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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

House Democrats learned nothing from the election

In response to an electorate that almost turned the House back to Republicans, House Democrats raised the minimum age for their top 3 posts to 80.

Nothing quite says out of touch with the 21st century like being led by people who were born before World War II.

Forget pre-dating the Internet, these dinosaurs predate commercial television.

Democrats went into the election thinking they would have a net gain of 20 House seats.

They walk out losing a net total of at least 8 seats and counting.

As the Daily Wire reported, "‘Experts’ Listed 27 House Races As Toss-Ups. Republicans Won All 27."


Republicans pitched a perfect game.

And no one will walk the plank among House leaders.

Politico reported, "Nancy Pelosi and her top deputies aren't going anywhere. But the House leadership elections that begin this week are likely to reveal the future of the caucus long ruled by the same triumvirate.

"The 80-year-old California Democrat is expected to easily clinch her caucus’ nomination to be speaker despite some internal grumblings about a disappointing election that significantly narrowed Democrats’ House majority. She’ll still face a full floor vote in January. And her longtime lieutenants — House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, 81, and House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, 80 — are also running unopposed."

They have been in charge of House Democrats since 2007 thanks to their PACs and their refusal to find something to do with their lives besides bicker in Washington.

Democrat Comngressman Gerry Connolly sucked up by telling Politico, "There’s near universal appreciation for ‘thank God Nancy was there during this turbulent four years.’ She was the Rock of Gibraltar. I think that’s really why the idea of challenging her has not resurfaced and is not likely to."

The "rock" caved to the goofball squad and their minions with that foolish impeachment.

Nancy has told Democrats she plans to remain in charge of House Democrats through 2024, and they agreed to this.

2022 looks to be a good year for House Republicans despite being a midterm election for President Trump. Nancy is the poster ghoul for Democrat corruption.

Republicans control redistricting in most states, and Democrats are led by the nursing home crowd. With the House run by a crotchety old lady who is unwilling to compromise, Republicans should be able to blame the deadlock on Democrats.

We shall see.

But Republicans should begin recruiting viable and likable candidates who were born sometime in the last half-century.

Meanwhile, the New York Post reported, "Confronted with a shrunken majority, House leaders are discouraging fellow Democrats from taking jobs with the incoming Biden administration — out of concern that Republicans could nab any vacated seats, sources told The Post on Sunday.

"Insiders variously accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) of urging Dems to stay put to preserve their fragile majority."


As if any congressman worth his salt is going to pass on the opportunity to cash in on a Cabinet post. Hillary made $100 million for her fake charity as secretary of state.

Of course, a Biden administration will have to wait until 2025.

But the call to stay in the House shows how desperate Nancy and company are. They know something bad is happening to them, but they are too old and stupid to figure out what it is and how to fix it.

Hint: Dump Nancy


  1. Republicans did well in those races because (1) Trump did well and (2) we had good candidates, and especially (3) the Dems did not focus their cheating on those races. My guess is that the real discussion by Dems behind closed doors now is some version of..."no problem, we simple go forward with the cheating in the many small races (fake ballots, harvesting, etc.) next time" (2 years)

  2. Given the Republicans red wave, the
    re-election of Nancy pay attention to the Dems who don't vote for her.
    My gut feeling is they aren't wanting to go into that socialist good night...

    1. __Anyone else still trying after 2 weeks to process how Biden won 'such a clear majority' (pffffft!) according to the Press, Media, and Dems, and yet had no coattails at all?! The Presidential Election vote has no statistical or rational correlation to the down ballot result(s)...Any jury would convict Biden of fraud on circumstantial evidence alone (As the SC should throw out the 2020 Election on the same circumstantial evidence). ZB

    2. X Man, I awoke at 2:45 this morning and had my first smoke of the day in the freezing windy sanctuary that was my screened porch. A thought occurred, and grew and grew. What if the entire Red v. Blue “war” is just a Big Lie and Mr. T really did win all 50 states? What if the extent of the computerized voting corruption is that large? What if we are on the verge of an earth-saving victory?

      “I like thinking big. I always have. To me it’s very simple: if you’re going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think big.”

      TAOTD 2:46

    3. Z regime--I also have been waking up like that and having similar thoughts. There is something behind the scenes that can't quite be pinpointed.

      No matter how hard the Left Cartel tries to pound in that this is a "fait accompli", it is really a very thin charade put on by a fairly small ring of actors. These actors ARE in positions of top impact-- the heads of Big Tech and the families that own the big media (think it was Epoch Times that said just 6 corporations control 90% of the news). And there are the committed Marxist diehards.

      But the half of the country that is behind Trump doesn't buy the Left Cartel's BS at all. And most of the people who voted on the Democratic side are SO uninformed that they have no idea what they really voted for and wouldn't support it if they did.

      So despite the SEEMING lock the Left Cartel may feel they have on this election, I agree with you, Z,that it really is looking like Trump did win by a landslide. And it feels like there's some enormous underlying power in this situation-- that this small ring of Tech and Media controllers and Marxist enemies of America are simply not going to be able to pull it off.

      There is a feeling that the Left is constructing a house of cards, and it will not be able to hold.

      Prayer is "...mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds...". (2 Corinthians 10:4)

    4. I think she stilll sees herself as that temptress who shagged JFK. JFK.

    5. shagging JFK wasn't all that difficult to do

  3. I hate to be in the position of disagreeing with Don but I am not sanguine about the mid-term elections. The Left stole the Presidential election this year and learned a lot in the process which will let them improve their methods. Allow me to bring Uncle Joe (Stalin) into 2020: "The man who votes decides nothing. The man who writes the vote counting algorithm decides everything".

    1. I'd prefer to be an optimist but reality keeps getting in the way. If they get away with stealing this election, you said right.

    2. Which is exactly the whole point of sending Dominion machines to the landfill NOW! This MUST not happen again.
      I like Rush's take this morning. Do you think that Giuliani-Powell-Wood would stake reputations they've spent decades building on a Geraldo Rivera-Al Capone's Vault operation?

  4. NY Post professional handicappers last weekend picked 27 teams as their Best Bets.

    They managed to get seven out of twenty-six right (1 push).

    Out of a possible 100%, they got 27% of them correctly.

    That's 27% better than the political pollsters did on 11/03/20-on out.

    There will be no change in the way Pelosi and Co. does business. No matter how badly they end up doing, they NEVER LOSE THEIR JOBS.

    1. ___ Publishing false or misleading political polls to intimidate or frighten the American voter (e.g. panic), is on the same level as shouting 'fire' in a crowded theater. Those pollsters should face the same limits and legal penalties on their, 'freedom of the press'/ 1st Amendment rights. ZB

  5. Don't want malign the useful Ty-D-Bol, but more of a blue swirl than a wave.

  6. There are 17 bellwether counties which almost always vote for the winner, 148 out of 153 times in 36 years (96%),
    Trump won 16 of the 17 bellwether counties. It is statistically impossible that Biden won.

  7. They learned how to hold onto power. Something Rs can't figure out.

    1. It has nothing to do with Republicans unwilling or unable to “learn how to hold onto power.” For the most part (and there are exceptions) Republicans use policy persuasion and campaign strategies to win voters’ support. OTOH commies are willing and most eager to break any law that stands between them and unlimited power.

      It is difficult not to take up the temptation to use illegal, commie tactics to win, but we all know if Republicans were to engage in this corruption, they not only would be caught, indicted, and found guilty. The world never promised to be fai

    2. *fair and we must maintain moral standards. I mean, do we live in a country ruled by laws or one rife with anarchy?

    3. Nonsense.

      Dims play to win. Rs play to lose with dignity. Rs are the stupid party with their retarded Queensberry Rules and fear of exercising power RIGHTEOUSLY.

      "We can't bring charges during the election season."


  8. For what it's worth, many years ago I was chosen to manage our office football pool. In all the weeks we ran it, no one ever called more than 57% correct--while at the same time the worst performance was no less than 43% correct.

  9. "... their refusal to find something to do with their lives besides bicker in Washington."

    Exactly. One of the most salient-but-amazing things about leftists is how vacuous and soulless they are. They are empty vessels, desperately trying to fill up that emptiness with all-politics/all-the-time. And the results aren't pretty. They've literally got nothing else in their lives, and would have no life at all if they had to give up what they have.

    (Of note, one on the longest-running close advisors to now-Sen. Bernie Sanders (I - Lunar Orbit) gave an interview a few years ago (2015?) where he said that if he happened to find himself trapped on a desert island with Sen. Phoghorn (I - Lunar Orbit) that within 48 hours he'd probably off himself to put himself out of his misery.)

    It doesn't mean that they're not dangerous - look at all the damage that the original empty vessel (V. I. Lenin) caused.

    This is their greatest weakness. But how do we exploit that?

    1. Agree--"soulless". It does seem there's a hole in their souls, that they're trying to fill by bossing other people around so they can feel important.

      It's a fatal premise of Socialism-- once the locus of power shifts from the individual to the "Society", this attracts people with that hunger to boss around all those now-disenfranchised individuals. So Socialist/Communist systems always end up being oppressive dictatorships, as the most ruthless person desiring to boss everyone around rises to the top of the structure.

  10. The octogenarians will pull out the long knives and the blackmail threats and win their seats for another TWO years.

  11. I think it’s a big mistake anytime you think your enemy is stupid. Pelosi is plenty smart, though her incompetence is glaring, but she knows how to hold her caucus together. That said, she is too old and set in her ways to change or be an effective negotiator.

    And if she has any power left, Pelosi is certainly NOT going to allow herself to be shoved aside in ignominy. She wants to retire with her head held high, like the others. AOC et al will have their chance soon enough, Deus nobis auxilium.

  12. "And no one will walk the plank among House leaders."
    Wellllllllllll, they know where the bodies and the evidence are buried, deep, Deep, DEEP.

    "They have been in charge of House Democrats since 2007 thanks to their PACs and their refusal to find something to do with their lives besides bicker in Washington." Power mad, they are. Power is "their PRECIOUS." They will die before they give that up.

    "2022 looks to be a good year for House Republicans despite being a midterm election for President Trump. Nancy is the poster ghoul for Democrat corruption." DON!! You sly dog!! Way with words, you have (Yoda voice)

    Snowgander, they're just in it for all the "election contributions" they can get.

    Schlongtavious nailed it.

  13. Don, we all know what is going to happen.

    The Democrats will cheat better in 2022.

    Count on it.

  14. What kind of trash votes for people in their eighties?

  15. it was a clean sweep 80 % of the vote. don't know down ballot but i suspect a lot more dems will be unemployed than are known right now. that and quite a few just won't be around anymore. military tribunals ongoing.

  16. >>> 2022 looks to be a good year for House Republicans despite being a midterm election for President Trump.

    Think again. If Joe/Kamel can steal the 2020 presidential election (it hasn’t yet), then what makes you so sure the Republicans can win any office or majority ever again?

    As per redistricting: It is possible that Alabama will lose a conservative seat and Arizona will pick up one in Phoenix, which will immediately turn into a solid Democrat seat.

    If you believe Democrat leadership being octogenarian is a bad thing, have you carefully weighed the alternative? AOC plus twenty five?

  17. Yet they still rule while Trump is being cheated out of an election. What's your point?

  18. What a shallow life these people lead when the high point of their life is staying in Washington DC in their 80s.

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