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Monday, November 09, 2020

Hope is alive in America

Sarah Lee at Red State wrote, "The Trump administration’s legal challenge — and his legal team has shown amazing resolve in revealing only little bits here and there — is starting to take shape, and it could put as many as 94 electoral college votes in play by some estimates."

It is clear that stuffing the ballots with illegitimate mail-in votes was not enough to put Biden over the top. Democrats literally own the voting booths. Companies owned by Democrats ran the computer software to count the votes in 28 states. 

She wrote, "In Wisconsin, poll workers may have altered thousands of absentee ballots in violation of the law. And — get this — they made their illegal corrections in easily traceable red pen."

Do not let the depth and breadth of the Democrat Fraud Machine depress you. This is the ammunition to take the case to the Supreme Court, where five conservative justices will frown on the violations of election law in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and the 4 AM ballot dumps in Michigan and elsewhere.

I wouldn't trust John McCain Roberts to walk a dog, but five other justices likely will not rubber stamp this fraud.

Biden chaired the judiciary committee that put Justice Clarence Thomas through an electronic lynching. Justices Amy Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh worked on Bush's side in Bush v. Gore 2000.  Sammy Alito is not happy that Pennsylvania ignored an order to separate votes received after the statutory deadline of Election Day. News reports call it segregation in an attempt once again to equate voter security with racism. I don't think Neil Gorsuch has Gone DC yet.

Team Trump has plenty of dirt on Democrats.

Washington Examiner reported, "President Trump's Nevada legal team beefed up its legal challenge to mail-in ballot signature verification in the state with startling claims of voter and ballot fraud.

"Among the allegations: dead voters, votes from thousands who no longer live in Nevada, and a van marked Biden-Harris full of opened mail-in ballots.

"Former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt, who is helping Trump's legal effort in the state, detailed grievances that the campaign has with mail-in ballot signature verification in Clark County, Nevada, which accounts for the vast majority of voters in the state."

The story also said, "Laxalt identified several complaints about the more than 600,000 mail-in votes cast in Nevada. Laxalt said about 200,000 of those were verified through a machine, and never by a human. He also charged that Clark County registrar of voters Joe Gloria set the factory setting on the machine to accept signatures with an only 40% match."

The fraud is there.

Enough fraud, enough invalidation. Team Trump must stop certifications in Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. That will take federal court action on a scale never seen before.

The president has a good team. Kurt Schlichter -- author, soldier, trial lawyer -- joined the fight.

He wrote, "I answered Ric Grenell’s call to come out and help with the Nevada post-election chaos. I’m not going to talk about specifics here, but I’ve seen individual and systemic irregularities that are sometimes shocking. The idea that we are suppose to just shrug and accept this fiasco and go on as if there was nothing wrong with this election is a sure way to guarantee that these same issues will arise again and again and again.

"Maybe that’s the plan."

He led troops in Bosnia. I never bet against Donald Trump or him.

President Trump is leading. He fights. We fight.

Reuters reported, "President Trump will hold a series of rallies to build support for the legal fights challenging the outcome, campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh confirmed on Sunday.

"President Trump also announced teams to pursue recounts in several states and will seek to back up his unfounded accusations of voting fraud by highlighting obituaries of dead people the campaign said voted in the election.

"Murtaugh did not say when the rallies, a signature of Trump’s campaign, would resume."

The report was leftist and buried the real news about the rallies. But you go with the reporters you have, not the actual journalists you deserve.

Democrats protested the 2000 and 2016 elections, rioting at President Trump's inauguration. Not My President was their battlecry. So I don't want to hear their complaints.

Also, on Saturday night mobs of Democrats filled the streets without masks or social distancing. I don't want to hear about covid 19.

All I want to hear is the rage, crying, and gnashing of teeth when the Supreme Court kicks the election to the U.S, House.

To Alaskans, I say don't let them rob Congressman Don Young of another term.

Hope lives.

I am finally marking down my 37-state prediction to 26. It's not that he did not carry 37 states but that he only needs 26 state delegations in the House.

And a Supreme Court that will stand up to the mob like a Western sheriff protecting the accused from the lynch mob.


  1. Replies
    1. 10,000 Up votes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Why are recounts limited to the swing states? Many more used the same voting system that has been found to be vote flipping. How many House/Senate votes were flipped or D's won outright through attrition? R's have picked up a couple House seats from recounts. Just two? There are more that are not being investigated.

    3. ....And the D's are looking for the trifecta. Schumer's radical claim to 'change America' just demonstrates that they run for office, win, cheat or steal.

    4. My guns are cleaned and ready to go if......WHEN......federal courts fail us again.

  2. Ha, Ha Ha! According to GWP:

    "The GSA will not be funding a “Biden Transition Team” in the near future until ALL THE LEGAL BALLOTS are counted."

    Ah, poor Slow Joe can't fudge off the taxpayers dime right now to help fund his transition team. See, this is one of the many things Trump as sitting POTUS can do to fight back. I love it. What a fighter!

    1. Joe should ask all his elite donors for transition team money.

  3. 94 ECs, Don? Does that get us to 37 states?

    1. (Sorry not being snarky, but I am jaded.)

    2. Matter of fact, it does.

      Wah wah.

    3. Ignore J ed. He is either the troll Roland, or a paid Soros bot, and is here to blend in and demoralize the posters here with his constant cynicism/pessimism. His dead giveaways are: 1. his accusing a poster on the previous thread, who doxxed a internet moniker, of Nazi tactics, concluding that is why the left calls the right Nazis. Well, you can't dox an internet moniker, and the left has always called the right Nazis no matter what they did or didn't do. And 2., the fact that all of his cynicism/pessimism goes one way; much like the massive fraudulent voting went one way: towards Biden.

      Remember, Don said to ignore trolls.

    4. There's Ed, right on time with another stupid comment. Like clockwork.

    5. Hey, genius, posting names and addresses of people online is DOX'ING by definition.

      You do that to the wrong person and it won't be words on a blog you'll need to worry about.

      Well done with your support of Gestapo tactics to intimidate people who don't march in lockstep.

      "We have met the troll and he is us!"

    6. Well edutcher, it's ignore Big Jake now, who changed its MONIKER (I'm sure I can google Big Jake and get its address, so I can dox it, ha, ha) from J. Ignore the troll Big Jake.

    7. Damn, I forgot to sign off my post with SEIG HEIL!

      Wouldn't want to disappoint any trolls.

    8. Remember, Don said to ignore trolls.

      Now there's a rich one! This entire blog trolls the media everyday! In other words, don't engage any ideas that we don't like cause we aren't good at defending our views.

      That's what he means. He was really insulting your intelligence. Maybe it needs insulting.

    9. Good grief Don, you've attracted a troll from the media. Jake Tupper, is that you? Bwahahahah!

    10. CNN has real winners for newsies.

  4. I don't think Neil Gorsuch has Gone DC yet.

    I doubt he will.

    His mother was Anne Gorsuch.

    1. I remember her.

    2. Neil has gone off the reservation on us before. So has Brett.

      You're not very good at this.

    3. Jake is right about Neil and Brett. The Supremes aren't about to get involved Roberts will see to that.

  5. "She wrote, "In Wisconsin, poll workers may have altered thousands of absentee ballots in violation of the law. And — get this — they made their illegal corrections in easily traceable red pen.""

    Gee, I wonder how those pens got there?

    ""President Trump also announced teams to pursue recounts in several states and will seek to back up his unfounded accusations of voting fraud by highlighting obituaries of dead people the campaign said voted in the election."

    I love the denial of Reuters, even after Rudy presented some of the evidence this weekend. Imagine how hard they would be digging had the GOP cheated like this (think of Sarah Palin!).
    They would have found the same type of evidence that Trumps teams are finding, except now, they are not at all interested in verifying the claims. Just rebuke of them. Keep deluding yourself lefties. Just close your eyes and cover your ears, and they'll both be virgins from the truth.

    The trolls that claim the SCOTUS won't rule, can't accept that the SCOTUS has already stepped in. And if they believe they won't rule against this massive fraud, which will ensure dumbocrat rule for years to come and negate everyone's vote for futures to come they don't know what it means to have children to pass on the legacy to, as ACB and others have.

  6. The Demo Derby leadership forgot the old adage "If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.'All those brainless underlings and human bots had some trouble reading the instruction manual titled "How To Steal The 2020 Election" and messed up, bigly time. I am starting to laugh.

    1. Can you see Wylie E Coyote yet Ron?

    2. Ron, as I've said to Don privately, the other weapon in the weaponbox is to get discovery orders for documents and communications (like e-mails) and also the granting of requests for depositions, pronto. Start getting some of these folks under oath with Rudy taking the deposition and turn up the heat - realizing what they could be facing in prison time, they will start to sing.

      These are civil (not criminal) proceedings, but doing something like the above is the next-best thing (and can certainly lead to criminal referrals).

    3. BTW, addendum is that this may be too monstrous to just toss into the House and hope that sanitizes everything. Do-over without the fraud in those states? I'd take that outcome.

    4. Do over?

      No chance.

      Invalidate the results in fraudulent counties/precincts.

      MAYBE you'll get that.

      Or some faithless electors who still love their country.

    5. Simply removing the fraudulent ballots and counting the legal ones is indeed the ideal outcome - and apparently if this is done for all races in PA, word on the street is that it also flips the House to the GOP!

      Based on his recent tweets, The Boss (TM) seems to think that this remedy is doable and within reach.

      (Just noting BTW that do-overs have become the standard way of dealing with fraudulent elections in recent years... Ukraine 2004 provides a situation that is actually close to the one we have now...)

      But I still want depositions with Rudy taking them!

    6. Hahaha...I’ve heard that their girls really knock you out...

    7. I won't touch that one, z... :-)

      But Ukraine 2004 is very similar to our situation. Their version of the swamp ran a totally fraudulent election. It was eventually thrown out and run again, but with the fraud taken out. The original "result" was reversed in a landslide. Methinks I could live with a similar scenario stateside...

  7. So many violations of the Constitution occurred in the election that it will be the perfect case for newly seated, and lover of the Constitution, Justice Amy Coney Barrett to explain how SCOTUS MUST invalidate the results in PA, NV, WI, MI and GA, which throws the election to the House.

    Don is spot on, 26-24.

    1. I've been saying 26-24 for months.

      But it's gonna take a lot of things coming together to make it happen.

      Sadly, it won't. Our side is waiting for Charlie Brown to finally kick that football.

      Past is prologue.

  8. If pa is reversed and Trump wins az no one has 270
    so the house votes and repubs lead 26-24

  9. The media gaslighting will be dialed up to 12, blowing past 11.

  10. Why isn't there a SWAT team showing up at the door (like Roger Stone had) of the CORRUPT QUID PRO QUO JOE for his whole family's influence peddling while he was VP in Ukraine and all the evidence brought forth from Hunters computer with provable text messages emails voicemail eyewitnesses videos times dates and places that are proved to show corruption that Dementia Joe was personally involved...probably money laundering tax evasion, besides being a sell-out traitor to our country?

    1. Because the DOJ has been the dept of justus for decades now

  11. No one would be more pleased than me if America First conservatives led by our President is able to defeat the corrupt forces arrayed against him and us and use the American legal system to prove systemic voting fraud, cheating, and errors favoring Biden occurred, and President Trump remains President four more years.

    I am not depressed at all. I am angry.

    I simply believe the odds are significantly against America First conservatives and President Trump in this fight.

    I feel Don and too many of his followers/commentors are too complacent.

    I want to do what we can do know to support President Trump now if we do not live in one of the contested states. I have voted for Trump and GOP straight ticket, and continue to donate to fund this fight.

    I have NO problem cutting off Fox News.

    But what else can we do?

    I am serious about this question.

    1. his followers/commentors are too complacent.

      Its what cults do. They don't fight they just moan and groan about the end of their world.

      What else can you do? Get involved in local precinct politics. All politics is local.

    2. “The best things in life are free
      But you can keep them for the birds and bees
      Now give HIM money...”

  12. poll workers may have altered thousands of absentee ballots

    May have? Is that all you got?

    Since Surber says he's fighting I'm sure he'll tell us how much money he sent to Trump's lawyers to pay for this.

    Elections have been stolen for over a century. And this one will remain stolen since nobody has yet to provide any evidence

    In other words where's the beef? Surber hasn't seen any either or he'd show it. He's just waving his pom poms a daily ritual for him.


      The case submitted...

    2. A thousand ballots for Biden without bothering for any other candidate. comme ci, comme ca

    3. Dermot, in this case I think it's "Commie see, Commie saw."

      This is straight out of the Communist playbook, in whatever language you choose!


    Anybody find out if scotus will hear it??

  14. but five other justices likely will not rubber stamp this fraud.

    Likely? Sounds like that's a weasel word in this case. What fraud? Sure it looks like fraud and it smells.

    So where is the evidence?

    1. Did you major in 'Entitled' before you dropped out of school?

      Were you one of the people that wrote in March, 2017 asking where were the Trump jobs and how come the trading deficit with China had not shrunk substantially? Why he hadn't brought peace to the Middle East. Fixed NAFTA? Brought down gas prices?

      Grow up, kid. There are a lot of legalities that need to be fulfilled. Trump and his people are on the clock and they know it - no doubt working 20 hour days.

      Please continue to stomp your feet and whine. Can we send you a pacifier to chew on while the adults square this thing away?

  15. I’m not going to talk about specifics here, but I’ve seen individual and systemic irregularities that are sometimes shocking

    No specifics? Then how can you sue without them? This is all bluster and blow to bring pressure on others.

    Probable cause is not evidence. Its suspicion. Without evidence its over.

    Until they publish evidence they have nothing.

    1. Google 'Discovery' in a legal dictionary.

    2. Anonymous ~~

      “Until they publish evidence they have nothing”

      Are you that obtuse?

      They don’t have to ’publish’ jack squat you moron!

      They’re already presenting evidence to the courts...and YOU haven’t seen a thing!

    3. They don’t have to ’publish’ jack squat you moron!

      Not for the clueless twits like Rock they dont! Rock doesn't care if he sees evidence or not he made up his mind already.

      Of course, until they publish evidence their words are just hot air like Rocko boy.

  16. Sid Powell says 450K voted illegally. Why use a round number? Is that an estimate or what. Give us a precise number if you want people to believe it.

    I don't mean the fanatics they will believe anything they already agree with. If you really want to persuade Sidney will have to do better.

  17. Great coverage/perspective. Thank you.

    I am a little bit suspicious about the story at this point. The scale of fraud is so outrageous it is hard to believe they did not plan for it being uncovered. What does that mean if this is correct?

    1. Biden gets declared the winner.
    2. Trump fights back through the Courts to get the results overturned and be the second winner.

    What then? Do the CIA-led Dems just surrender meekly?

    I think not. I think the press will claim the Judiciary is corrupt, that Trump has perpetrated a coup against the Republic and all loyal patriots must rise up to Resist, Resist, Resist!

    First they will call for peaceful protests but also Antifa and BLM will raise their black flags of this long-planned Black Color Revolution and proceed to spread violence and mayhem throughout the country.

    To what end? Apart from fear and chaos, this will ensure that the States do not send Electors to Washington, or not enough for a clear victory.

    Then the country is in chaos as riots increase. If Trump releases the military (with new SecDef on board), he is a tyrant. If he doesn't, all normal people are terrified.

    And what if there is a second virus coming in? And lockdowns recommended by the President Elect from his bunker in Delaware?

    I think the play is to have martial law declared by the Congress who elect a General as interim President until lockdowns are over and the country pacified, both politically and medically.

    I suspect that's the play.

    The way their election fraud is so obvious means they knew Trump would call them on it. If you think I'm wrong, come up with a better explanation for why they have cheated in an outrageous way that is bound to be discovered.

    1. "I am a little bit suspicious about the story at this point. The scale of fraud is so outrageous it is hard to believe they did not plan for it being uncovered."

      You do realize you are talking about Wylie E. Coyote effort here, don't you? These bozos have been after Trump for 4 years, and have failed in every effort. That's Wylie E. Coyote territory right there. Can you say incompetence?

    2. I think they were dumb enough to think they had a fair chance of getting away with it.

      The fraud was Plan B.

      The coup claim (followed by THEIR coup) is Plan C.

  18. You are over the target again Don, as evidenced by the appearance of all the trolls. My, my, those trolls sure love freedom of speech. So much that they continuously come here to demoralize and shout down you and your posters Don. You gotta admire their hypocrisy.

    1. Yes, FLO, I find them hilarious!

      All that weepin' and wailin', someone really should make a Country song about it. I can't do it, I'm laughing too hard!

      PS- Thomas Wictor, aka Carlos Osweda, is absolutely right!

  19. We have no President Elect until the Electoral College chooses a President.

    The Secretaries of each State have to certify the votes. If you can’t certify the votes, you can’t have electoral representatives. They need to be in place by December 6.

    If no candidate gets 270 votes by December 8, the constitution has a solution. It goes to the House of Representatives for a “Contingent election“. But this is not a vote that Congressmen do. Instead, States send delegates to the House, and the House votes and decides the President.

    The Dems are losing the House vote. 26 Republican States and 22 Democrat States.

    1. Who picks the delegates? I live in WI. We (unfortunately) have a D governor, and a R congress. Who picks who that one person is to put in their 1 vote for their state? How do they pick who that 1 delegate votes for? Who "won" the election in that state?

  20. Real Clear Politics on Monday pulled their call for Joe Biden in Pennsylvania
    RCP pulled their call for Pennsylvania that dropped Joe Biden under the 270 electoral vote threshhold.

    1. They're seeing the handwriting on the wall.

      Which clearly says, in great big letters, "Dems Have Cheated Big Time And Been Caught, Now It's All Coming Apart At The Seams!"

      I do believe it's written in rainbow coloring, with lots of sparkles!


  21. Can a disobeyed Supreme Court Justice order be enforced with a contempt of court citation, or even jail time?

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. So what does the Constitution say what will or should happen if there is still no clear winner by January 20th? I've read lots of opinions but no one ever quotes any facts to back them up. With the number of lawsuits and countersuits that will be flying, this mess will certainly carry over into 2021.

    1. Oops - just saw the post above which answers my question. I am embarrassed not to have known this, but, in my defense, I did attend public schools.

  24. Aside taking pleasure after Trump is certified as re-elected, I'm almost looking forward to the riots in Democrat cities.

  25. Remember, it's not too late to CROWDSOURCE images of EVERY SINGLE FEDERAL BALLOT.

    Every single federal ballot could be scanned and posted in less than a week. That's only, what, 150 million images max?

    Let's have the ultimate oversight: the electorate!

    Then, let's CANVAS the VOTER LISTS. I'd love to hear ideas of how this second objective could be crowdsourced.

  26. He got more legal votes in 37 states - but the mail-in fraud was too much in half of them. Whether Trump's legal team can win justice is very unclear.