- is out.

A reviewer at Amazon said, "I bought this book after reading an interesting column by the author on why Democrats didn't do better in the 2020 election, but the book is nothing like the article. Right off the bat he says that you would look at Owsley County and wonder what disaster had befallen it and answers his own question with the claim that there has been no disaster and attributes the predicament to the shiftlessness of the residents. Yes, they're just sorry, a bunch of sad sacks. One wonders how so many sad sacks found their way to the same town. That must have required some initiative that they haven't exhibited since their arrival. Then he proceeds to talk about the collapse of the local economy when the major employers shut down. Oh, I see. The same intellectual dishonesty permeates the book.

"The book also suffers from a gratuitous and stupid mean-spiritedness, when he talks about 'she-bureaucrats in pants suits,' for example. Are they somehow worse than 'he-bureaucrats.' Are pants suits a signifier of evil and incompetence even worse than leisure suits?"

Yep, that's our Kevin.

Oh, the actual title is,  Big White Ghetto: Dead Broke, Stone-Cold Stupid, and High on Rage in the Dank Woolly Wilds of the "Real America."

Yes, I want to plunk down $22.49 to be insulted.


  1. Noonan-Murdoch wrote, "Imagine if he’d acted even remotely normal in his first term, if he’d had the intellectual, emotional and spiritual resources to moderate himself, to act respectably. Heck, imagine if he’d worn a mask. He might have won."

    Did she write that in crayon to match the thought process?

    That's a fine insult there Don. Had me laughing.

    These elites are so self unaware. They became rich off the very backs of those whom they insult.

    It's alright. Trump is going to serve his second term. They will have to deal with that. We, will celebrate the fact that this means we are in charge now, thanks to Trump. He stopped those elites from turning elections into nothing but choices pushed down by elites for us to "vote" for. And for this, they are mad. Sucks to be you Noonan.

    1. If he’d worn a mask, it would have pissed me off.

    2. As the Alberta Dr. said, and I concur 100%. Masks are just virtue signaling

    3. She's the genius who came with the "Thousand points of light" embarrassment for Bush 41.
      Now that I think of it, it looks like Noonan's fingerprints are all over the "Jeb!" debacle.

    4. Ah yes, the famous “Thousand pieces of shite” meme. Good catch.

  2. Carlson. Noonan. Williamson.

    The shit whisperers are out in full force.

  3. When Republicans object to Democrat election fraud it damages people's faith in our democracy. When Democrats are allowed to cheat with impunity everybody's confidence is reinforced, I guess.

    1. And when democrats accuse republicans of cheating, it is taken as gospel.

  4. Don't trust Noonan! Noonan is asshoe!

    1. hahaha... I read that in a Chinese accent

    2. Thats not a nice thing to say about a lady, Mr Faux Chinaman. Better to say "Noonan is cheap hoe"

      And I used to like Noonan so much. And now I have to give up TuCa (Or is it CuTa now?)

  5. Noonan has been Don Lemon's towel boy for quite some time now. A reprehensible old nag given a new lease on life as a circus clown. One more thief in the night.

  6. America's elites are as self aware as amoebae.

  7. Peggy who?

    Haven’t read her since she went full gun control liberal many years ago.

  8. The GOP threw this election they sandbagged Trump. They refused to have a 2020 platform that was the first clue.

    But the clincher comes with the interviews with GOP poll watcher whistleblowers who worked in Detroit. They were NOT trained. They were harassed and threatened the entire time they were there. They were told to shut up and get thrown out. The list is endless.

    They wouldn't even feed them! If they left the building to eat they were not allowed back in. Dems had food waiting for them. Here's just one interview....

    Start around 8 minutes in and avoid the introductions. Even I was shocked, not to hear of Dem crimes, but to hear how ill prepared she was for the task at hand.

    Face it people the GOP threw this election. Since both parties are now against Trump there is no court in the land that will call out the fraud in the swing states.

    Its time to take back the party for 2024

    1. That scoundrel will not get to decide whether or not to hear the case. Thomas, Alito and Barret will decide in the .out vital states.

  9. Never forget John Roberts will decide if the court hears the case on election fraud. My money is that he will not hear it.

    He already has shown his colors over OmamaCare and religious liberty. He's a traitor from the Bush dynasty. The die is cast the swamp has won. For now.

    3 million people work in the Swamp. No lone President can take them on himself. Only the GOP can handle that monumental task and they refuse.

    Just like they refused to strip SCOTUS of its jurisdiction over abortion, marriage, and religious liberty.

    Until the GOP is gutted and rebuilt from the precinct level this nation will never see economic growth again.

    1. The GOP already has been gutted and has already been in the process of being rebuilt for the last 12 years. Although many RINOs still have to be cleared out, there has been tremendous progress. Plus, the country has been waking up-- witness that in reality there was a fantastic red wave in this election and Trump likely did win decisively.
      Anonymous--you are a plant trying to get us to surrender. Holding out 2024 as a panacea is foolish. Enormous damage can be done by the Left between 2020 and 2024.

    2. Ignore the troll with the "neocon" talking points, TeaPartyGal. It has spouted nonsense since the day it first first posted its obsession with this blog. You are absolutely correct in your assessment of the overall situation, and the troll though. Anyone with an ounce of thinking understands that the massive fraud must be confronted now, or this Republic is done. Thankfully, Trump and his team of patriots has this.

  10. Time to re-establish the Liberty Party and take 70,000,000 Trump voters with us.

    1. Fook that shite. WE are the Republican Party now. The rest of y’all - talkin to you, Peg and Kev - can STFU or GTFO. Your call, tools.

  11. He cut red-tape

    He only cut it some 20% he didn't shut down one agency. Not one. Until you return the legislative function to Congress its futile.

    Congress has no legal or moral right to delegate its legislative function to unelected bureaucrats. Take any agency the SEC, FDA, DEA.....

    They are all undemocratic and authoritarian. EVERY ONE OF THEM. Within their fiefdoms they combine the legislative, executive, and judiciary functions.

    There is no separation of powers within each fiefdom. Their courts have no juries. They are almost all unconstitutional.

    The conservative movement has conserved nothing. In 60 years they've had one lone victory: defeating the ERA and it took a woman to do that on her own.

    Because conservatives have ignored the tenth amendment for so long they have lost ground with every new administration since FDR.

    They never roll back the advance of the progressive agenda when the people put them in power. The progressives, with their dialectical materialism, march two steps forward and one step back.

    So we've been crouching towards Gomorrah since 1933. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  12. as crackpot John Birchers

    LOL I've been a Bircher since Goldwater was sandbagged by the GOP just like Trump has been. Hitting me with that label all you want I wear it proudly.

    Because the Birchers' ideas have stood the test of time. They had it right from the beginning. The globalist movement began with Carter.

    It was interrupted when the Soviets gave up but it accelerated thanks to Bush and the phony war on terror. While this election was stolen there is much to look forward to.

    Because the internet is decentralizing the number one institution of the Leftist poqwe. The media. This is why they are so desperate!

    They really are frantic they no longer can control publishing, communications, and similar institutions with an iron clad fist. Those days are gone.

    Give it ten years and we'll have our own media including social media. But we need leadership and Trump must be ready to publish training materials on political conflict and confrontation.

    We've been far too nice all my life. By nature we hate confrontation. But you cannot destroy the Left without it.

    1. “I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!”

      Surely everyone knows who said that. It was from 1964 I think. The conservative fatal error has been MODERATION and compromise.

      You don't compromise with evil ideologies. Ever.

    2. I can very clearly recall seeing the JBS bumper stickers about "Get US Out" of the UN in the 1960's. We kids thought they were pretty wierd because we were sucking up the UNICEF propaganda about saving starving kiddies in third world sh*tholes. Now in my cranky old age, I have to re-learn a lot of history. As for the Birchers, how right they were.

  13. The Birchers were right. The real red threat was domestic, not abroad. read Diana West
    WFB kicked the Birchers out of the movement because they opposed the Vietnam war. They were right and WFB was wrong.

    WFB paved the way for the endless war neocons of today. read Paul Gottfried

  14. Does anyone have any idea if this is true; and, if true, what it's about??

    1. It's supposedly that SCOTUS Justices are "taking over" (?) The swing state courts..

    2. Nope. Won't touch Twitter. Not with a 10mb pole.

    3. Believe it’s assignments for the fed districts for each judge in case of emergency appeals. Ames got her old district and Sammy A got two.

  15. "We are Birchers, get it?" And Peggy, she's a DEMOCRAT wannabe. She's also "past her sell-by date".

    "While we are on the subject of Judas Goats who lead the lambs to slaughter, the anti-white bigot Kevin D. Williamson also mocked us in a National Review column." And NR went 200% NEVER-TRUMPER IN 2015, blowing off their body parts below their waists with a 155-mm howitzer.

    1. A magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers is all that's needed for NR writers to remove their nether region body parts.

    2. NR did blow off their pants-suits, but it revealed that they had no external genitalia to be blown off anyway!

  16. They should look up the definition of "Margin of Fraud" and look at how long it has been applicable. Democrats have been committing electoral fraud since well before the Civil War. It's how they've maintained strangle holds on city and some state politics effectively forever.

  17. Why would anyone want to tune into an imitation of CNN when we can watch the real thing?

  18. the John Birch Society has been right far more than they have been wrong. and I would say Trump has been closer to the ideals of the JBS than any other recent President.

  19. "McConnell won't slow-walk appointees like he did with President Trump"

    Bless Cocaine Mitch for the judges BUT he could at least have gone out of session from time to time to allow recess appointments.

    1. I know Mitch is a deep state swamp critter, but he is constrained by the realities of power politics just like PDJT. He can only push so far or so hard. Trump's second term will have the fireworks.

  20. Don, thank you for educating your readers on those allegedly “free-market conservatives” who are not on the side of America First Patriots.

    These people; Noonan, Murdoch, and Williamson, are much more despicable than the Far-Left radicals who may be deluded and overflowing with hate, but who at least are not elitist snobs and many worse things I don’t think are permitted to be shared on this site.

    For myself, I dumped my Wall Street Journal subscription right around the time in 2016 when it became clear to me President Trump was fighting for the average American working class families who have been totally taken advantage of by the Dem-GOPe UniParty and the Elitist Snobs Conservatives since at least 1988; and the WSJ was on the side of Globalist corporations and multimillionaires; Wall Street; and the Uniparty which serves them.

    I am already well aware of, and fully agree, Peggy Noonan (who still wraps herself up in the false cloak of Reaganism when Reagan never trusted or relied on her); the entire Murdoch Family (let’s not just limit it to the Dad); and the thoroughly disgusting and putrid Williamson; deserve to be publicly named, scorned, and identified as opponents to the legitimate desires for a decent life by close to at least 100 million Americans.

    Thank you again for your excellent work for those who love and cherish the free people of the United States of America.

    1. Spot-on, Susie Malon!

      I reckon old man Murdoch wasn't/isn't such a bad dude, but sadly his sons & their wives are far-left muttonheads. It's a pity he let them take over, but understandable; they're family.

      The biggest problem in our Republic in my eyes is our 'education' system: it's filled with Marxists & wannabe Communists, most of whom haven't ever done anything but go to school, get brainwashed, & then teach school themselves. These 'teachers' who fed their lies to the Murdoch progeny are also feeding lies to all our children in public schools.

      This deadly disease of Communist indoctrination is deadly, and the infection is spreading. (It's far, far deadlier than the Wu Flu: the death rate runs into the hundreds of millions.)

      We must take back our schools, and as Graham Nash used to sing, "teach our children well," with accurate information about our Republic and its history!

  21. The GOP never really got behind Trump.
    They will have to learn the hard way (again).
    There are about 10 GOP I would vote for in the Senate and House combined. I have zero use for the rest.
    Keep in mind there was major corruption and they did not clamp down and they damn sure could have.
    Meanwhile, we the people take it in the ass (again).
    I personally am getting ready to rise up.
    I hate to be at that point.

    1. Trump and his team of patriots has this g. Rise up when called to a rally, but otherwise, keep informed and calm. Those who stole the election are done. All that is left is the wailing and crying. Enjoy the fact that you are living in this special, historic time.

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